Tarn Mask EVA

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Tarn Mask EVA

Postby Saldersail2 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:19 am

Sorry if this isnt the correct place to post this but i thought some people might be interested. I recently created a Tarn mask for my wall as its something a bit more unique to have in a collection. So below is the steps i took to create it and the template in case anyone else wanted to have one also.


So with the template cut out, with each piece as shown, i drew around the template onto 8mm thick EVA foam using pins to hold the paper down


Using a stanley knife i cut around the template, however certain areas need to be cut at a slant, the areas high lighted in the template are those that need this.


Next the foam needs to be prepared, this is done by applying heat to the foam. When heat is applied you'd find that the foam sections are easier to bend and shape. Doing this creates less tension when it comes to gluing of the pieces.


I use a heat gun which can vary in price, however a good ol' hair dryer can do the same trick but can take longer. When heating be careful not to hold to close as the foam can burn, you can see this in one of the pictures below.

Using contact adhesive the foam can be held together very well. When using this apply a thin layer then this is vital, leave the glue on the foam to set. This can take about 5-10mins so go get a cup of tea whilst you wait.

When coming back to it line the pieces up and you should find they stick and fit together with ease.



If you look at the above images, you should see some line details which are not cut out but are in fact in the foam. This is done with a cool trick of cutting in the details but not to deep into the foam where you would want them. Next when its heated the foam in those areas begins to expand and separate creating the gap without having to carve into the foam to get it.

Now it came to painting, i just coated it in a purple paint i had laying around and then used silver to create scratches across the surface.

For the eyes i had some spare red lenses and glued them on to get the red eyed effect. I also had a spare led light for shelves which i used to get some light behind the lens.



Below is the template if anyone wants to do this. Scaling it larger could allow it to work for a human head if desired, if anyone younger is thinking of doings this please ask an adult to help, the heat gun can get bloody hot and can burn it touched on the end, and with use of a sharp blade wouldn't want anyone to get injured... Anyway have fun and hope it turns out well (hopefully better then mine ;) )

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