Transformers 4 Dream

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Transformers 4 Dream

Postby CreekStar7 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:09 pm

I'm a new user but I've always been a Transformers fanatic. To be totally honest I finally created my own account on here because I had an astounding dream that I wanted to share with other fans and get their opinions.
First of all, one thing you should know about me is that I dream random goofy things, and I remember most if not all my dreams. Maybe not as clearly and maybe not right away, but I usually remember a gist and some dreams I remember more than others depending on how cool it was.
So off to my dream:

My friend took me to the theater and didn't tell me what movie we were gonna watch. After the previews it turned out to be Transformers 4 (can't remember what the exact title was).
It started like the other three movies: with Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime giving a monologue.
Can't remember the exact words, but I got a pretty good idea.
Several years had passed since the events of DOTM. More Autobots have come to Earth, and they are all are finally accepted into Earth's society... for the most part. Humanity is split between those who believe the Autobots will help mankind's evolution, and those who believe they are a threat (and I assume these people were scarred from DOTM). The "against" people became outraged when the Autobots and their human companions created Autobot City, where Autobots and humans coexist happily. To prove this, my dream showed a business woman sitting outside a cafe typing on her laptop. Then her friend came by and sat next to her. The friend took out her cell phone and placed it on the table. Then the phone and laptop transformed, and all four started chatting like the best of friends. (I thought this was a good scene.)
N.E.S.T. still exists, but instead of a Decepticon strike team (the 'Cons have been scarce and very few of them actually appeared since DOTM), they have become a kind of Autobot "law enforcer". There are so many Autobots on Earth now that you could almost go anywhere and find at least a dozen. But in the countries where the "against" people live, Autobots are terrorized and shunned from society. N.E.S.T. forces fly in and try to calm the humans and Autobots (some 'Bots did fight back), and if that fails then N.E.S.T. invites the Autobots back to Autobot City or some other place where Autobots are welcome. My dream also showed this by showing some car 'Bots arguing with a crowd of people in India (I think). Some N.E.S.T. soldiers came in and tried to calm everyone down, but then a person threw something at a 'Bot, and both of them drew out their guns and pointed them at the crowd, who backed off instantly. The soldiers then started to yell at the 'Bots and eventually they stood down.
In my dream I saw some new well-known Autobots too. To name off a few, Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack (not the Q Wheeljack and it looked more like G1 Wheeljack), and the Aerialbots. They all appeared when the movie showed Autobot City.

And sadly that's all I can really remember. I know after Optimus's monologue the movie went on with its action and story, but I woke up before it ended so I mostly watched the "talky" bits of the movie and not the "actiony" bits. I thought it was great though. It would certainly put the Transformers in a real-world political-ish situation. Kinda like District 9, which I guess is where my mind concocted this dream from.
But there IS one scene that I can distinctly remember...
Wheeljack and Ratchet were called upon by Optimus for something important. It showed them both leaving a testing chamber of some sort, and I swear something was breathing fire as the doors closed. When Wheeljack approaced Optimus he complained that he was really busy with the task Optimus assigned him and Ratchet and they can't leave it alone for too long. ;)
Other than that, I can only remember small clips, like Ultra Magus in his vehilce form carrying new Autobots into the city. And the Aerialbots forming Superion to help human construction workers.
That's it. I'd like to know what you guys think. Would this make a good plot or at least an intro for Transformers 4? Or would it be a disaster? Tell me ANYTHING... well, anything that has to do with this story, that is.
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