Optimus Prime talking to the kids

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Optimus Prime talking to the kids
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: I swear I didn't do it! That Dark Energon explosion DEFINITELY was not from me having sex with TF Prime Megatron... or anything...
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Optimus: Okay, maybe, just MAYBE I fart Dark Energon fumes.
Terrorcons behind fart: RAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!
Nemesis Maximo writes: Jazz Hands!
Black Hat writes: Agh! Worst fart EVER!
WarzoneBeta writes: Today on Jackaft Optimus takes an I-Beam to the nuts and bolts.
WarzoneBeta writes: Today on Jackaft Optimus takes an I-Beam to the nuts and bolts.
gema writes: No one is smoking here, I swear Mom
Godzillabot Primal writes: Stand back! I had burritos last night and they're acting up!
prowl123 writes: Oops. I farted.
BeastProwl writes: And the tenth thing-
Never leave the stove on.....
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Mindmaster writes: Not my fault... someone put that mountain in my way.
#Sideways# writes: Optimus regrets signing a contract to have an explosion whenever he entered the scene.
ShadowGinrai writes: Wait, no! I didn't do this! The Deceptions blew up your club house.
michellatron writes: Alexis: Optimus, did you just... fart?

Optimus: Uh, we transformers don't fart!

Alexis: Why is there a big ball of fire behind you? Wait, CARLOS!

Carlos: WHAAAAAT?!

Alexis: You threw your half smoked cigarette back there, now half the mo
moonie writes: okay kids, welcome to the killzon--er--i mean happy chinese new year theme park!
Rept138 writes: I had a cyber pup this big once when I was just a transistor radio back on Cybertron.
Erowuii writes: Prime: "Hello Children"

Kids: "Hey Chef"

Prime: "How's it going?"

Rad: "Bad"

Prime: "Why Bad?"

Rad: "Cos you don't seem to realise the giant explosion behind you"
Hexari writes: Optimus: Guys I just discovered passing gas
Kids: You retard you just emited deadly Greenhouse gasses
Optimus: Might as well mark this down as murder by decepticons once again first Spike then Daniel now these lame idiot
Blazefrost writes: "Sure, you kids may go blind from the light....and suffocate from the smoke... but I feel a heck of a lot better now...."
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Deceptiwho? writes: And that boys and girls , is exactly why we dont light farts on fire!!
Blazefrost writes: Optimus: See... THIS is what happens when you mix Lucky Charms with crack.

Kids: Ohhhhhhhhhhh....
ChevyTron writes: BANG! Damn, I guess only Chuck Norriscan do that.
Swerve writes: Okay kids, this is the last fart I'm going to light. Besides, I think Sparkplug is starting to get upset that he has to hold the matches.
darth_paul writes: Op: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Cyros writes: Optimus: Hi kids! Don't do drugs!
Dclone Soundwave writes: -Carlos "Prime, let us help!"

-Prime "I'm sorry it's too dangerous."

-Rad "We're going in anyway!"

-Prime "Then I'll have to stop you, no matter the cost.."
hot rod 907 writes: kids: WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD ARE YOU DOING PRIME!?!

prime: putting out a fire with my diarea while practicing jazz hands, why?

kids: just wondering
Anonymous writes: kids: HOLY ---- PRIME!!!! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EAT?

Optimus: damn borito...
Saberwulfe writes: Prime: "And THAT'S where babies come from."
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Mad_Mexicoy writes: POOF!!! HE'S GONE!!!!
Backspace writes: O Prime: No! Wait, dont shoot. Im Primo, you know, in some other truck version!
Kid 1: Primo! Its you. The last time i saw you, they took you to the recycling centre.
Kid 2: Yeaa...!! So now you're paying new road tax?!!
Kid 3: Do you still d
Mixxin writes: Comon boys SPIRIT FINGERS!!!!
Cyros writes: OP: Bah weep granah weep ninni bong!
Alexis: Prime, that wasn't funny back in 1986, and it sure as hell ain't funny now!
Rad: *gasps* Heretic!
Carlos: Throw her to the Sharkticons!
OP: No way, too much red tape to use stuff from the Movie.
Brooke writes: OP: Yay I'm Wonderwoman!
Kids call the phciciatric unit and tell them to come quick. In five minutes the guys in white come to get OP.
OP: Whats that Preee-ty light ? Oh no........
OP gets so scared he farts, craps his pants, and faints.
Brooke writes: The kids are sick of OP doing jazz hands so they try to put him out of his misery......
indigirl writes: "Hoomba Boogley Boogley!"
Ccampbell23 writes: Optimus: "all right folks... Nothing to see here!theres nothing to see"
darth_paul writes: BOOGAH - BOOGAH!
Octocon writes: Optimus " the hoo..kie... ko..kie?" "like this?"

