Obedient, miscolored Decepticons

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Obedient, miscolored Decepticons
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Towline writes: "Oh man, ever since Quake, and Krok got "Titan's Return" toys made after them, they never stop by."
Pigswine writes: With Megatron gone, Brawl fianlly gets his wish to be a seeker.
maroyasha writes: All together: We represent the Lollipop Guild...
ChevyTron writes: These are the rejected "pubescent" models.
Swerve writes: ...you put your right arm in
and then you shake it all about.
You do the Decepticon Hokey Pokey
and you turn yourself about...

Ironhide: (spying on Decepticons) Jesus, I'm freaking happy Prime talked me into joining up with the Autobots!
Scatterlung writes: Soundwaver superior, miscoloured Decepticons inferior.
hot rod 907 writes: megatron: stop making fun of my new hitler mustache!
darth_paul writes: We Are The Five Amigos! Hey, Hey, Hey!
Unknown writes: Mistaken for a Depection The famous new Autobot Copycat was to take out Skywarp and then infrate into a Depection meeting at their secert base. Years of trainning and planning and spent rescourses to imantate Skywarp's voice and movents was for gone
Octocon writes: Octane; "hay soundwave they got my colour right"
Soundwave; "me too" *sythsiser metalic s------*
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snavej writes: 'The Gnome' by Pink Floyd

I want to tell you a story
'bout a little man if I can.
A gnome named Grimble Gromble.
And little gnomes stay in their homes,
eating, sleeping, drinking their wine.

He wore a scarlet tunic,
a blue-green
snavej writes: The Decepticon Male Voice Choir sings 'Bread of Heaven' (John Hughes, Capel Rhondda), 'Instruments of Destruction' (NRG), 'Sweet Child o' Mine' (Guns'n'Roses) and 'The Gnome' (Pink Floyd).

snavej writes: In unison: Is that the time? We must go! The Happy Days-athon starts in 14 minutes!
Unknown writes: All my homies in the house say yeah!
Roboto750 writes: Dude, it was the 80's!
Dragonoth writes: Octane: "It's better to be odd than even!"

Soundwave: "Explain."

Octane: "Well, would you rather be number one or number two?"
DeltaSilver88 writes: Green Cons: "Hail Galvatron!"
Third Con: "Hail Galvatron!"
Soundwave: "Hail Galvatron!"
Octane: "...AACHOOOO!"
Road Turtle writes: "We're Knights of the Round Table,
We dance when ere we're able,
We do routines and chorus scenes
With footwork impeccable.
We dine well here in Camelot,
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot...."
trailbreaker writes: Another frat party at Decepticon HQ....

SilentBlaster writes: Uh oh! Looks like Michael Bay srewed up with the movie. :o
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Dynamax writes: Act now and with your purchase of Octane and Soundblaster and you will get the special figures G1 Darkscream, Shockblast and Demolishor. *NOTE not a real offer, these names do not apply to these characters, I just want your money.*
Dragonoth writes: "We pledge allegiance to lord Galvatron, of the united Decepticon empire. And to the new movie, which we hope to have a part in…"
Dragonoth writes: Sunstorm traded his super color scheme for two loyal Shockwave clones. He's not yet sure it was a good bargain.
Dragonoth writes: Galvatron's plan to inspire competence by punishing failure with horrific paint jobs met with mixed results.
Roboto750 writes: Whoa! The colors!
snavej writes: Octane tried his best to ignore the tiny ringed planet that was slowly materialising in front of him. Unfortunately for him, it was a parallel version of Unicron and, a few minutes later, it bit him painfully on the crotch plate.
snavej writes: The miscoloured Decepticons didn't bring enough credit to Old MacAdam's Oil House, so they had to pay their bar tab the hard way - through hours of singing, rapping, poetry recitals and political speech-making.
snavej writes: Against the odds, Soundblaster won the singing competition, largely due to his inspired choice of song - the Cylon Army's Anthem [Battlestar Galactica].
cybertron2006 writes: Soundblaster to Skywarp: Do you think Galvatron calls me Soundwave?
Skywarp to Soundblaster: No, Shockwave.
(Soundblaster kicks the living hell outta Skywarp.)
terrordive2020 writes: lazerbeak will only return to the arm of the one he truly loves.
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Kevinus Prime writes: Cybertron's newest sensation, "Boyz to Botz".
Kevinus Prime writes: "He's a lumberjack and he's OK,
He sleeps all night and he works all day."
Blitzwing the warrior writes: Galvatron: Now then, repeat after me. I AM!

