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Motto: "I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things."

Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Scout
Alt. mode: 2013 Shelby GT-500 Super Snake
Weapons: Particle Beam Rifle
Abilities: Enhanced optics
Height: 26ft ~ 7.92m
Holo-matter Avatar: A young woman with brunette hair wearing black leather pants, high-heel leather boots, a black leather jacket and black leather driving gloves.
Quote: “People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest.”

Strength: 06
Intelligence: 08
Dexterity: 08
Speed: 07
Endurance: 06
Courage: 06
Firepower: 05
Accuracy: 06
Melee: 06
Tech Skill: 08
Charisma: 07
Rank: 06

Profile: [Excerpt from Tracer’s Autopedia File – Psychological Evaluation performed by Rung] After meeting with the patient it occurred to me that she was suffering from some kind of mental ailment. I was sure to inquire about any head injuries or glitches, but she had said she suffered from neither. Wanting to cover all of my bases I decided to assign her a task. I told her to keep a log of how she was feeling every day for a week. Each she was assigned times to ‘check in’ and log her mood. At our next session she handed in her log. After she left I began to look over the data she had collected. According to her information Tracer would have several mood swings throughout the day. They would range from depression and aberration.

I have been seeing Tracer on a regular basis for the past few vorns and I have noted that for a few periods she had not presented with any symptoms. However, she continued to be a personable and very intelligent femme.

She is able to think out-side of the box and has shown to be extremely creative. Tracer has been able to make friends among her comrades, but she also has lost many due to her psychological disorder and the lack of its understanding. It is this analyst’s opinion that the subject is highly unpredictable and should continue to be monitored closely.

Appearance: In her alt mode Tracer is a striking dark blue with Shelby signature Super Snake stripes in white. While in her robot mode the front of her vehicle mode transforms into her chest and lies flat. The top of her alternate mode folds down against her back and the rear extends forming her legs. Protruding from her back are a pair of doorwings. Tracer’s optics are a dark sapphire blue set on a silver face.

Image: A reference of Tracer's design can be found Here

Abilities: Tracer is highly intelligent and surprisingly creative. In her vehicle mode she can reach a top speed of 200 mph. She has a range of 1100 miles. She is able to maneuver around obstacles with great speed and agility in both modes. Her abilities as a scout are second to none. Tracer possesses highly enhanced optic sensors giving her a visual range of 50 miles on a clear day. Her particle beam rifle fires a stream of charged particles a distance of 10 miles. The weapon has limited accuracy the greater the distance of a target.

Weaknesses: Tracer exhibits symptoms similar to a human mood disorder known as Bipolar Disorder. Her mood swings between extreme highs where her symptoms include not recharging for days, hyperactivity and risky behavior. It is during her ‘manic’ episodes that she is her most creative, however, the extreme highs are often followed by extreme lows. At times her depressive moods have presented as recharging more than necessary, feeling hopeless, lack of concentration, low self-worth and a total loss of interest in all activities.

Her depressive mood can be crippling to her and other Autobots if on the battlefield. Depression and mania do not rule her existence. Tracer can be ‘in remission’ for months before symptoms present again.

Razr: Razr is Tracer’s pet turbofox. He is gold and chrome in color and like most turbofoxes he has boosters on his back which aid him in quick get a ways. He is sleek, slim and aerodynamic. His audio receptors are very large for his small head giving him incredible hearing. His optics aid in long distance sight and his olfactory sensors are capable of picking up scents from as far away as 8 miles.

The meeting between Tracer and Razr was an unexpected one. After one of her long bouts of depression Tracer had taken some time away from everyday life by spending some time in solitude. During her trek she heard a scuffle and low level vocalizations. When she investigated she found a very agitated and scared turbofox trapped in a long forgotten trap. Not wanting to leave the creature to suffer, Tracer approached the and carefully released it. Expecting it to take off at top speed she was surprised when it simply stood there and watched her.

After a few moments of staring at one another, Tracer decided to simply leave. However, she soon realized that the animal was intent on following her. She tried to shoo him away but he refused to relent. The ritual went on for hours before Tracer finally gave up and took a seat on the ground. She beckoned to the beast which, to her surprise, came to her, albeit, slowly.

The two have become inseparable since.
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