TF Prime: Proving Ground Part 2

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TF Prime: Proving Ground Part 2

Postby Stormtalon » Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:54 pm

Bulkhead came to Windrazor’s quarters on the Nemesis. He laid his finger on the call button when the door slid opened.

“Hiya, Bulkhead. Ready to go?”

Bulkhead flashed a friendly smile and lead the way.

“Since you’re new, here’s the scuttlebutt on our detail,” Bulkhead began “The belly of this ship has a big ring called the Omega Lock. We’re going to detach it from the ship and dismantle it.”

“Omega Lock. Right. What does it do?” Windrazor asked.

“Fires a big beam.”

“They should call it the Big Beamer, or the Omega Blaster or better idea: the Hydra Cannon. No matter, after we’re done, they’ll be calling it history.”

Bulkhead cracked a smile. Her enthusiasm was infectious.

* * *
The Nemesis hovered low to the ground while Vehicons worked on the Lock’s support braces. Bulkhead started Windrazor on fetching and carrying duty.

The Predacon reveled in the freedom. True, it was only around the airfield, but it was better than her quarters. Large shuttles landed while smaller skip craft took off for Cybertronian parts unknown. She worked diligently. Before she knew it, they were on the last strut about to detach the Omega Lock.

A Vehicon signaled for a plasma torch. Windrazor nodded, clutched it in her claws and flapped to bring it up to him. That is when everything went black.

Bulkhead placed the last hover cart under the Omega Lock when he heard a high-pitched shriek. He looked up and saw Windrazor in some trouble. Her flying was erratic. She bounced off one support strut and clipped another. He called out to her, but she didn’t respond. The yellow and green Predacon flew over his head and zoomed into the city.

* * *
Tarantulas giggled watching Kaon scroll by his screen.

“Nothing like a Predacon eye’s view,” he cackled.

He stabilized the connection. Windrazor fought him for control, but it was a futile struggle. The wily spider knew her inside and out. One of the perks of creating the Predacon.

Windrazor flew past Darkmount heading to the northeast quadrant of Kaon. Most of the city remained dark, including the Science Center and the Armory. Intrigued, Tarantulas directed Windrazor to take a closer look. Suddenly, she fell out of the sky. A net obscured her vision.

“Looks like the show is over for now.”

Tarantulas closed the connection as the ground rushed up to strike Windrazor.

“The Autobots haven’t secured the Shadow Armory. Hmm?”

He turned to the stasis pods containing his Terrorcons.

“I think I found a use for you, four.”

* * *
Windrazor awoke in a mesh net.

“Where am I? Bu…”

She struggled and received a nasty electric shock. Her whole body went rigid. The shocks stopped.

“I’d keep still until the net comes off,” offered a bright and jovial voice.

Windrazor began to move her head, but remained still.

“That’s a clever beast. Don’t want to short yourself into permanent stasis lock?”

Two green feet came into her field of vision. The robot crouched down revealing his face: a green square head with a white faceplate. Windrazor also noticed a rocket launcher mounted on his right shoulder. The green robot looked her over.

“Well, look at you. I’ve never seen an Insecticon like you.”

“That’s because she’s a Predacon.”

The hunter turned around as Bulkhead rolled up and transformed. Windrazor sighed in relief.

“Bulkhead? Great to see you.”

“Hello Hound,” Bulkhead returned evenly.

“Predacon, eh? You know something about this?” Hound asked.

“Yeah, this one’s a Predacon. Her name is Windrazor. She’s with us.”

Hound looked surprised.


Bulkhead nodded. Hound tapped a control panel on his forearm. The net strands loosened and recoiled into a small ball.

“Sorry about that,” Hound apologized.

Windrazor transformed into a robot, hissed at her captor, then hid behind Bulkhead’s massive frame. Hound chuckled good-naturedly.

“Did you return with the Penumbra?” Bulkhead asked.

Hound shook his head.