Decepicons: (In unison) I AM!

Galvatron: SOFA KING!

Decepticons: SOFA KING!

Galvatron: WE TODD ED!

Decepticons: WE TODD EDD!

Galvatron: HAHAHA you metal morons!
the purifyer writes: skywarp never looked or felt the same after falling into the sewer system...

snavej writes: Hopelessly drunk on colour-altering bootleg energon-fizz, the Decepticons (some with double vision at this stage) prepare to go on the 5th panty raid that night, this time in Targetmaster Hall.
snavej writes: Renegade Decepticons pledging their allegiance to Willy Wonka find that there are unexpected physical side effects. Some turn orange or purple. A few even swell up like balloons and have to be taken away for squeezing.
snavej writes: Repeat after me: 'We pledge that we are appearing as one repaint after another in order to give the kids another chance to buy the mold, NOT to give them eye strain and empty pockets'.
shadow minicon writes: oh....my look at the time!
Kevinus Prime writes: Dr. Archeville tries unsucessfully to teach the Decepticons to make farting sounds with thier armpits.
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Kevinus Prime writes: "We represent...the lollypop guild, the lollypop guild..."
Kevinus Prime writes: Octane comes up with the idea of telling Megatron they lost by using interpretive dance.
Zeedust writes: Stupid fratenities, Snavej? When did this become "Cybertronian Lampoon's Maximal House"?
Transfaner writes: Zig Heil!
Primus C-00 writes: What episode are we in again?
Jackwipe writes: Generic repainted foreign knock-offs unite!
snavej writes: We like dirty blue on fuzzy yellow
We like magenta pants on a strapping fellow
And some of us do not lack
For a luminous pink rack
Oddball Decepticons forever!

Can someone please write some better lyrics?
real_Angel writes: DECEPTICONS!!!
Tell me what time it is and the first 4 with the correct answer will get a repaint!
Dirtbag writes: Galvatron: "PLEED FOR YOU TURKEY!"
trailbreaker writes: Too much energon causes heartburn....
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Repainted_Transformer writes: Galvatron: Saluting doesn't make up for your mishaps at the humans' paint factory!!
Insurgent writes: You see what happens when you let Daniel run around with the spray paint?
--B-- writes: Anyone have the time?
Onyx Prime writes: Dammit soundwave! I told you to stop mixing the light loads with the dark loads!
snavej writes: Unsuccessful applicants for 'Transformers: Breast Force' (Japan, 1991).
Thanatos Prime writes: You put your left hand in, you put your left hand out...
Jackwipe writes: Hi, Ahm Soundwave. This is muh bruther Shockwave and my uther bruther Shockwave.
Wolfhart writes: Galvatron to himself: I don't beleive it! First those blasted seekers keep changing color schemes to mess with me... and now they've got Shockwave doing it, too!! And where'd that other Shockwave come from!?! Urge to kill, rising.
Wolfhart writes: Its called body art, Soundwave. See? Even Shockwave is into it.
Wolfhart writes: With our new recruits from the other side of the black hole, no one will be able to stand against us!!

(See The Killing Jar from original G1 series)
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snavej writes: Even Decepticons have stupid fraternities.
† Sunstorm writes: soundwave: hey me clock did just stop.octane: hey mine to!.soundwave: who have used the EMP device again?! RUMBLE!
snavej writes: We pledge allegiance to Brad, the Chocolate Popsicle and the United Colours of Bennetton.
Collector Maximus writes: With the rise and fall of the traditional "Boy Band" producers are now looking for something new and different. Seen here are the Decepticon BoyZ practicing dance moves for an upcoming world tour. Their Producer known only as Galvatron says &q
Roadshadow writes: Can you hear US now? GOOD!
Roadshadow writes: Everyone but Soundwave (In musical tone): Hello, operator, how do you do?
Soundwave: I don't know if I'm on the right side anymore...Musical Mondays suck!
Jetplague writes: OOOOOOOH Caaaaannnnaaaadaaaaa!!!

NO NO NO you nit wits....it's Char! CHAR DAMN YOU!
Pokejedservo writes: Hasbro Executive: Toei how many times have we and Marvel have tried to tell you guys to stop letting your drunks nearby your coloring machines? The show has enough animation errors already!

