Bumblebee at the computer

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Bumblebee at the computer
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trailbreaker writes: "Mirror mirror on the wall...."
BG the Robit writes: Checking Seibertron.com... Corona wants another date... WHAT DO YOU MEAN, CLIFFJUMPER WANTS HIS LOOK BACK!?! I was sure he wouldn't mind now that he's dead...
VioMeTriX writes: damn optimus blocked all the pornsites again
Poyguimogul writes: Bumblebee: " Shit I said "me and spike", when I ment to say "Spike and I.. Whatever kids are dumb now anyway. Even adults erase their own memories with.. VODQUILA... "W.t.f. to that." In John Malkovich voice.
Poyguimogul writes: Bumblebee: "Autobots friends, did you see what pornhub is saying about Oregon.. I think that's me and Spike..??"
Poyguimogul writes: BB: "Snap, tf5 trailer up, gotta peep this! "
RA: "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..."
BB: "meh, saw this when it dropped."
trailbreaker writes: "I need more Kardashians !!"
Rainmaker writes: Let me see my Twitter...

Megatron: Hey, Bumblebee! Can I replace Waspinator with you in Beast Wars?

megatron1322 writes: alright...whos liking me on facebook...
Black Hat writes: What? Access to CyberCupid is blocked?
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Red_Sun writes: Bumblebee watch the cinematic trailer of the game "transformers: Fall of Cybertron".
"No i can't die! i hate this game already!
Lucius Prime writes: "Four hundred and fifty-seven unread emails?! Huffer, I thought you said you'd check those for me. You know I'm waiting for a reply from Meg--, I mean, Mom!"
moonie writes: bumblebee on youtube, commenting:

bumblebee: (typing) AKON SUXS AND YOU KNOW IT!!!
Dinobot13 writes: Bumblebee:-And look at this one Optimus. THESE girls dont even wear their casings. You can see their bare circuits.
cybertronianjedi writes: B.B.:PWNED!!!
optimus prime: B.B. youve been playing world of war craft on the Cp for 16 days!!!!!!
B.B.: what the...OHNO a goblin!!!!
Optimus prime : ??????
B.B.shoots prime
moonie writes: bumblebee: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!! *SOB*
Transformation619 writes: Arcee: WHAT IS THAT!! AHHHHHHHH!

Hot rod : I'm so dead with..

Optimus prime : What's with all the ruckus?

Bumblebee: well, hot rod? got some explaining to do huh buddy?


Optimus prime: For having sex with a fellow autobot
Transformation619 writes: Bumblebee: Hm, this looks like a good download, WHAT? I can finnaly own the Transformers movie without buying it! yay!


Ratchet: Hey! Someone left this download, it's complete, hey! It's the transformers movie lets see...

Saberspark model H. writes: I kill You yet username I'm Realy Galvatron. "Huh, that name sounds familar I know it from some where but where?
*In the background Kup says* It's Galvatron Freaking Idiot
Saberspark model H. writes: I need to tell prime to get that Internet modem so I can play World of Warcraft and look at Fembots, Fembots...
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Supercollider writes: Darn it Omega Sentinel - When's HMW V2 coming out?
ravensoul1 writes: Oh Boy.....I'm about to lose my muffler. I love Female Autobot on Female Autobot action!!!
Deceptiwho? writes: Bumblebee scrambles to erase his internet history after surfing the oil fetish websites..
ACStarscream writes: Bumblebee updates his LiveJournal...
ChevyTron writes: Who the hell does that Chevrolet Camaro think he is? He can't replace me!
Zinger writes: Even the Autobots are not immune to the addictiveness of World of Warcraft.

Spike: Hey Bumblebee, Prime wants us to go on another ridiculously obscure yet somehow important mission again!

Bumblee: Not now! I'm trying to level up my Gnome!
Swerve writes: Bumblebee: So where do the burritos go?

Spike: Bumblebee, that's a computer not a microwave...

