The Transformers: The Movie 1986 fanfic

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The Transformers: The Movie 1986 fanfic

Postby patrick.timothy » Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:41 am

My fanfic version of the 1986 film:
Many years ago, a planet named Unicron was built by aliens which then rebels them and flys away. In 2005, the Decepticons planned to mass attack Earth. The Autobots them prepared to protect Cybertron and Earth from the Decepticons by returning on the Autobot Shuttle to Cybertron. But Soundwave overheard this and report to Megatron. They then attack the Autobot Shuttle and injured (but didn't kill) Prowl, Ironhide, Brawn and Ratchet and then hijack it to mass attack Cybertron first.
Before the battle, some Autobots overheard the plan to attack and turned Autobot City into a battle fortress. In the battle, Wheeljack, Windcharger and Huffer were injured, after that the remaining Autobots race the Decepticons to Earth. And then on Earth, Megatron and Optimus battle each other. But then both are severely injured. Then, Optimus pass the Matrix to Ultra Magnus. He didn't die, but have to do some transformer surgery that would take very long. Sometime later, The Decepticons flee Earth after that. On Astrotrain, many Decepticons were severely injured, when Astrotrain said it was too heavy, the Decepticons then decided to throw heavily injured (or dead) Decepticons, including Megatron, Insecticons, Constructions, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Shockwave and Soundwave's minions. In space, they accidentally bump into Unicron who then offer them a new army in exchange for helping him destroy the Matrix, Megatron agrees and become Galvatron, other dead Decepticons become Cyclonus, Scrouge, and Sweeps.
Before finding the Matrix, Galvatron stops on Cybertron and shoot Starscream to kill him. They then shoot the Autobot shuttle and crashes into Quintessa. There the judge orders them prisoned, until Galvatron and his army arrive to kill the Autobots, causing them to flee. First, they find Ultra Magnus, he tries to open the Matrix but Galvatron shoots it before he could open it and injured him. But the Matrix falls into a trench. They then retreat because it is impossible to get it, but then Hot Rod who saw is fall uses his "long-arm" hook to get it, in exchange Ultra tells him to use it because he believes Hot Rod deserves it more. In Space, Galvatron reports he failed to get the Matrix. Unicrons is then angry and tries to destroy Cybertron.
Galvatron then prepares to fight back. An Autobot Shuttle arrives and discover Unicron trying to destroy Cybertron. They are then forced to team up with the Decepticons to fight Unicron. In the fight, the Autobots crash into Unicron's body and then they attack from inside. Hot Rod tries to open the Matrix, but then Galvatron jumps in and forces him to surrender it. Then an Ultra Magnus ghost/or conciousness suddently arrives and shoots Galvatron and dissapear. Hot Rod then opens it and become Rodimus Prime and destroys Unicron. After escaping the destroyed Unicron, Galvatron asks a truce which Rodimus rejects by punching him far to space and recontrol Cybertron while healing the many injured Autobots (but none died).
The End.
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