“Nah. I jumped ship ages ago. When I heard Cybertron was restored, I hopped the first freighter heading in this direction. Sky Lynx brought me the rest of the way.”

“And now you’re trespassing? You know this is a restricted area.”

Hound shook his head.

“Not for me,” he explained, “Ultra Magnus put me to work sweeping the quadrant for bombs and traps. I’ve run into Insecticons sentries every other block. I thought your friend was one of them.”

Windrazor finally spoke. “So you came to the airfield to catch me? I was working with others onboard the ship.”

Bulkhead peered at Windrazor.

“You mean you don’t remember when you took off?” Bulkhead asked.

“You must have gotten turned around. The airfield is on the other side of Kaon,” Hound informed her.

Windrazor shook her head. Bulkhead looked worried.

“We should get you back to the ship and have the medics check you out.”

Bulkhead turned to Hound. “Look me up after your shift. You, Jackie and me can catch up. You got the first Lob.”

Hound nodded. Bulkhead turned to Windrazor.

“Can you fly or do you need a ride?”

Windrazor transformed and tested her wings.

“No damage. I think I can make.”

“Ok but stay low so I can help if anything happens.”

Hound waved good-bye to the two and turned to an imposing building.

“Shadow Armory? I wonder why so many sentries guard you?”
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Re: TF Prime: Proving Ground Part 2

Postby Stormtalon » Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:54 pm

Scourge, the black and red dragon soared past the towers toward a green and grey gryphon. Grimwing roared from his perch on a domed tower. Scourge spiraled down giving an inquisitive growl.

“Smell,” Grimwing answered.

Scourge lowered his snout to sniff the dome of blue ferrocrete.

“Faint and stale, but unmistakable. Shockwave was here.”

The roof was seamless with no panel or entry hatch. It didn’t matter to Scourge. A couple of wing beats and he hovered above the dome. Grimwing dove off the roof as Scourge reared back and loosed a searing fire blast. The ferrocrete blistered, bubbled, and then melted away. The hole was too small for his dragon mode so Scourge transformed.

“Wait here,” Scourge ordered Grimwing as he slipped in.

The area beneath the hole was charred, but the rest of the room remained undamaged. He recognized some hyper-evolution tubes against the back wall and a CNA extractor next to that.

Scourge looked for a terminal. Each of lab had at least one, with notes on experiments conducted in the facility. Luck continued to favor him. The terminal was close by and online. A quick scan of the directory revealed files and folder names that meant nothing to him: Space Bridge mechanics, Cortical Psychic Patch procedure and Enemies List. He finally came to a directory he did recognize: Dinobot conversion.

Scourge opened that one. Since his fight with Grimlock, Scourge knew he’d need a strategy to win the inevitable rematch. He wasn’t the inferior half-breed Scourge took him for.

Scourge opened the first video log. Shockwave appeared on the left half of a split screen as a transcript scrolled on the right half.

Entry 1:
My further studies into prehistoric Cybertronian life is on hold until the completion of Lord Megatron’s latest project: engineering a super-solider for the front line. I recommended the Preda-clones used in our off world operations, but this suggestion was rejected. Megatron wants soldiers with the strength of a Predacon, but enough intelligence to follow orders.

From autopsies on the failed Preda-clones, I’ve learned a lot about their physiology. I believe it is possible to construct and graft Predacon components onto a modern Cybertronian; thereby creating the super-soldiers we need.

Scourge opened the second entry: only notes. He skipped down to the next video on entry 10.

Entry 10:
We will begin our first test shortly. I have cultured a Predacon arm and will graft it onto a volunteer. If successful, the subject should experience a 10% increase in strength.

Entry 11:
The experiment failed. Initial autopsy shows the grafted limb drew too much energon too rapidly from the test subject. The sensory feedback passed all parameters. Judging by the subject’s reaction, it was extremely painful. I will study this further before proceeding again.

