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Postby 1984forever » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:16 pm

Motto: "TRUE FAN"
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(This is a retelling of G1 based on the cartoon, comic and tech specs. It exists in it's own continuity, and begins before the Transformers crashed on Earth.)

Bumper lay hidden in a decommissioned exhaust vent facing Decepticon headquarters on Cybertron. His assignment was to observe Decepticon troop movements and report back to Prowl. Several times during the mission he had to jolt himself to prevent from drifting involuntarily offline. There was so little activity there that he wondered if the big rustbuckets had all run out of Energon and gone into stasis lock. Suddenly he found himself staring down the barrel of a hunting rifle.
"If I were a Decepticon you'd be scrap metal by now.” Mirage sneered.
Bumper climbed out slowly. Three Autobots had just rolled up to his position and transformed out of alt-mode without him hearing a thing. He was too embarrassed for words.
"Aw, lay off the little guy Mirage." Wheeljack said.
Hound laughed. "Yeah, he just rolled off the assembly line a few Deca-cycles ago."
That wasn't entirely true. Bumper had been built about ten thousand vorns ago. The factory he was constructed in was destroyed by Decepticons moments after Vector Sigma gave him life. The link to the super computer had been severed before it could activate his cerebral circuitry. Bumper wasn't found until recently when Bumblebee and Gears stumbled upon him in the wreckage while scavenging for parts to bring back to Ratchet. Gears complaining about how he had to transport him on the back of his alt-mode all the way through Decepticon territory were the first words Bumper's audio receptors ever received.
The quartet’s attentions turned to two other Autobots approaching in alt-form.
"That Seeker was right where Starscream said he would be! He didn't know what hit him!" Sideswipe announced as he and his brother, Sunstreaker, shifted out of alt-mode.
Wheeljack held out his hand. "Did you get the optics?" He asked.
Sunstreaker handed over an optic sensor still dripping with fresh Energon. "Yeah, I used a vibro-blade to carve it out of his faceplate."
"What happened to the other one?" Inquired Wheeljack.
Sunstreaker pointed to Sideswipe and said, "Idiot-bot here damaged it with a pile driver punch to the grill. Smashed it to bits."
"Hey, sometimes I don't know my own strength." Sideswipe replied, feeling the need to defend himself.
Wheeljack held the optic up to a sensor on the wall. "Well, hopefully this Decepticon had a matching set."
The door hissed open and Mirage ran in, his cloaking ability rendering him nearly invisible. Mirage just had to reach any computer he could find and use the codes Prowl gave him. Codes he knew were provided by Starscream. Mirage had worked with Decepticons before. The expensive cloaking technology he was using at this very moment came from a Decepticon arms dealer named Swindle. Purchased with more Shanix than he cared to remember.
Still, this entire operation made him feel uneasy. He'd rather it be anyone else but him running through these halls right now. Mirage reached an empty terminal and used the codes. Then he watched and waited as data streamed into his storage device.

"Commander Starscream!" Bitstream called. "Take a look at this. Someone is using your command codes to access a terminal right below us!"
Starscream walked over and pretended to look at what was displayed on the screen. "So? It's probably just Soundwave snooping around... as usual."
"Negative", Bitstream persisted. "Soundwave is with Shockwave in the main control room!"
Starscream bent down and whispered into Bitstream's audio receptor. "Tell no one of this. Do you hear?”
Bitstream didn't want to get caught up in one of Starscream's schemes, but he didn't want to risk the Air Commander's wrath either.
“Yeah, ok.” he agreed reluctantly. “Whatever.”

Megatron walked past rows of Decepticons standing motionless in stasis lock. Energon reserves were at a critical low and he simply would not permit it to be wasted on non-essential personnel. As far as Megatron was concerned, he had already won the war. Most of the remaining Autobot army were holed up in Iacon, hiding like retro-rats. Once a source of Energon plentiful enough to re-energize his troops was found, he would take the city by force.
Starscream stood with Shockwave and Soundwave to greet Megatron as he reached the main control room.
"Nemesis fueled and ready for launch, Megatron. Destination: Earth".
"Excellent Soundwave", Megatron said."Shockwave, you shall oversee military operations until I return".
"But Megatron!" Starscream protested. "Shockwave is a scientist. I am much more qualified to lead the Decepticons in your absence!"
"No Starscream, I need you in the skies leading my warriors to victory. The Autobots haven't made a move in deca-cycles, nor are they expected to. Your talents are wasted here."
Starscream nodded slowly in agreement. "This is a disaster", he thought.
At this very moment the Autobots were stealing all the information they needed to strike against Megatron. Starscream had planned to be sitting on his throne while Megatron and his most loyal followers were being ambushed in space. Starscream had no intention of perishing in a trap of his own making, so he walked over to a terminal and changed the codes he had just given the Autobots. Damage control would have to suffice until he could come up with a better plan.

Mirage's device immediately began communicating to him that the host had denied further access. He grabbed it angrily and ran, because if Soundwave was in the building he knew what was going to happen next.
"Enemy transmission detected. Intruder Alert." droned Soundwave as he opened a channel linking his superiors to every Decepticon in the vicinity.
"Find that Autobot!" yelled Megatron.
Starscream was already running out of the room. He knew exactly where to go.
Two Seekers blocked Mirage's path. Their wingspans were wide enough to prevent him from passing down the corridor, so he pumped an armor piercing rocket dart into one at point blank range. The other yelled "Cloaker!" and lashed out at his invisible opponent as his comrade collapsed to the floor. Mirage easily avoided the Decepticon's swings, and then countered by using the butt of his rifle to cave in his cranial casing. Starscream, flanked by Skywarp and Thundercracker, came running up just as Mirage's cloaking device reached it's limit, rendering him as visible as any other Cybertronian.
"I guess this means the deals off." Mirage said.
Starscream smiled. "What was your first clue?"

(To be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:41 am

Motto: "TRUE FAN"
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Three seekers, six guns, all of them blazing. Pieces flew off Mirage as he transformed into a sleek Cybertronian racer that sped off hugging the surface and making for a smaller target. Smoke filled the room, the result of spilled Energon hitting exposed and heated mechanical parts.
"He's damaged." Thundercracker said as he looked at the trail of spilled Energon.
Starscream clenched both fists. "Follow him, you idiots!" he screamed.
"The Autobot will make it to the exit, but once we hit open sky, he's ours." Thundercracker said as they ran. He couldn't help but think that if even one of Starscream's null rays had hit it's target they wouldn't have to chase down the spy at all. He'd be laying in front of them, a paralyzed wreck.
"And we're the idiots?" he sighed.

Outside Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack, Hound and Bumper stood guard, ready to secure Mirage's escape route out of Decepticon headquarters.
"I'm starting to feel all glitchy...” Bumper whined.
"Don't get nervous on us now, bro." teased Sideswipe.
"No, I feel it too, my sensors are going crazy!" Hound said. He looked up to see an orange tetrajet swooping towards him, changing form in mid air. “It's Sunstorm!" he shouted.
Hound’s warning came too late. The Decepticon landed with an explosion of energy that radiated outward, knocking the Autobots off their feet.
Wheeljack sat up and fired a shoulder mounted missile at Sunstorm. It penetrated his chest, but failed to detonate. The propulsion system kept firing though, sending Sunstorm flailing backwards into Decepticon headquarters. Mirage came racing out an astro-second later, shots whizzing past him.
Inside the hall, Wheeljack's missile finally exploded, covering Mirage's pursuers in a cloud of magnetic dust. As Wheeljack and the other Autobots transformed and sped off, they could hear Starscream shouting as he and the other Decepticons struggled to separate from one another.
"Skywarp! You can get them!" he screamed.
"How?" Skywarp asked. "I've got Thundercracker stuck to my back!"
"And I'm tangled up with Sunstorm!" Thundercracker complained.
"Teleport you fool!" Starscream commanded.
Skywarp teleported a safe distance away from the mass of magnetized Seekers, transformed, and flew after the fleeing Autobots.
"Seeker inbound." Hound radioed to the others. "We have to find cover or we won't make it."
"Take the ramp to your right", ordered Wheeljack. "We’ve gotta get underground!"
Skywarp fired two missiles destroying the tunnel entrance just as the Autobots drove into it, causing the entire structure to collapse behind them into a pile of twisted metal.
"We made it!" Sideswipe cheered.
"Speak for yourself." Hound coughed as he forced debris from his air intakes.
Sunstreaker took a mental head count. "Wait... Hound, where's the rookie? I thought he was right behind you."
"My sensors say he's on the other side." Hound said sadly.

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:45 pm

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Bumper could have made it through with the others, but an astrosecond of hesitation as the tunnel was collapsing cost him his chance to escape. Bumper skidded to a stop, transformed and whirled around to take aim at Skywarp. Instead, he was met with a volley of explosive shells fired from Skywarp's machine guns that left gaping holes in his armor plating. Skywarp transformed out of alt-mode and landed with one foot on the Autobot’s chest, standing triumphantly over his captive like a hunter over a fresh Turbo-fox kill.
"One down", he radioed. "The rest are in the wind."

Wheeljack, Hound, Mirage, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker walked into the debriefing room at Autobase. Prowl was seated at a table in the middle of the room, and Jazz sat in a corner off to the side.
Jazz looked at the burn marks and bullet holes all over Mirage’s body. Mirage was a wreck. The other Autobots were still in relatively good shape.
"It ain't hard to tell who the 'cons least favorite Autobot was.” he grinned. “Mission accomplished?"
"Yeah." Mirage answered, unamused.
"Good. Where's Bumper?" Prowl asked without looking up.
"The little guy didn't make it." Wheeljack replied.
“I knew I should have put Overdrive in charge of your group.” Prowl sighed. “Jazz, see if Bumblebee can find out what happened to Bumper, please."
"Negative on that. I'll look for him myself." Jazz said, as he transformed and rolled for the exit.
Mirage slammed the storage device down on the table. "This non sentient piece of junk almost got us all slagged!"
"Mmm. How did it do that?" Prowl inquired.
"It sent a signal in the middle of Decepticon Headquarters! Soundwave detected it!" Mirage replied angrily.
"It doesn't have a vocoder... how else was it supposed to communicate with you?" Prowl asked as he examined the device. "I'll make sure either Rewind or Eject are available for your next mission. Now report to the repair bay, you look like scrap."

Bumper's damaged body landed on Shockwave's examination table with a clank.
"It would have been more logical to capture the Autobot spy who attempted to access our network instead of a member of his motorcade." The Decepticon scientist remarked as he locked thick clamps over Bumper's wrists.
Megatron searched Starscream's face for an explanation until the Seeker felt compelled to speak.
"Megatron, I was astroseconds away from capturing the intruder when his comrades ambushed me. It was my subordinate, Skywarp, who failed miserably-“
"Enough." Megatron said, no longer interested in what Starscream had to say. "Shockwave, see what you can retrieve from the Autobot's memory banks."
Shockwave grabbed a laser scalpel and cut through Bumper's cranial casing to reveal the Autobot's cerebral circuitry. He then attached a cable from Bumper's head to a triangular port on the top of his own. Megatron and Starscream waited impatiently as Shockwave downloaded and analyzed the data.
"This is going from bad to worse." Starscream thought.
He had no idea how much the captured Autobot knew about his involvement in the data breach, so he readied himself for a fight. Some well placed Null ray blasts would disrupt both Megatron and Shockwave's electrical systems long enough for him to escape. There was no way he could survive a battle against both of them, much less emerge victorious, so he would run and live to plot again another solar-cycle.
Shockwave said "I see", as he detached the cable from his head and looked directly at Starscream.
"He knows." Starscream thought. "I'll blast him first and then shoot Megatron-"
Shockwave turned his attention towards Megatron and said, "the Autobot has had several locks placed within his mind. Decrypting them all will take a considerable amount of time."
"Work on it later." Megatron replied. "I don't want the launch of the Nemesis delayed."

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:42 am

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Prowl stood with Optimus Prime at the command center in Iacon. The two Autobots had just finished viewing the stolen Decepticon data files and were debating a course of action. Perceptor and Wheeljack stood by via video link, ready to advise on technical matters.
Prowl wanted to prevent the Decepticons from leaving the planet by attacking the Nemesis before it launched. An effective tactic, but the Autobots would suffer heavy casualties fighting in enemy territory. Prime favored attacking Megatron amongst the stars where he would be cut off from reinforcements. But doing as Optimus suggested also meant risking the possibility of missing the Decepticons entirely in the vastness of space.
Jazz appeared on a third monitor. "No sign of Bumper, but what I do see is a big Decepticon spaceship ready for take off."
"Affirmative, Jazz. It looks like our choice has been made for us my friends." Optimus said. "Wheeljack, is the Ark ready for launch?"
"All systems check out. I'll be along for the ride if anything goes wrong, but the main problem is-"
"Energon" interrupted Perceptor. "You have enough to get you all the way to Earth if necessary, but not enough for a return trip."
"According to the Decepticons, it's a planet rich in natural resources. Perhaps we can use some for ourselves to refuel the Ark." Prowl offered.
Optimus looked up at the stars. "Hopefully we can reach an agreement with the inhabitants of Earth if it comes to that. Megatron must not succeed in converting even a fraction of their resources into Energon. If he does, it's the end of the road for all of us."

