Transformers: Rise of the Predacons! Part 1

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Transformers: Rise of the Predacons! Part 1

Postby FuriousRodimus » Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:33 pm

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"This isn’t working Razorclaw. The process is too long, we will be in stasis lock or “The Last Resort” before your plan comes to fruition.”
“Divebomb, we knew this would be a long process when we began. The human’s gestational period is long, I agree, but in the long run this method will provide us with stable flow of fuel and a way to integrate our ideology to the human population as well.”
“But what are we going to do about fuel now?”
“Have Headstrong and Tantrum cause an avalanche and make sure Rampage gets to the survivors and bodies more quickly this time. You provide surveillance again and, if you have the opportunity, bring us more humans for our breeding stock.”
“You still haven’t answered the question Razorclaw.”
“Ngh. Very well. I have been in contact with Overlord –“
“That upstart!?”
“- Who has taken an interest in our operation here and has agreed to provide us with Energon and the scientist Blood to shorten the humans gestational period and find a way to promote breeding in their own Primus-forsaken way.”
“Very good, almighty Razorclaw.”

“This is the life hey Headstrong? Crushing humans and freezing them up at the same time! If only Megatron would have paid more attention on how to use these worthless creatures.”
“Agreed. But let’s focus on fuel and the signal from Rampage.”
In the distance the roar of cougar was heard and the rustling of animals towards a low lying ski area.
“Oh, haha fun, Rampage is adding a bit of sport to this. Look bears, cougars and deer, to help in the fueling process.”
“Raszorclaw won’t like this one bit, but lets go Headstrong and put these creatures on ice!”
Tantrum and Headstrong both rammed headlong into a large snow pile that had been cleared off for heavy machinery above the ski runs. The scream from the humans and the cries of the animals below was incredibly satisfying for the two Predacons at the top of the run.
“I admire Rampage’s technique for this sort of thing. Tantrum, you have repulsor-sled?”
“As always, time to bring home the bacon, the human bacon, hahahaha!”

“Guard patrol is so boring. Nothing worth destroying up here, but at least I get to visit my own little breeding ground, hehe.”
Landing at the top of a mountain Divebomb transformed to robot mode and entered into a cave.
“So how is my happy little couple? I’ve brought you a treat that you’ll find delicious to eat.” As he said this he dropped the broken body of young man down in front of the two humans.
“We’re not eating that! That’s disgusting!” cried out the pale young man.
“Fine. Starve, or throw yourselves over the cliff. Either way I will enjoy it”
“ You’re a monster!” screamed the dark-haired young woman.
“Hardly. We Predacons are efficient and curious. Be thankful that you will not have to meet Blood. He really is a monster! Now eat. I will be back next week with more tasty meat. I would have thought you’d be used to eating your own kind by now. It’s been one lunar cycle already. Hahahahaha! Fair well you miserable flesh creatures!”

“You Idiot!” Razorclaw roared as he backhanded Rampage in the face. “Causing the animals to stampede was idiotic, the avalanches have been naturally occurring this spring, but you lacked the foresight to even start a fire, or another avalanche to explain the stampede. This will surely alert the humans. We’ll have to lay low now for a while. We won’t have another opportunity for such a harvest for a while. Now, get out of my sight!”
Sitting back down in his chair he turned back to face the computer monitor. 17 more hours until the Energon and Blood arrives. I hate that infectious shell he wears but he knows more about organics than anyone so I will tolerate him.
Divebomb entered into the command hub “I have checked on the young Witwicky couple, and fed them as per your instructions.”
“And how are they enjoying their new diet?”
“They are becoming more vehement with each passing week, but are still eating enough to survive. I also scanned for instruments for them to escape but found none. Also the girls body temperature indicates a probable lack of strength for such an endeavor.”
“Excellent. They are still on what the humans call their honeymoon so they will not be missed for sometime yet. Lengthen the amount of time between feedings for them but keep a closer eye on them. That fool Bumblebee will certainly be looking for them before too long.”
As Divebomb left Razorclaw opened a transmission Soundwave who was still in hiding aboard the remains of the Nemesis.
“Razorclaw reporting in.”
“Proceed, Razorclaw.”
“ I would like for you to begin monitoring the residence of Sam & Mikaela Witwicky for an increase of incoming calls, as well as on any cellular devices they may have. Also, please add their names to the official list of missing persons that the human media will put out from today’s avalanche.”
“Lord Megatron will be pleased with your efforts Razorclaw.”
“Heh, not if he finds out about them before I can present the finished product.”
“It’s true, the glitch that you Predacons have endured has turned out to be advantageous hasn’t it”
Tch, nothing does escape your audio receptors, does it Soundwave? It’s likely safe to assume you know about my contact with Overlord too then. Megatron’s loyal retainer is giving me just enough room to run that if I get out of line it will all come crashing down on us.

“Don’t worry Razorclaw, I won’t tell Megatron about your clandestine operation unless I find it profitable to do so, but I believe your operation will be even more profitable for the Decepticon Empire.”
You spark-less spawn of a glitch. At least there are no transmissions or connected data hubs on the King of Beasts project. I just need one more week and that too will be complete.
“Thanks for your consideration Soundwave. I may also be requesting reinforcements in making sure the Autobots don’t interfere. We’re quite well dug in here in the Kananaskis mountain range but we don’t want our shipment from Overlord interfered with.”
“Of course, I’ll send out Laserbeak and Ratbat to monitor the area and report to you directly if they detect a threat.”
“Thank you. Razorclaw out.”

Razorclaw boarded the open-air ele-car and descended into the bowels of the mountain base. Already he could smell the aroma rising up from the pens below. These humans sure are tasty. Soundwave was right, the glitch in our alt-mode scanning process was agony at first but now knowing how to refuel it has become a great delight.
“Tantrum! Is it the fueling ready?”