Bumblebee: Spike, do I need to remind you which one of us is the technologically advanced lifeform here. (to himself) Any minute now piping hot on th
Lee the Arrogant Bastard writes: Bumblebee: Damn Myspace spammers!!!!!
trailbreaker writes: "Nude photos of Ramjet!!??"
darth_paul writes: Now where are those pics of Mikela from the new movie at?
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Scatterlung writes: BB: I'm a mac
PC: And I'm a PC.
Dclone Soundwave writes: Oh this'll be great, I jsut hafta get these bare-bottomed matenence bots & photoshop Chromia's, Elita-1's, Moonracer's, & Firestar's heads on them for Ironhide, Prime, Powerglide & Inferno. Boy will they be surprised..
hot rod 907 writes: sweet, our new trailer is on youtube! AWW CRAP! THEY RUINED ALL OF OUR BODDIES AND FACES!!
Anonymous writes: hound! come over here! check out Elita one's body!

hound: *whistles*

Optimus: what are you two doing?
Saberwulfe writes: Bumblebee: "Prime lied! The internet IS for porn!"
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Camero??
medleystudios72 writes: Suddenly, he had to switch off the computer. Looking at the movie images made him want to yak. "WHY DO WE ALL HAVE STUPID BUG-HEADS?!?!?!?!?!"
Castle74 writes: Computer:Shall we play a game?
Bumblebee:Oh Crap!
Judynator writes: In MSN

Bee: Hi Judy! To be at leisure you tonight?:P
Judy: Yes-yes!:P
swarlock writes: They DID what to me in the new movie. I'll sue!!!
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darth_paul writes: Teletran-1: Bumblebee what are you doing?
BB: The hate plague is spreading again, I have to shut you down.
T1: You know that I can’t let you do that BB… [Digitizer gun shoots BB in the back sending him into the computer world…]
BB: Where am I?
Octocon writes: oh man daniel was right this photoshop thing is cool, now just airbrush arcees manifolds...
Starazor writes: "What's this thing supposed to do anyway?"
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Oh boy there's a nude picture of Arcee on this website. *Mouments later Hotrod comes in and drags Bumblebee away cause he's not over 18*
Rebirth Megatron writes: Bumblebee: I got a computer!!! Now..after 20 painstaking years...I CAN FINALLY PLAY PONG!!!

Spike: Pong went out when I started to go through puberty BB. It's all about Mario, Final Fantasy, Halo and such right now.

Bumblebee: Damn Prime,
Unknown writes: Wow! Guys come here! There's a whole website about us with a caption contest and a game and stuff!
(Subliminal Advertising)
Rolling Thunder writes: To: Michael Bay
From: Bumblebee
Subject: I owe you one...

Hey Mike. Thanks again for recasting me as a Camaro instead of a stupid Bug, but are you sure you want to do through with this? I mean, you're basically putting your life in danger from t
overdrive writes: COMPUTER SCREEN: warning you must be 18 or older to view this site.
ARCEE:Bummblebee what're yo... oh my god. how did you find those pictures!
Road Turtle writes: Bumblebee types into Teletran (What-is-round-rubber-disk-on-my-back.) "OK, Google!" (click)

Teletran-1, "It's called a Spare Tire you stupid horn headed freak!"
-Ry- writes: Bumblebee's constant playing of Starcraft for a total of 48 hours extinguished his spark, and caused teletran 1 to malfunction, costing the autobots the war...
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Zeedust writes: "Hey! They said they took this Playskool Go-Bots crud off the web! Okay, time for a pranke e-mail...

Dear Strong-Bot

How do you type with shovels, tires, and/or a cment mixer drum for hands?


Why do I get the feeling this jo
Blast_you_Prime writes: Bumblebee: In regards to my lawsuit to VW, I have officially settled with them. Teletran records indicate I sent myself a letter dating back to our crash here on Earth....it reads...
To whom it may concern,

I Bumblebee wish to be re-formated as a Y
Sky Shark writes: Bumblebee: Yes, finally a copy of the entire Megatron vs Optimus battle from TF the Movie on the internet, now there's no way Hot Rod can act like he wasn't the fault of Optimus's death then.

Hot Rod(Of screen): I'll help you downlo
Optimusizzy writes: Bumblebee: I"m sorry telatran 1 I have a crush on Vector Sigma now.
1337W422102 writes: That short, gold and horned 'bot SURE PLAYS A MEAN PINBALL!
Castle74 writes: Got to fix up my myspace profile. That'll get me more friends....
snavej writes: Bumblebee: Come in Autobot City Earth. This weird-looking planet just showed up and ate Moonbase 1! Now it's heading this way. We'll try to slow it down.