There were fifty Autobots lined up in Autobase and Huffer's whining reached the audio receptors of every one of them.
"Why do I have to go and Grapple gets to stay?" Complained Huffer. "Isn't he supposed to be a famous architech? Let him go with Prime!"
"Aw Huff, gimme a break," Jazz said wearily as he clutched a data pad with a list of names displayed on it. The last surviving member of Optimus Prime's personal guard, the tough old Autobot Ironhide followed closely behind.
"Forget what high society says, we know who the best builder on Cybertron is!" Jazz said, slapping Huffer on the back.
"Run along now Huffer, the Ark's waitin' on ya." Ironhide added.
"Jazz, you sure know how to blow smoke up a 'bots tailpipe," Bluestreak laughed. "I mean, Huffer's structures are great, but Grapple's buildings are works of art!"
"Bluestreak, you're in." Jazz said as blew past him to the next Autobot. He couldn't let Bluestreak keep talking because if he did, he wouldn't stop.
"Brawn! Ready to turn mechs into junk?"
"You really expectin' an answer to that, Jazz?" Brawn asked, slamming his reinforced knuckles into the palm of his hand.
Jazz continued down the line. "Smokescreen, you're out, and Red Alert you ain't medically cleared. Tracks, you stay pretty on Cybertron."
"His design isn't so great. It's all hood in alt-mode," sneered Sunstreaker.
"Stop hatin', 'Streaker. You and Sideswipe are in. You too, Hound.
"Thanks Jazz". Hound said, eager to explore a new world.
"Overdrive, Camshaft, Downshift, ya'll didn't make the cut. Bumblebee, Gears, Windcharger, Hauler, Cliffjumper, pack your gear." Jazz said, eager to get this over with.
"Inferno, you're out."
"C'mon, Jazz!" Inferno protested.
"Prowl made the picks, not me. Ratchet, you're in."
"What? Wait... Jazz, I have several patients in my repair bay with rust rashes right now!"
"Tell Hoist to slap some patch plates on 'em Doc, he's stayin'. Trailbreaker, you're ridin' with us. Try not to drink all the booze, okay?
Jazz turned his attention to the newly repaired Mirage, who had broken formation and was now making his way towards the exit.
“Where you goin', Mirage? he asked.
"You have Bumblebee already.” Mirage answered. “You don't need two spies.”
"Yeah, but we can never have enough good fighters... you’re comin' with us. The rest of ya'll hold down Iacon 'til we get back.”

(to be continued)
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The crew of the Nemesis was small. It consisted of Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Reflector, Soundwave, his minions, and Megatron himself.
"Nemesis exiting warp space. Lost Decepticon cargo ship located. Setting course for new destination: Artic circle."
"Excellent, Soundwave." Megatron said reflexively, his attention focused on Starscream, who was nervously checking the monitor screens.
"Expecting someone, Starscream?"
"I'm just being cautious, Megatron. Much time has passed since Skyfire's ship crashed on Earth... it’s inhabitants technology may have advanced considerably."
"To the point where they pose a threat to us? No, I don't think so." Megatron replied.
"Autobots then." Starscream said, as he continued to check the monitors. "Skyfire was a Seeker outfitted for space exploration. Upon discovery of this planet, he flew back home to gather the Constructicons to build a space bridge on Earth with the intention of transporting energon back to Cybertron. Their ship crashed and Skyfire and his crew were never heard from again."
Megatron began to look annoyed. Obtaining the space bridge components from Skyfire's ship was the very reason he had traveled halfway across the galaxy. Everything Starscream was saying he knew already.
"What I'm getting at is- someone brought them down, Megatron!"
"Starscream... Bitstream reported that the Autobots learned nothing when they attempted to access our network." Megatron began. "It is also unlikely that a team of Autobots have been waiting out here in space to ambush-"
Claxxons interrupted Megatron as explosions rocked the Nemesis.
"You were saying, o’ mighty Megatron?”

"There isn't a ship on Cybertron that's faster than the Ark!" Sideswipe shouted. "We got 'em!"
"Keep on 'em, Sideswipe!” Wheeljack yelled, as he raked the Nemesis with the Ark's particle-combustion cannons.
"They're goin' down now!" Jazz cheered, as another volley destroyed one of the Nemesis' engines.
Onboard the Nemesis, Megatron could see Starscream running towards the exit through the smoke filled room.
"Where are you going?" He bellowed.
"To the escape pods! And if you had any sense you would get to one too!" Starscream shot back.
"Escape pods all destroyed." Soundwave informed them.
"Scrap! They knocked out all our weapons systems! It's like they know exactly where to hit us!" Skywarp said. He looked out the windows and briefly considered teleporting off the doomed ship before realizing that he would burn up at the speed they were travelling, just like the Nemesis was doing at this very moment.
"Activate the tractor beam, Soundwave!" Megatron ordered.
"Probability of tractor beam enabling successful intrusion into the Ark at this juncture is zero point-"
"Quiet, you fool! Do as you are told!" Megatron shouted.
Soundwave flipped several switches on the control panel. He had never before doubted a course of action set by Megatron until this very moment. Silently, he began to calculate his own chances for survival.
"They've latched onto us!" Ironhide hollered as the Ark shook.
"They're trying to board? That's insane!" Prowl said incredulously.
"No... Megatron is doing the same thing I would do if our roles were reversed. He's trying to destroy us all." Optimus said.
"Can't break free! We're being dragged down with them!" Sideswipe yelled as he pulled the control yoke back as far as it could go.
Optimus Prime gave the only command he had left to give, "Autobots! Brace for impact!"

(to be continued)
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Motto: "TRUE FAN"
Weapon: Cluster Bombs

The Nemesis separated from the Ark and made planetfall in the Pacific ocean, off the coast of Oregon.
Soundwave looked down at the monitor screens. "Hull integrity compromised." He said.
"Seal off all compartments until we can assess the damage. Where are we?" Megatron inquired.
"Location unknown. Laserbeak eject". Soundwave's chest opened and an oval shaped disk flew out and transformed into Laserbeak. Once the ship's watchtower was fully extended above the water, Soundwave's minion departed. A camera emerged from Laserbeak's head as he began to stream everything he saw to Soundwave.
Things had changed since Skyfire first explored the planet. Machines now seemed to be the dominant life forms. The numerous organic creatures Laserbeak saw posed no threat, but machines built for war did. The Decepticons had not planned to change their alt-modes, but now they would have to in order to adapt to new threats.

Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker stepped into a chamber on the Nemesis that resembled an assembly plant. Robotic arms removed each Decepticon's armor plating and melted it down in separate vats. The molten metal was remolded, cooled and then repainted. Wires were disconnected, and then reconnected to different ports. Joints were removed and installed in different areas of their chassis. Finally, the armor plating was reattached, their sensor links reconnected, and then the three seekers alt-formed simultaneously into fighter jets. After translucent metal parts resembling window glass were added, they reverted back to robot mode.
Soundwave and his minions were next. The process was the same, with the Nemesis deviating only to activate their mass shifting programs, enabling them to change size as well as shape during transformation.
As alt-mode conversion began on the Reflector trio, the Nemesis lost power.
"Something has gone wrong," they said in unison.
"Obviously," Starscream said. "With the state that this ship is in thanks to the competent command decisions of Megatron, we should be thankful we survived at all!"
"Careful Starscream," Megatron warned, locking optics with the Seeker before turning to his information officer. "Soundwave, report!"
"Leak detected. Energon levels at five percent." Soundwave droned.
"Start searching for a source of fuel we can convert into Energon." Megatron said. "We'll have to make our presence known ahead of schedule".

(to be continued)
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Bumblebee was the first Autobot to leave the Ark with a new Earth based alt-mode. He looked back out of his rear windshield and what he saw was a defense strategist's worst nightmare. Their base of operations, a damaged spaceship, crashed into the side of a mountain.

They were totally exposed, both to the Decepticons and the humans they had adapted new forms to hide from. His function as a spy was critical at this juncture. He had to find out what happened to the Decepticons and what they planned to do next- let the others worry about the Ark.

"You okay, Dad?" Spike called out to his father.
Sparkplug tried to hide his discomfort, but Spike had already seen him wince in pain as he stepped out the passenger side of the car.
"I'm fine, Spike. Hey, look at this- Ed left his tape player right on top of his car!"
"Ed still listens to a Walkman? Wow. What's he got in the tape deck?" Spike asked.
Sparkplug laughed, "Cold Slither! We'll bring it inside for him."
"Let me see it." Spike said as they walked inside the power plant. "Hey Dad, did they usually make Walkmen to carry more than one tape? There's a whole bunch in here, one behind the other."
"Nope." Sparkplug said as he peered in for a closer look. The tape deck spun violently out of his son's hands, narrowly missing his face.
Soundwave grew and changed shape in mid-air, landing with such force that the whole floor shook.
"Get down! Get down!" The plant guards shouted as they opened up on Soundwave with small arms fire.
"Hit the floor, Spike! Bullets are bouncin' everywhere!" Sparkplug yelled as he dived on top of his son, attempting to shield him with his own body.
"Frenzy eject. Operation: Education."
Frenzy transformed and ran full sprint towards the guards firing at Soundwave. Frustrated when he failed to catch any of them, he detached one of the guns from his back and began blasting the guards as they fled.
"Ok! Ok! Stop! Stop!" One of them yelled as he waved his arms frantically trying to get Frenzy's attention. Another threw his rifle across the floor and announced his surrender. Frenzy was about to shoot both of them anyway, but Soundwave ordered him to cease fire.
"You're lucky we need you germs." Frenzy said.
A giant cube, the color of television static, spawned out of Soundwave's chest window and drifted in a straight line down to the floor.
"Fill the Energon cube." Soundwave ordered.
Frenzy grabbed Spike and shoved him over to the empty cube.
"With what?" Spike asked angrily.
Soundwave pointed to the generators. Spike looked back at his father. Sparkplug nodded.
"Do as he says, son."
Spike grunted as he pushed the cube with both hands over to the generators. It hummed and turned pink as energy flowed directly into it. Frenzy turned his gun on the crowd once more.
"Now the rest of you flesh creatures line up and do the same."

"This just in, and this is not a prank. Giant robots have taken over the Harrison Nuclear Power Plant and are holding several workers hostage. Emergency response units are now-"
Bumblebee switched off the radio frequency he was listening to and opened a direct channel to Optimus Prime.
"Prime, this is Bumblebee. I'm receiving an Earth broadcast describing Decepticon activity at something called a Harrison Nuclear Power Plant."
"Acknowledged Bumblebee. I'm dispatching a squad to that destination now." Optimus said.
"I'll meet them there. Bumblebee out."

The Autobot convoy led by Jazz, and consisting of Bluestreak, Cliffjumper, Gears, Windcharger and Ratchet came to a full stop three miles from their destination.
"Bluestreak, set up shop over there on top of that abandoned building," directed Jazz.
"Ok Jazz, just let me know when to start sniping. You give the word and I'll start airing out Decepti-creeps! I've got your back-"
Jazz wasn't so sure. Bluestreak tended to put his mouth into overdrive when he got nervous, and Jazz could still hear him talking as the group pulled away.
"Maybe it's the change of scenery that's got him glitchy?" Jazz pondered.
The sound of Bumblebee's voice approaching them snapped his mind back into focus.
"I just spotted Buzzsaw on the drive up." Bumblebee reported. "The Decepticons know we're coming."

