Galvatron standing over Dragstrip

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Galvatron standing over Dragstrip
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trailbreaker writes: Kneel before Zod !
Optimustard writes: Enough drag, more strip! You've got to earn that energon
Rainmaker writes: Dragstrip what did you drink?
Black Hat writes: There! I got the gigantic orange ovoid hernia out! You OK?
maroyasha writes: Galvatron: I wanted my money yesterday!
Drag Strip: It was OnLy 2 dOllArS
Galvatron: That's exactly what Starscream said!! But that was before I wasted him!!
BeastProwl writes: Galvatron: What the hell are you doing?
Dragstrip: Planking! It's the latest thing!
Scatterlung writes: Galvatron: AAAHAHAAHAHA I HAVE YOU NOW BUMBLEBE-- Oh.
Saberspark model H. writes: Dragstrip: NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Galvatron: Yes Yes Yes
Dragstrip: It hurts so bad
Galvatron: *laughs maniacly*
gogleman374 writes: Yes! I have killed him! Now its time for the corpse hump!
ACStarscream writes: Having Galvatron as leader means spending a lot of time in repair bay due to injuries taken, and not just from Autobot artillery fire...
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ChevyTron writes: Wow. These guys are wasted. That Shnapps must be good.
*Takes a sip* I see pretty colours!
ACStarscream writes: Drag Strip becomes the latest victim of Decepticon friendly fire.
Swerve writes: Galvatron: I'm sorry Dragstip, I just don't like you like that.
trailbreaker writes: GALVATRON: "Dragstrip! You just fell down on Daniel!"

DRAGSTRIP: "I know. The Autobots paid me $500 to do it."
Scatterlung writes: Gimme one!! I said GIVE ME ONE!! Aw hell, you boys aint fit for anything!
Dclone Soundwave writes: To just stumble across a John Doe all the way out here is astounding! I wonder what type of equipment he carries on him..........
hot rod 907 writes: wow, I didn't think it was posible for a thirty foot robot to slip on a banana peel
darth_paul writes: Galavtron: Damn that Starscream! Even dead he still continues to plague me. After Bruitcus blew up I never should have let him fix Menasor.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Geez, you Stunticons can't hold your liquor."
shockwave_inoz writes: GALV: "Gaw, DANG! Ah think you boys'v had enough bakonium beans already! PHEW!!"

DRAG: "It..urr..smells better from..down here..akk.."

(and so Galvatron, out of morbid curiosity, foolishly bends lower and puts his nasal rece
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Unknown writes: Finish him! (Dun dun dun!) Galvatron wins. FATALITY
Road Turtle writes: Galvatron, "I Said Drop and Give Me 50 Solider!!"

Dragstrip, "nuuugh..."
Mad_Mexicoy writes: I told you to stay away from my lunch.....
Optimusizzy writes: Dragstrip didn"'t take the news well when he found out he was beeing cut from casting of Beast Wars
DeathCaller writes: (original is now edited. My knowledge is only expanded to what DVDs I have of G1. XD)

Galvatron: So this is what my minions do when they have free time?

Dragstrip: Duuuuudde... The ground is so... brown and...groundy!!
DeathCaller writes: Galvatron: This is what you Autobots do on you free time? Come into the forests and find weed?

Dragstrip: Duuuuuddeee. The's so...brown and....groundy!!!
Dynamax writes: Drag Strip; Maybe..if I play dead...Nutso won't shoot me.

Galvatron: Maybe if you didn't say the quiet part loud, it would have worked.

Drag Strip: Ohh Slag.

Galvatron: Now for 'Nutso' to WORK OUT HIS FRUSTRATIONS ON YOU!!!
Miken Ayers writes: One Cleveland Steamer coming up!
StarSaber1701 writes: Galvatron: What the *&^%* have you been smoking!
Dragstrip: I thought throws Humans gave me super Energon . Galvatron you have 10 lags wow out rages.
Galvatron: back to rehab for you Dragstrip
Dclone Soundwave writes: Galvatron-"I'm probably gonna feel worse about this later knowing he's not awake."

