Transformers Prime: Proving Grounds Part 1

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Transformers Prime: Proving Grounds Part 1

Postby Stormtalon » Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:08 pm

Welcome back. This is the follow up story to Dragons vs Dinos. In that previous tale, the Predacons of Prime clashed claws with the Dinobots from Fall of Cybertron.
In today's story, both groups have returned to their respective corners, but it won't be long before they meet for Round Two. Enjoy.

Part 1
Smokescreen fidgeted in his seat. He would rather fight an entire battalion of Vehicons than suffer this torture: a briefing. At least, he had company in his misery. All of Team Prime, save Ratchet and Optimus, sat on either side of a long table. Ultra Magnus lead the meeting from the end. Not for the first time, Smoke wished Optimus had called the meeting. Prime’s style was more walk-up-to-you personal. Magnus dragged everything out to its most tedious.

“Let’s move on to the Predacon situation,” Ultra Magnus declared.

There was a bit of confusion. Everyone looked to someone else to get the ball rolling. Bulkhead and Arcee looked to Bumblebee. Bumblebee and Wheeljack looked to Smokescreen. Soon all eyes were on the young warrior. With a sigh, Smokescreen stood and reported.

“Predaking, or Scourge as he is now called, leads a small, but growing band of Predacons. While we don’t know where these new ones have come from, we do know they are currently claiming land. There have been at least two fights over territory.”

“I read the report on the first skirmish,” Ultra Magnus interrupted. “Tell me more about Helix.”

“Helix was… a mess.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Bulkhead added.

“The Dinobots and Grounders…”

“Autobots,” Ultra Magnus corrected. He didn’t like the terms ‘Grounders’ and ‘Spacers’. All were Autobots in his eyes.

“…the Autobots of New Spark were stripping the abandoned Helix for construction material. Members from Scourge’s group attacked them. We fought them off.”

“Things became more complicated when Tarantulas, a Decepticon scientist thought dead, kidnapped me, Slag and a Predacon named Vertebreak. The kidnappings caused both camps to suspect the other and a fight ensued.”

“Dragons versus Dinobots? Who won?” Arcee asked.

“No one. Fortunately, we three managed an escape. I joined up with Chromia and reinforcements from New Spark and ‘convinced’ the Predacons to withdraw.”

Wheeljack frowned, “A shame. I’d ended them then and there.”

Bumblebee shook his head.

“I’d like a bit of rest after the last war before starting a new one.”

“It won’t be a war if you stop them in their tracks now,” Wheeljack growled.

“Soldiers?” Ultra Magnus added in a warning tone. Bee and Jackie dropped it.

Smokescreen continued, “As crazy as it sounds, Scourge isn’t our biggest problem right now.”

“Explain, soldier.”

“We have a Decepticon scientist capable of cloning his own Predacons and incinerating an entire town to cover his tracks. We have one of his creations in custody, but we don’t know what he has planned for those others. And we have no clue where he is now.”

* * *
“Be it ever so humble,” Tarantulas sighed. It took more cycles than he thought, but finally his backup lab was up and running. Upon reflection, he should thank his recent guests. This forced relocation gave him a chance to blow out the cobwebs, as it were. Dispose of old experiments and make space for new ideas. He’ll have to devise a special ‘thank you’ for them. Maybe a transfixing cybervenom that locks them halfway through their transformation?

“Now that I have everything up and running, what should we work on?”

Tarantulas walked past the four stasis pods containing 80% of his masterwork.

“What’s that? You hunger for your sister’s company?”

Tarantulas turned to the silent pod and giggled.

“Oh don’t worry. She’ll be joining us soon, but right now we need intelligence. You four will awaken to a new Cybertron. Best to find out all we can.”

Tarantulas hopped into a seat and swiveled around to a console. A couple of commands later an image appeared on the monitor.

“Synaptic link established. Let’s see how she’s doing now.”

* * *
Windrazor spotted the Autobots exiting the briefing. She counted down then turned the corner ‘running into’ Arcee.

“Oh, Arcee? Did you speak with him? Can I go with you?” Windrazor asked eagerly.

Arcee’s expression fell. Windrazor knew from that face what was coming.

“I talked with Ultra Magnus about giving you more freedom. But he feels it would be safer for you to remain onboard the ship.”

“You mean safer for everyone else,” Windrazor pouted.

“We need to make sure you are in tip top condition.”

“You said ‘that’ when Ratchet examined me. Remember? He gave me a clean bill of health. Try again.”

“Well, it’s not just physical condition but your mental one as well.”

“Because of a stasis dream? How many times must I explain that it was just a dream? You said it yourself their aren’t any islands on Cybertron.”

“Still, the commander has not changed his orders, you are to remain onboard.”

“You might as well throw me in the brig,” Windrazor argued.

Arcee tried to approach the green and yellow Predacon, but she pulled away.

“Just admit it. You don’t trust me. I’m a Decepticon by association. I’ve done everything to prove I am no threat but it will never be enough. Will it?”

“That’s not true,” Arcee shot back.

“I just want to go outside. I’ll do anything.”

Arcee looked genuinely sorry. Windrazor lowered her yellow head in defeat.

That’s when Bulkhead stepped in.

“I think I may have a way to bend the rules without breaking them.”

Windrazor perked up.

“I’m putting together a work detail. Technically, you’ll still be onboard, but you’ll get to be outside and work with others.”

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Windrazor hugged him. She was roughly half the height of Bulkhead, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing him around the legs and lifting him high in the air.

“The girl’s pretty strong,” he gasped out. She let him go, beaming a happy smile.

“I’ll come get you next cycle.”

Windrazor nodded and dashed to her quarters.

“Thanks, Bulk.”

“Ahh, it’s no problem. And she just wants to see the sky. That’s not a crime.”

* * *
Tarantulas closed the synaptic link. The link was traceable if left open too long. He reclined in his chair as he lazily tapped at the keyboard. Two bio-scans each took up half the screen.

On the left hand side was a scan of Slag. Shockwave rebuilt the Autobot into something resembling a Predacon based on an alien form. Tarantulas could see where Shockwave sacrificed intelligence to boost strength and endurance. A risky gambit that paid off.

On his right, Tarantulas appraised Vertebreak’s scan. This was a direct clone. Somehow, Shockwave got his hands on Predacon CNA and created this magnificent beast. It wasn’t cobbled-together code like his Terrocons. The difference was striking. Shockwave’s Predacons were stronger and more resilient. He could have learned more with a full vivisection, but the beasts and the Autobot surprised him by working together and escaping. He wouldn’t underestimate either Dinobot or Predacon again. What he really need was a full assessment of both species. A way to determine which was better.

Tarantulas began to giggle. “I know the perfect way to test them. I just need to send out the invitations.”

Tarantulas started typing faster and faster as he giggle grew to maniacal laughter.
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