This didn’t horrify Scourge. Shockwave was nothing if not unfeeling and calculating. What interested Scourge were the other Predacon clones mentioned. The off-world ones were the remains he helped dig up on Earth. But what befell the failed Predacons here on Cybertron? There were hundreds of entries. Scourge skipped to the middle of the pack.

Entry 430:
The prisoners tested remarkably well on resilience. They may be the first to survive the process. I believe the organic codes from the alien life forms are the key. The Predacon CNA is very aggressive in rewriting the CNA of modern Cybertronians. The organic ‘seed’ code counters this hostile takeover. We shall test this theory on the Autobot Sludge.

Sludge? Scourge recalled that name in the battle of Helix. He was the long-necked beast they fought in the canyon. Scourge checked the last entry and stopped. The time stamped on the entry was only a couple of days ago!

Entry 928:
Circumstances have forced me to take this action. With most of the Vehicons captured and Starscream being Starscream, I am must create my own allies for my operations. I have resurrected Project Dinobot using Forged volunteers. I will proceed directly to phase two, passing the prototype stage and going into the production line.

Production line? Did he make more Dinobots?

That’s when a door opened behind him and a low growl rumbled from within.

* * *
In Starscream’s mind, the ‘Rise of the Second Decepticon Empire’ was well underway. He valiantly led his new troops to a safe haven where they gather returning Decepticons into a strike force. Then, he would ruthlessly destroy Optimus Prime and claim a recovered Cybertron for himself. The Autobots would be rounded up and eliminated at his leisure. This epic entertained him all the way to the Stratodome.

Headwind broke into Starscream’s reverie.

“Ah, commander? Looks like someone is already there.”

Tailwind spoke up, “I spot two more creatures in the area.”

Starscream adjusted his scanners. He spotted a large green and grey beast sitting atop one of the towers.

“Well, well, well,” Starscream said. “It looks like our new home needs some fumigation.”

“Are those things…Insecticons?” Tailwind asked.

“Predacons, actually. Treacherous beasts,” Starscream answered.

“Can they reason?” Headwind asked. “Perhaps we can ally with them and bolster our ranks.”

“Predacons are too dangerous to live. We attack! Now!”

Starscream dove at the gryphon.

Headwind gave a suffering sigh. “No strategy. Tailwind, shadow our leader. Cross and I will take the next one, when we are finished with them, we’ll converge on the last target.”

Headwind and Cross banked toward the target by the west tower. Tailwind followed Starscream to the south tower.

* * *
Two beasts stalked into the lab. One looked like Grimlock’s beast mode only much smaller; white skinned and a blue horn on his nose. The other was a stegosaurus like Snarl but green instead of red and gold.

“An intruder,” the white dino let out in a slow, rumbling breath.

“Soon to be a dead intruder,” the green stego quipped before charging.

Scourge dodged and the green dinosaur crashed into a hyper-evolution tube.

The white one lunged in for a bite. Scourge threw a right cross connecting with his jaw. The stego swept Scourge’s leg with his spiked tail. He quickly rolled to his side avoiding a powerful white foot stomping.

An explosion rocked the lab. It came from outside. Scourge heard Grimwing roar. He looked up through the burn hole and spotted Grimwing flying off, chased by two jets one of them very familiar.


Scourge leapt for hole, but the white Ceratosaurus clamped on his leg and pulled him down.

“Hold him, Overkill,” the green stego ordered.

He whipped his barbed tail around for a chest cracker. Scourge heaved to his right pulling Overkill into the path of the tail. It struck the white one’s neck and flank. Overkill gave a yelp, releasing Scourge.

“Watch it! Slugfest!”

Overkill realized his didn’t have Scourge any more. Scourge just grinned at that them and transformed into a mighty dragon. He towered over the two dinos.

Scourge claw-swiped Overkill and leapt over the green stego, Slugfest. He tried for the hole in the ceiling, but as a dragon he was too big. If he wanted out he’d have to defeat these two. Scourge bared his fangs and barreled in.

* * *

Continued in Part Three
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