(Dragstrip starts to stir)

Galvatron-"Oh crap, I've gotta act fast!"
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Transfaner writes: His name is Robert Palson
Flame3230 writes: Go-Bot comes up and beats the heck out of Dragstrip

Dragstrip if anyone asks, the Go-Bot was 50 feet tall and had a plasma rocket launcher.
Thanatos Prime writes: I knew I shouldn't have used that new Febreeze bomb!
devastatorcon writes: the decepticon annual baseball game

galvy: your outta here
Roadshadow writes: Galvatron: Umm...what are you doing, Dragstrip?
Dragstrip: Eating grass. Yum.
Galvatron: Where the hell is Starscream when you need his antics?
shadow minicon writes: Galvatron:Ello ello what do we have ere?

Dragstrip: Oh nothing just smelling that dirt
snavej writes: Galvatron couldn't understand why all the Decepticon nature hikes that he organised seemed to end in carnage and mayhem. Perhaps if someone brought along a good quality guide book then all the petty disagreements over species identification could be
snavej writes: Galvatron eliminated anyone who dared to poke fun at his white, Elizabethan-period neck ruff. He said that he was Lord of the Universe and he could dress up now and then if he wanted.
snavej writes: Galvatron: Are these 'magic mushrooms' really so great?

Drag Strip: Oh yeah! I ain't workin' for you no more, purple horny boy!

[Menasor loses an arm.]
Fireblast writes: Ha Ha! I tripped you Drag Strip!
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trailbreaker writes: DeceptiPorn Volume 5: Stunticon Booty
trailbreaker writes: Galvatron knocked out Drag Strip using his large carrot stick.....
Flame3230 writes: Galvatron: okay you are now my doormat, now wait while i get my spikes, Im goin golfin.
Dragstrip:Oh NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Galvatrons found he was interdimensional linked to a black hole but unlike his previous form of Megatron the black holes power was linked directly to his ass.

Specifically his farts.

Dragstrip found that out the hard way.
ReinaHW writes: "The next time you go Wayne and Garth on me, you'll wish you were a Go-Bot!"
"What's a Go-Bot?"
"Go Wayne and Garth on me again and you'll find out"
ZaberFang writes: Galvatron: "Er...doormat! A rug? Come on, give me a hint!
Dragstrip: ...*breathes deep*

Yep. It's that fresh.
Snoball writes: And this is Galvatron, in his free time he likes to react out his favorite movie-ROCKY III
Pilgrim Paladin writes: Galvatron: OH MY GOD! I KILLED Dragstrip!
A voice somewhere: YOU B@ST@RD!
shortround writes: quick get over here dragstip has fallen and he can't get up.
transformerguru writes: Uh? We need another Timmy.
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transformerguru writes: Insolent swine ... quit your damn whining!
Pokejedservo writes: Galvatron's really strict "No Campire" rule at work here...
Zeedust writes: And so tiny0handed Drag Strip began trying to dig a hole to China with his ear.
While his City Commander counterpart "BWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"Ed and relaxed.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "I am the Great Bungholio. I need TP for my bunghole."

Dragstrip: "Dude, we are so wasted."
1337W422102 writes: "Let me tell you 'bout a bot I know,
she had a drink about an hour ago
sitting in a corner by herself
in a bar in downtown Hell.
She heard a noise and looked to the door
and a bot she'd never seen before.
Purple armour, bright red eye
Ultra Primal writes: Galvatron: oh c'mon!!! first you say you want to be part of the test for my new rifle and you pull a stunt like this after i test it!? i need your opinion!!
Death-Ray Charles writes: Galvatron- Oh Come'on....It Didn't smell THAT bad......did it?
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Ah crap! I didn't know it was loaded. Maybe no one will notice.
Death-Ray Charles writes: Galvatron-Whoopie.....Ithought he was Bumblebee
soundwavegt writes: Yoooouuuurrrr'e out!!!!
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D-340 writes: .....And if you play dead, the Galvatron won't see you.
D-340 writes: Get up, Dragstrip, you're such a lite weight.
Stress writes: Ha Ha i can't believe you fell for that penny trick again....idiot.
Archanubis writes: Galvatron: I gotta stop letting War Hammer and Edgecrusher host our victory celebrations. :P
Editor writes: In trying to prove his worth to Galvatron, Dragstrip showcases his new 3rd transformation into a doormat.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Galvatron,"Oh my god.........I got drunk and slept with the Stunticons.......the hell with this, I'm gonna vaporize them."
Marcus Rush writes: Galvatron stands in utter shock as he lays optics upon the stunticons... then grows irrate as he realizes that his private stash is no longer private.
Roboto750 writes: "I'll teach you to eat my pie!"
O. Prime writes: "Well, what do you call this act?"

