Cybertronian's Height and Sizes

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Cybertronian's Height and Sizes

Postby God Optimus Prime » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:18 pm

According to, in the IDW-verse, Optimus' height is 38 feet but 60' in Transformers #51. How that happen? He's the same height isn't he? Just a different look from the previous issue. He didn't get upgraded to a Powermaster or Titanmaster or anything. Can anybody give me the details on that?

And Devastator's height, he's 400'. But Victorion is 150'. So Devastator is the biggest Cybertronian combiner and the rest of the combiners like Volcanicus, Predaking, Superion, Menasor, Defensor, Bruticus, Computron, Abominus, Piranacon and Monstructor are all the same height as Victorion? Is this correct? Is that why Generations Devastator is the bigger than the other combiner toys? I think the Dinobots and the Predacons are also big cybertronians individually. I think they are the same height as Devastator when they combine.
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