Soundwave before Revenge of the Fallen

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Soundwave before Revenge of the Fallen

Postby autobot-jolt » Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:20 pm

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This is a story explaining the origins of Soundwave and what he did before Revenge of the Fallen took place. It includes
a little homage to G1 in the beginning (note that this is the movie universe), and then speeds up to before, durring, and after the 2007 movie. Then the plot ends right (even though the story doesn't say it) when the Autobots arrive in Shanghai. I hope you enjoy it.

AROUND NINE MILLION years ago (before the Decepticons struck) Soundwave was created. But he wasn't Soundwave, he was Blaster. Painted in red and silver, Blaster wanted to be a communications official, but his friend Bluestreak helped him change his mind. For his fifteenth construction-date celebration (birthday to humans), Bluestreak got Blaster a body sound set, perfect for a musician.
Now, Blaster was excited and disappointed at the same time. He loved noise, but absolutely sucked at mixing beats. Blaster didn't know what to say, so he went to Wheeljack's to get the sound system installed. After a few months, Blaster actually started to get the hang of it. He joined a band with five other players: Beachcomber, Cosmos, Powerglide, Seaspray, and Warpath.
The band decided to play at Iacon on the State Day of Cycle 11010. But just as they started to play, Megatron and his evil Decepticons struck! Blaster and his crew tried to escape, but the Decepticons' firepower proved to be too much. Transforming into space cruiser mode, Blaster flew up above the screaming Cybertronian crowd.
This was a fatal move; an aerial Decepticon, Starscream, shot Blaster down. Blaster got up and ran into an alley, but Dead End and Breakdown tagged and bagged him. Then they handed Blaster over to Jetstorm (the Cons' medic), who promptly transported Blaster to Kaon, the Badlands.

Blaster awoke to find himself in a stasis chamber. There were suction cups and other weird instruments attached to him. "Greetings Autobot," said an eerie voice. "I am Shockwave." Shockwave stepped out of the unforgiving blackness and fiddled with some transistors. "This," said Shockwave (who was pulling a switch), "might feel a little uncomfortable."
The pain was unimaginable for Blaster! He saw things that would make most go mad. What was going on? Blaster couldn't feel anything. His vision failed. Caps popped. Then there was a loud explosion!

The stasis tube unlocked and opened slowly. Thousands of gallons of steam poured out. "Project Soundwave is a success," Shockwave announced. "Good," said Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. "Now paint him all silver and give him that blue helmet."
"As you wish, commander."

"Where...where am I?" asked Blaster. "Here," said Shockwave. "Put this on." He held out a blue helmet with a red visor to Blaster. The confused Autobot took the helmet and put it on. Suddenly, everything made sense.
"Now listen up, Soundwave," Megatron started. "This is my HQ, and you are the new Decepticon communications officer. It is your responsibility to spy upon the Autobots with your personal network to find out what they're doing."
"I have a network?"
"Yes, they're your spies," Megatron said opening up a garage. Inside were four Decepticons. "Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, and Laserbeak," Megatron explained, pointing to each Decepticon in turn.
"Thank-you," said Soundwave.

Over the course of the next couple million years, Soundwave and his network slowly turned the tables against the Autobot forces. But after much more war, Optimus Prime - leader of the Autobots - sent the AllSpark into space. Many were confused by his decision.
Megatron obviously went right after it. Six Decepticons chose to follow him. One of them, Barricade, asked if he could borrow Frenzy. Soundwave reluctantly agreed.
While Blackout, Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy, Bonecrusher, Scorponok and Brawl went after Megatron, Soundwave searched elsewhere for energy for the Decepticons. He eventually lost Laserbeak and Rumble. Then he went to the Decepticons' old ship- the Nemesis, where he found Starscream hatching Decepticon protoforms. "Oh good, Soundwave. You're here," Starscream said. "Now I want you to spy on the Autobots over the Planet Earth's atmosphere. Can you do that?" he asked.
"Yes," replied Soundwave, who took off for Earth...

Continued in Revenge of the Fallen…
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Re: Soundwave before Revenge of the Fallen

Postby Sustain » Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:28 am

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That's pretty cool Nice little work. I enjoyed it.
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