Galvatron: "The Aristocrats!"
O. Prime writes: Galvatron: "This thing we got, it's a one time thing Jack. I ain't no queer."
Dragstrip: "Yeah, me neither."
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Transfaner writes: Drag Stirp: "Mighty Galvatron! I'm the Catcher, you're the picther"
New Omen writes: There there Dragstrip, Decepticharge isn't that bad of a name.
jazzimusprime writes: Galvatron, this is ridiculous!! you either forgot to put on your cybertronian speed stick this morning, or your new purple Depends are full!
New Omen writes: Dragstrip: If you lay real low... like this mighty Galvatron, those Autobots might not see us.

Galvatron: ...sure Dragstrip, like a giant yellow metal object in the middle of the forest didn't give away our position away in the first place.
New Omen writes: Some dude named Dark Helmet did this to you, using the swartz?!!

I must learn more about this Dark Helmet and his Schwartz weapon, then the Autobots will be vanquished forever!!11!1!
Thanos writes: I'd get up Galvatron, but this Febreze Carpet Freshener you sprayed on the ground smells wonderful!
miryclay writes: G: "Hurry you fool! The Autobots wil be in range any second!"
DS: "I still can't find it, my Lord, Are you sure you were standing here when you lost the contact lens?"
G: "Insolent worm! Stop whining and keep searching!&quo
Kaisatron writes: Oh come on, after only one beer?
You're such a drag, dragstrip.
Jackwipe writes: A 6 wheeled dragster...Oh, sure, you just scream 'Earth vehicle'. 'Robot in disguise' you ain't. Now lay there until you get with the program flunky.
Jackwipe writes: Do you see this giant orange cannon on my arm? Do you remember what happened to Starscream? "Too good for Manasor's arm...." Who the hell do you think you are? Give me 20 more push up's now! And stop crying!
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Optimutt writes: Galvatron: Wow. The Vietcong certainly have changed since my father's day... Good thing Napalm still works as well as it used to!
Roadshadow writes: Galvatron: That's what happens when you DON'T DO YOUR CHORES, BITCH!
Roadshadow writes: Galvatron: Dammit, wake up you lazy bum!
Dragstrip: Nnnehh..five more minutes...
Unknown writes: Galv:so.........tried to dance with Grimlock again?

Drag Strip:(mufffled) uh huh
omega wing writes: Galvatron: see i told you i could drink you inder the treeline dragstrip
Frobman writes: Galvatron: Ah, crap! More road kill!
Acelister writes: Galvatron: "I'm the Galvatron, beeyotch!"
Dragstrip: "If he was a Junkion, I'd understand all the Earthling references..."
Wrek-Gar: "Nyuk, nyuk!"
Black Arachnis writes: Galvatron:"what the slag?there was a big party and you didn`t invite me!? BWEAAAGGHHH!"
soundwavegt writes: Alright, who screwed with my cannon sight?
shoelessrm writes: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!
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Roux writes: Galvatron: Oooohyeeeeahhh, I'm da Galvatron B**ch!
Archanubis writes: Galvatron: "Dragstrip, get up! We have a battle to fight!"
Dragstrip: "With all due respect, m'lord, I can't; we're in quicksand, and if I stand up, I'll sink!"
Suzuki writes: GALVATRON: And now Dead End, after seeing what "Ooggoo" is, do you choose death, or "Ooggoo"?

DEAD END(Off screen): ...Death.

GALVATRON: Fine then! I sentance you to death by "Ooggoo"!

(NOTE: If you know the jok
Stormshadow writes: Dragstrip: Sir I thought the idea was to bring the jet down; not me.
Galvatron: Who said that. I'll shoot whatever I wan't and if it is a giant yellow duck; then I'll shoot a giant yellow duck.
Dragstrip: ¬_¬ riiiight...ouch
Acelister writes: Galvatron: "And THAT's why they call me Bender The Magnificent!"
Dragstrip: "Lord Galvatron... I'm not sure... But I don't think he blasted someone before sayin' that..."
Galvatron: "Who said what now?"
Ratbat writes: Get UP, Dragstrip! Don't play dead on me NOW!!
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