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Postby 1984forever » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:08 pm

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“Ah, Shockwave! There you are. I was wondering if you could clarify exactly what this data is pertaining to that Soundwave is transmitting to us from Earth?” Nacelle asked, puzzled by the readings on the large monitor screen in front of him. “It looks like it might be the test results from some sort of Energon experiment.”
“Hmm, let me see.” Shockwave said, approaching the monitor. “It’s... classified.”
“Classified?” Nacelle replied incredulously. “But I am the highest ranking Decepticon here at the moment-“
“You’ve been demoted.” Were the last words Nacelle heard before a powerful bolt of focused X-ray energy tore through his body, nearly cutting him in two.
“I hope that provided you with enough clarity.” Shockwave said coldly, brushing aside bits of Nacelle’s internals off of the control console with his still smoking gun arm.
He tapped a sensor lightly upon it’s surface and the data disappeared, replaced by the visage of three scowling Seekers. Each one, with the exception of their heads and wing stripes, were painted in a single color. Acid Storm was green, Nova Storm was yellow, and their leader, Ion Storm, was painted in a hue of dark blue that reminded Shockwave of storm clouds that were about to burst. This particular squad happened to be one of his favorites. Each member of the trio was intelligent, yet unquestioning. Highly effective on the battlefield, yet they sought no glory for their accomplishments, choosing instead to remain silent and continue to follow orders as they were issued. They were the perfect choice to ensure the success of phase two of Megatron’s plan.
“Rainmakers”, Shockwave called them as they were collectively known, “retrieve the prisoner from his cell and then proceed to the rendezvous point.”
“As you command!” the trio shouted in unison before the monitor switched back to the screen displaying the data from Soundwave.
“Computer, prepare stasis pod “epsilon” for our guest.” Shockwave ordered. “According to my calculations, he should be arriving within the next mega-cycle.”