Toei Executive: Oh give us a break! You guys are lucky that w
Tusko writes: We all woke up after the party with out arms glued to our chests like this. We think it was a wayward kitbasher.
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Brakethrough writes: Cybertron's latest dance craze, the Mecharena.
Archanubis writes: Octance: I hope no one notices my gearbox is open.
snavej writes: You can tell they're not gay - they're not good with colours.
† Sunstorm writes: soundwave: ravage, eject!. HAH! i didnt say soundwave says, suckers!
† Sunstorm writes: simon says: touch your chest with your right arm
"ALL HAIL GALVATRON!" Shockgreen 2

Soundwave,"Dude. That i
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "5:47pm" Shockgreen 1
"5:47pm" Shockgreen 2
"5:47pm" Terdstream
"5:47pm" Soundwave
"5:47pm" Octane

NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Five more hopefuls are eliminated from 'So You Think You Can Dance?'.
koolmostupidfresh writes: HEARTBURN AND INDIGESTION take care of all burning problems with energon
Thanatos Prime writes: You fools! You've caught their stunt doubles!

(Spaceballs joke)
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SilentBlaster writes: Missing scene from the 1986 transformers movie.
Death-Ray Charles writes: The Knock-Off Transformers are building an army!
Zeedust writes: "I pledge allegiance to Galvatron, and his mighty fits pf hysteria, and to the empire for which he stands..."

*Homeland security hauls Nemesis Primal away from the keyboard in a box.*
Ultra Primal writes: Megatron: NO! NO! NO! that is not how you do the dance, how are we gonna make to dancing with the cons!? HUH?! you tell me!
Archanubis writes: By your command, our Queen.
dabattousai writes: Galvatron: So we agree, we attack at dawn.

(Switches over to this image)

Soundwave: May I introduce the Nazicons, they were produced in Germany under secret for our squadren, Their code names are Adolf, Eva and Funkytone.

Nazicons: Hiel Hit
inturnmike writes: "Heyyyyy Macarana!"
First-Aid writes: Hasbro is pleased to announce that the new "Less than Meets the Eye" line pays homage to all the animators screwups over the course of the original G1 series! Line one consists of Powerlinx Octane, Thundercracker Squarepants, and the new Decept
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Decepticons, show me how to kill a retarded painter!"
Optimutt writes: I, Octane swear to nibble on my arm...
I, Soundwave, am glad I am still Soundwave...
I Onscream, do make it a point to ream...
We, Nemesis Reflector, will turn into a Giant TV screen like the one behind us...
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MechaRaptor writes: 'Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And t
DeceptiGojira writes: Galvatron: does anybody know what time it is?
Everyone: its 5:30 pm.
Galvatron: Oh Boy, Cheers on TV.
Shockwave: was this even funny?
Twin Brother: was this even a Joke?
MechaRaptor writes: You have to be precise who you ask the time for at the Decepticons,they all love to tell you.
MechaRaptor writes: Groovy Shockwave Twin 1:'Ever noticed that we can't put our arms on our chest?'

Groovy Shockwave Twin 2:'Just support your large chest with that arm!'
Sun Runner writes: In their darkest hour the Decepticons tried to pull a desperation move. Unfortunately the Gobots proved to be terrible soldiers.
snavej writes: The Decepticons never saw the enormous robot with the square red eyes behind them until it was too late...
snavej writes: Over on the left, Energon Sixshot is quietly pleased with his time machine and slave twin.

The others continue to snort cocaine off their forearms.
cybertron_megatron writes: Soundwave to Octane: Do you know these three?

Octane to Soundwave: I think they're distant relatives of ours.

Soundwave to Octane: Ain't no way I'm related to these weirdos. I mean come on, their colours are so last millenia.

snavej writes: I don't know but I've been told
Megatron's ass is rusty and old!

We're not coloured very well
You animators can go to hell!
Unknown writes: All though they had the pose down, the Decepticons did not have what it takes to join S.P.D.

On a personal note: Z is hot!
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Psychout writes: The Decepticon Male Voice Choir won gold at the Cybertron christmas party
Decepticlone117 writes: See.. this is what happens when you let KO's get out of hand!!
Damolisher writes: Remember, kids, licking toads will make you see Octane and Soundwave saluting Galvatron next to a seeker brought back from the dead, and two Shockwaves coloured like Long Haul, also known as "ShockHauls."
Damolisher writes: "Hail Galvatr...who the hell are these guys?"
Frobman writes: All Decepticons have to remember Galvatron's birthday (the day he was built) or they can kiss themselves goodbye!
Ratbat writes: With Starscream dead, Bombshell tries his hand at usurping Galvatron's leadership of the Decepticons. He starts by injecting cerebro-shells into the heads of all the Decepticons under Galvatron's command!
Ratbat writes: [In unison] Yes, Galvatron, we will obey you!
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