The Fallen From Grace.

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The Fallen From Grace.

Postby ebilly99 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:50 pm

The Beginning.
I am what is left of a being that has lost his will to live, yet is to powerful to die. I was once a Golden beacon of the Primes, there leader. Now I am lower then dirt, forced to like the energon from the very being I was born to kill.
Born, isn’t that how it always starts. I do not know when I was born, but the universe was much smaller then. Most stars only first generation with a few planets here and there. I saw blood as my first sight, And it amazed me. My blood… No I was born from it. I was not alone however as a creature of amazing power and beauty also stepped out. Solus… Somehow I knew her before she spoke. We were a piece of each other, or at least I believed that. The other ten came as well, but not from blood like us, but the tears of Primus. They would defend order and socioty. I knew they had no need for me. I was a being of entropy. I made sure that no one being could overpopulate the universe. I would see to that with my sword. Maybe I overdid it a little, but it wasn’t for the violence. I knew that she would always be there to fix my weapon. Oh she would berate me for ruining her handiwork but I knew that she only did that to tease. We were happy and would have remained that way but for Alpha Trion. He was always my dear friend and when he came to me after reading the Covenant of Primus I had wished I had died Earlier. He warned me that the coming Storm was to arrive. That Unicron would be here soon.

Unicron… NO I would not allow him to take her. I spoke to Alpha and begged him not to tell me any more but I knew he had to. There was a betrayer among the thirteen… Wait 13 but only 12 were born… but the harder I tried to think back the worse my mind hurt. “Do not worry my brother, No one can stand by our might” Liege laughed. “We are the great killers right” I looked at him and wondered, had he always been here. Why do I have no specific memory’s of him? Alpha warned me and Liege again that we must not let our emotions lead our life, that we had a job to do.

I returned to Solus and she scowled me, thinking I had destroyed her weapon. I told her the time had come, and that we had to prepare. We embraced, but more. I know not if she truly loved me or had the fear and lust for battle overcame her but he collapsed together that night, our sparks had united as one for a brief moment and we were complete. When we awoke the next day the shadow of unicron arose across the third moon of Cybertron. We knew this day may be our last.

I reached for her to embrace but she backed off as if the fear of death was less then the fear of what we had done the night before. I blinked, hiding the pain in my eyes and grabbed my sword. I flew to my brothers and prepared to attack, and die if need be, to end the threat. I attacked first, the others provided cover but did very little else. My contempt began to build for these weaklings as I flew into the face of evil. My sword slashed just once and he left. I had done no real damage but the envoy of death left. My brothers foolishly partied but I did not see a reason to. I needed to be prepared next time.

I returned to Solus the following night, again needing my sword sharped. I approached the building and heard noises. A voice called for Solus, calling her his beloved. I steamed into the building and demanded to know what was going on when Nexus and Solus were embraced together. "What is this" I demanded to know. She looked at me with a cold emotionless stare that said it all. "I will kill you both. I swear neither of you will escape my fury" I screamed as I sliced the ground breaking my sword in half.
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