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:42 am

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Rumble and Frenzy were outside the plant destroying police cars and ambulances when they received a transmission from Soundwave.
"Autobots en route. Initiate Operation: Disorientation".
Rumble looked up to see six cars speeding towards him. "Autobots. Hey Frenzy, You think those Auto-bozos are in range?"
"Yup, Let's go to work."
Frenzy took a few steps forward, then he unleashed a devastating sonic attack that disrupted the electrical flow in the Autobot's circuits, causing them to malfunction. Jazz slammed on the brakes, and was promptly rear ended by Windcharger. Gears veered uncontrollably to the right, sideswiping Bumblebee. Cliffjumper swerved wildly, but managed to stay on course through sheer determination.
"That Auto-jerk is still comin’ straight at us! screamed Frenzy.
Rumble leap frogged over Frenzy and hit the ground with both pile drivers pounding. In moments the roadway was littered with fissures, pot holes and jutting pieces of pavement.
"Cliffjumper, no!" Ratchet yelled. "You'll damage your tires!"
Cliffjumper managed to decelerate to just under a hundred miles per hour before he made contact with the damaged roadway and blew his tires. He transformed and tried to close the distance on foot, but the combined efforts of both Decepticons sent him rolling to the ground.
Buzzsaw swooped in and used his micro-serrated beak to slash the prone Autobot from skid plate to shoulder struts. The other Autobots transformed and pulled their weapons, but the feedback from Frenzy's sonic assault made targeting impossible. Buzzsaw struck again, returning to cripple Ratchet by shredding the back of both knee joints. He changed direction in mid-air once more, this time shearing Gears arm off at the elbow, pistol still in hand.
"Jazz, do something! We're getting turned into spare parts out here!" Gears yelled, Energon spraying from a hose left dangling where his lower arm used to be. Ratchet retracted his hand into it's forearm housing so an arc welder could slide up to take it's place, then he crawled over to Gears and began repairing the damaged Autobot. Jazz moved in to provide the medic some cover.
"Bluestreak! Start shootin'!" he shouted into his communicator.

On a rootop three miles away, Bluestreak spit out the Energon bar he was chewing on, picked up his rifle, and took aim at Frenzy. An 80,000 volt blast to the chest made the Decepticon stand rod straight before falling face down in the dirt. Another shot sent Buzzsaw crashing into the wall of the power plant, collapsing part of it. The dust didn't even have a chance to settle before the hostages ran screaming out of the opening.
With Frenzy down, Cliffjumper got his bearings. He grabbed his gun and fired a glass gas pellet that burst in front of Rumble. He cursed in pain as both his pile drivers shattered into pieces upon impacting with the ground.
Cliffjumper laughed as the little Decepticon ran armless across the parking lot, dodging bolts of electricity that struck like lightning from the sky.
"C'mon! I saw him duck in here." Bumblebee said, running over to the hole in the plant's outer wall.
"Probably runnin' back to his master," smirked Windcharger.
Jazz and Windcharger positioned themselves on opposite sides of the opening while Bumblebee changed to alt-mode and prepared to go in.
"Be cautious." Jazz warned. "If Soundwave's in there, you won't know how many 'Cons your're facin'."
Bumblebee sped off deep into the darkened facility, transformed, and took aim at the only source of illumination in the entire power plant, a stack of Energon cubes. Soundwave stepped into the light, there was no sign of Rumble or Buzzsaw.
"Don't move Soundwave." Bumblebee warned, "Or you'll be pouring coolant all over fresh Energon burns. If you still function, that is."
Soundwave laughed. Ravage was on him in an instant, leaping from somewhere in the shadows. Bumblebee struggled as Ravage clamped his jaws around his throat and began to squeeze...

(to be continued)
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"Attention Thundercracker, Energon collection complete. Immediate extraction required." Soundwave radioed.
Jazz roared into the plant, temporarily overwhelming the Decepticons' optic sensors with lights from his high beams. Windcharger raced in after him, transforming to robot mode, and using his magnetic abilities to first yank the Concussion Blaster out of Soundwave's hand, and then to send it sailing straight into Ravage's head. Bumblebee rolled free, giving Ravage a whack in the jaw for good measure.
Jazz drove up next to Soundwave, dodged a swing from his still blinded opponent in mid-transformation, then dropped him to the floor with a stiff blow to the faceplate.
"Bluestreak", Jazz radioed, "keep your optics lit for Thundercracker, he's-"
The words were drowned out by the sound of a deafening sonic boom. Bluestreak froze in his sniper's nest. That sonic boom was the same sound he heard just before the skies filled with Seekers and bombs rained down on his home city on Cybertron. His servos seized as the scene replayed in his memory banks. He saw himself being hunted down in the ruins of Praxus again. Loaded into packed transports with thousands of other Autobots bound for Polyhex. Waiting for his turn to die in the smelting pool. Friends being turned to slag. Decepticons laughing...
"What's that whistling noise?" Windcharger asked.
Jazz paused for a second. "Get down! Drone rocket!" He yelled.
Failing to hit it's intended targets, the rocket exploded nearby, showering the Autobots with flaming debris that quickly brought visibility in the plant to near zero. Thundercracker flew in amidst the smoke and flames, transformed, and laid down suppression fire to cover the other Decepticon's escape.
Soundwave ejected a deep purple colored cassette that landed on top of the stack of Energon. It unfolded and transformed into a container that encompassed the cubes. Through the smoke Bumblebee saw Thundercracker change to alt-mode. Soundwave attached the cassette turned storage container to him using a tow cable, then he transformed back into a tape player and hurled himself into Thundercracker's cockpit. Bumblebee had only seconds to react. He looked down to search for his gun, but what he found instead was two humans frantically trying to get to safety. He transformed to alt-mode and swung open both doors.
"Get in!" He yelled.
Spike and Sparkplug both hesitated, but then jumped in just as Thundercracker took off with a sonic boom that brought the whole facility down around them.

The next image Bumblebee saw was daylight peeking through the rubble as a crane lifted part of the plant's ceiling off of him. He recognized the crane as Hauler, even though he had changed his paint job from "Constructicon green" to "Iacon gold." Brawn reached in and pulled him out by the bumper.
"Ouch." He said. "Go easy Brawn, I've got organics inside me."
"Congratulations. On this world that means you're pregnant." Jazz joked.
Bumblebee's human cargo stepped out and inhaled deep breaths of fresh air.
"I would've never guessed that alien robots would come fully equipped with a sense of humor." Spike laughed.
"Decepticons don't." Hauler interjected. "Trust me on that one."
Sparkplug put his arm around Spike, "I've got a bum knee so I couldn't make a break for it with the others. I hid, my son Spike here stayed with me. I can't thank you Auto-bots enough for saving us."
"No sweat. We wax your back, you wax ours." Jazz said. "Listen Spike, I'm gonna need a little favor from you."
"Yeah sure." Spike said hesitantly.
"The rest of ya'll link up with Bluestreak and head back to base for debriefing." Jazz ordered. "I'm rollin' out with my new friend Spike. He's gonna show me around town."

(to be continued)
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"Hound reporting for duty."
"Hound" Prowl said, "just the Autobot I wanted to see. We're being deployed and I can't seem to find Brawn, Trailbreaker or Ironhide. Their comlinks are off."
"They're in the bar." Hound replied.
"The Ark has a bar?" Prowl said in amazement.

"Hey Ironhide, pour me some of that overproof Energon will ya?"
"It's been on the Ark since the golden age, Trailbreaker. I don't know how much kick it's gonna have." Ironhide warned.
"Nonsense. That stuff gets better with age." Trailbreaker scoffed.
"Pour me some too." Brawn said, putting his canister on top of the bar. "You 'bots hear what happened at the power plant?" Both Autobots shook their heads "no", so Brawn continued.
"Gears is saying that Bluestreak shut down when Thundercracker appeared on the scene. He says Bluestreak is the reason the Decepticons got away with a whole astro-ton of Energon.
"Naw, I don't believe it." Ironhide said. "Bots are always talkin' junk.
"Gahhh, It gets the engine revving." Trailbreaker interrupted. "But this stuff tastes like Gears stuck his skid plate in it and swished it around!"
"I'm not going to ask how you know what that tastes like." Prowl said, appearing in the doorway. "But what I am going to ask is why you three are here over-energizing during a code Magenta?"
All three Autobots looked at Prowl with blank stares. No one could remember what a code Magenta was.
"Ok, let's not waste even more time with this." Prowl said. "Flush your systems, then report to Optimus."

"Uh oh Jazz, I think that Cop in the unmarked car wants us to pull over." Spike said.
"For what? Jazz replied. "I know I wasn't going past the speed limit."
"Well, we're about to find out." Spike said as Jazz slowed to a stop. "You think you can whip up a legit looking registration card before he gets over here?"
"Sorry, I'm paperless. This human is wearing a black suit. He's gotta be a fed." Jazz concluded.
Spike looked surprised. "How do you know so much about our culture?"
"We're programmed to learn. It goes way back to the days when the Quintessons manufactured us to be sold as slaves. We had to learn our new masters' ways of life, languages, all that jazz." Jazz replied. "I just do it a lot better than others. Now pay attention, here he comes."
"Sam Witwicky?" The agent asked, flashing his badge.
"Yes." Spike nodded.
"I'm agent Walter Barnett from Triple I. I need you to step out of the car right now, son."
"What's this about, sir?" Spike asked as he exited Jazz. The door slammed shut behind him, but neither Spike nor the agent took notice.
"I want you to take a ride with me downtown so we can talk about the incident at the power plant. Witnesses say they saw you having a conversation with the second group of robots that showed up and attacked the first."
"Is that a crime sir?" Spike asked.
"Technically, no. But this is a little different from breaking the law now, son." Barnett replied. "I'll send a tow truck for your Porsche."
"No need for that." Jazz said, transforming to robot mode. "You got a lot I can park in?"
"W-we have a garage where we can all t-talk." Barnett stammered.
"Even better." Jazz said.

(to be continued)
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Ironhide, Trailbreaker and Brawn joined Optimus Prime, Prowl and Hound in front of Teletraan-1, the de facto staging area of the ark.
"Now that everyone here can presumably drive within the lines, I can start my briefing." Prowl said sarcastically.
"Yes, Proceed Prowl." Optimus said, slightly annoyed at the delay.
"At approximately 1600 hours, Thundercracker downed 2 military jets while transporting Energon he aquired from a raid at the Harrison Nuclear Power Plant-"
"Wait." Interrupted Brawn. "When did we switch from usin' Cybertronian time?"
"The day we arrived on Earth." Trailbreaker laughed jabbing Brawn with his elbow. "Get with it, Brawn."
"Thundercracker then travelled North to Brooks Range, Alaska." Prowl continued. "Somewhere in that region we believe is a ship buried there of Cybertronian origin. The data Mirage stole from the Decepticons was incomplete concerning the exact location of this ship, or the cargo contained within."
"If I can pick up Thundercracker's energy signature when we arrive up north, I should be able to lead us right to that lost ship." Hound said.
"We were counting on that." Prowl replied.
"One thing's for certain, whatever's in the cargo hold of that ship is integral to Megatron's plan here on Earth." Optimus said.
"Yeah, which means we don't want him getting his rusty paws on it." Ironhide concluded.
"Precisely." Optimus said. "Autobots, transform and roll out!"

Thundercracker soared over the snow covered mountains of Alaska with Soundwave in tape player mode riding in his cockpit. "There." Soundwave said.
Thundercracker fired two rockets towards Mount Isto, destroying part of the mountain near it's peak to reveal a hidden cavern. He flew in slowly, taking care not to damage the Energon containment unit he carried beneath him. Once he reached the Spacecraft that lay within, Thundercracker released Soundwave and both Decepticons transformed out of alt-mode. Soundwave walked along the hull of the ship searching for an access panel to override the locks. Once he found it, he hacked into the ship's computer and unsealed the entrance.
Inside, the crew consisting of seven Constructicons lay scattered about the room in stasis lock. The ship's control panel was a crumpled mess of wires, broken circuit boards and mangled metal. It was here that Skyfire sat, still holding the controls with a look of horror frozen on his faceplate.
"Ugh. Skyfire's a wreck." Thundercracker said in disgust. "It'll take a skilled surgical engineer to get him functioning again."
"Skyfire's functionality is irrelevant." Soundwave said.
This didn't come as a surprise to Thundercracker. They didn't need Skyfire to pilot the craft. In fact, they didn't need him for anything right now. Decepticons tended to leave their wounded for dead, unless it was convenient for them to do otherwise.
Autobots saw things a bit differently. Many times had Thundercracker blown Autobots to pieces during the course of the war, only to see that same 'bot walking around a few cycles later like nothing happened. He had to remind himself that providing a way to fuel the Decepticon army was what their mission on Earth was all about. Once a Space bridge was assembled here they could start sending Energon back to Cybertron. But first they would have to move the Space bridge to a location where they could actually use it. Which meant getting this wreck of a cargo ship flying again, and for that they were going to need a lot of help.
"Hey Soundwave." Thundercracker called out. "What's the estimated repair time to get these Constructicons functional?"
"42 hours. 15 minutes." Soundwave replied.
"I'll grab a wrench." Thundercracker said.

