Silly theories

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Silly theories

Postby Insurgent » Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:38 am

Because I feel everyone here is just taking this hobby waaaayyyy too seriously the past year or two, I want to put some of the silly fun back in. So, let's post crazy random theories. They can be from any series, they can make sense or not, they can be theories you believe or just something you make up knowing full well it's wrong. Let's just have some daft fun. I'll go first.

In TLK, Scorn is the Red Knight. How is this explained? After Scorn escaped Lockdown's ship, he decided to bugger off and find his knightly bretherin. And knowing where Merlin's tomb was, he went off to investigate and when he got there, formatted himself back to his non dino mode. And went into slumber so he could honour his brothers in arms by staying by their side and guarding Merlin.

Grimlock never got on with his other knights and didn't care, so stayed behind with Cade because free food. Slug went off to tour the world with Strafe but they had a lovers tiff over the true parentage of the baby dinobots and split up. Slug was making his way back to the Junkyard when the Decepticons attacked. That's why he randomly appeared briefly there, but he didn't know where everyone ran off to, as the town trap was established after they left. So he just went to the junkyard and hung out with Trench for the rest of the film. Strafe heard good things about Isla Nublar so flew off to see what that place was like.
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