“Clamp Down! Haul that big ‘Con outta his cell.” shouted Stakeout. “He’s goin’ home!”
Skyfire slumped on the floor of his cell. He was dispassionate now, his anger at the Autobots had long subsided. He had travelled to Iacon seeking their aid in saving the Earth’s resources from being plundered by others of his faction. The Autobots met him with violence, striking him down and imprisoning him, opting instead- as he had been told- to exchange him for a spy who got careless on a mission and wound up a captive of the very Decepticons that he was spying on.
“What is the value of one life when weighed against billions?” thought Skyfire. “It depends on who you ask.” he concluded, well aware that the majority of his race considered organic life forms to be pests, no different than a Nano-Gnat or a Scraplet.
“You’re a deep thinker.” observed the Autobot appearing in front of his cell. “I can see it all over your faceplate. Hi, I’m Clamp Down. I’ll be one of the officers escorting you to Kalis this solar cycle. Please stand up and face the rear wall of your cell.”
Skyfire sighed and did as he was told. Clamp Down turned off the containment bars, walked in, and affixed a pair of Energon cuffs to Skyfire’s wrists. His comm slid down from the side of his helmet.
“Ready, Stakeout.” he spoke into it. “I’m walking the prisoner out of the cell block now. Who’s our transport today?”
“Roadbuster. He’s the only ‘Bot with an alt-mode big enough to fit all three of us.” Stakeout radioed back.
“From armored personnel carrier to paddy wagon to robot and back! And look at that- I’m not even a triple-changer!” Roadbuster joked upon seeing Clamp Down enter the garage with Skyfire.
“Never mind him, he has a weird sense of humor.” Stakeout said, peeking out from the door of Roadbuster’s cab. “Put the prisoner in the back and let’s get goin’.”
Roadbuster started moving as soon as he felt his back door slam shut, rolling toward the entry ramp that led to the subsurface route to Kalis.
“Comfy back there?” he asked.
“You know we’re not.” replied Clamp Down.
There was so little room in the rear of Roadbuster’s alt-form that every time either of his passengers moved there was a squeal of metal on metal contact.
“Ah, your ordeal will be over soon enough.” dismissed Roadbuster. “It’s a short trip.”
“So what’s his story?” asked Stakeout. “Why’d this Decepticon decide to show up at our front gates alone?”
“Wires crossed, maybe?” Clamp Down guessed. “I don’t know.”
“What came out during the interrogation?” pressed Stakeout.
“There wasn’t one. Garboil destroyed his vocoder just as Warpath was taking him into custody.”
“And no one thought to give him a data pad?”
“Red Alert sent one over with Warpath and our friend here threw it right back in his faceplate.”
“So let me get this straight... Red Alert sends the same ‘Bot who shot the prisoner back down to his cell to give him a data pad?”
“Apparently Red stinks at playin’ good cop, bad cop.”
“If the brass had working cerebral circuits they’d be dangerous.” chimed Roadbuster. “Look alive, we’re here.”
Roadbuster thundered out of the tunnel and came to a full stop in front of the bridge to Kalis. It had been an Autobot held territory for much of the war before falling to the Decepticons, but it’s close proximity to Iacon had made it difficult for them to hold, so now it stood virtually abandoned by both factions.
“Everybody out!” he yelled. “Let’s give ‘em back their ‘Con so we can get our ‘Bot back!”
Clamp Down led Skyfire out of the back of Roadbuster’s alt-form and looked across the span that led from Iacon to Kalis. The Rainmakers were already there standing with Bumper.
“Do you see those three mechs with the single color paint jobs?” he asked Skyfire.
Unable to speak, Skyfire simply nodded in acknowledgement.
“When I fire my rifle, start walking towards them.”
Clamp Down fires a round into the sky. Nova Storm sees this and fires his own weapon in response, prompting Bumper to start walking over the span. The two pass each other at the midway point, with Bumper holding his head down as he sidesteps around Skyfire, who is easily four times his size. The Autobots’ reunion is a warm one, standing in sharp contrast to the greeting the Decepticons gave Skyfire- which began with him struggling to get to his feet again after a kick to the back of the knees, while the Rainmakers rained down blows upon his unprotected head. Clamp Down couldn’t bear to watch the beating for an astro-second longer, it sickened him to see a prisoner, even a Decepticon prisoner, mistreated in that manner. He quickly suggested that they all leave to go back to Iacon immediately under the guise of Bumper’s safety, a request that Roadbuster grudgingly obliged.
“Don’t tell me you were shocked”, teased Roadbuster. “What didja expect ‘em to do? Kiss his aft and fill his tank with Energon? That piece of scrap got just what he deserved.”
“Maybe”, replied Clamp Down. “But I’m more concerned with Bumper here- looks like they tore out his vocoder right before they gave him back to us.”
“Savages!” Stakeout shouted from the cab section. “Hand him your data pad so he can write down any requests. Maybe there’s something that we can do to ease his pain before we get back to Iacon”
“Good idea.” replied Clamp Down, quickly handing Bumper the device.
The little Autobot smiled as he accepted it, but what he jotted down upon it’s surface shook Clamp Down to his core. The message read-


(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:56 am

Motto: "TRUE FAN"
Weapon: Cluster Bombs


Shockwave noticed the change in the air before the doors to his laboratory opened. More so, he could feel it in the change in the impedance throughout his circuits. Sunstorm had arrived.
“Shockwave! I seek your aid... my powers... they deliver death to friend and foe alike!”
“So I have been informed. I have prepared a CR chamber in anticipation of your arrival.” Shockwave said, pointing to a large object in an adjacent corner.
Unlike most CR chambers which were tubular and transparent, this one was dark and rectangular. Sunstorm walked up to it, but paused just short of stepping inside.
“Why do you hesitate?” Shockwave asked impatiently.
“Because it bears resemblance to a casket.”
“That’s because it’s exterior is lined with lead. I can assure you that you will be fully functional when next you emerge from it. Now please, step inside. The radiation emanating from your body is already beginning to adversely affect the systems in mine.”
Sunstorm complied, and Shockwave moved swiftly to seal him in. Once inside, his irradiated form illuminated the interior and he recognized the chamber for what it was-
a modified stasis pod.
“You seek to deceive me.” Sunstorm said in a low voice.
“Correction, I have already deceived you.”
“Oh? I believe all of this to be Primus’ will, scientist. It was he who set these events in motion knowing that it would culminate in me returning home to witness the horrors held within this corner of Kolkular.”
“Horrors? I believe you have mistaken me for Straxus. Every experiment I conduct in this laboratory is done solely in the interest of science.”
“I disagree. Still living Autobot wrecks hanging from the rafters, Scraplets kept in plasteel jars, mechs fused together into monstrosities... this is the work of a tainted spark! Must I continue on?”
“If you wish, your words will not change the outcome of what is about to transpire here.”
“My actions will. In mere moments Shockwave, your infernal contraption will go the way of all things mechanical, and I shall burst forth and- “
“-And you will forget what you were going to say. The deletion of every bit of data in your memory banks is now complete, Sunstorm. You will begin experiencing the first stages of stasis lock momentarily.” Shockwave concluded, his attention drawn to a flashing light on the lab’s computer. The Rainmakers appeared on screen as he made his approach.
“Ah, Ion Storm. I see that the emptiness of Kalis has been replaced by the fiery glow of Polyhex. I assume that the prisoner exchange went as programmed?”
“You are correct in that assumption, Commander.” replied Ion Storm. “We have transported Skyfire to the Smelting Pool as per your orders. The traitor is currently awaiting recycling as we speak.”
“The performance of your squad has once again met expectations, Ion Storm. Return to Kalis with your subordinates and wait for further instruction.”


