Space Vagabonds Art - Transformers AU

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Space Vagabonds Art - Transformers AU

Postby deceptispoon » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:56 am

So anyone's who's seen this post here knows I'm the author of the Space Vagabonds fanfiction/AU.
I do more than just write it I've been making a collection of artwork for it too!
I even take requests for this AU (So if you want to ask me something and I'll see to drawing it if I can).

So in this long post/topic I will post as much artwork for it that I still have even some concept work!
All art seen below will have been made by me unless stated otherwise.

Cyclonus initial concept
Not much to say just the very first doodle/concept for his look here.
Galvatron initial concept
Same, he still looks the same just 'tightened up' a bit, he has a "glasgow smile" scar.
Starscream first concept/draft
Too skinny, while his body is more made for speed he's just lacking muscle here and the body and head look bad, I only like his expression here really...
Wreck-Gar initial concept
I like Wreck-Gar, so of course he gets to be here, but i don't like how his face here is, the facial hair isn't right.
Ravage initial concept
A bit too... bulky? I want to make him sharper. Though the fur is probably something Soundwave cuts in winter months.
Thunderhoof initial sketch
I tried two types of horns for ol' Hoofy here but this is the better of the two so thusly it's how he looks.
Muffins concept
Based off a Potoo bird this is that "glorious" purple griffin base Megatron made that one episode. Only it's his pet now and he is awfully doting of this little menace.
Cyclonus final design
Bulked up and with parts of his body worked out better it's Cyclonuuuuuuusss
Cliffjumper and Bumblebee
Kind of a mix of their G1 and TFP looks, pretty happy with these so I class this as their 'canon' look.
SparkEater sketch
I actually hate the IDW series (for a variety of largely personal reasons) but when shown to me I did ADORE the idea of a SparkEater so it get's to be here. I took inspiration from Dead Space with this critter, I like to think it cracks away at a Seib's exo-shell with the beak then shears away flesh with the fangs to get to it's meal.
Airachnid sketch
With inspiration from the Xenomorphs it's everyones favourite Spider bitch! Airachnid! She's also subject to Scourge's affections, the poor saps absolutely besotted with her much to Cyclonus's chagrin.
Wreck-Gar final look
Human loving, TV-watching, trash-covered, motorbike riding scamp! Who doesn't love this junky boy.
Baby Cyclonus
Did I mention they hatch as nymph/grubs in this AU? Well they do, and this is Cyclonus as a baby.
Cyclonus and Scourge are brothers in this AU! Albeit Scourge is adopted! Scourge has one surviving biological sibling but he doesn't know him. Which is just fine he's got Cyclonus and Armada (another brother, not adopted) instead.
(That look for Scourge's "wings" is not final)
Galvatron shows Cyclonus Earth technology (Silly comic)
Galvatron manages to spook Cyclonus with Earth tech, based off this.
Howdy there Swindle!
Drawn as an 'illustration' for the fanfiction.
Movie Night
Galvatron discovers an Earth movie that scares Cyclonus.
Big, bad leader of the Decepticons. Actually not THAT bad although he did literally bite the head off the previous Decepticon leader. T'was brutal.
Galvatron encounters Lerge
An illustration from "In Your Head". Galvatron meets Lerge, a possible recurring enemy/villain in this series, he is an "Artudelian" a race of slug-like aliens created for the AU.
Cyclonus doesn't understand hair
Something for fun as Galvatron's hair is not naturally purple (duh) he's actually ginger underneath (So yes, he's an angry ginger Scottsman, you're welcome), but Cyclonus didn't know that and assumed his friend was dying. Which he probably will do if Cyclonus doesn't let go soon.
Constructicon busts
Request from Tumblr. I'm happy with these looks but feel like a couple could be tweaked. Also "visors" are actually bands of colour across an individual's face, because an actual visor is hard to translate into "organic" terms.
Shockwave Concepts x3
Nice and goofy but also creepy. Hard from some angles. Yes, Shockwave hates Giraffes.
A normal face but instead of a dull "Oh he lost it in a fight" excuse for one eye a genetic deformity caused him to only have one.
The design I'm probably gonna go with, cycloptic with a hidden mouth and only two teeth (but they're fused into a beak-like form).
The smell of cakes and other baked goods makes Cyclonus very homesick. As you find out when they appear Cyclonus's 'mother' is a baker and as such it's a scent very strongly associated with 'home' for him and he misses that.
More Wreck-Gar is good for the soul.
Nemesis Prime concept (very VERY quick concept)
In other words Nemesis Prime's 'final form' with a quick "Optimus" for scale.
He's a clone of Optimus but also looks like what might happen if The Thing (1980's film) and the entire Resident Evil franchise had a gross lovechild.
Optimus Prime doodle/concept
He looks too young dangit.
During "In Your Head" Cyclonus ends up being chased by a crude copy of himself. This is that 'blob'.
Baby Rumble and Frenzy
One day Soundwave showed up with these two. To this day no one knows if they're his actual children or not. No one dares ask.
Protectobots concept/sketch
Request on Tumblr. I feel like they could be tweaked too.
Starscream bust
His final look, for his head anyways. And also blaming his brothers for his own crummy attitude.
(FUN FACT: Jetfire (ROTF) is his Grandfather! Not to mention he is fourth cousins with Cyclonus.)
TC and Warpy
The brothers. Thundercracker is oldest while Skywarp is youngest.
Not everything is possible (silly comic)
Nice try Galvatron...
(At one point Galvatron does lose an eye and Knock Out fits him with a fake one).
Unfinished Fixit concept
In this AU Fixit was hatched without legs. This design is close to what I'd like of him but still has a long way to go.
Sharkticon sketch
Tubby menaces with a lot of teeth. Their masters are never far away...
Trypticon sketch and colour - By Ahmonza
A commission I made on DeviantArt (please check him out) of Trypticon, came out more mechanical than I had intended but it actually works quite well for his story actually so ;)^ Great!

Thank you for going all the way through all of this!
I'd love to hear back from people and possibly fill out some requests if you have any!
Unapologetic Galvatron lover, Fic writer and shoddy artist.

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