Spotlight: Sunstorm

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Spotlight: Sunstorm

Postby DecepticonRedAlert » Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:51 pm

Weapon: Disruptor Rifle

The darkness of space surrounded the asteroid floating in space. It has recently become home to a small group of decepticons, returning from war. The giant metal lifeforms were searching for sustenance. Their fuel supplies, almost depleted, Their leader, dead. They have nothing but to scrounge for energy on an Asteroid that once housed a Energon refinery.

Under the command of the new Decepticon leader Starscream, Acid Storm and Sunstorm we're sent to a asteroid which was the location of one of countless labs once belonging to the decepticon scientist Shockwave. They had no idea that they were being sent to one of Shockwave's labs. The two seekers had been desperately trying to find the laboratory on the desolate rock floating in space. Of course they started 3 months ago, and now they were still searching.

"This is pointless" Acid Storm said as he searched for any sign of energon. Sunstorm watched as his commrade wasted his time searching, wanting to comment but preferring to stay silent.

"You know" Acid Storm said "I remember when we actually thought we could win this war."

Sunstorm could remember such a time as well. Back when violence was not the only thing he knew about. He could recall before the war, long ago when all cybertronians were at peace. He remember when he was a happy protoform right off the assembly line. Though he was originally just a flier there was some deeper feeling that burned in his circuits. He had always admired the duties of the Matrix Flame Priests and there religious servitude. Sunstorm believed heavily in Primus, even if those around him didn't. He had spent time reading and even downloading the Covenant of Primus into his databanks. Ever sense he came out of the manufacturing plant, he had some presumption he was some divine agent.

But, The war broke out. Sunstorm was encouraged by Megatron's visions and aims to bring a change to Cybertron. He was now a mere grunt like the rest of the Decepticon army. His knowledge and devotion did not matter anymore. There was only one rule to live by now, kill or be killed. Sunstorm's thoughts we're abruptly interrupted by Acid Storm.

"Are you listening?" Acid Storm asked.
Sunstorm rose his head attentively "Hmm?"

"I said,that's the abandoned factory over there."

Sunstorm rose to his feet and stretched his electrical joints. His yellow and orange camouflage paint scheme glistened as he and Acid Storm prepared to investigate the old factory. They slowly approached the decrepit building. It was of Cybertronian design though it was clear it had been emptied for almost 37 vorns.

The doors almost fell off the hinges as Sunstorm and Acid Storm walked through them. There was total darkness inside. "I can't see a dang thing!" Acid Storm said.

Sunstorm once again didn't reply. He much preferred the darkness. It was much more mysterious to him, and he enjoyed the things in life he couldn't understand. "I know I am part of a divine plan" he thought to himself. "I am the vessel of Primus, soon this war will be over and I can teach the hatchlings of the future what is so important to their understanding. That there are better items to ponder on than war and superiority, but rather that they should learn to be strong disciples."

He lit up the darkness with a little flame from one of his flame throwers. Acid Storm and Sunstorm looked around the dimly lit factory. Their optics glanced back and forth until they spotted a control panel. Acid Storm pressed one of the buttons on the control panel

So the day came when light was brought to Cybertron and the thirteen we're intrusted to be the bearers of the light - Covenant of Primus, Book of the thirteen 2:7

The scripture quote passed through Sunstorm's mind as the lights of the factory turned on.
the lights illuminated the walls that showed horrifying experiments and old computer mainframes.
"This has to be Shockwave's lab!" Acid Storm exclaimed. He observed one of the computer screens that showed a seeker's body and a fusion reactor."Who knows what ideas what going through Shockwave's head." Acid Storm said.

"Shockwave." Sunstorm said. "That logic dependent fool who does not ponder the true nature of our race."

Acid Storm ponder on what Sunstorm was saying but thought of it as merely babble. He continued
to fill his databanks with various ideas of Shockwave's. His optics passed through blueprints and schematics. Sunstorm wandered off away from his fellow decepticon in order to get sometime to himself. He walked down a corridor illuminated by a bright yellow light. He followed it carefully, moving more and more slowly from Acid Storm.


Sunstorm turned around quickly to see a mini spy drive by him. He attempted to shoot it but it drove off into another room. he followed the drone into a lab that was gleaming with a bright yellow light. He saw a solar powered fusion reactor which he approached it and observed the cylinder shaped device.He then approached a chamber that look like it could hold any voyager sized transformer. He opened it up and looked inside. Just then the Minispy ran into him, pushing Sunstorm into the chamber.