Four gray corpses lay on slabs in the repair bay at Autobase. Hoist tapped the tip of his gun-arm to his chin, puzzled at the cause of death. Behind him, Chief Medical Officer Ratchet looked on via interstellar viewscreen.
“Takedown, Crumble, Groundpounder and Nuetro... they’re all dead. How did this happen, Hoist?”
“Fuel poisoning, It appears.”
“Where in blue blazes did they refuel at?”
“They received their rations here at Autobase, the same as everyone else. In fact, according to our records- Tracks and Smokescreen refueled right along with them. I called the two of them in for maintenance, did some fuel work... and nothing.”
“They were fine?”
“All operating at peak efficiency.”
“Well, where did the Constructicon Patrol go immediately after topping off?”
“Down to the power cells... why?”
“Hmm. My guess would be that some kind of contaminant found their way into their fuel lines shortly after refueling... I suggest that you grab Perceptor and go retrace their steps.”
“Good advice, Ratchet. Hold on...! I’ve got an incoming transmission from Stakeout.”
“Take it. I’ll talk to you later- keep me posted!”
Ratchet’s image disappeared from the screen, replaced an instant later by Stakeout’s mouth as he shouted into Roadbuster’s dashboard cam.
“Hoist! I’ve got an emergency situation here, Bumper’s gone nuts! He shot Clamp Down with his own rifle, and now he’s trying to shoot his way out of Roadbuster!”
“Meet me at the main gate!” Hoist shouted as he transformed into his alt-mode, a streamlined flat-bed Cybertronian tow truck- perfect for the speedy transportion of critically damaged Autobots.
“What is Roadbuster’s condition?” he inquired as he roared out into the streets of Iacon. “He’s still online, I hope.”
“He’s swervin’ all over the road.” Stakeout radioed back. “But I don’t think any of his vitals are placed in the rear of his alt... he’s more hacked off than anything.”
The sentry at the main entrance, Tigertrack, parted the gates and Roadbuster barreled through the opening. Hoist transformed alongside the stricken Wrecker as he skidded to a stop. Stakeout grabbed his rifle and leaped out.
“Little maniac must’ve ran outta ammo.” he growled. “Follow me.”
The two Autobots walked around to Roadbuster’s rear, Stakeout motioned to Hoist to stand back. Roadbuster raised his back door and Bumper came charging out into the path of Stakeout’s rifle butt. The crazed Autobot landed on his back with a thud near Roadbuster’s rear wheel, already offline from the blow.
“Move back!” warned Roadbuster. “I’m gonna throw myself into reverse and flatten that little spawn of a glitch into sheet metal!”
“Easy there, big fella.” Hoist said as he climbed inside the big Wrecker to check on Clamp Down.
“How’s he doin’? inquired Stakeout.
“He’s been um, terminated.”
Stakeout fought the urge to stomp Bumper into pieces as he lay on the ground. “Unbelievable!” he raged. “We risk our lives goin’ to Kalis to rescue this mech, and then he turns around and kills one of us the first chance he-“
Stakeout stopped in mid-sentence, his optics drawn optics to the bottom of Bumper’s feet. Both of his tread plates had been removed and something had been stuffed into the spaces underneath.
“Det-packs.” he gasped.
“Roadbuster, roll out!” Hoist shouted. “Tell Tigertrack to sound the alarms! Stakeout, you defuse one foot, I’ll do the other!”
Bumper coughed just as his comrades began to disarm his feet, dislodging a rough looking Scraplet from his throat in the process.
Hoist drew back in horror. “He’s infested with Scraplets!”
“Hoist, look! Look at his faceplate!” Stakeout exclaimed. “It’s moving!”
Bumper’s visor sunk into one side of his face, and then his entire faceplate collapsed into the interior of his head as if the space underneath had been hollowed out. Dozens of Scraplets poured out of the gaping hole where his facial features used to be, some in robot-mode, others in the forms of nuts, bolts, washers and screws. They spread out over the dead Autobot’s remains, several stopping to further engorge themselves on his already graying corpse, but the vast majority made a beeline for the two fresh meals in front of them.
“Mmmm, we see robots!”