Alexis "ya hopeless prime"
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Polar Claw writes: *OP jups out out of cake*
OP:I'll be your lap dancer to day.
tian17 writes: Prime: kids dont do drugs!
Kids: But you take heroin evryday!
Prime: That is not true! Kids i think you should run now
Kids: Why?
Prime: Boo!
Kids: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
[Prime Farts]
[Hiroshima blows up]
Prime: Oopsies! Sowwy
overdrive writes: it's ... it's ... um... it's not what you think is!
overdrive writes: jazz hands!
overdrive writes: i once caught a fish that was this big!
Roboto750 writes: Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.
Roadshadow writes: *Large explosion happens behind Prime*

Prime: That wasn't me, I swear!
Dinobot Prime writes: I swear, it's not what it seems. Hot Shot got overheated, is all.
ethanx18 writes: not agine red alert
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ethanx18 writes: not agine red alert
ethanx18 writes: Meagatron is defarted know all the decepticons must be my plumer!
shadow minicon writes: Optimus: i would not go in there if i was you

Zeedust writes: Optimus neve could quite master the hadoken. He kept shooting them the wrong way.
-Ry- writes: Prime:"OOOOOH I'm a ghost go home before you amek this show even more unbearable, or else!!"

Carlos:"Optimus...please shut up."
-Ry- writes: "okay I know this looks bad...."
DeltaSilver88 writes: Optimus: "The Allspark, Vector Sigma, was to choose the next commander-in-chief of Cybertron. Though both of us had won fame during the Civil Wars, I was chosen as leader. And so the Matrix was given to me. Ultra Magnus left the planet that same day
snavej writes: After watching 'Monsters Inc.' and really getting into it, Optimus thinks that the kids might be toxic to him.

This wasn't too far from the truth!
D_J_D_99 writes: You, Shall Not Pass!!!
snavej writes: Kid: Are you bendy Prime or the other one?

Optimus: No personal questions before lunch - I can't face them.
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snavej writes: Armada Optimus gets so angry with his trailer not working properly that he blows it up.
Road Turtle writes: Kids (in unison), "Eeewww! You Farted!"

Prime, "No really it wasn't me!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Optimus slowly realized that Galvatron had set his ass on fire...
Kevinus Prime writes: "...you put your right foot in, and you shake it all about..."
Kevinus Prime writes: "CURSE YOU, TACO BELLLLLLL!"
trailbreaker writes: "Look kids, I'm breakdancing!!"
iacon45 writes: Im not going to be able to sit down for a few weeks...
snavej writes: If you think these pants are great, wait till you see my superpants!
UFO writes: This is what happens when the Tansformers watch too much Power Rangers....

"When you kill the enemy, you gotta make sure there's a big explosion and a corny pose in front of the rubble."
Pokejedservo writes: What the?! Pink lights are causing an explosion right behind me and the kids are turning orange? Thats it, Takara has gone too far in this "give Micron Legend better animation than Armada" BS.
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jazzimusprime writes: prime:Listen kids, I know this is the most realistic transformers convention that you have ever been to but I'm telling you, I'm not real! The real optimus prime is Peter Cullen, and with any luck, He'll be in the new Transformers movie!!
Acelister writes: Director: "NO NO NO! Prime, you appear BEHIND the smoke, you fool!"
Optimus: "I'm sorry... Let's do it again..."
Director: "Take 47, ACTION!"
Transfaner writes: Yet another game of peek-a-boo gone terribly wrong.
Transfaner writes: Optimus: "I thought I told you, NO WILD PARTIES!"
Archanubis writes: I knew I shouldn't have listened to Rhinox about those wild bean vines...
Massdestruction writes: Optimus: "OK kids. Now here's my impression of a gorilla."

