Studio Series 52 Arcee Sisters Combined Mode Thread

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Studio Series 52 Arcee Sisters Combined Mode Thread

Postby YRQRM0 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:22 pm

Ok, for anyone enthusiastic about figuring out the combined mode for these figures, I thought I'd start this thread and see if we can get it together. The combinations shown off so far by people like TonTon are clearly not all the way there, as they're not using entire ports that are visible.

I just posted this video about the combined form. I was so sure to get it, and honestly I think it still looks great: ... wpw03c010c

[youtube] [/youtube]

However, as someone in the comments pointed out, Elita-1's base plugs in under her motorcycle head even better than Arcee's piece does. This throws off my entire idea about how it worked.

What we know for sure:

Elita 1's base plugs in under her motorcycle headlights. There's only 1 way this can fit.

Arcee's right arm is a prominent part of the combiner because of the fact that Chromia's blade and shoulder pad piece can fit on it.

Chromia's base plugs into the back of Arcee's wheels via an L-shaped connector.

Something that seeems pretty certain - Elita-1's base plugs into a tab on Arcee's back.

Now, if all of that is true, you have Elita 1 hanging off of Arcee's back. And you have a connector hanging off of Arcee's bottom half (which could be facing front or back, who knows). But I can't imagine how Chromia connects here, or even what the combination is supposed to look like. I'm trying to reference concept art, and nothing is coming to me. Any help here?
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Posted: Saturday, March 28th, 2020

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