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:20 pm

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“Greetings Shockwave.” a voice hissed from behind.
Shockwave turned to see Ratbat hanging upside down in the entranceway to his laboratory.
“Ratbat. It’s a rare occasion to see you outside of the comfort of your offices.”
“I’m taking a more... “hands on” approach to performing my function as fuel auditor.”
“Intriguing. To what do I owe the honor of this particular Energon expenditure?”
“I’ve come to tell you that your request for additional troops has been fulfilled. The Energon shipment that Starscream sent over from Earth was enough to reactivate a total of two hundred and ninety-seven Decepticon warriors.”
“Thank you, Ratbat. Still... a simple transmission would have sufficed.”
“I’ll get to the point. I could have brought an even three hundred out of stasis had I been able to use the cubes that disappeared after one of your subordinates visited my fuel depot! You wouldn’t happen to know where those Energon cubes wound up now, would you Shockwave?”
“I would.”
“Good. So our little conversation is beginning to bear fruit...”
“The Energon cubes you speak of were loaded onto Astrotrain and transported back to Earth- to a place called Portland Oregon.”
“Which, according to my records, is currently not the location of any of the Decepticon forces stationed there. In fact, the Energon shipment Astrotrain brought back to Earth was received by a human named-“
“Ratbat, is there a reason why you’re attempting to interrogate me? Or do you intend to alleviate the strain on this planet’s fuel resources by provoking me into terminating your life functions?”
“No I ah, er, figured I would speak to you about this first before bringing it to our lord Megatron’s attention.”
“Megatron is aware of the transaction between Astrotrain and the human, after all, it was he who ordered it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other matters to attend to... and I believe you have a meeting scheduled with Straxus in a few mega-cycles at the Smelting Pool.”
“Uh... I do? Regarding what?”
“Fuel consumption, Ratbat. What else?”


Ion Storm stood atop an abandoned armory, completely entranced at the spectacle he was witnessing through a pair of optical enhancers.
“Incredible! I’m watching two Autobots attempt to disarm two separate explosive devices simultaneously while being eaten alive by scraplets!”
“A piece of tin foil would have a better chance of surviving a smelter than those two heroes will have disarming those det-packs.” smirked Acid Storm.
“I don’t know, my friend... they look pretty determined.”
Acid Storm shook his head. “The bombs in his feet are most likely decoys, it’s an old Squadron X trick. The real explosives are probably located in some other part of his body that’s hollow when he’s not in alt-mode...”
“Like his forearms.” suggested Nova Storm.
“Hmm, you mechs just might be right.” Ion Storm conceded. “Either that or the Scraplets chewed through the wires that make their fingers wiggle.”
“They’ve disengaged?” Acid Storm inquired.
“Uh huh, I’m watching them make a break for it in alt-mode now... the bomb must be close to detonat- what the..? Iacon’s gone black! I can’t see a damned thing!”
“Definitely not your average explosive.” Nova Storm said matter-of-factly. “My sensors indicate that it generated an electromagnetic pulse wave as wide as the city itself. That’s what put out the lights.”
“I was thinking the same thing.” added Acid Storm. “I just experienced the same sensation that I always feel whenever Sunstorm enters a-“
“Shhh! Shockwave’s calling!” Ion Storm shushed as he flipped up his comm. “... yes, Commander! ...understood. once, Commander!”
The other two Rainmakers stared at Ion Storm as he broke off the connection.
“Well..? Don’t keep us in suspense... what did he say?” asked Nova Storm impatiently.
“He said Iacon’s defenses are down. Bring the rain.”