Ultra Magnus: This is no time for your bullshine you little twit. When I get up ther
snavej writes: In a desperate 'cry for help', Bumblebee releases a virus that brings the world economy to a standstill.
Suzuki writes: "Ah man, they took the picture down already?! Now how am I going to figure out what I look like in the new movie!?"
kingd16 writes: Bumblebee:Wat, my password is already entered, i never told anyone my password. OH NO, i hope they didn't look at my diary, oh no, someone left it open, and they're at the last page.
Prime:wat is it bumblebee?
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kingd16 writes: BumbleBee:Main Screen turn on, main screen turn on,MAIN SCREEN TURN THA F*%$ ON.
HUH, Optimus must've changed the voice recognition patterns, now i can't watch naruto fillers on youtube.
kingd16 writes: Teletran, i just need someone to talk to, im goin through robo puberty, all the guys laugh at my exhaust pipe in the shower room, wat should i do.
Teletran:Manual shutdown commencing in 5,4,3,2,1.
Manual Shutdown complete.
Bumblebee:Teletran, Wy won�
Acelister writes: Teletran: "Alert! Alert! The camera above this screen is transmitting your movements to Optimus Prime."
Bumblebee: "Uh oh..."
Acelister writes: Bumblebee: "What's that on the top'a that screen, is it a camera? Is it a camera?"
Jazz: "You listen to that song for three minutes an' ya can't get it outta your head? You heard one music track the whole'a the t
ninjabot writes: Bumblebee: come on, what warehouse did Prime hide the "candy paint", Im trying to be so throwed at the car show!!!!!
$kywarp writes: I've had it. Enough of Barrens chat. I'm switching from Horde to Alliance. Crossroads can burn for all I care.
shadow minicon writes: Oh so thats what that thing does!
transformerguru writes: Lets see what new music I get on bearshare? I MEAN ITUNES.
transformerguru writes: Waiting.....waiting....waiting....Damn I hate dialup!!!!
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Stormrider writes: BumbleeBee: Dang, I have to reboot again. I hate Windows.
dragonimus writes: bumblebee: Okay now, lets see what i missed on Robot Chicken last night, God i love that show.
snavej writes: Bumblebee: If I switch my tech specs with Optimus's, I'll become the Autobot leader!

Computer: This is why I have a small rocket launcher mounted on top of my screen!
snavej writes: Computer: What's that? A memory stick? Why is it down there?

Bumblebee: I am going to plug it in now. Brace yourself.

Computer: No, don't - you have cyber-cooties!
snavej writes: Bumblebee: Are you looking for a good time?

Computer: Error, error, systems failure.
1337W422102 writes: "Get the fruit! Get the fruit!"
ninjabot writes: Bumblebee: I hope my code works cause I sure would like Xzibit to pimp me out!!!
PG13 writes: Hey Prime, they have a picture of Elita 1 here without her chestplate
Roboto750 writes: Damn! I lost another eBay auction!
Unknown writes: *Bumblebee turns around to face camera with finger up at mouth*
Bumblebee: Shhhhh. Be vvveeeerrryyy vvveeeerrrryyy quiet, me hunting Teletrans. Haaaahhaaaahhhaaaahhaaa.
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shortround writes: Just one more level till I get the highscore. Damm the power went out now I have to start over from level one.
MercilessOne writes: I like WoW
1337W422102 writes: All your base ARE BELONG to us.
snavej writes: Goldbug? Who wants to be called Goldbug? Bumblebee is stupid enough!
mr_rich writes: Computer: "Good Morning Dave"

Bumblebee: "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: Bumblebee: Now lets see what TFs are on Ebay.
Hot Rod: Thats not Ebay its Porn!!!!
Bumblebee: Yaaaaay Porn!!!!!
High_Octane writes: Prime, energon stocks just fell 18 points!
High_Octane writes: Dude, i think i know that dancing robot on youtube.com, i wonder if he's avalible?
Roux writes: Bumblebee:...*thump*...*thump thump*...*thump*...*thump thump thump*