(to be continued)
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"What happened?" Scavenger asked, still clearly confused.
"Isn't it obvious? We crashed on this mudball eons ago, and these mechs are just now getting around to repairing us!" Gravedigger said angrily.
"If you can't be used, then you're useless when it comes to the Decepticons." Long Haul complained.
"Enough, you two." Scrapper rasped.
"What is our mission, Soundwave?" Asked Hook.
"Repair Rumble. Then restore this craft's flight capability." Soundwave replied.
"Fine. Remove Skyfire's body from the control panel and we will begin repairs." Hook sniffed.
"Negative." Soundwave said, ejecting an armless Rumble from his chest cavity. "Repair Rumble first."
"Out of the question. Getting this heap airborne again takes precedence over the restoration of one of your precious minions." Hook scoffed.
"C'mon, Doc! You can't leave me like this", pleaded Rumble.
Soundwave walked over and got right in Hook's face. "Defense is our priority. Autobots en route. Repair Rumble Now!"

"This land mass is spectacular!" Hound said in amazement. "Request permission to return for further exploration after the completion of this mission, Prime."
"Permission granted, Hound." Optimus said. "How much further until we reach the Decepticons?"
"We've just arrived actually." Hound said, as he and the other Autobots came to a stop and transformed at the base of Mount Isto. "You see that cavern way up there?"
"The one with the scorch marks around it?" Prowl asked.
"Yup, my sensors say that they're all inside." Hound pointed upwards, and the cavern in question exploded.
Boulders the size of minivans hurtled downwards, threatening to crush the Autobots below.
"Trailbreaker, throw up a forcefield!" Optimus commanded.
"Already on it, Prime!" Trailbreaker replied.
Tons of rubble rained down on Trailbreaker's forcefield. When it began to pile up on top of it, he angled his shields slightly at the edges to force the rocks to slide off towards the perimeters.
"If we didn't bring you along we'd all be nursing some serious headaches right now," deadpanned Brawn.
"Yeahhh, Ratchet owes me a few drinks for savin' him so much work today." Trailbreaker laughed.
After the dust cleared, the Autobots were left standing in a circle shaped area that looked barren in contrast to the field of rubble that now surrounded them.
"Why aren't they firin' down on us, Prime?" Ironhide asked, gun drawn.
"Because I don't believe this was an attack, Ironhide." Optimus said. "Look."
The top of the mountain had been completely blown off, transforming it into a butte. The Decepticon spacecraft sat exposed in the sunlight on it's flat surface.
"It looks like the Decepticons just freed their ship," observed Trailbreaker. "I'll take the lead on the climb up so my forcefield can shield us. Y'know, just in case they decide to drop anything else on our heads."
"No offense Trailbreaker, but you're too slow." Prowl said. "Let Hound go first. If those 'cons up there intend to go on a trip, we want to make sure that they miss their flight."
"I've already mapped the fastest way up," Hound said. "Follow me."

"Looks like the party crashers are here." Thundercracker said, looking over the edge alongside Soundwave.
"Affirmative. In order of proximity- Autobots Hound, Prowl, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Brawn and Trailbreaker." Soundwave reported.
"They should've stayed on the ground where they belong," sneered Thundercracker.
Soundwave moved his finger towards the eject button. "Laserbeak, eject. Operation: Elimination."
Laserbeak shot upwards out of Soundwave's chest, transformed and then went into a nose dive in the Autobot's direction.
"Uh oh, it looks like the Decepti-creeps don't want any company." Hound said.
He held on with one hand, drew his gun with the other, and fired at Laserbeak. The avian Decepticon jinked to evade the shot, then retaliated with a laser beam strike that severed Hound's hand so quickly that it took him a moment to realize that it had been detached from his wrist. Prowl reached out towards Hound as he fell, and found his own hand swiftly melted into a stub by a second set of beams fired from Laserbeak. The other Autobots looked on in horror as Hound first struck the ground below, and then separated into pieces that littered the mountain at it's base.
Prowl jammed what was left of his hand into the rock to anchor himself, pulled his rifle and took three shots at Laserbeak. Two hit their mark and dissolved all of his will to fight along with portions of his armor plating, sending him retreating back into the safety of Soundwave's chest compartment.
"Rumble, Eject. Operation: Devastation."
Rumble transformed, flipping in mid-air and landing at the cliff's edge. "The bottom of this mountain is gonna look like a junkyard when I'm finished here," he boasted.
Rumble transformed both arms into twin pile drivers and hammered the ground until a cascade of boulders rained down on the hapless Autobots. The section of rock Prowl was anchored to crumbled, and he vanished into a pile of rubble at the base of the mountain. The other Autobots held firm and seemingly withstood an incredible amount of punishment before Rumble realized that the boulders weren't hitting them at all. They were rolling off of a forcefield that was being projected upwards to shield them.
Trailbreaker climbed up past Optimus to take the lead position. "I told you guys to let me go first," he chided.
"Go ahead, Trailbreaker. It's your show now." Optimus said.

(to be continued)
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"Screw this scrap!" Gravedigger shouted as he tossed his tools aside. "I can't concentrate on my work with all that noise outside!"
"Constructicons don't walk off the job, Gravedigger." Scrapper warned.
"This one does!" Gravedigger replied, stomping towards the exit.
"Let him go Scrapper. That heavy handed oaf was only slowing us down anyway." Hook said.
"Say that to his faceplate next time, Hook." Bonecrusher said.
"What are you greasy mechs doing out here?" Gravedigger demanded to know of the three Decepticons standing outside. Rumble was the only one who spoke.
"It's the Autobots!" He said. "They're makin' their way up the mountain and we can't stop 'em!"
"Is that all?" Laughed Gravedigger. "I'll take care of these Scraplets for ya!"
Gravedigger transformed into a Cybertronian excavator equipped with a spiked wedge at the end of it's service arm. He drove the wedge deep into the rock, dislodging a large section of the butte. The entire section sheared off just above Optimus Prime's head, falling to the ground below and carrying Trailbreaker with it.
"Three down, three to go." Thundercracker said as Optimus clambered up onto the short slope Gravedigger just created. Before Optimus could draw his weapon, Thundercracker and Soundwave hit him with a combination of concussion blasts and incendiary rounds that sent the Autobot leader tumbling back down the slope and over the edge.
"Got ya!" Ironhide said, arresting Prime's fall with one hand while supporting himself with the other.
"Thanks old friend." Optimus said. "But I fear we're not out of the smelter yet."
"Correct." Soundwave said. "Buzzsaw Eject. Operation amputation."
Buzzsaw swooped down with lightning speed, intent on severing Ironhide's arm at the elbow and sending both Autobots to their destruction below. Luckily for them, Buzzsaw's beak lodged halfway through while cutting into his target's Trithyllium steel skin. The Decepticon fired his thrusters and flapped his wings in a desperate attempt to extricate himself from Ironhide's arm, but his beak wouldn't budge. Ironhide winced in pain.
"Swing me over to that ledge down there," Optimus said, "so you can free your hand to give Buzzsaw the attention he craves."
"Will do, Prime." Ironhide said.
Ironhide did as Optimus commanded. Then the tough old Autobot reached up, grabbed Buzzsaw by the neck, and bashed him against the rocks until both wings broke off. Ironhide stared Buzzsaw in the optics for a moment before throwing him to his doom in a show of disgust.
"Heads up, Optimus! Gravedigger's comin' for ya!" Brawn called out.
Gravedigger landed on Optimus Prime with a two-fisted blow that dropped the Autobot commander down to one knee. Prime retracted his hand, ignited an energon axe in it's place, and then plunged that axe into his opponent's torso straight through to the rocks behind him. Ignoring Gravedigger's frantic elbows, Optimus drew his Ion blaster from his backpack compartment and wedged it under the Constructicon's chin. When Prime pulled the trigger, Gravedigger's head burst into a flaming shower of scrap metal and cerebral circuitry.
"Toss him to me, Optimus!" Brawn yelled from above.
Prime threw Gravedigger's headless body up to Brawn. He caught it and charged up onto the slope using the Constructicon's body as a shield. A withering amount of firepower blew large pieces off of Gravedigger's corpse, but his dead body performed it's new function as Brawn's shield well enough to allow the Autobot to get within striking distance of his enemies.
"Decepticons!" Scrapper called from the ship's entrance. "We're fueled and ready for take off!"
"Next time, Autobot." Thundercracker said, as all three Decepticons broke off their attack and made a run for their ship.
"See ya later, loser!" Laughed Rumble.
"Wait! You forgot somethin'!" Brawn shouted.
Brawn stuffed a flak grenade into the hole in Gravedigger's torso, then he threw the body into the entrance of the Decepticon's ship. The corpse exploded, hitting everyone on board with a lime green shrapnel barrage.
Black smoke billowed out of the spacecraft. It wobbled, then sunk out of sight.
"Enjoy the ride, Decepti-creeps. It's been real." Brawn said smugly.
Suddenly, the ship came into view again and flew off into the sky.
"Scrap. I tried my best Optimus. Optimus?" Brawn looked over the cliff. He saw Ironhide, but no sign of Optimus.
"Look." Ironhide said, pointing up at the fleeing ship. Optimus Prime was hanging onto the bottom, Ion blaster in hand.

(to be continued)
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"Hey, watch it ya big lug!" Rumble shouted, waving his fist up at Long Haul. "You just stepped on my foot! Bend down, polish it, and then say you're sorry!"
"Ah, you gotta be kiddin' me", laughed Long Haul.
"You gonna let that little runt talk to you that way Long Haul? I wouldn't." Bonecrusher prodded.
Before Long Haul could utter his reply, the floor exploded underneath Rumble, launching the little Decepticon several feet into the air. All of the Constructicons immediately focused their optics on Scavenger, intent on scapegoating the simple minded social reject for the "workplace accident" that just occurred. To everyone's surprise, Optimus Prime climbed out of the smoldering hole in the floor and shot Soundwave. Then he whirled to his left and shot Thundercracker.
"I've had enough of those two to last a function cycle!" Prime announced to the stunned Constructicons before following up with a succession of Ion blasts that forced them to run for cover. With his enemies on the defensive, Prime turned his attention towards the control panel.
"Scavenger, fetch our weapons from the armory", ordered Scrapper.
"Whatever you say, Scrapper!" Scavenger replied eagerly.
"We won't be able to use them." Mixmaster said. "Their Nucleon cartridges will be inert as a result of them being out of use for so long."
"What's Prime doing up at the controls?" Whispered Long Haul.
"Trying to crash us, you idiot!" Hook replied.
"Well someone should stop him!" Long Haul suggested angrily.
"You should." Said Mixmaster.
"Go for it." Bonecrusher said. "You're bigger than he is."
"And more stealthy than all of us combined," added Hook.
"Yeah", Long Haul said confidently. "I am".
"Be ready to back him up when he fails." Scrapper whispered as Long Haul crept up behind Optimus Prime.
The Autobot leader glimpsed Long Haul's reflection in a darkened monitor screen and responded by rounding on him with a sensor scrambling blow to the head. Long Haul stumbled backward, and then charged forward again to grapple with Optimus as his comrades spurred him on.
"I'm taking bets!" Bonecrusher joked. "Any takers? Mixmaster? Hook?"
"Bonecrusher now!" At Scrappers command, Bonecrusher transformed into a Cybertronian bulldozer and plowed into both combatants at full speed. Crushed against the ship's exit, Optimus watched as the remaining Constructicons climbed on top of Bonecrusher's alt-form, scrambling over each other as they all tried to attack him at once. He spied the door's release button and slammed his fist into it. Optimus was swept backwards off of the ship immediately, disappearing into the clouds. The Constructicons piled up in the doorway, dangerously close to being swept away with Optimus until Scavenger arrived to manually pull the door shut.
"Coward!" Shouted Bonecrusher. "Prime would rather destroy himself than face us!
"No. We're over the ocean now. He lives." Scrapper said.
"The fool." Mixmaster said. "He accomplished nothing, save his own escape."
"I'm not so sure." Scrapper said. "Hook! Damage report."
"Bad news, Scrapper." Hook said, checking the readouts at the control panel. "The cargo hold is empty. Prime must have jettisoned the Space Bridge!"

"Ratchet, come in." Radioed Optimus as he bobbed in the waters of the cold Artic sea.
"Ratchet here, Prime."
"Ratchet. I need you, Bumblebee and Hauler to board a shuttlecraft and travel to my location immediately."
"Optimus, those shuttlecraft don't have armaments. If the humans decide to attack we won't make it to your location!"
"I'm afraid it's a risk we'll have to take, Ratchet. I've got three heavily damaged Autobots here, and Cybertronian technology laying at the bottom of the ocean."
"Just a minute, Prime."
Several seconds passed before Ratchet spoke again. "Optimus? Jazz says not to worry. He's says that he's made some connections within the government, so I'm going to assume that means I'll be able to fly out to your location without being shot at".
"Good ol' Jazz, ever the negotiator", laughed Optimus.
"He also says that nothing comes without a price", added Ratchet.
"And what do our new human allies request?" Inquired Optimus.
"Jazz here, Prime. One, my contacts don't want us makin' a move, aerial or otherwise, without them knowin' about it."
"And the second thing?" Asked Optimus.
"They want a tour of the Ark, Prime. Tommorrow."