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:35 pm

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The sirens Inferno heard wailing before the city went dark were now replaced by a buzz in his audio receptors as well as on his communicator. All around him ‘Bots clanked to their knees, Energon spewing out of open mouths onto metallic streets. The whole scene would have reminded him of his last night at Maccadam’s if not for the ominous crimson clouds gathering overhead. Then, with a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder, the screaming began. Inferno ducked inside the bay of Hoist’s old body shop to avoid the fiery droplets of red liquid pouring from the skies. A moment later, Tracks stumbled in as well. Inferno dashed forward to catch him before he hit the floor.
“Tracks!” he exclaimed. “You all right?”
Energon began flowing out of Track’s mouth as he tried to answer, immediately indicating to Inferno that he was not.
“Aw, Scrap! You’re all messed up, I gotta find you a medic!”
Inferno turned toward the torrent outside just as Hoist came roaring in from it, Scraplets flaking off his body as he changed form.
“Scraplets!” he exclaimed. “I’ll clear the little critters off ya with a hydrogen and oxygen com-“
“Don’t worry about me! The Scraplets are already dying from the rain! Go get Stakeout!” Hoist insisted. “He’s still out there in that mess!”
The raindrops may as well have been hot lava judging by the way they sizzled on the city streets, but Inferno transformed and drove into it without hesitation. The courageous ‘Bot returned astro-minutes later bumper-pushing Stakeout’s stalled alternate form from behind. Once both of them were safely inside, Inferno involuntarily reverted to robot-mode and rolled over onto his back, glitching so badly he could barely speak. When Stakeout tried to transform however, he fell to pieces as his parts shifted. His head rolled off and struck Hoist’s foot as the shocked medic was running over to attend to him. Greedy Scraplets scrambled out of his scattered parts, prompting Hoist to start stomping on the pests while Inferno sprayed.
“Dang it! Darn Scraplets done chewed the poor fella up ‘fore I could get to’im!”
“You tried your best, Inferno.”
Inferno shook his head as he nudged the dead ‘bot’s remains with his gun-arm. “Primus knows I did, still... lord have mercy, that was a real bad way ta go. How’s Tracks doin’ over there?”
“Stable. I found traces of Mimic dust in system.”
“Huh. Never took ‘im for a substance abuser.”
“No, no, the Energon he used to refuel with at Autobase was laced with it.”
“Hm. It was probably in the cubes Elita One and her gals have been pilferin’ from the Decepticons.”
“Yes, and in the cubes brought in by the Throttlebots and Swindler and whoever else has been finding it so easy to sneak into a Decepticon installation as of late.”
“We were set up, pure and simple.”
“Played like puppet-droids. The bomb Stakeout and I failed to defuse hit us with a wave of electromagnetic energy. Apparently electromagnetism causes the molecules in Mimic dust to destabilize and-“
“But wait an Astro-sec, Hoist. Mimic dust... we can’t absorb that junk, can we?”
“Yes we can if the ratio of Mimic dust to actual Energon is low. In small amounts it burns just like the Energon it’s well... mimicking. It also remains undetectable until exposed to E.M. radiation.”
“And i’m guessin’ that’s when the stuff gives us a clank in our tank, right?”
“That’s the long and short of it, yeah.” answered Hoist, as he gave Tracks another scan with his full spectrum multi-sensor. “I managed to save Tracks by siphoning out the contaminated Energon and giving him a transfusion of some of my own.”
Inferno walked over to the exit and stared out into the rain. “We gotta get out there, Hoist!” he said with determination surging through his circuitry. “As soon as this darned acid rain lets up we gotta head on out there and warn everybody we can!”
“If it lets up.”
“It will. The Decepticons’ circuits crackle and pop when an acid raindrop touches ‘em just the same as ours, and trust me- ain’t none of those pieces of scrap got the struts to come waltzin’ in here while the skies are still cloudy! When the rain lets up, we roll for it.”

Outside, a trio of Tetrajets transform and alight upon Iacon’s Great Dome. The three Decepticon warriors stand unmoved, surveying the devastation they have wrought. For as far as the optic can see, the dead and dying litter the city streets. Some died seeking shelter, scratching at doorways rendered inoperable by the acid rain. Many more met their fate in alt-form, either piled up as wrecks on elevated roadways or lying in pieces at the bottom of them after glitched guidance systems caused them to veer off course and plummet to the surface below.
Ion Storm flipped up his communicator. “The rain clouds are beginning to disperse, commander Shockwave.” he radioed. “Although you and your troops may encounter some “sizzle drizzle” and a few short-circuited stragglers as you make your way up the Iacon Speedway.”
“Affirmative, we are moving toward your position now. Maintain control of the skies. Shockwave out.”

(to be continued)
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