The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

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Re: The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

Postby Dead Metal » Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:46 am

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Oh wow, totally forgot to mention this, but during the Marvel sale I grabbed Axis Carnage as well.

Anyone who enjoys Carnage, or the Symbiotes in general, read this book. Heck, read this book if you love 90s tropes being parodied.

This book is filled with so many 90s Venom comic easter eggs, that even if you hate the character, you'll enjoy it.

So the backstory, apparently Dr Doom and the Scarlet Witch did some magic, and turned some villains and some heroes evil/good, don't know the details, because I didn't read Axis, yet.
So Carnage now has the "disgusting" desire to be a hero and do good, while still being himself. Sound familiar? Well it should, because Venom went through something similar in the 90s, you know back when heroes had to be violent psychopaths.

There are loads of hints and things that remind you of the 90s Venom series, Carnage even sings his own modified version of the Spider-Man theme (just like Venom back then), the opening to the fist book is incredibly similar to Venom's back then, as in thugs somehow think that it's a good idea to attack the nearly invincible mass murdering monster that's been active and in the news for years. Carnage sucks at telling right from wrong, just like Venom back then, oh and his mind is very child like.
At times he comes across as a bit of a toned down Deadpool.

He's up against a new Sin Eater, just like Venom was in one of his solo stories, the events are even referenced here, Carnage retells his childhood again, and this time even admits that he keeps remembering it differently "so I just say what sounds right". Interestingly, this does feature elements that were added in another Venom mini from the 90s (Carnage Unlimited), and not just that, but uses the exact same character designs and cloths, hell for a moment I thought it was just reusing a panel from there.

Basically, Carnage wants to be a hero, and tries his best based on classic tropes and stuff he knows from TV. He even goes and kidnaps a ruthless TV reporter so she can teach him how to be a hero.

Oh yeah, just as an aside, Carnage is now clearly better at Wolverine or Deadpool at surviving stuff or healing, at one point he gets his head blown off with a shotgun and just imminently regrows it like nothing happened, while before he at least had the decency to be knocked out for a few seconds.

Here are a few of the highlights of the first issue
The woman in the last pages is the ruthless reporter. And as you can see, this new Sin Eater is kinda the real deal this time, which he even states claiming that the others are just impostors that prevented him from taking his rightful place or some such thing.

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The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

Postby fenrir72 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:29 am

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I know Marvel was desperate to revive the franchise buuuuuuuuuuuut

Fyi, loved Katya Prydeman since her debut in the Phoenix Saga.

So get to your local Comic book shop and get this! The resulting infamy will make this issue be the most collectible Xmen comic EVER or .............
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Btw, its been nearly a year now and TR Soundwave and Blaster aren't moving in the shelve of TRU, is that shelfwarming or what?

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Re: The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

Postby Burn » Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:46 pm

Has anyone else been reading the Aliens/Predator/Prometheus Life & Death crossover? Currently a 16 issue "mini" (Aliens x 4, Aliens vs. Predator x4, Predator x 4 & Prometheus x 4) culminating next month with the final part (making 17 parts all up). It's been a good read, as has "Aliens - Defiance".
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Re: The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

Postby Burn » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:16 pm

Bumping this thread because ... COMICS!

Anyone have reading recommendations? Looking forward to Jean Greys resurrection and eventual reunion with Logan?

Let's get this thread going again!
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Re: The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

Postby Va'al » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:46 pm

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I was wondering where this thread had gone...
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Re: The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

Postby Ironhidensh » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:52 pm

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Transformer comics are the only ones I read any more. I used to be a HUGE follower of the funny books. Had my own box and pull list at the local comic shop and everything. To this day, I still have over 20 long boxes full of comics in storage.

They just don't do much for me anymore. I got out around the time of the first Civil War story line. Since then I loosely follow Star Wars books, and keep an ear on the X-Men story lines, but by far and large, I just don't like what it being done these days.

I got excited when the young, time displaced X-Men story line started, but Marvel quickly ran that into the ground as well. Plus, I just hate how they have handled Cyclops over the last few years. He was always my favorite Marvel character.

On other side of that coin, Kyle Raynar (Green Lantern) was my favorite DC character and he was ran into the ground as well. Plus, all of DC's constant Universe rebooting really turns me off.

Never did really get into smaller company books.

I don't know, maybe I just out grew them, or at least didn't accept the moving on from characters of my youth. Either way, I lost the vast majority of my love for comics.

I do like some of the newer Darth Vader stories though.
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Re: The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

Postby Burn » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:01 pm

If you like Vader, read Doctor Aphra. At the very least read it for 0-0-0 and BT-1
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Re: The (non-Transformers) Comic Book Thread

Postby lakebot » Tue May 08, 2018 9:37 pm

Been a while since I had read anything non-Transformer related. But I have started picking up various newer issues. Really liked Iron Fist(which is done apparently)and the newer Daredevil (Mayor Fisk) run. Amazing Spider-Man has been pretty intense as well.

What did bug me though was the utter craziness that is Marvel and their “Legacy” stuff. I do understand it but it seems pretty pointless. Manager at the local comic shop more or less indicated it was to drive sales for books that had been stopped and started numerous times. Apparently collectors(especially new collectors) want milestones and number one’s(hence the drop back to number one for several books this month IIRC) but allowing the “combined” legacy numbering for milestones. Not a fan of that. Too gimmick driven(not that gimmicks are new to comics). Was also really bummed that Uncanny X-Men doesn’t exist any more and if you want your fix, you have three titles to buy every month. Anyone reading it and if so, are they worth picking up? Something tells me everything will eventually be included into the legacy numbering.
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