But the old shell shall be broken, and the spark incased in a new shell - Covenant of Primus, Book of Prima 19:4

Sunstorm began to panic as he realized he was trapped inside of the chamber. His fist pounded on the glass as he shouted and attempted to open it.

"Help! Help! Someone! Acid Storm...Anyone! Help!"

Lights and buttons began flashing on the screens and panels near by as the machines in the room began operating simultaneously. Sunstorm could not help but watch in horror as he became a guinea pig to the lab around him.

Acid Storm was gawking at the computer monitors still until he heard a large explosion


Acid Storm watched as smoke rolled out of one of the dark hallways. He ran toward it to search for Sunstorm.

"Sunstorm!" he shouted as he ran toward the smoke which was circling the laboratory. Acid Storm attempted to find Sunstorm but it was not use. All around him the burning manufactory was exploding and collapsing around him. He transformed into his F-15 alternate mode and flew away from the detonating explosion behind him.


And from the ashes you shall rise to transform and take heed - Covenant of Primus, Book of the Detritus 5:8

The white and purple space ship touched down on the asteroid. "Alright crew listen up" said a blue and grey cybertronian named Axer. "Astrotrain you stay here in case we need back up, Aquablast and
Road Pig you come with me."

The three Decepticons soldiers exited Astrotrain. The creepy desertion of the asteroid would make anyone want to leak lubricants. The three traveled carefully to the abandoned factory as their predecessors did. "Acid Storm said this place was full of freaky junk." Axer rolled his optics at Aquablast frightened comment. He turned around and pointed his laser rifle at his face. "If you don't shut the slag up I'm gonna blow your head off!" Aquablast suddenly became quiet.

Axer kicked down the door and swiftly moved in. The once abandoned lab was now a dilapidated pile of steel,iron and broken lab equipment. they slowly moved around to examine the dark and horrifying place. All of them clutched on to their weapons as they paced around the room.


Axer turned his optics to see various items fall onto the cold floor. One of them was a jar full of a yellow liquid that melted on the floor near Road Pig's metal foot. "Sweet Primus that was close!" he shouted
All of sudden their was a shaking feeling from underneath all of them. Then the crackling of a booming voice broke through the silence

"Who dares to speak ill of The Creator?" Shouted the invincible voice.

Axer,Roadpig and Aquablast all looked at each other. Each one of them hoping the message was echoed from one of their mouths, but they were wrong.

"BLASPHEMERS!" Shrieked the figure that now stood before them.

He was orange and yellowish and ablaze with fire all around him. His optics bright like The Sun burning in the Universe. He glared upon the three decepticons in from of him.

Aquablast peered up at the flamed robot standing in front of him. He could almost feel his circuits start to fry from the rays of radiation coming off of him.

"Is.... is that you Sunstorm?" he inquired anxiously

The figures white metal hand clasped Aquablast head, He then gazed into Aquablast frightened mind.

"To reply to your question." he began "I am Sunstorm, Child of Primus! Now, begone from my sight infidel'

Sunstorm short circuited Aquablast and threw him to the wall. He watched as Roadpig and Axer attempted to run away.

"The feet of the heathen shall not escape me!" he shouted as he transformed into his F-15 jet mode. He then flew in hot pursuit of the two fleeing Decepticons.

"Come on Roadpig!" commanded Axer as they drove off. Sunstorms heat launched his heat seeking missiles that destroyed Roadpig 's back tire.

The damaged decepticon attempted to crawl away but Sunstorm swooped down and crushed him with the heel of his robotic foot. He then followed Axer, pursuing him to the edge of a cliff. Axer transformed quickly before he could slip off into the dark hole. He began to fire at Sunstorm who dodged the shots.

Sunstorms's flame throwers burned Axer's optics as he soared across him. Axer fell on to the ground. Sunstorm transformed in front of him. Axer looked up at the seeker emblazoned with fire all around him.

"Please..please...Don't hurt me!" Axer cried out in fear for his spark.

Sunstorm ignored his pleas for pacification and lifted Axer above his head.

"AND He shall smight the wicked and plunge them into the fiery Pit!"

His flamethrowers lit Axer on fire as he fell into the deep abyss of the large asteroid.
Sunstorm watched as the smoke and flames poured out of the hole.

"Now it is complete" Emphasized Sunstorm "I have become the presence anointed to carry forth the light. The original light, that which has no beginning and no end. Its searing heat shall purify the earth... purging this world of all flaws, and preparing it for what lies ahead."
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