Carlos: "To be honest Optimus, your alot better at being a truck than being a monkey."

:::Optimus picks up Carlos and throws him into the flames, then turnes back to
ReinaHW writes: "Not again! Not more kids taking all the limelight in a show about us! Get back, you evil things! The power of Christ compels you! Oh screw it"
*Pulls out his rifle and opens fire*
"Much better"
redsky writes: Look! No hands!
the purifyer writes: Optimus proves once again that he cannot be beaten in a farting contest
trailbreaker writes: Please return to your homes! There is nothing to see here!
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Onyx Prime writes: Sorry kids, that is what happens to me when I eat too much energon!
xxaMaxx writes: Optimus: Get out of my way, we're all gonna die!
O. Prime writes: OP: "Don't forget. You have to shake your right foot all about. If you don't, you ruin it. And I kill you."
snavej writes: Optimus: World Trade Center? I didn't see any World Trade Center round here, and I certainly didn't destroy one. You can't prove anything.
StarSaber1701 writes: Optimus Prime: Sorry Kids I Know I should not had that 30 day old broido but it looked so Good
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Just don't move kids! The tsunami of debris and painful, painful smoke can't see you if you stay still!"
Alexis: "WE'RE GONNA DIE!"
shadow minicon writes: optimus: ok kids don't panic everything's under controll

kids: so then that is'ent an explosion then?

optimus: *sigh* just get out of here

kids: ok, ok we are going
belgarion writes: OP:Well...when you guys went on hoilday and I could look after the place? Well I invited Hot Rod round, and you know how he's got lots of frieds, they came and NEXT thing you know, Starscreams in the energon juice, and he's slurring round and st
belgarion writes: OP:Now I know that we just build a new base...
Kids:ah ha...
OP:From previously destroying the last...
Kids:ah ha...
OP:well...you know how I destroyed it with the 'juggling the heart of cybertron'?
Kids:yes...*shaking heads*
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Dclone Soundwave writes: Prime-"Remember, always stay away from dangerous battles & explosions"

Carlos-"Now I know!"

Prime-"And knowing is half the battle!"
Death-Ray Charles writes: Rad- HOLY CRAP PRIME! He just blew down a wall with one of his Matrix Farts!
Death-Ray Charles writes: Prime: Wha..? I THOUGHT MEGATRON KILLED YOU-.....uh...killed you with...uhh.....laughter at his stand-up comedy bit.....yeah........dammit
Death-Ray Charles writes: Prime: alright kids just move along, nothin' to see here!
transformerguru writes: OK kiddo's this is how you do the Macarena
transformerguru writes: Don't worry kids... I'm not gonna hurcha, I'm gonna EATCHA!!!
Repair Bay writes: Optimus: No! No! That wasn't a fart, that was, uh...
Kids: Uh huh...
muswp1 writes: Optimus: Kids, I'm a little busy right now. We can talk about that later...
cheeser82 writes: OP: Hey come on kids, don't cry! Optimus the Clown will cheer you up with my explosive act!
Zeedust writes: "Uh, kids... This is a little embarassing, so don't tell anyone I asked, but, um.... I need my super mode now. Have you seen my trailer?"
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Zeedust writes: Earlier on, Laserbeak had a lot more firepower. He was toned down a bit after the second time Carlos "accidentally" destroyed the base with him.
Zeedust writes: "Okay, kids, now let's just go over this one more time. When making first contact with an alien civilization, you should always at leat pretend to be impressed. Otherwise they might feel like they need to prove something... And you don't
DudRound writes: eye contact...kids... do not stare at my giant blue...

