Soul Siren

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Soul Siren

Postby Mazinman » Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:28 am

Name: Soul Siren
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Interrogator
Alt. mode: Cybertronian Motorcycle.
Weapons: Robot: Twin Energy guns. Twin Energy daggers.
Height: 20'
Quote: “Give me what I wish for and your pain will end.”


Profile: Soul Siren began her days of service to the Decepticon cause as a simple service droid in the employ in the central Decepticon jail and interrogation center. She dreamed of one day being able to bask in the power that being a full Decepticon gave but the director of the jail, Bullrazen, always treated her harshly giving her the most demeaning of duties to undertake but she quietly did her duty and watched, watched and learned. This existence ended when she discovered his secret dealings with the Autobots and secretly reported it to High Command. She was given a slightly larger body and status as full Decepticon. Her first duty was to extract a confession from Bullrazen before his execution. Due to her humble origins she takes a deep enjoyment in her duty as an interrogator seeing every one of her victims as people who think they are better than she is.

Abilities: Soul Siren has a perverse knowledge of medical information. She knows a transformer body from head to toe and knows how to deal with every part only she uses that knowledge to cause pain not to treat it. She can disassemble an Autobot up to the last parts and be able to keep him functioning all through the process letting her victim feel the pain of every step. Her fingers can all retract to reveal different types of tools. Her natural curiosity has lead her to explore other sciences as well in her spare time. Finally she can record audio and video for large amounts of time. She is intelligent and thorough in her questionings. She has also developed acting skills as part of her manipulations.

Weaknesses: Soul Siren herself is not a very physically powerful robot which is a constant source of frustration to her. Also she is not a very good driver. This is mostly due to the fact that she very rarely used her motorcycle mode as her duties usually keep her within her station. More practice would improve her skills. The same can be said to apply to her combat skills as her weakness and value as a interrogator has made her front line excursions extremely rare.

Sample Roleplay:

Breakthru lay where he has always been for longer than he could count. He had been captured some time ago while leading his unit against a Decepticon fortified positon and, since then, he had faced torture from three separate interrogators each trying to pry from him his secrets. He grinned as he remembered their faces of frustration at not being able to break him. Just as he thought of his past victories the door to his cell opened. He was shocked to find a relatively small and almost frail female transformer walk in with a suitcase of materials. He laughed.

“Whats this? The Decepticons are sending their maids to question me?” He said, his voice full of contempt and amusement. The female turned to him with a smile.

“Not at all.” She said cheerfully which further throw back Breakthru. “The testing period for our interrogators is done and I am here to interview you so that we can get a full accessment on their performance.”

“Their performance? You must be joking, what about my questioning!?” He said in a bewildered voice.

The female giggled. “No, no they were just being tested on their technique and abilities whatever information you hold is of no real value to High Command. In fact we value your aid in helping us test our interrogators so we will not even execute you. We’ll place you in a nice cell where you can spend out the remainder of the war.”

Breakthru’s jaw dropped at what he was being told. The little female was telling him the truth as far as he could tell, after all no one like her would be a Decepticons. They wouldn’t stand someone as weak as her in their presence.

“Wait…” he said in shock. “I do have important information, I really do!”

The female looked at him with a curious look then smiled.

“I’m not really qualified to know about that, uhm, Breakthru is it? So I will just start my job if you don’t mind.”

“No! I do know things!”

She sighed. “Well, I supposed I can listen to what you have to say then report to my superiors to see if there is anything that warrants further questioning.”

He nodded. “Alright! You see I know certain details about…”

Moments Later…

The female stepped out of the cell and allowed the guards to close the doors behind her as she sighed. How she hated to have to act out that role. She reached into the storage pocket on her right side and removed her Decepticon insignia placing it on her chest. As she did so the commandant of the barrack came to her with a grin.

“Give up already?”

She looked at him sternly.

“Not at all. I have obtained the information we require.” She took a recording chip from her abdomen and gave it to the commandant. “Check the information I received for its authenticity before we finally deal with this one.”

He looked at her in shock. “How…?”

She began to walk. “Simple. The Autobot is a hardened warrior. To him the interrogation process replaced the battlefield. Through resisting the pain he was continuing to live victories over the Decepticon army. Giving him further pain would only encourage him so I made the interrogation process itself appear pointless. That robbed him of his sense of victory, his sense of importance. He began to give me certain bits of information in the hopes that he would regain that and, once that opening was created, it was child’s play for me to continue to extract more and more.”

The Decepticon commandant snapped out of his surprise. “Impressive for a specimen like you.”

Outwardly she remained calm but inside she burned at that remark. She knew she could not react to it, however, for it would be seen as weakness. She ignored it, acting as if she was above it and activated her communicator.

“Decepticon Command, this is Soul Siren. The information has been extracted and its authenticity will be verified. I will remain here until final results arrive."
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