“Yes Razorclaw. I’ve released your food into the hunting grounds below, and they have been armed with earth guns as per your request. As well I only released the most round ones since they provide the most fuel. The rest are being fuelled forcibly for future use.”
“Excellent. Headstrong, how is the breeding stock?”
“The males of the species are doing their part. They are quite aggressive with the females when their survival depends on their ability to breed.”
Razorclaw watched on the screens of the breeding pens as Headstrong continued to monitor them. The depths of these human’s depravity knows no bounds! Even the most treacherous Decepticons have more respect for one another than these creatures, and even Starscream recognizes the need to ensure that protoform technology must be treated with care. Surely we would be doing the universe a favor by wiping this species out!
“Good. Remove any females who begin gestation of their protoforms. We don’t want them damaged if we are to make this operation viable. I’m going below for a hunt. Inform me if anything changes.” Razorclaw paused as he walked away, and looked back over his shoulder. “If any of the males permanently damage one of the females protoform-generation ability make certain the offending male is turned over to Blood upon his arrival for live dissection and experimentation.”
“Yes sir.”

As the Decepticon Blood neared the Sol System he checked his star map to ensure that the Nemesis wouldn’t come between his current position and his destination, the Predacon base. Remember Blood, I want you to observe how these Predacons process biological matter, determine away to shrink the process and increase its output ten-fold. These were the instructions that he had received from Overlord upon leaving base on Garrus-9. In truth He was glad to be out of there, the former prison planet afforded little in the way of experimentation on new life-forms, and his hideous Pretender-mode kept him apart from the other Decepticons. Now he got to bring Overlord’s ultimate goal closer to fruition and experiment on more organics but from a different part of the galaxy. How fun!
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Re: Transformers: Rise of the Predacons! Part 1 (II)

Postby FuriousRodimus » Tue May 25, 2010 2:34 pm

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“Razorclaw, come in. Autobots are within 300 kilometers of your position.” Soundwave’s call rocked Razorclaw forward in his seat. He raised the comm. channel to Laserbeak
“Laserbeak, do you have a lock on their identity? Are they in communication further back?”
“Scans identify them as Skids and Mudflap, comm. traffic indicates they are communicating with an Autobot about 500 kilometres east of their current position, that Autobot is not moving.”
“Very good.”
“Divebomb, Headstrong, Tantrum! Prepare to engage Autobots. Divebomb, serve as a diversion to lead them into the southern mountain ranges, Headstrong, Tantrum, do what you do.”

An hour away from the Predacons’ mountain base the twins spotted Divebomb circling the four lane highway at high altitude.
“Yo, Mudflap, that Con be trippin up there, just flippin all ova the place.”
“Fo sho, lets ground that turkey permanently.”

“That’s right you fools, keep on following me right into your grave.” Divebomb continued flying south deeper into the Kananaskis mountain range taking the twins off the main road and down an abandoned logging road which ended in a dense thicket of underbrush and the two Autobots were forced to park side by side.
“Yo Mudflap, do feel like -!”
In a sudden whirlwind of carnage, Headstrong and Tantrum charged through the brush in their beast modes, crashing headfirst into the parked Autobots from opposite sides. Smashing the twins together and severely damaging their alternate modes.
“At last some action, eh Tantrum?”
“You got that right!”
The rhino and bull backed off and began circling around the wounded Autobots. “Get up you weaklings, we want to have some fun with your misery!”
Skids and Mudflap, transformed and got to their feet. “You animals messed with the wrong bots.”
Tantrum snorted out a laugh, and answered in his low, rough voice “Did we now? Oh, I don’t think that we did.” He lowered his head menacingly, reared back and charged at Mudflap before jumping, transforming, and tackling the smaller robot. They landed with Tantrum on top of Mudflap, and his gun pointed up underneath the Autobots chin. “Well that was fun, kind of, I guess. Sayanora, damn Autobot” Tantrum pulled the trigger and Mudflap’s face exploded apart.
“Mudflap no!” was all Skids had time to scream before Headstrong impaled him and drove him into a tree. “Die, Autobot” Shaking his head violently Headstrong pulled back, shaking the Autobot apart in torrent of sheet metal and hydualic fluid..
“Haha, good work. Tantrum to Razorclaw: Autobots eliminated.”
“Excellent. Return to base, keep your optics open for any other Autobots.”

“These humans are fascinating Razorclaw. Their biological systems are extremely complex and how they convert biological matter to energy is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and their reproductive system, well that unlike anything in Transformer physiology,” Blood said, practically dripping oil from his mouth in his anticipation.
“That’s all well and good. How long until you can accelerate the process? I must have something to present to Lord Megatron.”
“Probably one or two more days. The introduction of a small bit of energon and the bit of Cybertronian nano-tech you donated that I can replicate should accelerate the process but the trick will be accelerating without killing the host human, and harvesting from the males, although the threat of death should coerce that out of them.”
“Very good Blood. I’m sure Overlord will be most pleased with your contribution to the Decepticon cause. I’ll be recommending you for a promotion.”
“My deepest gratitude. And may Lord Megatron be pleased with your contribution as well.”

Divebomb sailed on the air currents up to the mountain cave where he had stashed the humans two weeks ago. As he transformed and entered the cave he saw the remains of the young man he had brought up several days ago.
In high-pitched bird-like voice he asked “Oh, you finally fully succumbed to hunger did you? Razorclaw will be most pleased with this time frame. Well I must be off. So long humans.” He turned and stepped off the cliff before transforming and returning to base.”
“Prime’s not coming, is he Sam?”
“I don’t know Mikaela. I thought he would have been here by now, or Bumblebee, or any one, or…”
“What are we going to do? We can’t live like this, like animals feeding on other people, it’s just so wrong. I hate myself for what I di-“
“What we did Mikalela… what we did.”
“My God, what have we become? What have we become?”
The sun began to set, and a cruel chill settled over them, even huddled together they could not banish it, and it would haunt them until the sun came up again.