(to be continued)
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The trio known collectively as Reflector stood mesmerized in front of a monitor screen in a dank, isolated section of the Nemesis.
"What are you freaks doing back here?" A voice inquired from the darkness.
"Oh Skywarp, It's you. You startled us", they said in unison. "We were just watching videos of interrogations performed at Polyhex. They are quite entertaining."
On the screen an Autobot Intelligence officer stands bound in Energon chains. He looks around nervously as Howlback trots up behind him. She proudly displays a head held by severed neck cables between her jaws.
The interrogator, Dirge, disregards any pertinent military information the Autobot has to offer in favor of asking him personal questions about his maintenance and hygiene. In the last astroseconds of the video, Ramjet flies in from somewhere off screen to collide with the prisoner, sending him back flipping into the scorching hot smelting pool behind him.
Skywarp laughed. "Where did you get this awesome vid-clip from Reflector?"
"From Enemy", they replied.
"Enemy?" Skywarp tilted his head sideways trying to picture who Reflector was talking about.
"You know. Soundwave's minion", they said in unison. "The one that can make anyone's voice sound stupid."
"Oh, that little piece of scrap! I can't stand him." Skywarp said, barely able to control his anger.
"I photographed him draining his waste port into what was left of our Energon reserves", laughed Viewfinder. "I threatened to show the picture to Megatron if he did not also relieve his possessions into my custody."
"That was clever. Where were we when you extorted him?" Asked Spectro and Spyglass in unison."
"You two were right there helping me do it." Viewfinder replied.
"Oh, that's right. We were!" They all laughed.
"What was that noise?" Spectro inquired.
"That sounded like Megatron." Viewfinder answered.
"It came from the bridge." Spyglass informed them.
"I'm gonna check it out. See ya later, freaks." Skywarp said, teleporting away.
Moments later Skywarp reappeared on the bridge of the Nemesis. Soundwave, Rumble, Thundercracker and the Constructicons were lined up against a wall in front of Megatron. Water gushed in from a hole beside Thundercracker's head. Fish darted between his ankles.
"Oooh, I wouldn't wanna be standing in your thrusters right now, Thundercracker." Skywarp snickered.
"Er, It wasn't my fault, Megatron." Thundercracker pleaded. "Soundwave was the one in command. Blame him!"
"Apparently scrap rolls downhill on Earth as well as Cybertron." Starscream said, splashing into the room with a smirk on his face.
"Shut up, Starscream." Thundercracker said with contempt before turning back to address Megatron. "I don't know what happened! Prime shot me as soon as he boarded the ship. I went out like a light."
"Yeah, I saw Prime do it!" Scavenger said excitedly. "It was like he was holding a grudge or something!"
Megatron drew his hand back and struck Scavenger so hard that it made all the other Constructicons flinch. Skywarp broke into uproarious laughter as Scavenger shook off the effects of the blow and picked himself up off the floor.
"Anyone else care to enlighten me about what transpired on my cargo ship? Snarled Megatron.
"Laserbeak reports that Optimus Prime is now in possession of the Space Bridge." Soundwave droned.
"Of course he has it!" Megatron snapped. "Why wouldn't he? Tell me Soundwave, do you wish for Laserbeak to linger awhile longer in the arctic so he can gather more obvious information?"
"Well ah, look on the bright side boss", Rumble offered. "At least we brought back enough Energon from the power plant to keep the lights on."
"RRAAAGH!" Megatron bellowed, preparing to punch another hole into the hull of the Nemesis.
"Megatron." Starscream said calmly. "Before you turn the Nemesis into your own personal aquarium, have you considered sending Skywarp into the Ark to retrieve the Space Bridge components?"
"Fool!" Megatron shouted in Starscream's face. "Skywarp cannot teleport something so large, nor can he teleport into someplace he's never seen! How is it that I know the abilities of the warriors assigned to you better than you do?"
"Well", Starscream began, "I've been too busy to-"
"Silence!" Megatron commanded. "Rumble! Drain what remains of the Energon in the cargo ship and add it to our reserves while I figure out a way to salvage this situation."
"What's going on?" The Reflector trio asked as they cautiously peered in from the doorway.
"Reflector, come in." Megatron said, changing his voice to a pleasant tone. "You're just in time to make yourself useful."

(to be continued)
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"Enjoying the ride, Forsythe?" Agent Barnett asked.
"Yes Walt, I'm just used to riding in cars manufactured in Detroit, not outer space."
"Cybertron", corrected Jazz.
"You Autobots come with a new car smell too. That's amazing." Barnett added.
"What's that thing over there?" Forsythe inquired, pointing out of Jazz' drivers side window towards a crudely welded together replica of a Decepticon Seeker. "It looks like a scarecrow."
"That's just something our mechanical engineer, Wheeljack, uses to test out new weapons on", laughed Jazz. "There he is now, standin' bowlegged at the entrance to the Ark. Let's roll up and say hello."
"Ummm, you first." Forsythe said nervously.
"Don't be shy fellas." Jazz said as he released his passengers. "What's up, Wheeljack?" He asked, transforming to robot mode.
"You guys are just in time to watch me test out the Ark's new defense system." Wheeljack announced, finger poised to tap a button on his forearm. "Stand back, watch, and be amazed!"
"You might want to hold off on your demonstration, Wheeljack. It looks like one of your buddies is driving through your field of fire." Barnett warned as he watched a convertible carry two passengers towards them.
"Now who changed their alt-mode to a burgundy drop top?" Jazz wondered.
"Probably Sunstreaker." Wheeljack said. "That guy must've had the Ark change his vehicular mode ten times already. I thought he had settled on a modified Lamborghini Countach."
"That's ain't him." Jazz said. "Golden 'bot would never change his colors."
"Hi, guys!" Spike said as the convertible came to a stop in front of them. "Sorry I'm late."
"Who's the additional human?" Inquired Wheeljack.
"Additional human?" Spike said, confused.
"Yeah, the one in the driver's seat with the big camera hangin' around her neck. That human." Wheeljack replied.
"Oh, this is my uh, friend Carly." Spike said.
"Hi, Autobots!" Carly gushed. "I heard sooo much about you guys that I begged Spike to take me here on our first date."
"Sorry ma'am", Forsythe said. "But the Ark is off limits to unnauthorized personnel."
"No offense, Forrest." Jazz said. "But this is our house. We decide who stays and who goes."
"Need I remind you Jazz, that Sam is on government payroll now, thanks to you, as a consultant working for Triple I." Sniffed Forsythe. "He should know better than to involve his girlfriend in government business."
"What?" Carly began. "I'm not Spike's girl-"
"Forsythe, come on! You're killing the kid's prospects here." Barnett laughed. "Let her have a peek. It would give us a chance to study the average person's reaction to all of this first hand."
"Y'know Barnett... you might be on to something." Forsythe conceded. "Okay ma'am, you can enter, but no pictures whatsoever."
"Listen Wheeljack", Jazz whispered in his audio receptor. "Can we skip the demonstration? Megatron and his flunkies ain't gonna take a break while we act like we're on an episode of Function-Cycles of The Rich and Famous."
"Gotcha." Wheeljack said. "Wasn't Mirage on that show one time?"
"Uh huh, several. Come on now..." Jazz said impatiently.
"Okay, Okay, movin' on. The first stop on our tour will be the ship's massive Energon storage tank." Wheeljack announced as he led everyone through the Ark's entrance.
"How are you Autobots doing on fuel reserves?" Barnett inquired.
"Not good." Wheeljack replied. "We managed to save some Energon by crashin' into the planet instead of comin' in for a controlled landing when we first arrived, so that was a plus.”
"From what I hear, your energy budget is still awaiting approval." Forsythe said. "So try to keep it under fifty-five. You burn a lot more fuel when you drive over the speed limit."
"Is this guy serious?" Spike whispered in disbelief.
"'fraid so." Jazz replied.
"Jazz, this is boring. What's that Autobot doing?" Carly asked as they passed by Huffer, who was busy on his hands and knees constructing something inside an empty chamber.
"Whatcha buildin' in here, Huffer?" Jazz inquired, entering the room with Spike and Carly in tow.
"Containment cells for Decepti-creeps." Huffer answered. "For the ones you bring back that still function, like Frenzy over there."
Carly looked past the glowing red bars into what appeared to her to be an empty cell.
"Don't get too close", warned Huffer. "The heat from those laser rods will cook an organic like you in seconds."
"Oh!" Carly exclaimed, stepping back to a safe distance. "But where's the prisoner? I don't see anything in there but a red and black cassette tape hanging on the wall."
"That's him." Spike said, putting his arm around Carly's shoulders. "Me and my dad thought he was just a Cold Slither tape inside of an old cassette player."
"The same cassette player that you claimed tricked your father into bringing it inside the plant?" Carly teased.
"Yeah. I know it sounds crazy." Spike said. "How'd he wind up here, Jazz? I thought he took off with the other Decepticons."
"Frenzy never made it back inside the plant after our sniper zapped him. We found him knocked out under a ton of rubble while we were searchin' for you and 'Bee. Ratchet removed his T-cog, now he's nothin' but a decoration hangin' on the wall in Huffer's jail."
"You'll never win this war, Autobot. You're not warriors like us. You're all soft." Frenzy taunted. "As soft as these moist little flesh creatures you've allied yourselves with."
Spike was stunned. "He can still talk?"
"Yeah, I said Ratchet took out his Transformation cog, not his voice box."
"Who's Ratchet?" Asked Carly. "Your Mechanic?"
"Our combat medic", laughed Jazz as he led them to another area of the ship. "Most of the time he's stuck in his repair bay, too busy fixin' Autobots injured on the last mission to roll with 'bots goin' out the current one."
Jazz bent down and laid out both hands flat on the floor. Spike and Carly stepped onto Jazz' outstretched palms, then he elevated them up high enough so they could look through the viewing window of Ratchet's repair bay. Both were taken aback by what they saw. Three Autobot wrecks lay on grease covered slabs connected to monitors displaying readouts in an alien language. Clear tubes dripped a pinkish liquid into ports on various points on their damaged bodies. The only patient that was intact in the entire repair bay was a large red and blue robot that Spike guessed was their leader. Ratchet was happily welding closed a wound on his chest while listening to the rock band N.R.G.
"Is that Optimus Prime?" Spike asked.
"Yup." Jazz answered. "He got pretty banged up during his mission in the arctic. Looks like Ratchet is putting the finishing touches on him now. With a fresh coat of paint he'll be as good as new."
"What about those other Autobots? Asked Carly. "What happened to them?"
"Decepticons pushed 'em off a cliff I heard." Jazz said sadly. "But if anyone can get 'em rollin' again it's ol' Doc Ratchet."
Jazz lowered Spike and Carly to the floor, then he transformed and swung open both doors. "C'mon", he said. "Let's catch up with Wheeljack and those Triple I guys before they notice we're missin'."

(to be continued)
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"And for the last stop on our tour, we'll be taking a look at Teletraan 1", announced Wheeljack. "From our advanced computer network here, we can tap into any-"
Wheeljack was about to say "any system on Earth", but a nudge from Jazz caused him to substitute the intended words with a pretend coughing fit. One that made every person in the room wonder what it was that Wheeljack was trying to clear from his airway, and where exactly did he expect it to go since he didn't have a mouth.
"Carly!" Spike whispered. "Knock it off!"
"Knock what off?" Carly whispered back.
"The picture taking." Spike said. "Mr. Forsythe asked you not to take any, and you've taken one in every section of the Ark that we've been in today!"
"This camera must be going off by itself." Carly said as she unslung it from around her neck and examined it. "Someone dropped it into the back seat of my car by mistake and I really didn't get a chance to... look at it yet." Her voice trailed off as she came to the awful realization that she had just brought a Decepticon spy into the Ark.
"Aww, No... Carly get rid of it!" Spike exclaimed.
Carly threw the camera down. It hit the floor with a clunk and a flash explosion that painted the room bright white, followed by the unmistakable sounds of Transformers changing from one mode to another.
"Decepticons!" Yelled Jazz. "Everybody get down!"
"Spike, I can't see. I can't see!" Cried Carly.
"Calm down." Spike said, holding her close. "It'll pass... I hope. Just get down on the floor like Jazz told us to do."
Jazz remained standing as he began to fire wildly, hoping that some of his shots would either find their targets, or at the very least, discourage the Decepticons from attacking them while they were still blinded.
Agent Barnett breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the sounds of three sets of heavy footsteps exit the room.
"My eyes", groaned Forsythe. "I'm still seeing spots. What the heck just happened here?"
"I think the Decepticons just pulled one over on us." Barnett concluded.
"The girl's camera!" Forsythe said, his vision clearing just enough to see that it was no longer hanging around her neck.
"Witwicky?" Forsythe called out.
"Yes sir?" Spike answered.
"You're fired!"

