Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

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Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby El Duque » Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:38 pm

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Hasbro's official Transformers Kre-O website has been updated with a new game, Konquest. Help Kreon Optimus Prime rebuild the Transformers before it's too late! Click here to play.

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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby chuckdawg1999 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:48 am

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Oh God another game to get addicted to.
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby DavidT » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:58 am

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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby Megazarak » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:25 am

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Ha, pretty cool game. I finished the game on my first try with 5,135,979 points. I think I could have done better, but I explicitly screwed up twice when I couldn't catch the falling part.
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby freaky777 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:31 am

Not bad for a casual game. I got 5,311,469 points on 1st attempt. Don't think I'll attempt it ever again though. At least try it once.
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby GuyIncognito » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:42 am

Wow, that sucked.
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby Sabrblade » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:49 am

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Been waiting so long to use that. :lol:
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby outerglow » Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:23 am

the little optimus and the things he does are worth a try at least once :D I just wanna eat him up!!
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby Michael Alex Kawa » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:58 am

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Great game (when my computer is not slow :BANG_HEAD: ) This whole series is cool =P~ can't wait to see if there will be any games for things like the DS :KREMZEEK:
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby SW's SilverHammer » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:19 pm

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Awesome game I fregin love it Especially mini prime driving the regular prime at the end :DANCE: .
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby flygon12 » Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:01 pm

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Slow on my computer :BANG_HEAD:
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Re: Transformers Kre-O Konquest Online Game

Postby JackTrans » Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:19 am

Excellent game with excellent graphics. My PC is very powerful so I wouldn't know how demanding this game is as I didn't notice any lags whatsoever. Everything runs smooth here. Yet, I would prefer if the game has 'pause' button and seing some shooting action would be nice. That's why I prefer their other game called Kre-o prime versus zombies. Anyways, this game is nicely done with lots of funny details, for example when he does the push-ups, thats funny...
Another downside is that the game is really easy. I used to literally jump on the fireballs and barelly managed to get killed.
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