Sondura1 writes: Carlos:ooo ooo a total idiot!
Optimus:No the sound of music!
Rad thinking:I'm never playing charades with them again
Optimusizzy writes: Optimus Prime: For the last time you can not enter if your name isn't on the list.
Rad: But you let Spike in
Optimus Prime: Spike is at the drinking age
Roadshadow writes: Optimus: Magicus PRESTO! You like the smoke?
Kids: No, that was a fart.
Roadshadow writes: Optimus: BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!
Optimus: Damn. Well scaring them didn't work.
Archanubis writes: Optimus: "Could somebody PLEASE get these kids off the set! And while you're at it, get them written out of the series, as well.
big finale writes: prime:you can not come past me roadworks
kids:but our minicons are down there
Thanatos Prime writes: AAAHHH! You're back already!
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1337W422102 writes: "Kids! Get the SLAG off Omega Supreme's wang!"
SilentBlaster writes: Optimus Prime: WHOA! What a fart.
Powermaster Jazz writes: Optimus shows the kids his love for showtunes.
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: I told you broccoli gives me gas!
Rad, Carlos, Alexis: Run away!
dabattousai writes: Optimus: Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....Dooooo I loooook scaaaaaaaaaaaaary...Woooooooooooooooooooo.

Kids: ...
Jackwipe writes: ...left 2, 3, 4, , spin right, plant aaaand end with jazz hands. I'm not going over the dance for the theme song again, this is the last time!
Ultra Primal writes: Prime: UH no worry kids! Uh this cave is completly stable! this is not toxic smoke!
kunesukwan writes: OP:I wouldn`t go in their if I were you. kids: not again were gonna be late for school again
Blaster_6267 writes: Not to worry kids....Smokescreen ahs just gone a little haywire is all
Black Arachnis writes: Optimus: now don`t worry kids, we can repair the minicons...assuming we find all the pieces...
kids: say WHAT!?
Optimus:I said that aloud didn`t I...hehehe, whoops.
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Primal Lynx writes: After a battle, Optimus likes to relax with a game of charades.
Unknown writes: Optimus:
Oh man.... I shouldn't have had that four bean buritto...
Acelister writes: Alexis: "So that's Cybertronian Sumo Wrestling..."
Rad: "But did you have to blow up Red Alert...?"
Optimus: "C.S.W. demands that the loser is sacrificed. Sorry kids, that's the law..."
Acelister writes: Carlos: "Wow Optimus, when you explain the war like that, it makes the Decepticons look much more evil!"
Alexis: "And the jazz hands really finish it off well."
Prime: "Well Hot Shot told me it was uncool..."
snavej writes: Optimus: I'm horny, horny horny horny, so horny, horny horny horny tonight!

Carlos: Good God, Prime, did someone scramble your brain?!

Kevin: Too much information!

Dingbat: I want my mommy!

Mrs. Lovejoy: Won't somebody PLEASE think o
snavej writes: Optimus: Look, kids, sorry if Armada does not meet your high expectations. We'll give you compensation (in repaints) and try to do better next year.

Kids (old before their time): Bah, humbug!
XeroSyphon writes: All I said was the Oakland Raiders are overrated!
Unknown writes: Optimus: "Ooooh! I shouldn't have eaten that technoburrito!"
Kid: "I'll say! Yuck!!!"
shadow minicon writes: Optimus: ok kids stay here and whatch a real hero work

Rad: i hope thst this will be better than spider man vs the green goblen

Optimus:*anime sweat drop*
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: OP: Save me kids Megatrons Attcking!!!!
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Editor writes: Come on guys. I'm open, Throw me the ball.
Silver Wind writes: Optimus Prime finally flips out after hearing Carlos joke "Robots - Vehicles In Disguise" one time too many.
Silver Wind writes: OP: "Alright, kids! How does this look?"

Alexis: "...Is that just your own peculiar way of doing poses? 'Cause it sure doesn't fly with me."

Carlos: "Way uncool, dude."

Rad: "Yeah, you kinda look like
Silver Wind writes: The children had their own technique of getting things their way -- aim big weapon and fire off a warning shot.
Ratbat writes: Can WE help, Optimus?
No, kids. This is OUR war.
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