Divebomb returned to the Predacon base with great glee at the suffering he had witnessed in the two humans. It had been quite simple to snatch them while they were hiking on a secluded trail and bring them before Razorclaw. Divebomb was more than happy to stash them in his nest away from prying Decepticon and Autobot eyes. Suffering is always so exciting, no matter which species does it.
“The humans have degraded themselves Razorclaw. You were right to expect such behavior from them. They have no internal fortitude!”
“What is this Razorclaw?” Blood interjected “What other schemes are you hatching?”
“Hnh, Blood… I simply wanted to know how far the humans could be pushed before succumbing to the need to survive. The males we have gathered here are all base examples of the human race so I didn’t expect much of them, and certainly they have done nothing to change my disdain for them. But those two had the respect of a Prime, which means he must have seen something of value in them and they were like affected by his honor as well. They are stronger than their human counterparts here but obviously still only human.”
“And what do you hope to accomplish through this?”
“Two things: First, see how long they could resist their urge to survive.”
“See how long before they destroy themselves.”

The next several days were a flurry of activity as Blood oversaw the experimentation to accelerate the human gestation and growth process. Many humans were discarded as he sought the right level of Energon and Cybertronian technology to introduce to the humans system. At least that’s what he was doing on the surface, and by all means he was succeeding but he was still working to find out how their neural nets worked, how they could be erased and reprogrammed, and how to increase their energy output and be integrated with full-size Transformer physiology. Razorclaw continued with the King of Beasts project with the other Predacons, along with continuing their occasional solo hunts for fuel in and outside the base.
The comm. buzzed at Razorclaw’s lab as he finished modifications to Headstrong and Tantrum for their incorporation in the King of Beasts project.
“Razorclaw, report.”
“hnh, What is it Soundwave?
“Lord Megatron reports Autobot activity entering the solar system.”
“How many?
“Just two, their trajectory indicates that they will be landing about 500 miles east of your position.”
“That’s the location the Twins were transmitting to. We’ll head there in 10 breems once the final gestalt neural net adjustments are made. We’ll eliminate these newcomers. How many Autobot signatures are at that current position?”
“Two. These two new interlopers will make four.”
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Re: Transformers: Rise of the Predacons! Part 1

Postby FuriousRodimus » Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:16 pm

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At the Autobot field command, housed at a Canadian Forces base due to NEST’s dissolution after the events in Shanghai and Egypt, Optimus Prime waited impatiently.
“Why haven’t Skids and Mudflap reported in yet? They should have been able to determine the root cause of the avalanches by now.”
Bumblebee looked up from the console he was manning, “You know the Twins, Prime, they like to goof around. Not like me, of course.”
“Hmm, you may be right. Any word from the Witwicky’s?”
“Negative, Sam and Mikaela are listed as missing in the last avalanche… I should have gone with them Prime. This could have been avoided.”
“No, Bumblebee, your presence on the trail would have disturbed the other humans, and even if you moved your fastest you could not have gotten there to help them.”
“At least let me go search for them. I can go in after the search teams leave for the night, bring them back to their parents and friends at least.”
“Very well, you have my permission. Please take care of them.”
Bumblebee stood up and left the command bunker, transforming as he reached the highway that would lead him west, and to the graves of his friends.
Optimus turned back to his monitors, and he found his mind wandering to his fallen comrades, and wondering how many more he would lose before the war finally came to its conclusion, or if he would be there to see it firsthand. So many lives, so many friends had been lost, many of them never receiving a proper send off because of the war, and grief at their sacrifice nearly overwhelmed him.
The headquarters radar beeped once, alerting Prime to Autobot signatures, one airborne, and another along the ground heading directly toward their position. And as quickly as they had appeared on the radar, they appeared before him as they blasted toward the hanger. One was a jet of obvious Cybertronian origin, and the other was a red flat-nosed tractor-trailer unit. The jet looped around before transforming at the top of the loop and landing on his feet. The semi pulled in and transformed combining with his trailer and both strode the hanger, both were heavily armored and armed.
“Optimus Prime.” The jet stated in a clear, booming voice.
“Who are you?”
“I am Star Saber, Autobot commander of Sector 1”
“And I am God Ginrai, commander of Sector 2”
Prime’s eyes narrowed, before recognition clicked “Saber, Ginrai…but how? What happened to you? You were just guards before – “
“Not anymore Prime,” Ginrai cut in, his temper flaring momentarily, “I mean, sir, we were but you see -”
“The Matrix of Leadership -” Star Saber continued
“Was destroyed, I destroyed it to protect the earth.”
“Is earned, not found. Isn’t that what the boy learned when he entered the Matrix? So it with both Ginrai and myself. We earned favor from the Matrix and have been have been transformed by its energies.”
“That’s impossible, I would have felt it in my spark if the Matrix would have found new Primes.”
“Bah, Primes are an old, out-dated concept, unfit for the war we now face.” Ginrai blurted, as his frustration increased, and he remembered the dogmatic Autobots who had refused to accept his command because they clung to lineage of the Primes so dearly, and couldn’t accept the Matrix would choose to work without a Prime.
“What Ginrai is trying to say is: we are not Primes, but Matrix-appointed commanders in the Autobot army. We have no interest in lineage, or heritage but rather in ending this conflict. We need you to return with us to Supreme Headquarters and rally the Autobots around yourself, last of the Primes, to unite the divisions that are growing in the Autobot ranks so that we can defeat the Decepticons once and for all.”
“No,” Optimus responded flatly “I must remain here and protect this world that the Allspark endangered.”
“See, I told you it would do no good Star Saber, this jalopy has taken too many knocks in the mainframe to see past this battlefield. He’s no better than Megatron in that regard.”
“Enough, Ginrai, go outside and see if you can receive any updates from the frontlines.”
Ginrai turned about smartly and exited the hanger, leaving Star Saber and Optimus alone. “I apologize for him Optimus, things have not gone well in Sector 2 and he is feeling the weight of leading soldiers to their death, and knows that his absence may worsen the situation.”
“Then why come at all?”
“Because, deep in his spark, he knows we need you. He knows we need a Prime to unite us and drive back the Decepticons.”
“I, I cannot. Not now, Megatron is still out there-“
“And what have you done about that? Have you led an offensive to kill him, to end the threat he poses?”
“With NEST we tried to, we hunted down the remaining Decepticons, we were on the verge of –“
The comm. buzzed to life “Prime, this is Bumblebee, I’ve found something.”
“What is it Bumblebee?”
“The Twins, Prime. They’re dead. It looks bad Prime, it looks like they never stood a chance.”
“I’m rolling out Bumblebee,” Prime said, switching off the comm. “And you’re going to take me there Star Saber.”
“Very well. You are the Prime, but,” Star Saber replied, as he drew face to face with Optimus “this conversation is not over.”