"Starscream, acknowledge." Viewfinder radioed as he ran through the halls of the Ark followed closely behind by Spectro and Spyglass.
"This is Air Commander Starscream."
"We have been discovered. Immediate extraction requested."
"Request denied."
"What? Why? If we fail to return with the images we've collected of the Ark's interior, Megatron will not be pleased-"
"Shut up. The shapes carved into the rock formations surrounding the Ark suggest the presence of hidden defenses you idiots. Call back after you've disabled them. Starscream out."
"Well, that was rude." Spectro said.
"How does he expect us to disarm their defense systems?" Spyglass wondered.
"Frenzy can do it." Viewfinder proclaimed. "We will use him to disrupt the Ark's control over their defenses."
"Good idea, let's get to it." They all replied in unison.

"Our perimeter defenses are up and runnin'. If those Decepti-creeps step one foot outside the Ark, our sentry guns will perforate 'em in seconds. We've got 'em trapped like Retro-rats!" Proclaimed Wheeljack.
"Well it's a good thing that I asked you to skip that demonstration now, ain't it?" Jazz laughed nervously.
"Yeah, we dodged a ballistic missile with that one", whispered Wheeljack. "Those sentry guns would've taken out Spike's girlfriend as soon as it detected that Decepticon swingin' from her neck. And I don't mean taken out to dinner either."
"I can hear you." Carly said, looking up at Wheeljack with her hands on her hips. "Shouldn't you Autobots be trying to find those camera-bots right now or something?"
"A woman after my own fuel pump." Jazz said, flipping up his comlink. "Ratchet, come in."
"Ratchet here", the doctor answered.
"I need you to lock that repair bay up tight. We got Decepticons on board."
"Decepticons? How did they get in-"
"Later, Ratchet. No time to explain." Jazz said, breaking off the connection.
"Hmmm", pondered Wheeljack. "If I were a Decepticon runnin' loose in the Ark, where would I go?"
"Where they could hurt us the most." Optimus Prime said, appearing in the doorway.
"That would be our Energon reserves." Jazz concluded.
"Wheeljack, remain here with our guests while Jazz and I secure the Ark." Optimus ordered. "We'll start with the section that houses our Energon supply, and then lock down each area one at a time until we have the intruders cornered."
"Locked and loaded, Prime." Jazz said.
"Good. Then let's go hunting." Optimus replied.

(to be continued)
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"Now where'd I leave my 10.2 Ultra-Drill?" Huffer wondered aloud as he searched the two-tiered cell block he had just finished building for the Ark. "Every 'Bot I know always loses those things."
"Make sure you check your exhaust pipe, you rust-colored piece of scrap!" Frenzy shouted from his cell.
"For a 'Con stuck in such a tiny alt-mode, you sure do have a big mouth on you." Huffer replied as he retrieved the drill from an empty cell. When he walked out, Viewfinder was standing there pointing a gun at him.
"Open that cell right now, Autobot." he demanded.
"Nuts to that!" came the reply.
Huffer charged Viewfinder, quickly changing forms and slamming into him in alt-mode, then he transformed back, using the weight of his body to force his opponent down to the floor. He planted one knee on the 'Cons chest, pulled out his drill, and then began using it on his cranial casing. Viewfinder pounded his fists against Huffer's limbs as he struggled to free himself, optics flickering as the drill bored slowly into his brain. Suddenly, there was the sound of lasers striking metal at close range, the whirring of the drill bit ceased, and the laughter began. Viewfinder was not amused.
"Why did you two wait so long to attack?" Viewfinder demanded as he wriggled out from underneath Huffer's motionless form.
"We were watching you fight for your life." Spectro and Spyglass replied in unison. "It was fascinating."
"Look, Spectro." Spyglass said while examining the hole in Viewfinder's head. "The Autobot has drilled directly into his cerebral circuitry."
Spectro grabbed Viewfinder by the shoulders to steady him as he peered into the hole with one optic. "How does it feel?" He asked.
"Like a betrayal!" Viewfinder said, shocked that either one of them would ask a question like that.
"Nonsense." Spyglass replied. "To betray you is to betray ourselves."
"Look at this." Viewfinder said, switching the subject. "My infra-red vision has already revealed to us the code combination the Autobot uses to access Frenzy's cell."
"Then what are ya waitin' for?" Frenzy yelled. "Get me outta here!"
"Once we free you, you must use your abilities to help us all gain freedom." The Reflector trio said in unison.
The laser bars dissipated, and the hum of the cell's invisible containment field ceased immediately after Viewfinder entered the access code. He paused before entering Frenzy's cell. He didn't trust Spectro and Spyglass to aid him should the containment field reactivate. Viewfinder suspected that they would rather stand there and watch as he desperately tried to escape. Or maybe even reactivate the cell themselves once he was far enough inside just for entertainment value. Viewfinder cleared his mind. There was no time for paranoia, he could hear footsteps approaching the doorway. The Autobots would be on them in seconds. Viewfinder sprinted into the cell, grabbed Frenzy off the wall, and then ran out.
"Cover your audio receptors." Frenzy warned. "This is gonna hurt."
The destructive sounds produced by Frenzy's internal mechanisms reverberate through the halls of the Ark, amplified ten fold in the metallic confines of it's corridors. The attack is paralyzing, debilitating. Optimus Prime and Jazz sink to their knees just outside the door in the wake of it's fury. The Reflector trio stumble past them in their mad rush to escape the Ark, not entirely immune to Frenzy's sonic assault themselves. They stop in their tracks just short of the ship's exit.
"We're trapped!" Spyglass exclaimed. "The Autobots have sealed us in!"
The trio looked back and forth at each other desperately, hoping that one of them would come up with an idea.
"I know." Viewfinder said. "Remove the Nucleon cartridges from your weapons and place them by the gate."
Spectro and Spyglass did as they were told and laid their cartridges beside the Ark's heavily armored gateway.
"Oh, we remember this trick", they said. "We saw it on a vid-clip. The Autobot Getaway used it to escape from a recycling center in Polyhex. It was most unfortunate that he also blew up his cellmates in the process."
"I thought it was hilarious." Viewfinder said as he fired at the small stack of weapons grade Nucleon on the floor, detonating it. Spectro and Spyglass disappeared in a blackened fireball that burned so hot that it turned part of the exit door into slag. Viewfinder hopped over the puddle of molten metal, and then walked out into the sands of Oregon's high desert region. Sentry guns clicked into place seconds after detecting Frenzy and Viewfinder's presence, but failed to fire. Missiles exploded while still in their hidden silos.
"Starscream, please acknowledge!" Radioed Viewfinder.
Starscream answered without ceremony. "Have you disabled the Autobot's defense systems?"
"Yes." Viewfinder replied. "And as a bonus we have also freed Frenzy from his imprisonment."
"Impressive." Starscream said. "I had not expected any of you to survive. I'm sending Skywarp to retrieve you now."
"Tell him to hurry, the Autobots are coming." Viewfinder added nervously.
"What you did to your brothers back there was real greasy." Frenzy said.
"They were not my brothers." Viewfinder replied. "They were tools."
"You mean "tool" as in "Enemy is a tool, and a piece of scrap", or do ya mean "tool" as in somethin' to be used?" Frenzy inquired.
"Both." Viewfinder answered without emotion.
A Minute later Skywarp appeared in the sky. "Where's the other two?" He asked as he came in for a landing.
"Right here." Viewfinder replied. Solid light constructs, identical to Spectro and Spyglass, appeared on either side of him. The newly formed flash sentries combined with their creator to form a camera. Then the trio, along with Frenzy, all hurled themselves into Skywarp's cockpit. As they took to the skies, Reflector looked back to see Optimus Prime and Jazz firing up at them from the entrance to the Ark.
"Smile", they said in unison.

(to be continued)
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"Ironhide, report security status." Optimus radioed via comlink to the old Autobot standing guard at the entrance to the Ark.
"All clear Prime. Spike and Carly drove off about an hour ago. Spike just had to perform some maintenance on Carly before they left. I figure that after her ordeal with the Decepticons she probably needed some."
"Maintenance? Spike and Carly are organic, Ironhide, not mechanical beings. Please elaborate."
"Well, It didn't look like they were doin' anything suspicious Prime. After Jazz departed with our government liasons, the both of 'em climbed into the back seat of their vehicle, took off all their clothes an'-"
"And? What happened?"
"Hold on a minute, somethin's comin' up on the horizon. Lemme adjust my optics..."
Optimus waited nervously at the controls to Teletraan-1 for Ironhide's reply. He deduced that Reflector's intrusion into the Ark was merely a reconnaissance mission. He suspected that a Decepticon attack was forthcoming, he just didn't know when.
"All clear, Prime. Just an Autobot patrol checkin' in."
Four vehicles kicked up dust as they approached at top speed. Windcharger was in the lead, followed closely behind by Bluestreak, with Brawn and the massive alt-form of Hauler bringing up the rear.
"Whoa, what happened to the perimeter defenses? They're scrap already!" exclaimed Windcharger as he zoomed past several burnt out gun emplacements.
"Ah, you know Wheeljack's inventions... they probably blew up on their own." laughed Bluestreak.
The quartet reached the wrecked entrance to the Ark and transformed out of alt-mode.
"Looks like we missed out on a little action." Brawn said wryly.
"Heard some ‘Cons snuck in on a sightseein' tour." informed Ironhide. “Turned our front door into scrap fightin' to get out."
"Somebody should tell Gears to clean up this mess." Brawn said, kicking slag rocks aside as the group walked through the hole in the security gate.
"I feel sorry for whoever has to tell him." Windcharger replied. "If it was me, I'd walk up to him with my audio receptors already turned off."
"Might as well", laughed Hauler. "He'd glitch and moan until both of them were blown out anyway."
"Hold on a sec there, Hauler." Ironhide said, putting his hand on the big 'bots shoulder. "I need ya to cover my post while I attend a meetin' with the rest of these jokers."
"No problem. Optimus' meetings are about as exciting as watching paint dry."

Optimus Prime, Wheeljack and Ratchet were already assembled in front of Teletraan-1 when Ironhide and the others walked into the room.
"Hmmm. Several Autobots still haven't returned yet", observed Optimus.
"Hauler's standin' gaurd at the entrance." Ironhide informed him.
"I sent Gears to the armory to retrieve one of those big heavy Ion displacer cannons." Wheeljack said. "I figure we can use it up at the front until I get the perimeter defenses runnin' again."
"Huffer is in my repair bay with perforated back plates and moderate internal damages", added Ratchet.
"Scrap." Wheeljack said, slamming his fist down on Teletraan-1. "With Huffer laid up, that means I'll have to rebuild the security gate by myself too."
"Anyone seen Mirage or Bumblebee?" Asked Ironhide.
"I sent them on a mission." Optimus replied.
"Well that just leaves Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Cliffjumper." Ironhide concluded.
"We'll have to begin without them. Wheeljack, how long until our perimeter defenses are operational?"
"A day at the most, Prime." Wheeljack replied. "The good news is that I was close to fixin' the Ark's interior defenses before Frenzy wrecked the outer ones. It won't take much longer to get them back online."
"Great! So no more unwelcome visitors inside the Ark at least." Bluestreak joked, turning to the others. "I feel safe now. You 'bots feel safe?"
Before anyone could answer, Skywarp appeared literally out of nowhere and blasted Optimus in the back at point blank range. His internal mechanisms exploded outward from his chest. The force of the blast turned his parts into shrapnel that embedded itself in the armor plating of every Autobot standing before him.
Optimus collapsed in front of Skywarp, smoke billowing from a hole in his back. Ironhide shot Skywarp's weapon out of his hand before he could pull the trigger again. The Seeker glanced to his right and saw the gun sliding across the floor with several of his fingers tumbling along. He quickly teleported away, narrowly avoiding a second shot fired by Ironhide meant for his head.
The gun that struck down Optimus came to rest at Ratchet's feet. He bent down to pick it up with the intention of examining it later. Knowledge of what kind of weapon caused the injury aided him in a patients repair more often than not. The gun transformed when Ratchet gripped it's handle. Growing and changing shape into the murderous Decepticon leader, Megatron.
"Prime was the most valuable target in the room." Megatron said, picking Ratchet up by the throat.
"You're next."

