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Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Defensive Strategist
Alt. mode: Toyota Land Cruiser
Weapons: Laser-rifle, Wrist-mounted Missile Launcher
Special Abilities: Force-field generator
Height: 26ft / 7.92m
Holo-matter Avatar: A tall, middle-aged, caucasian male with a scruffy beard and wearing a long-sleeved, flannel shirt and jeans.
Quote: “An Autobot’s as good as the fuel in his tank.”

Strength: 07
Intelligence: 06
Dexterity: 04
Speed: 04
Endurance: 09
Courage: 09
Firepower: 05
Accuracy: 07
Melee: 05
Tech Skill: 05
Charisma: 08
Rank: 05

Profile: “Looks like some pigeonoids can't find their nest.” That's how Trailbreaker describes a full-scale attack by a battalion of flying Decepticons. He'll make light of anything, no matter how dire the situation, and has been known to cross the optic circuits of Huffer while he's in his rest mode. Even Huffer laughed at that one. He's the Autobot cheerleader, always ready with an uplifting word to boost the morale of a comrade.

But there's a darker side to Trailbreaker. He is the most fuel-consuming Autobot and thus believes he is a liability to the group. He often has volunteered to be left behind in battle situations rather than use up precious resources. He'll sometimes privately mope about his handicaps and forget about his responsibilities as a consequence. But his bravery and defensive prowess are unquestioned, and he can usually recover his wits in time to save himself and his comrades. His lack of self-esteem is apparent to his commander, who continually reassures him of his value.

Abilities: Trailbreaker possesses great strength and above-average intelligence as well as incredible resistance to physical damage. He has great skill at his function and is tactically adept. In his Toyota Land Cruiser mode, he has a top speed of 80 MPH, and that’s with great difficulty. But what he lacks in speed, Trailbreaker makes up for in off road capability. He can drive over almost any dirt road or rocky terrain with relative ease.

Furthermore, Trailbreaker has a head-mounted projector, allowing him to transmit signals on 64 frequencies simultaneously. He uses it to transmit and jam communications, interfere with many types of electronics, and create an invisible and nearly impenetrable force field. This force field can be projected up to a 30-foot radius that withstands penetration by all forms of projectiles, all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation except those of extremely high intensity, and temperatures as high as 800,000 degrees Centigrade. He is armed with a standard laser-rifle, but can also use his wrist sockets to launch high-explosive missiles.

Weaknesses: His high fuel consumption and slowness of movement make Trailbreaker particularly vulnerable in certain situations and contribute to his low self-esteem. His force field can be broken down by a continued, sustained assault of enough force. The larger the force field is made and the more damage it has to withstand, the more fuel it takes to maintain.
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