“Razorclaw, come in.”
Razorclaw sat up as the neural net alignment helmet pulled away and the top of his head plate was replaced and secured.
“What is it Soundwave?”
“Lord Megatron demands to see you and the Predacons on the Nemesis.”
“What is this about Soundwave? I’m very busy here, our projects are beginning to bear fruit, King of Be-“ Razorclaw caught himself, but it was too late.
“Project King of Beasts. The project to replicate and enhance the Devastator Project allowing the components to retain both primary and alt forms and their own independence.”
“How do you know?”
“Come now, Razorclaw all of the materials you requisitioned couldn’t possibly have been for your research on the humans or your own biomechanical glitch. And as for how I know the name well, your teammates do tend to mutter to themselves on open comm. channels.”
Blast you Soundwave. So you’ve known all along. Well there is nothing I can do about that now it seems.
“Megatron wants your technology sent to the Nemesis now for replication and integration.”
“I’ll send him the tech specs, but there is no way I can come to the Nemesis now.”

“Very well, but watch yourself Razorclaw, loyalty to Megatron and his commands are paramount for us Decepticons.” With that final statement, the comm. channel blipped and went dead.

Star Saber and Optimus Prime landed in the clearing where Bumblebee found the Twins bodies. Prime stepped off of Star Saber as they passed over and Star Saber looped around, transforming as he landed.
“This is barbaric. Who did this Bumblebee?”
“I can’t tell Prime. There are footprints similar to earth animals but the prints are obviously mechanical in origin. I have no idea what caused them, but I do know that they went that away deeper into the forest. Also, who’s the new bot?
“Bumblebee, this is Star Saber, commander of Sector 1”
Bumblebee stood up from his crouch over the Twins bodies and shook Star Saber’s hand.
“I’m pleased to meet you but I’ve got to get going, I’m looking for two human friends of mine. I’ll see you back at headquarters Prime.” Bumblebee transformed to his Camaro mode and tore off back down the gravel road to take the main highway that lead further into the mountain range, and closer, hopefully, to his friends so he could see them one last time.


As Bumblebee approached the tourist town of Banff his sensors began to indicate a single Decepticon energy signal south of the town skimming along the valley created by two sets of mountain ranges. Bumblebee pulled off the road, and drove into the brush before transforming to robot mode so he could use his optic sensors scoping feature. At a range of 2 kilometers and rising he saw a Decepticon hoverjet pull up and toward a cliff face. Bumblebee scanned around for humans before standing and following the Decepticon into the valley and toward the cliff.


Overlord will be so pleased with me! Not only did I figure out to increase the energy generation process of the humans, but I have two samples to bring back as well! And if my calculations are correct two human “engine” components should increase power exponentially! Oh Divebomb, thanks for letting me know about this place.
Blood skimmed over the treetops of Banff National Park, illuminated by the cool white light of Earth’s moon. Upon reaching foot of the mountain where the two humans were stored, Blood transformed to robot mode without calling for man-bat like Pretender shell. Using his innate flight ability Blood began to scale the mountain, but was stopped violently as he was tackled to the ground. Bumblebee landed on top of him. Drawing his gun, pointing it in Blood’s face he asked “Who are you, Decepticon?” Blood responded in violence. He attacked by firing his dorsal jets, ramming his head into Bumblebee’s.
“Well, you are quite the tricky one aren’t you?” Blood opined as he stood “But you won’t interfere with my plan to take these humans to Overlord.”
“What humans?”
“Oh, friends of yours? You Autobots sure have gotten soft since you came to Earth. Your sector 2 commander would have de-sparked me where I stood.”
“Enough talk!” Bumblebee roared as he launched himself at Blood. Blood sidestepped deftly, hammering Bumblebee in the back of the head with both fists, driving him into the ground. Bumblebee rolled, uprooted a tree and swung it into Blood’s torso. Blood responded in kind, and the two clashed, wood splintering in the quiet night. Blood’s tree shattered, and Bumblebee staggered under the blow momentarily. It was enough. Blood launched himself at Bumblebee, summoning his Pretender shell as he did so. Bumblebee tried to dodge Blood, and almost succeeded, but Blood’s Pretender tongue slipped around his throat, siphoning his energy in seconds.
“Well that was fun,” Blood chuckled as his tongue retracted into his mouth “But I’ve got business to attend to.” He once again shed his Pretender form and flew up to the cave above.

