Titans Return Blurr Repaint

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Titans Return Blurr Repaint

Postby ZeldaTheSwordsman » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:48 am

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The Titans Return Blurr mold is a pretty cool update of Blurr's design. However, the Hasbro release is decidedly on the monochrome side (It uses the same plastic color for everything but the canopy, and even that's a transparent version of the same color), and not at all a match for Blurr's cartoon coloration. So I took it upon myself to repaint my Blurr to better match.

Obviously, it's not perfect. Despite my best efforts, there's a few rough spots in the paint. I've also had some paint rub issues - most notably on the bracket for the shield; I'll have to file the prongs on that part down to get sufficient clearance to prevent the issue. And the canopy is a bit foggy from the clear-coat, so I'll have to carefully strip that off of the clear part.
However, I'm still overall satisfied with how it turned out. I'll go back and polish it later, but I've got a bunch of other projects I want to make progress on too ^^;
Looking for:
Nemesis Breaker's Arms (will accept Leobreaker or Leo Prime arms)
RiD 2001 Optimus Prime left super mode arm (sans hand)
RiD 2001 Optimus Prime left super mode shoulder
Armada Optimus trailer deck parts, smokestack guns, cheekguards
ROTF Jetfire Panels & weapons
Cybertron Safeguard (Vector Prime's Mini-Con)
PotP Starscream gun
Vector Prime's Cyber Key
RID Ruination/G1 Bruticus/KO chestplate & helmet
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