(to be continued)
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Megatron pressed the barrel of his fusion cannon to the side of Ratchet's head. In that moment Ratchet was more concerned about the lives of his patients rather than his own. He thought about the Autobots in his repair bay. He worried about Optimus and all the others that Megatron was going to strike down today that he wouldn't be around to save.
"Any last words?" Megatron snarled.
"None for a piece of junk, grease pit gladiator like you!" Ratchet said defiantly.
He fully expected Megatron to end his life for the insult. He was surprised when he didn't. Megatron strained to keep his fusion cannon level with Ratchet's head, as if battling some unseen force that was trying to gain control of his body. Suddenly, Megatron's arm wrenched downward and attached itself with a clank to his thigh.
"Magnetism" Ratchet thought.
"Get him, guys!" Windcharger yelled. "I can't hold him for long!"
Ironhide charged forward and rocked Megatron in the face in an effort to get him to release Ratchet, whom he still held aloft with his left hand. The tyrant spit fluid from his mouth, then slammed the medic down on top of him so forcefully that Ironhide's body made a deep depression in the Ark's metal tile floor. Ratchet rolled away and stood up out of Megatron's reach, audio receptors still ringing from the impact.
"Ratchet! Bluestreak!" Ironhide barked. "Get Prime outta here!"
The two Autobots each grabbed one of Prime's arms, draped them over their shoulders and hoisted him to his feet.
"M-Megatron." Optimus stammered. "He's on my ship!"
"And you're in no condition to fight him!" Ratchet said sternly as he and Bluestreak led him away. "You'll have to trust that your soldiers are up to the task."
"How the slag did Skywarp just pop in there like that?" Bluestreak asked when they were safely in the hall. "He's never seen the inside of the Ark before, has he?"
"A mystery for another day." Ratchet replied.
Optimus was offline by the time they reached the entrance to the repair bay.
"I can see the Matrix." Bluestreak said in a worried tone.
"Never mind that." Ratchet said, leading them toward a clean slab next to Trailbreaker. "Help me get him up."
Bluestreak grabbed Optimus around the legs and helped Ratchet lay him face down on the operating table.
"Guard the doors." Ratchet ordered. "Make sure Megatron doesn't come in here to finish what he started."
Bluestreak walked over and peered through the plasteel window on one of the bay doors.
"What if he gets in here?" He asked.
"Then I'll have to do my best to fight him. I won't leave my patients."
"You're not scared of him?"
"Of course I am. More than any other Autobot. I've seen his handiwork in my repair bay on Cybertron more times than I can count. I'm seeing it now."
Bluestreak hung his head low. "I wish I could be as brave as you, Doc."
Ratchet set his laser scalpel aside and stared at Optimus' wound. He couldn't afford to have Bluestreak flake on him now like he did at the power plant. Not with so much at stake. Ratchet paused to think of some words of encouragement. He looked up to offer those words a split second before Skywarp arrived on the other side of the table.
"I'm baaack!"
Ratchet ducked as the Seeker riddled the wall behind him with explosive rounds. He popped back up just in time to see him plunge his good hand into Optimus Prime's innards.
"Get out of there!" Ratchet shouted, in the same motion slashing Skywarp across the arm with the laser scalpel. This caused the Decepticon to draw back from the table in pain, giving Bluestreak the opportunity he needed for a clear shot at him. Skywarp teleported at the exact instant Bluestreak's bolt tore through his body. His disappearance was followed a moment later by the sound of a scream that seemed to come from every corner of the repair bay with no discernible source.
Bluestreak looked around nervously. "I think I got him."
"Sneaky Decepticon." Ratchet said, resuming his work on Optimus.
"I saw him stick his hand into the hole in Prime's back. What was he trying to do?"
"Rip out his internals... steal the Matrix, maybe?" Ratchet guessed. "He didn't succeed, whatever his intent."
Ratchet tapped the Matrix' casing with the end of his laser scalpel. "This is what saved him back there." He said, changing the subject.
"How?" Inquired Blustreak.
"The Matrix is virtually indestructible. It sits deep in his chest near his spinal column. It bore the brunt of the blast when Megatron shot him in the back. The damage would have been far worse had it not been positioned there."
"So Optimus is gonna function, Doc?" Bluestreak asked, peering out through the bay door window once again.
"Yes." Ratchet replied. "If we can manage to keep Megatron away from him until his repairs are completed."

(to be continued)
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When Megatron shot Optimus Prime in front of Teletraan-1, the sound carried all the way up to the entrance of the Ark where Hauler was standing guard.
"Ironhide come in", he requested via comlink. "What was that sound?"
A burst of static was the only answer he received.
"Ironhide, what's going on in there? Ironhide? Ironhide! Alright, slag it." Hauler pulled out his Vibro-force gun and turned to walk back inside the ship, but something in the corner of his optic sensor caught his attention.
Six earth-style construction vehicles appeared on the horizon, driving side by side, heading directly for the Ark.
“Constructicons.” thought Hauler.
He hadn't seen his old crew in so many years that he assumed they were all dead. Truthfully, if they weren't fighting on opposite sides of the war, he'd be happy to see them right now.
Hauler held up his hand. "That's far enough, guys."
All six Constructicons transformed out of alt-mode and stood in a row facing their ex-teammate.
"Look, It's the turncoat." Mixmaster chuckled.
"In Autobot colors, no less." Hook snorted.
"Constructicon Green ain't good enough for him no more." Long Haul teased.
"Why did you change your paintwork?” inquired Scavenger. “Huh? Huh?"
"Because Cliffjumper shot me."
Hauler's reply elicited laughter from all the Constructicons except Scrapper.
"Why would your fellow Autobot shoot you?" Scrapper asked as if he were genuinely concerned.
"I ran into him in a darkened corridor and he mistook me for a Constructicon." Hauler explained. "It happened shortly after we crashed on Earth, I guess his sensors were still scrambled or something."
Scrapper tilted his head to the side. "Which one is Cliffjumper again?"
"You know", Hook said wearily. "The little runt that caused Rumble to shatter both his pile drivers."
"Oh." Scrapper replied.
Without warning, Scrapper drew his gun and shot Hauler in the mid-section. The shock doubled him over, setting him up for a stiff uppercut delivered by Long Haul. Flat on his back in the dirt, Hauler leveled his weapon, only to have it promptly swatted away by Bonecrusher. Long Haul stepped on Hauler's right forearm, while Scavenger stomped down hard on his left.
"Scrapper! Come on, let's talk about this like civilized mechs. I was a member of your team once!" Hauler pleaded.
"Yeah, once." Scrapper said coldly.
"Look, guys. It wasn't anything personal." Hauler continued. "I'm an artist in my Spark. I switched sides because I couldn't take all the killing."
"Like Autobots don't kill?" mocked Bonecrusher as he mounted him. "Are you finished? Or do you want to fill my audio receptors with more static? No...? Good, then let's begin."
The brute pounded Hauler in the face with both hands until his faceplate split. Next, he pried the two halves open, exposing the tiny ball of cerebral circuits underneath. Bonecrusher drew his pistol, but Scrapper yanked his arm as he pulled the trigger, resulting in the shot exploding into the ground by Hauler’s head.
"What are you doing?" Bonecrusher protested. "He still functions!"
Scrapper pushed Bonecrusher off of Hauler, then he bent down to whisper in the battered ex-Constructicon's audio receptor.
"We have to go inside the Ark to retrieve something Prime stole from us", he said. "Be here in green when we get back, or don't be here at all."

(To be continued)
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Megatron stood in the center of the Ark's main control room. His fusion cannon arm fully extended downward. His right foot stuck to the ship's metal floor. His right side was essentially paralyzed, held in place by Windcharger's magnetism.
"Autobots! Fall back and light him up!" Ironhide commanded as he positioned himself to the left of Megatron. Brawn moved to his right, while Wheeljack remained in the center, missile launcher locked on target.
"Ready. Aim... put him down!"
Megatron deployed a rectangular shaped gladiator’s shield made of pure Energon from his left forearm as the three Autobots opened fire. Blasts ricocheted in every direction. Pieces of the ceiling that were struck loose became magnetized and flew down like metallic hail. He grimaced as Brawn and Ironhide aimed lower under the shield, scoring his legs with laser fire.
"Hurry up!" Windcharger yelled. His limbs had begun to tremble violently from the effort he was expending to restrain the incredibly powerful Decepticon leader. His fuel reserves were nearly empty. Megatron surged power into his right arm and broke his magnetic hold over it. Windcharger turned to flee, but a blast from Megatron's fusion cannon cut him in two in mid-transformation. The Autobot's internals blew into molten splatters that landed on the faceplates of his comrades.
"Scrap!" Wheeljack exclaimed. "We're in for it now, fellas!"
Megatron retracted his hand into his forearm housing and deployed a flail constructed of Energon. He swung it forward, bringing it down on Wheeljack's shoulder as he tried to evade, shearing off his arm along with part of his chest. Wheeljack collapsed, electricity arcing out of the left side of his body. Megatron spun the flail in a circle above his head and pointed at Ironhide.
"I remember you. Vorns ago, I rent a path through Prime's entire security detail during the Tarn Valley ambush... you managed to save his miserable life back then... you won't be so lucky today."
As the flail was swung towards him, Ironhide fired superheated lead at it’s base. The molten metal clogged Megatron’s wrist projector, resulting in the energy weapon dissipating an instant before it struck him. Enraged, Megatron took aim at Ironhide with his fusion cannon. Brawn slammed into him with his shoulder, knocking the Decepticon off balance before the shot could be fired.
"Get the rust out of your joints Ironhide", he chided.
The short stocky Autobot followed up with hammer blows to Megatron's mid-section that caused his trunk plates to buckle. Megatron countered with a vicious backhand that struck sparks off the side of Brawn's head and sent him spinning backwards into Ironhide. He leveled his fusion cannon at the two Autobots and fired. The blast blew them through the control room wall and out into the corridor. Both of them struggled to stand up, their metal skins melting off of their chassis’.
It was at this moment that Gears came rumbling down that same corridor towing the Ion displacer cannon Wheeljack sent him to retrieve earlier. He transformed out of alt-mode, grabbed the cannon's controls and waited for whoever just scrapped Brawn and Ironhide to step out. When Megatron emerged, there was a look of shock and surprise on the Decepticon leader's face as heavy Ion bolts tore holes into his body. Instinctively he shifted to alt-mode, shrinking down to minimize his target area.
"Skywarp!" he radioed in gun mode. "Come to me, now!"
"Where are you?"
"Outside the room that houses Teletraan-1, hurry!"
Gears was confused for a moment after Megatron's transformation. He didn't know if the Decepticon commander had somehow teleported, or been obliterated completely by the Ion blasts. When he heard orders being barked amid the smoke, Gears decided to open fire in the direction of the sound of the mech that was issuing them. Megatron couldn't afford to wait for Skywarp any longer, a direct hit while he was in his miniaturized state could well mean certain death.
He reverted to robot mode and fired at the Ion cannon's base, toppling it over. A second shot, fired at the ceiling, sent a ton of debris crashing down on Gears as the determined Autobot struggled to set the cannon upright.
Megatron heard footsteps clanking just around the corner, so he readied himself for a fight to the end.
“One shall stand, and one shall fall.” he thought.
To his surprise, it was Skywarp that came running right into the path of his fusion cannon.
"Whoa, Megatron! It's me, Skywarp!"
"What took you so long?" Megatron demanded.
"One of the Autobots screwed me up somehow... I'm teleporting funny!"
"Can you transform?"
"Well... yeah."
"Then do it, we're leaving now!"
Skywarp transformed to jet mode and opened his cockpit. Megatron slowly and painfully reassumed alt-mode and leaped inside. Skywarp accelerated through the halls of the Ark, opening fire on an injured Autobot who stood in his way. The Autobot rolled to the ground, allowing Skywarp to thunder into the open sky befind him.
"Scrapper, report." Megatron growled.
"We have reaquired the Space Bridge, mighty Megatron. We are preparing to depart with it now."
"Excellent. See that there are no further complications."

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:06 am

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"No sign of Hauler." Scavenger said as he and the other Constructicons rumbled out of the Ark in alt-mode.
Hook and Scrapper each carried a section of the space bridge, while Long Haul held the remainder in his truck bed.
"Why didn't you let me terminate that traitor when we had the chance Scrapper?" Bonecrusher asked angrily.
"With each member we lose, our combined form becomes that much weaker." Scrapper reasoned. "I sought only to replace Gravedigger and increase Devastator's strength as a whole."
"Sure you did." Bonecrusher retorted. "You know what I think?"
"You can think?" Joked Mixmaster.
"I think our leader's losing his struts!" Bonecrusher continued.
"Silence yourself Bonecrusher, and pay attention to the road!" Scrapper rasped. "The cargo we carry must make it to it's destination or Megatron will ensure that we all lose our struts... permanently."

