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Re: The Official Transformers: Rescue Bots Discussion Thread

Postby Sabrblade » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:56 am

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I've played the YouTube game a couple times now and have figured out a certain pattern to it that's a bit skewed. There are three missions in all that you can participate in: A fire rescue, a water rescue, and a final mission at the firehouse (plus some smaller sidequest objectives you can do along the way to the fire and water rescues). The final mission won't become available to you until after you complete the fire and water rescues, but there's a catch. The game wants you to do the fire rescue first and the water rescue second in order to grant you the final mission. So if you choose to do the water rescue first and the fire rescue second, you have to do the water rescue again in order to progress to the final mission. Otherwise, the game will not give the final mission as an option until you've completed the water mission only after the fire mission.

What's more is that that sidequest options given to you en route to the water mission differ depending on whether you do the water mission before or after the fire mission.

If you choose the water rescue first, you're sent straight to the waterfront with Heatwave and proceed across the water in his boat mode. Then, an island appears in front of you and you're given the choices of crossing the island on dry ground to take a shortcut to the water rescue, or staying the water by having Heatwave go around the island in boat mode. From either of these options, you eventually make it to the water rescue to partake in it.

But when (not if, when) you do the water rescue after the fire rescue, on your way to the waterfront with Heatwave, you're given an additional set of choices before the island ones, in which you can choose to either race Blurr to get to the waterfront quicker, or to ignore Blurr's race challenge and follow Dani's test flight path to the waterfront. From either of these choices, you eventually make it to the waterfront and proceed across the water in Heatwave's boat mode. From here, the same island choices are given, which both eventually lead to the same water rescue.

As for the fire rescue options, they are the same no matter what order you choose. On your way to the fire, Jerry's truck is danger. Chief and Chase are on the scene to help, but Heatwave also gives you the choice to help out as well or to proceed to the fire while the others help Jerry. Either option leads to the next set of choices. A bridge you need to cross closed and the accumulated traffic is in your way. Your options are to either go around the traffic (even though the bridge is out) or to go back and find a different route. Either option eventually leads you to the fire rescue.

For the final mission, well, it's not much. You don't really do anything yourself (as in, there's no options for you to personally make after you choose to simply partake in the mission), but you still get all the credit for completing the mission even though the animation clearly showed Blades to be the one who singlehandedly took care of the threat all by himself.
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Transformers: Rescue Bots Outdoor Adventures DVD release

Postby Bounti76 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:49 pm

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We haven't heard much from them in a while, but it looks like, come January 2018, the Rescue Bots will be in the spotlight, with a new DVD release from Shout Factory scheduled. With a runtime of 110 minutes, that breaks down to five episode-length stories- with Rescue Bots Academy on the horizon, it's a likely guess that these stories are a repackaging of previous episodes, but that remains to be seen. Are you planning on picking this up? Let us know!

Five Adventures In The Great Outdoors!

Alongside the Burns family, Autobots Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder—known to the citizens of Griffin Rock as the Rescue Bots—battle all manners of hazards each and every day. From powerful winter storms to ocean rescues, nothing is too great a challenge for our heroes. Except, maybe, ghost ships! Oh, well... All in a day's duty for the Rescue Bots!

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