Transformers: Chronicles - Eukaris

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Transformers: Chronicles - Eukaris

Postby Verno » Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:56 pm

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As the heavens cry tears of metal and fire, a great beast stirs in the shadows...

Fear grips the colony of Eukaris as fiery debris from a stricken ship rains down on the planet. In swift response, the ruling Council decide upon a proactive approach to ascertain any potential threat to their world -- the Space Bridge will be extracted from the slumbering Metrotitan, Chela, to re-establish contact with Cybertron.

Megatron demands a show of force to dissuade any enemies, new or old, but Primal suggests they begin by extending a hand of friendship -- after so long, the fires from the War of the Primes would surely have burnt out.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, a secretive trio watch on as their plan comes together -- the Space Bridge will soon be within reach of their army of Insectoid Drones. With the fate of not only Eukaris but of every world connected by a Space Bridge at stake, who can stop the Tripredacus?

Find out in the one-shot issue: TRANSFORMERS: CHRONICLES - EUKARIS

Artwork by the wonderful Thor65. The image draws inspiration from the poster for Star Trek: First Contact.

The story was written to slot into IDW's main G1 continuity and as a celebration of BEAST WARS 20th ANNIVERSARY. Click the image or link above to check out the script.

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