Transformers Shopping Lists for $25-30

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Transformers Shopping Lists for $25-30

Postby AutobotDad » Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:46 am

I've recently been sucked back in to Transformers courtesy of my daughter deciding robots that turn into trucks are pretty cool. :D

Mostly for a fun I started figuring out how I'd go about building a collection if I was starting from scratch and only had $25 - $30 a month. Again for "fun" I decided to set myself some ground rules:

1) This strategy has to be repeatable for others. By this I mean e-bay auctions, conventions, trade boards cannot really be used (since my winning the auction for a steal doesn't help the next person)
2) No Third Party pieces.
3) No Used pieces.

* I'm not knocking any of the above methods, they are great ways to build a collection up from scratch and are probably more cost effective.

So here is what I have come up with, I'd love your feedback. If anyone thinks this is fun or useful I may make it a regular thing.

Starting the Collection:
I figure to start out with, you'd like to grab An(or some) iconic characters. I figure you can go QUALITY, QUANTITY, or BLEND both.

QUANITY PICKS: With this strategy you will be buying more transformers of the lower tiers. This will be a great way to get a lot of bots in a hurry. I recommend this strategy for younger kids or for a collection that will be on the go. It seems that currently if you are going this route you are probably picking up a lot of Robots in Disguise (RiD) figures.

o First Pick – Your Favorite Hero. Optimus Prime RiD Legion Class. 5.99 Hasbro Toy Shop ... 33caf4690a
Or Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon 11.97 Walmart ... k/49760506

o Second Pick – A villain, preferably an iconic one. Starscream RiD Combiner Force Legion. 5.99 Hasbro Toy Shop. ... 4b13aa114e

o Third and Fourth Picks – Any two legion figures you like. ... 33c7d62d5a ... 33b1c99d54

If you elect the four Hasbro Ebay Store options you will have picked up Two Heroes and Two Villains. The best part is you’ve stayed under budget at $23.96 (MSRP 35.96 you saved 33%)

Personally, I’d go with the Walmart Option for Prime vs Bludgeon. You pick up an extra minicon plus the optimus figure has a lot of fun add-ons. Since Optimus is the “main character” of this collection I think it is worth the splurge. Note You’d still want to buy three figures totaling at least 14.99 from Hasbro otherwise you are paying for shipping. $29.94 (MSRP 41.96 you saved 29%)


QUALITY PICKS With this strategy you will get getting fewer toys but they will be higher quality figures. The Focus will be scooping up sweet deals, to have a few really nice pieces. This would be what I’d suggest for older kids or collectors on a budget. Note you will have the most options as far as which lines to choose from.

o First Pick – An Iconic Hero or Villain. ... A-21510945 ... A-51806940 ... 4b10ac7663

BLEND quality and Quantity With this strategy you’ll try to pick up iconic characters or your favorites at higher levels while filling out your collection with lower quality pieces. This strategy can work for anyone. If you want to avoid the animated look of RiD bots, you’ll probably want to start your collection as “Quality” above. If you enjoy the look or want to collect a broad variety, then the suggestions below are for you.

o First Pick an Iconic like Warrior Class Bumblebee ... 33a77d7a7f
o Now some villains ... 33b1c99d54 ... 4af1a31ea3
This version gets you a solid figure for your hero and a couple of other bots to get to playing with. You’ve spent $26.97 and MSRP is $34.97 (Saved 23%)
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Re: Transformers Shopping Lists for $25-30

Postby AutobotDad » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:21 am

If you are trying to build your collection for under $30 you have more freedom if you aren't trying to pick up characters that are quite so iconic as Optimus Prime.

There are tons more bots at 5.99. Between the collection starter above and this You can probably pick up the rest of the core cast for RiD and have thexore of a fun collection.

You could build your collection in a totally viable way just picking up whatever voyager class bot you like that's available. Once you have the ones you really want you could switch to slightly smaller bots to fill out your collection more quickly. Alternatively you could switch to snagging whatever is the best deal. Right now that may be leader class Skywarp (see below)

Titans Return several on sale at Toys R Us 12.99 (Like Blur and Scourge) ... d=86562506

Walmart various ranging from 12.99 to 14.92 (Like Hot Rod) ... e/49802147

Or target 15.29 various (like perceptor) ... A-51802949

Leader Class Skywarp 24.99 ... P/45057735

That's it for now, I hope someone finds some of this useful. I enjoyed putting the list together. If you have other suggestions please share them. I'd love to keep a running list of what to buy to build a cool collection for not a lot of cash.
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Re: Transformers Shopping Lists for $25-30

Postby william-james88 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:29 pm

Fair warning, if you want new and not used toys, then you have to only look at what is current. Many of the toys you give links to are no longer available, like that voyager optimus, which now costs $100 on e-bay.

What I recomend is you go with the deluxe/warrior toys since they are a good mix of quality and quantity. You could either get 2 regular figures a month or a big one a month. And the fact that different waves come every 3 months means you have at least 3 months worth of old toys to choose from before new ones come. I would stay away from e-bay and just look at what is in stores.

Look at the Robots in Disguise line, they have warrior class figures for $15 a piece ($10 when on sale) and have iconic figures like Optimus, bumblebee, Ratchet, Grimlock, Starscream and Soundwave.

You can also go to the generations line and get Blurr, or Scourge or Kup for a similar price. Or you could get a bigger megatron or optimus (or Astraitrain) for about $26 instead, they are in the saem line.

So my recomendation is to go to the store (walmart or target) every month with your daughter and get 2 $15 toys either from the Robots in Disguise line or the generations/Titans Return line.
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