“You humans still here?” Blood called out in a fake sing-song voice as he entered the cave. “Ah, there you are. Oh my, Divebomb must have fed you again, you look much better than he last described. Have you finally developed a taste for the flesh of your own kind?”
“Why are you here? Why do you keep doing this to us?” Mikaela screamed at him “Haven’t you had enough of torturing us?”
“Indeed I have. I’ve come to set you free.”
“Whoa, what? How are you going to do that? You’re a Decepticon aren’t you?” Sam asked.
“Ah, you are a perceptive one aren’t you? Well, I am, but I have recently developed technology for erasing human minds, and I thought you might be anxious to forget the rather grisly things you’ve done up here.”
“Don’t do it!” Bumblebee yelled as he lurched weakly at Blood.
“Oh my, I must remember to finish my meals before I go and play.” Blood smirked coldly as he kicked Bumblebee into the side of the cave. Bumblebee slumped down, and the light of his eyes fizzled out.
“Bumblebee, no!” Sam cried out. Sudden realization forced itself into Sam’s mind. This is how it will be forever, I’ll always be caught between the Transformers and their war. I just want… I just want out. “Wait, wait! Stop. I’ll go with you. I’ve had enough, ever since I went to buy a car I’ve been caught up in the war, and there is no way out. I don’t want to remember any of this, I don’t want to live this life anymore.’
“Oh, well isn’t this a twist? Your Autobot friend comes charging in here looking to save you from the big bad Decepticon, and you elect to go along with me instead!? Razorclaw was right, your species really is something else. Oh well, Overlord is waiting, and I have to be away before Razorclaw suspects anything. Come on boy, and bring your friend with you.” Blood kneeled, and extended his hand “Come with me, I promise you won’t remember anything.”
Sam suddenly sprinted toward the exit of the cave, past Blood’s outstretched hand and hurled himself off of the cliff. I’m so sorry Mikaela, I just can’t do this anymore. I can’t be a pawn to them anymore. Sam thought as he plummeted into the night.
“Well, that was unexpected. I guess your lover really did want out. Now what will you do?”
“I’ll come with you,” Mikaela answered through tears and vomit.
“That’s a good girl,” Blood said as he scooped her up and into his cockpit as he transformed. “We’ll retrieve his body, but don’t worry I’ll keep it in storage, away from you. Believe it or not, I am a mech of my word, and once we reach our destination you won’t remember a thing.”

End of Act 1

Act II: Anxiety

“Welcome Decepticon warriors. Welcome to the Nemesis, and the tip of the spear that will pierce the spark of the Autobot resistance,” Megatron proclaimed to the six Decepticon warriors who stood before him. “I trust Soundwave handled your re-formatting and upgrade with his customary skill.”
“Yes he did, and I must say it is an honor to serve you almighty Megatron. Every Decepticon dreams of serving under your personal command, and so I am humbled that you requested my team and I to work for you in breaking the back of the Autobots and their pitiful rebellion against your rightful rule.”
“Leozack, you flatter me, but we have business to attend to. Show me your six-robot unification. Show me Liokaiser.”
“As you command, Megatron.”
The six robots stepped out of the Nemesis and onto the surface of Titan.
“All right troops! Let’s give this a go! Merge to form Liokaiser,” Leozack shouted as he transformed to his F-14 alt –mode before forming the chest of Liokaiser. Gaihawk also transformed, along with Hellbat as a MiG-29 and Dassault Rafale fighter jets respectively before forming Liokaiser’s left and right arms, with Jaruga, Killbison and Drillhorn transformed into a armored scout car, Geppard anti-aircraft tank, and Cybertonin drill tank to form the waist and legs of the giant gestalt.
“Excellent show my Decepticons. With this you shall be the most feared of all Decepticons.”
Starscream joined Megatron outside, “You mean second most feared of all Decepticons right?”
“Starscream, I’ve had almost enough of you. You accomplished very little in both of my absences, other than bring me back to life. Now, Liokaiser, make preparations to join the Predacons on Earth.”
“Yes, my lord!”


“Where is Blood?” Razorclaw roared at the other Predacons.
“Uh, gee, Razorclaw, we don’t know. It looks like he finished his work, and uh, left,” Tantrum muttered “All of the data is still in the mainframe, and a number of the humans are developing their protoforms at a very fast rate, as he promised.”
“You don’t say. I’m aware of that but why did he leave the base without my permission? Hnh, Divebomb check on the other experiment. I suppose I should be thankful though, the process is working and the survival among the females is high, as is their turn around period, and the males are behaving themselves after Blood got a hold of the delinquents.”
“Razorclaw,” snarled Tantrum “I’m picking up two Autobots close to where Headstrong and I disposed of the other annoyances.”
“Predacons, fuel up. We’re going hunting.”
“Alright! It’s play time!”
“Divebomb, prepare for reconnaissance, we’ll worry about the experiments later.”


“Blood, you’re back much sooner than I would have thought,” Overlord noted dully from his command chair. He was nearly rusted to the chair from inactivity. Despite being in command of a significant force of Decepticons it had been some time since Overlord had seen frontline combat since his last defeat at the hands of God Ginrai. He had been morose and withdrawn, although still able to conceive of tactics and command force with regular effectiveness, he rarely lead from the front, which had been his hallmark.
“The trip to earth went surprisingly well. You will again assume your title as Ambassador of Destruction soon enough.”
Overlord’s head cocked to the side, rust shaking and falling from his neck mechanisms “What was that?.”
“I simply mean, Your Excellency, that the Autobots have not seen you in sometime, and there are rumours, you see, about your current state. Some other Decepticon units are calling you the Ambassador of Rust, but not any of your own, they know of course of your ambitions both for yourself and the Decepticon Empire.”
“Of course. So what have you brought me?”
“Humans, my lord, inhabitants of earth, one is non-functional but the other is operating normally. I promised them I would make them forget their role as the Autobots pawns. As you can see,” Blood gestured to a crudely constructed holding cell that was displayed on main monitor “they had some form of emotional attachment to each other, and it will make the process I have in mind so much more beneficial to you.”
“You see in my research I watched how these humans processed energy, and I believe I can revive the one, replace their memories and re-configure them to act as supplemental engines for you.”
Overlord rose from his chair, shaking off pounds of oxidization, and the rust of accumulated depression and regression began flaking off his legs and torso. “Do it.”