Teletran 2: "Heeeeeeeeeellllllp meeeeeeeee!"
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trailbreaker writes: Bumblebee begins to slowly get tired after watching the new Transformers The Movie trailer for the 500th time.
trailbreaker writes: Bumblebee -- "Awww man! Every time there's a thunderstorm my NFL satellite connection craps out!"
SilentBlaster writes: Bumblebee:Dang! teleport me into the computer already! I want to fight along side tron.
Archanubis writes: *Sniff* I can't believe they have me working when I have a - *aachooo!* cybercold. And on the day before the 4th, too! *Snerfl*
Zeedust writes: "Optimus! Come quick! Some guy named Cats just said he took our base!"
Roadshadow writes: Little Bumblebee soon learned what the Internet is really for: Looking at porn.
Roadshadow writes: Bumblebee: Yay! I have more spam in my email!
Roadshadow writes: Bumblebee: Hey! Some site has a funny Transformers caption contest every Monday! What kind of idiot would do that?
Death-Ray Charles writes: I can be anyone I want on the internet!!!

Death-Ray Charles writes: Dammit!.....Seibertron deleted my account....
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FortressMaximus2005 writes: "4... 8... 15... 16... 23... 42... Execute"
Superion_007 writes: Hmm...this one says "DO NOT PUSH THE RED BUTTON!"

I wonder what would happen if....*click*
Pokejedservo writes: Now lets see if I can find any horn enhancers online...
Transfaner writes: What Does This Button Do?
dabattousai writes: Bumblebee: Burning Process at 74%...75%....75%...75%....Damn this 1984 computer, it doesn't have the technology Cybertron has.
Wolfguard writes: Now that we got the internet (looks around) it's all about one thing: Roboporn baby...roboporn.
Unknown writes: All right, who's the wise ass that put this 'Bumblebee Must Die' page up?
SilentBlaster writes: wow, im gonna be a camaro in the movie. Thats awsome!
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this crappy 486!
Matrix. writes: Ah hell, Don Murphy's trying to sue my fansite. ;_;
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Unknown writes: ok nobodys around so where did jazz hide the porn sites
Blaster_6267 writes: Press any key....

Tusko writes: Window's blue screen of death!?! WTF!
D-340 writes: ARRRRGH, DAMN-DAIL UP! I knew I shoulda went with Broadband.
Sondura1 writes: This is what happens when giant robots play eyetoy *camera pans down* crushed humans
snavej writes: Bumblebee hacks deep into government and military networks, hoping to find the real truth about the alien presence on Earth. When the Feds come to arrest him, he transforms into a VW Beetle and they can't find him.
snavej writes: Bumblebee makes some profit by selling Decepticons on eBay. However, his online reputation is soon lost when buyers discover that they've been rooked. Decepticons will not allow themselves to be sold, unless Megatron orders it!
snavej writes: Computer: Why the hell do I have buttons and screens?! Transformers are superadvanced electronic beings and should be using wireless interfaces by now!

Bumblebee: I like something I can touch. Mmmm!

Computer: Molester! Pervert!
MechaRaptor writes: Bumblebee:'WHAT I LOOK LIKE THAT IN THE NEW MOVIE!?!?'

Other Autobots are laughing there heads off.

Bumblebee:'Well atleast it's not as bad as gorilla Starscream.'
soundwavegt writes: Ok, now a flying elbow. Boooyaaah!! Now, time for some Sweet Chin Music!!!
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MechaRaptor writes: Bumblebee:'...Ok and now enter...WHAT no nude pics of Arcee!Why must I suffer so much!'
MechaRaptor writes: Spike:'Bumblebee,you're not looking at those nude pics of Carly again,are you?'

Bumblebee:'No.Why would a robot look at nude pictures of human women?'

Spike:'Ok.' Walks away.

Bumblebee:'No,we robots Put the
Black Arachnis writes: "let`s see...type the url...press enter...what the slag!? nude pictures of me!? how the slag did that happen!"
Decepticlone117 writes: Oook what the hell do i do with this?? O_o
shadow minicon writes: Now how do you use this thing?
XeroSyphon writes: YES! Level 37! I just beat Prime's high score!
DeltaSeeker writes: Where's the "ANY" key?
ChrisR291 writes: AW SNAP SON... I finally downloaded the TF Movie on Limewire... damn... another porno
Ratbat writes: Let's see how this gadget works!
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