Inside the Ark, Gears struggled to free himself from a pile of rock and scrap metal.
"I hate this planet", he grumbled. "I've got pebbles in places I didn't even know I had."
Once free, he whirled around to take aim at a hulking figure walking towards him in the darkened corridor.
"Don't shoot", a staticky voice said. "I've been shot twice while stationed here already. Let's not make it a third."
Gears was stunned. "Hauler... what happened to your face?"
"It's a long story." Hauler sighed, flipping his comm up out of his forearm.
"Ratchet come in. It's Hauler."
"Hauler! What's the situation out there?"
"Grave. We need you to come to the staging area immediately. We've got four damaged Autobots. Five. Six, counting Gears and myself."
"Negative, I can't come. There's been an attempt on Optimus Prime's life. I've got the repair bay on lockdown. You'll have to transport them to me."
"Ratchet, the Constructicons have just taken back the space bridge. It's my fault they got inside in the first place... I have to go after them!"
"Can you and Gears take them on by yourselves?"
"No, but-"
"And for that matter, are you sure that there aren't any more Decepticons left on the Ark?"
"Then someone else will have to handle it."
Hauler looked down at Gears. The grumpy Autobot shrugged and said, "Don't just stand there! Help me with Brawn and Ironhide, they're starting to fuse together. What I wouldn't give to get some decent help around here..."

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were in town at a car wash getting waxed down by a quartet of bikini clad babes. Sunstreaker's holomatter avatar, a blonde twenty-something white male sporting shades and a t-shirt tracked their every movement.
"Why are you moving your avatar's head around like that 'Streaker?" Sideswipe inquired.
"I'm trying to fit in." Sunstreaker replied. "I've been studying the humans. Whenever a female of their species walks by, the male stares at them like this."
"It's probably to establish dominance", suggested Sideswipe. "I'd better start doing it too."
Just then, Sunstreaker's comm began flashing on his console- again.
"Oh, what now? I've been trying to ignore this thing all day."
"Me too." Sideswipe said. "Jazz called earlier, he wanted us to report back to the Ark for guard duty."
"Screw him", dismissed Sunstreaker. "We're warriors, bro."
"He said Reflector broke into the Ark.” laughed Sideswipe.
"I need real 'cons to fight." Sunstreaker chuckled.
Both of their comms began to flash continuously.
"It's Hauler now!" Sunstreaker yelled. "What do you want Hauler?"
"Listen, Megatron got onto the ship somehow. Gears shot him full of holes but-"
"Sure he did." Interrupted Sideswipe.
"The Constructicons made off with the space bridge sections Prime brought back from the arctic." Hauler continued.
"Well, why didn't you send Gearsimus Maximus after them then?" Sideswipe snarked. "He took on Megatron single-handedly right?"
"Seriously guys, this is an emergency!"
"Look, Hauler! We don't have time for your dry brand of Decepticon humor!" Sunstreaker screamed. "Lose this frequency, okay?"
"You mechs are real glitches, you know-"
"What just happened?" laughed Sideswipe.
"I cut him off." Sunstreaker said.
"Hey bro... you think this was all a ruse to get us back to the ship for guard duty, or do you think there was any truth to what Hauler was saying?"
"As a matter of fact... I do." Sunstreaker replied. "Look!"
Both Sunstreaker and Sideswipe started their engines as six lime green construction vehicles rumbled pass them.
"Hey, where do you guys think you're going?" One of the car-washers yelled. "You didn't pay us yet!"
"Us? Pay you?" Sunstreaker laughed as he pulled away. "Believe me when I say this human... the pleasure was all yours."

(to be continued)
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"Scrapper", Long Haul radioed. "I think I've got Sunstreaker and his idiot brother Sideswipe on my tail."
"They're both idiots", replied Scrapper. "But Sunstreaker is the real killer of the two. What's he doing?"
"Adjusting his side view mirrors so he can admire himself." Long Haul said sarcastically. "I don't know!"
"Listen to me." Scrapper warned. "Under no circumstances are you to transform. Do you understand?"
"I hear ya." Long Haul replied grudgingly.
"We should call for back up", suggested Sunstreaker. "There's six of 'em."
"No way! We were gladiators." Sideswipe said confidently. "Where'd you think these mechs learned to fight? The labor disputes in the industrial sectors of Tagan Heights? They're Genericons! We're going to trash these rolling rustbuckets, put an end to Megatron out here in the middle of nowhere, and then it's off to the galactic arenas where we'll start breaking faceplates and stacking shanix again."
"Sounds like a plan." Sunstreaker replied.
"Yup", agreed Sideswipe. "One that Prowl would be jealous of. Ready bro?"
"Yeah. But not without a real plan", answered Sunstreaker. "Use your rocket pack, get aerial on these scrap heaps. Distract them while I take care of that big dumb 'con dump truck."
Sideswipe lifted his front wheels off the ground, transformed to robot mode and ignited his rocket pack. He fired down on Bonecrusher first, blasting apart a linkage on his treads and sending him veering off the side of the road into a ditch. Sideswipe's second shot was much more impressive. He severed the joint on Scavenger's service arm, causing the dim-witted Constructicon to crash into his own shovel attachment and flip over several times before skidding to a stop on his side.
"Good one, Sideswipe!" Sunstreaker yelled.
Sideswipe smiled. He honestly couldn't recall the last time his brother praised anything he did. The thought distracted him long enough for Mixmaster to douse him with foam. Sideswipe ignored it, believing the chemical concoction being spewed onto him from the back of Mixmaster’s mixing drum to be some kind of failed weapon. He pointed his laser rifle down at his assailant, and incredibly, the Constructicon seemed to be slowing down as if he actually wanted to get shot.
"Probably too concerned about what the others think of him to just flat out surrender", laughed Sideswipe. "So this Genericon figures he'll take the easy way out. Can't say I blame him, though. Even a mech with his optic sensors removed could see how this battle is gonna end."
When Sideswipe pulled the trigger, the spark from the muzzle lit his whole body aflame. He hovered in the air for several seconds trying to beat off the flames before jetting off cursing and screaming towards the coast.
Sunstreaker glanced up at the trail of black smoke in the sky. "Amatuer", he muttered as he changed form and leaped atop the load Long Haul carried in his truck bed.
"He's on me. He's on me!" Long Haul panicked. "Get 'im off!"
The big Constructicon transformed while still moving at top speed, dumping his cargo all over the road. Sunstreaker transformed and hit the ground rolling in alt-form, changed to robot mode again when he caught up to Long Haul, and then used his momentum to launch himself onto the Constructicon's back as he fled.
Sunstreaker's objective was clear. Put down the 'con that was being used to carry the bulk of the space bridge so that the others would be hard pressed to transport it without him. Sunstreaker placed his gun arm to the larger Transformer's head as he struggled to throw him off. Electrons fired at the rate of three hundred bursts per second exploded into Long Haul's cerebral circuits. The light in his optic visor faded and Sunstreaker was off of him before his body hit the ground, smoothly shifting to alt-mode and speeding off in the direction Sideswipe flew a minute earlier.
Moments later, Hook arrived on the scene. He gently laid down his section of the space bridge, transformed, and went about the business of examining his fallen teammate.
"Hmmm. The subject shows signs of cerebral burn-out." Hook spoke aloud. "Probable cause: a sustained discharge of electrons."
Hook whipped out his laser scalpel and cut along the circumference of Long Haul's head. Smoke billowed out briefly when he removed the top of his cranium. The surgeon fanned it away, and then extended forceps from his thumb and forefinger to pick through his patient's brain.
"I told that fool not to transform." Scrapper grumbled as he arrived with the other Constructicons. "What is his condition?"
"Give me a moment." Hook replied.
"We don't have a moment, Hook! Is he alive or dead?"
"His body functions, but most of his cerebral circuits have been burned to a crisp."
“Hmm, Hook...? What if we put a remote control circuit linker on him? Could he be operated as... what do the humans call it...?"
"A machine", answered Hook. "Yes, it would be possible to use him in that manner until I can repair his damaged circuitry... as ghoulish as that may sound."
"Do it." Scrapper ordered. He turned and pointed a finger towards Scavenger and Bonecrusher. "You two mechs weld yourselves together. We'll be hitting the road again as soon as Hook completes his work on Long Haul."

(to be continued)
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Bumblebee and Mirage watched from a hidden cave on the coast as the Nemesis' watchtower rose from the sea.
"Skywarp's returning." Bumblebee said. "Looks like Megatron is in his cockpit."
Mirage had come to the realization long ago that Bumblebee possessed the best vision out of anyone he had ever worked with. If he said he saw Megatron riding inside of Skywarp, then the Decepticon leader's whereabouts were as good as confirmed.
"They’re returning directly from their attack on the Ark.” Mirage deduced.
"I wish I could have been there." Bumblebee sighed. "Instead of being stuck out here."
"Well, that makes one of us.” laughed Mirage. “Battling Megatron is definitely not on my bucket list."
Bumblebee watched Skywarp land within the tower, and then he waited impatiently for the entire structure to descend below sea level before flipping up his comm.
"Not yet." Mirage said. "Usually when one Decepticon returns, another flies out soon after. We need the skies clear when we give our 'Bots the green light to land. Let's give the Decepti-creeps a little more time."

Skywarp transformed and opened his cockpit, releasing Megatron. He noticed that his leader's own transformation seemed painful and protracted. Some of his armor plating was missing, exposing vital components. There were even places on his body where Skywarp could see straight through to whatever was in front of him.
Megatron reached a security door and stumbled through it, leaving a murky trail of energon and mech fluids behind. Starscream was there to greet him as he entered.
"Our fearless leader returns", he grinned. "In shambles."
"I return victorious, fool!" Megatron shot back.
"Have you?" Starscream asked softly.
Megatron limped over to an arc welder laying on a nearby console and used it to stanch the flow of energon gushing from his side. He looked around the room at the faces of the Decepticons assembled there. Rumble was loyal. And even though Skywarp was a Seeker serving under Starscream before the war began, he too was loyal. Soundwave and Reflector appeared to be loyalists, but were in fact, opportunists. Skyfire and Thundercracker didn't care who led. Megatron knew that if Starscream wanted to stage a coup, he would have to sway the undecided over to his side first.
"Optimus still lives." Starscream said.
"And how would you know that?" Megatron asked, already knowing the answer before he asked the question. Soundwave. One of his minions had provided him with this information, and then he, in turn, passed the intel on to Starscream himself.
"Megatron", Skywarp began. "I-"
"Silence!" Starscream hissed. "Don't you know better than to speak when your superiors are discussing matters of importance?"
"Destroying Optimus Prime was never the main objective." Megatron said. "Recovering the space bridge was."
Starscream shook his head. "You could have ordered the Constructicons to build a new one, rather than have them risk their lives and the lives of others to recover it!"
Starscream was playing to the audience now. He cared nothing of the lives of the other Decepticons. Everyone was a pawn to him. Megatron pushed a button on the Nemesis' main computer and Shockwave's face appeared on the screen.
"Is everything... well, Lord Megatron?"
"Shockwave, explain to our woefully uninformed Air Commander why we cannot simply build ourselves a new Space Bridge."
"Certainly." The Decepticon scientist replied. "There are three elements contained within the bridge's components that can no longer be found on Cybertron. Constructing a new, functional space bridge without them is simply impossible."
“That will be all, Shockwave.” Megatron broke off the connection between them believing that he had just put an end to Starscream's argument. He turned to give him a smug smile of satisfaction, but the Seeker was not yet through.
"You could have had the Constructicons form Devastator while inside the Ark!" he shouted. "Once the Autobots were all destroyed, we would have had all the time we needed to recover the Space Bridge!"
Megatron locked optics with Starscream. He was tired of talking. Tired of playing games.
"My fellow Decepticons..." Starscream began. "Perhaps it's time for a change of leadership. Perhaps it is time to choose a leader that has the ability to seize upon his enemies weaknesses and-"
"Perhaps it's time for me to seize you by the neck and twist your head off from your body!" Megatron roared, grabbing Starscream by the throat and preparing to do just that. "Perhaps then I wouldn't have to hear any more shrill voices complaining about how I lead my Decepticons!"
Megatron still possessed enough strength to fight. A fight that Starscream believed the outcome of was not necessarily guaranteed to be in his favor. As long as he still lived there would always be time for more schemes later. Schemes whose outcomes stood to give him a better chance at winning leadership of the Decepticons in the near future.
"Or perhaps, Megatron, you could unhand me so I can lead a squad to collect energon cubes to send over the Space Bridge."
"And which of the flesh creatures's energy production facilities did you have in mind?" Megatron inquired, still maintaining his grip on Starscream's neck.
Soundwave walked over to the Nemesis' computer and punched up an image of Sherman Dam.
Megatron smiled. "An excellent choice, Starscream. Take Skywarp, Thundercracker and Skyfire with you."

(to be continued)
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