“Star Saber, radio Ginrai for re-inforcements. What ever was here is worth investigating further.”
“Yes Prime.”
Prime then raised his own wrist communicator, “Bumblebee, come in. Report your status.”
The wrist comm. buzzed weakly before Bumblebee’s voice came in very faintly “P-prime, I am heading back to base…the Decepticons they took Sam and Mikaela, I couldn’t save him…he was tired of being … a pawn Prime…”
Prime was once again seized by an old sense of loss, one he had not felt in some time, not since the early days of the war and the fighting so long ago. I’ve brought destruction and death to a world that does not deserve to be caught up in the war. But what if I hadn’t ordered the AllSpark to be sent from Cybertron? The Decepticons may have found Earth sooner or later, and by then the Autobots would have been powerless to stop them. But –
“Ginrai, is on his way Prime. He’ll be here shortly.”
“Too bad that shortly will be too late Autobots!” A voice cut in from above.
Star Saber had enough time to look up before being swept aside by a giant hand that seemed to blot out the sun. Prime was able to dodge and roll back up to his feet to face the towering monstrosity that stood before him. The thing attacked with animalistic ferocity, brandishing a sword that was easily as tall Prime himself. Prime drew his Energon swords and caught the attacking blade in an X before his face. The force drove him back, his heels digging up dirt and brush. Shifting his momentum Prime fell backwards to try and draw his opponent off balance, but the monster remained on his feet and drew to his full height.
“So the rumours of this Prime having some brass were clearly accurate! This battle will be more fun than we thought.”
Star Saber, rose to his feet, and activated his thrusters, rocketing him toward the new menace. He landed on his enemies back, wrapped his arms around its head and attempted to wrench it off by bracing his feet on its back, and yanking with all the might in his servos.
“I don’t know who you are monster, but I’m taking you down.”
“The name is Predaking. Disengage interlock!”
The component members of Predaking returned to their animal forms, and resumed their assault. Razorclaw leapt at Prime. Prime rolled with the attack and tossed the lion into a grove of trees. Rampage circled around looking for an opening, but Prime transformed and rumbled toward him, forcing Rampage to leap out of the way. Tantrum snorted smoke and charged Star Saber, catching him at full stride and forcing him into the air. Star Saber transformed and engaged Divebomb who had been perched in a tree to waiting to strike. Headstrong thundered down at Prime from behind, and managed to lodge a horn in Prime’s tires, causing Prime to fishtail.
“Prime, we need to get out of here!” Star Saber shouted while dodging a missile fired by Divebomb.
“I’m gonna jet out of here, jump on as I come by,” Star Saber ordered as he deployed chaff and flares to confuse the Decepticons targeting arrays.
“Idiots,” Razorclaw cried, “Merge, quickly before they get away!” The Predacons responded quickly and began their merge sequence, but Star Saber burst through firing at Razorclaw as he went, knocking the process out of sync. Prime, jumped and caught hold of the Star Saber’s intake, and continued to fire behind to ensure they were not pursued.
“I’ve got a lock on Bumblebee’s location Prime, we’ll swing by, grab him and take him back to base for repairs.” Star Saber informed Optimus as they rocketed away from the battlefield.
“Fools,” Razorclaw murmured. “Alright, transform and head back to base. We’ve scared them off for now, but they’ll be back to find their human friends I’m sure.


“Overlord, the process is complete!” Blood spoke with absolute glee in his voice, “the humans have been transformed for your purposes, and your own adjustments for them are now complete. Allow me to introduce to you Lord Giga and Lady Mega, your Godmaster components!”
Overlord rotated his chair to face them as they entered the doorway. “I see, why give them such names though Blood?”
“To indicate their superiority to humanity, Your Excellency, and to describe the power that you yourself will have access to.”
Overlord nodded his approval, rose from his throne and approached the small armored figures. Lord Giga’s armor was blue in the torso and white in the arms, and Lady Mega’s coloration was the reverse. Overlord was pleased to see that they had chose to pay him homage in their choice of colors. Blood stood by wringing his hands with malicious glee at his creations, curious to see how Overlord would respond to them.
“I am Overlord. Remove your helmets, and stand before me.” The humans did so and stepped forward in unison. “Lord Giga, what is your purpose?”
“To serve you, and help you to fulfill your dreams.”
“And how will you do that?”
“By assisting you when you call upon us.”
“Lady Giga, who are the Autobots?”
Mikaela’s lips curled in a sneer “An impediment to our plans, and traitors to the galaxy.”
“She’s feisty, I like this one. Who are Sam and Mikaela Witwicky?”
“Weaklings,” Lord Giga replied, his eyes narrowing at the names.
“No more,” Lady Mega chimed in.
“Excellent,” Overlord declared, his lips turning up slightly in the corners “Now unite with me, and together we can rule bring about a new order of power and glory!”
“Yes, my lord!” the Godmaster components shouted, as they leapt forward, their bodies contorting and twisting with the upgrades Blood had worked into them, and they inserted themselves into two specially built slots on Overlord’s chest. Overlord roared with his new power, as it surged through circuits and servos, he could feel it, the symbiosis between the organic and the mechanical, three power units of two different types working in concert, a veritable symphony of destruction waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting audience.
“Blood, find me a battlefield. The Ambassador of Destruction has some ‘diplomacy’ to do with his fellow Cybertronians.”


Strident continued sitting at his post at the Sector Two command post but his mind was far away. He’d been stationed there for ages, listening to orders going out, and reports coming in. He felt like he’d been stuck in first gear since he emerged from the well of AllSparks. Of course he knew the stories of Optimus Prime becoming Prime after being just a data clerk for untold cycles (the length increased with every telling, at this rate Optimus would be a Prime a day after the Fallen fell) and he hoped to have such an opportunity for himself. To be a hero, or even a communications officer like Blaster, someone with position, someone that people listened to. That bot has gone places, seen things, maybe he even worked with Optimus Prime once, or Ultra Magnus if only I…
Lost in a reverie, Strident missed hearing the first perimeter alerts being sounded, the first casualty reports scrolled across a screen to his left but they barely registered, Another day, another loss, he thought, nothing new in Sector Two. Surely he would have responded to the second wave of alerts, heard the calls to contact commander Ginrai on Earth, to signal for reinforcements from Sector 1, to Primus-damnit, Strident, quit glitching out and do something, but by then the wall housing the command hub of sector two headquarters had already blown in, a Cybertronian hover tank and assault jet had flown in and blasted Strident’s compatriots to atoms, would have heard two voices call out “God On!” and the sound of a large Transformer changing form. And still he sat, far away from the war, dreaming of great deeds and personal glory. That’s when he felt the large hand encasing his cranium and lifting him from his chair, snapping him out of his reverie.
“Greetings weakling,” the words caused Strident’s spark to twitch “I seem to have caught you nearly off-line. If I had known about such a weak link in the Hub I would have attacked long ago. Oh well, the Space Bridge not taken, eh?”
Strident lashed out with his feet, trying to strike the larger Overlord, but, amused, Overlord simply held him out further so his feet struck air. Strident continued to kick and try to wrench himself free until Overlord tired of it and tossed him against a back wall. He felt something break in his lower back unit and he realized he was no longer to move his legs, or to transform. He pushed himself up to sitting. As he gazed back toward Overlord standing in triumph he saw other Decepticons fly in the hole that Overlord had caused, he recognized their forms with a feeling of dread: Blood, Dauros, and Gilmer, Overlord’s scientist and shock troopers. Then two more jets joined him, Hydra and Buster, Overlord’s elite soldiers and bodyguards, although it seemed Overlord no longer needed them in that capacity. He saw them illuminated by the star Alpha Centauri, saw the confident and malicious looks on their faces, saw Overlord gaze upon him imperiously, felt his sparks rhythm stutter, and knew with dread certainty he would never be a hero…

The pacification of the Hub went swiftly as Overlord once again displayed the brutal efficiency that earned him the title “Ambassador of Destruction” and the eternal ire of God Ginrai. Surging on the power of his new Godmaster components Overlord personally saw to the destruction of many of the Autobot resistors. He notched an impressive kill count that day, but Strident was not amongst the dead, no matter how much he wished he were among their number. Instead he found his mind tampered with, neural circuits re-routed by Overlord’s communications officer Stalker. Strident the dreamer was now Strident the nightmare because the words he now spoke over the Sector comm. frequencies would spell certain doom for many of his fellow Autobots “Fellow Sector 2 Autobots, the Hub is currently under siege by the Decepticons, we have held them at bay but they’re really giving us a pounding, we request immediate support from any surrounding Autobots forces. Repeat…” And so he continued on with enough conscience to know what was going to happen when they arrived, with enough conscience to know he would marked as traitor, that the truth of this broadcast would never be known…

As Skyquake and his Jet Corps finished laying thermal mines in proximity of the Hub, Overlord gathered the rest of his troops, the Pretenders. Hydra and Buster, Stalker and the Predators and addressed them “My fellow Decepticons, as your commander I have heard the rumors that some had begun to call me the Ambassador of Rust, but I assure you that I am still the Ambassador of Destruction, and we, my Decepticons, will usher in a new era of Decepticon domination! No longer will I be bound, or constrained by my feud with Ginrai. We shall lash out at the Autobots who have tried to destroy us, who have tried to make us subservient to their weak-will and ill-conceived notions of peace and brotherhood. The only brotherhood is one forged in war and destruction. There are only the Decepticons, and once we have cleared this sector of the Autobot stain we shall go to aid our brothers, and join forces with them. The days of self-aggrandizing Decepticons will come to an end, and a glorious new age of the Cybertronian Empire will rise, the Empire that is our spark-right! Today we are warriors, tomorrow we are legends!”
Overlord saw the enchanted look on his Decepticons and knew that they would fight and give their sparks for the Empire re-born, as it was intended to be before Megatron allowed his vendetta with to Prime blind him to the goals and aims of his very own army.
“Stalker, continue broadcasting through Strident’s frequency, set it to run automatically, and then station yourself near the communications array to jam the Autobot frequencies once the battle is begun. Skyquake, take your forces and make yourself scarce, we want to catch the Autobots between you and the Hub, so head out to a range that will allow you to avoid detection, but still engage quickly after the first round of mines detonates.”
“Yes, my liege. Troops, follow me.” Skyquake answered
“Hydra, Buster, upon analiysing the Autobots attack patterns over the last vorn, I see that they fight on a two dimensional plane, and organize themselves that way. I want you to strike from below, hide yourselves under the Hub , and then strike from below at the same time as Skyquake.
“Yes my lord,” Buster answered, “But where shall you be?”
“I will be in plain sight. I will offer their leader a chance to duel, or surrender, hopefully this will draw them in closer to the Hub in case they decide to continue their attack.”
“Isn’t that too risky?”
“Not at all, the Pretenders shall be above, and besides with my new upgrades there is no one in this sector who can stop me.”


Optimus Prime stood perplexed as Bumblebee finished recounting his encounter with Blood, and Blood’s subsequent escape with the two humans. So much has happened since we set out in search of the AllSpark. What other forces are out there gathering, plotting their assaul?. Everything is happening too quickly, first the appearance of Star Saber and Ginrai, then the deaths of Skids and Mudflap, and now Sam and Mikaela are gone.
“What are we going to do Prime? We can’t let the Decepticons keep calling the shots like this.” Star Saber opined in a grave voice.
“I say we roll back out there and smash those weird lookin’ Cons until somebody tells us what’s going on.” Ginrai cut in.
“ Star Saber, I want you to do a high-altitude scan of the mountain regions where we had our engagement, and where Bumblebee fought Blood. Ginrai and I will head out after you with Ironhide, Sideswipe and Jolt. Find their base, but do not engage until we all arrive.”
“Understood Prime.”


“Leozack, you may be the number two ‘Con out in Sector 1, but you’re on my turf now, so you had better watch your step.” Starscream called out in the poorly lit hallway leading to the Nemesis hangar and launch bay. Leozack and the rest of his unit all stopped and turned in unison.
“Is that so,” Leozack growled stepping forward, “and why is that? Do you plan on scrapping me if I garner too much attention?” he asked closing the distance so he was directly in Starscreams’s face “Do you plan on leaving me to die on earth if I ‘step out of line.’ Well what is it?”
Starscream was taken aback by Leozack’s boldness, but he also noticed the other five Cons under Leozack’s command sliding forward, their fingers were all itching in anticipation.
“Well, no, I simply wanted to make sure the chain of command was clear, you see, that if contradicting orders arise from Razorclaw or myself that you know mine are to be followed since I outrank him.”
“I serve Megatron alone. Not Razorclaw, and especially not you, you power-mad turncoat. I’ve read your files. I know all about your supposed ‘reign.’”
“What is going on here,” Megatron’s voice thundered in the narrow confines of the hallway.”
“Nothing Lord Megatron, Starscream was simply filling me in on the protocols of serving under your direct leadership.”
“Of course he was. You serve me, and my voice alone. That is all you need to know. Now, get into the dropship you seven. You have an appointment on earth to keep. Do not be late.”

“Come in Prime,” Star Saber radioed, I’m in position and have started by scan of the area, there seems to be an entrance to an underground complex of some magnitude inside the mountain range. The cave where Bumblebee tangled with Blood appears to be just that. There is a fair number of human bones collected up here. I would need Ratchet to make any sense of what’s going on here. I’m going to see if I can sneak into the base and bring it down on the Predacons heads."
“Roger that, Star Saber. I’ll alert Ratchet and have Bumblebee lead him there. However, we’re still a couple of hours away, be careful.”
“Will do, Prime. I’m en route.”


Star Saber snuck down the hallway as quietly as he could. So far he hadn’t encountered the Predacons, but he continued to hear their voices reverberating from further down. There was a lot of talk about humans, Energon, alt modes and things that didn’t make any sense to him. He came upon a gate that lead him down deeper into the bowels of mountain fortress. He eased open the latch, slipped inside and locked the gate behind him. He turned to face the room and his olfactory senses were assaulted by the stench. His optics adjusted to the low lighting and he was taken aback by what he saw. Humans in various stages of health and decay, many infused with raw Energon. Those who weren’t seemed despondent and far away. Those who had been infused with it were in various states of physical growth or deformation. Star Saber had no idea what it was that he was looking only that it couldn’t be good for the humans.
The smell was not so overwhelming as it once was, but still the sight sickened him. As an Autobot commander he’d seen a great number of atrocities committed by the Decepticons, but nothing like this. His first inclination was to blow the whole installation up and bring it down on the Predacons’ heads, but he couldn’t countenance anymore innocent casualties. I need Prime and Ginrai with their trailers to get them out of here, but how am I going to do that without a fight?
“Anyone home?” a voice called out in the darkness. Spawn of a glitch! Star Saber thought coldly as he searched quickly for a place to hide. All he found was an elevator shaft going further into the depths of the earth. Seeing no other immediate option he hopped down further into the darkness.

“Anyone home?” the voice rang out from the mountain’s entrance. Razorclaw and the other Predacons jumped and hastily flicked off their monitors, concealing their work.
“Is that Leozack?” Razorclaw responded. They had once trained at the Cybertron Defence force academy in the Intelligence & Apprehension department before being given commands of their teams and shipped off on their respective assignments. Razorclaw knew Leozack to be an excellent soldier, but also not a bot to be trusted.
“It is. We’ve come to give you a hand with your Autobot problem.”
“I see and you brought Starscream with you.”
“Don’t sound so thrilled Razorclaw. As one of Megatron’s elite bodyguards this assignment is almost beneath me. But, alas we twelve are to deal with Prime and his Autobots.”
“And how do you suggest we begin?” Razorclaw asked dryly.
Starscream gazed out at the Decepticons gathered in front of him, he knew that his position was tenuous given the caliber that both the Predacons and Beastforce presented. His gaze caught the security monitor and his eyes flared. “I suggest we begin with the Autobot who has obviously slipped past your security and has infiltrated your base!”
“Star Saber,” Leozack growled “So, this is where you went.”
Razorclaw’s head whipped around in disbelief. But there it was, an Autobot down in the hunting grounds. Obviously he had been so absorbed with his next project that he and his entire team had missed the interloper. “Divebomb, back up all of the files and comm. them to Soundwave. Also get him to re-deploy Laserbeak and Ratbat to the immediate area to scan for more Autobots. Rampage, release the rest of the hunting stock.”
“Razorclaw, Starscream and I will head down to deal with him,” Leozack called out as he and the rest of his squad hurried down to the labs, “I have a score to settle with this ‘Bot.”


Blast, there is nowhere to hide down here, Star Saber cursed as he searched for something, anything that was his size to take cover behind. There were plenty of smaller objects to hide behind, but nothing for an Autobot of his size. He noticed a small door open to his left, but his attention was drawn to a loud voice calling out from the opened elevator doors.
“Star Saber, Deszaras thought you had finally turned coward and fled. But instead we find you here, behind the Last Prime’s armor skirting, just like you were at the beginning.”
“Better than shameless self advancement Decepticon.”
At that moment Star Saber felt a sharp ping off his armor plating, followed by more, then a buckshot to his calf unit. His head turned in amazement to see humans firing small weapons at him. He wanted to tell them to stop, to tell them he wasn’t the enemy when Starscream and Leozack opened fire on him. Star Saber jetted up reflexively, but by doing so the Decepticon fire turned some of the humans that had been closest to him into red mist. Seeing his indecision Starscream transformed and rocketed toward Star Saber and driving him through the roof of the hunting grounds and through the floor of the labs and smashing through the cages of the humans. Star saber gripped Starscream by the nose of the jet and forced it around sending Starscream careening through more full cages and prison cells before he regained control by transforming, but not before implanting his head into one of the banks of computers.
Leozack came surging out of the elevator, blaster rifle blazing at Star Saber as he again rocketed up on his foot-thrusters trying to make his get away and into open sky to face his opponents. Leozack raked fire back and forth trying to catch Star Saber, and at least managed to hem him in, but instead saw another opportunity. As Starscream extracted his head, Star Saber dove for him, hoping to at least remove one threat from the equation. Leozack took careful aim before shouting “Starscream look out!” Star Saber vectored thrust downward, gaining altitude immediately allowing Leozack’s shot to pass cleanly beneath him, and to core Starscream through the brain module. Leozack grinned inwardly Another ‘Con off the list between me and total command of the Decepticons. Leozack feigned shock at his action, which allowed Star Saber to transform and rocket out of the lab, down the fortress hall and back out into the open sky.
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