Starscream with bird droppings on his head

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Starscream with bird droppings on his head
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trailbreaker writes: April Fools from Ratbat!
trailbreaker writes: Shaving cream ?
ksol71339 writes: STARSCREAM:. " The Avian Gods have annoinated me as THE LORD OF CYBERTRON! "

THUNDERCRACKER:. " You mean you're the LORD OF BIRD S--T! "

BG the Robit writes: Starscream: No, it's not bird poop, it's... paint! Yes, paint splatters are VERY in right now.
Megatron: Uh huh. Then why does it have mouse remains in it?
Starscream: F*** you.
BG the Robit writes: Laserbeak, that better be paint - *drips into his mouth**sniffs* Oh, Primus! That is NOT paint!
Rainmaker writes: Soundwave: Laserbeak, Eject. Operation: Sabotage Starscream. Result: Success, Tee Hee.
cusd220 writes: Starscrem: aaaaaaaaah! its spicy smelling!
Black Hat writes: Starscream got so angry after getting shat on that it caused the animation to go wrong.
maroyasha writes: Starscream: Where is that pest Laserbeak?!
#Sideways# writes: This is why Starscream would have hated Divebomb.
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anti-strscrm writes: I'm STILL the fu-chah rulah of the decepticons.
Blazefrost writes: "I hate life."
ACStarscream writes: When animals turn rabid, they usually froth at the mouth. Starscream, however, decided on a different approach...
ACStarscream writes: When planning to cream pie a Transformer, it is advisable to first adjust for scale...
Deceptiwho? writes: Cameron Diaz: What is that???... Is that gel???

Starscream trying out for the lead male role in "Theres Something About Mary".
ChevyTron writes: Something is oozing out of my head. Hope its not my bra- DUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRR!
megatrina writes: Megatron, she said we only get one frog! You're the worst lab partner ever.
Swerve writes: Skywarp: Yes, we get it. We all saw it nearly 10 years ago and you my friend are no Cameron Diaz.

Megatron: And is that... it is!?! Disgusting!

Starscream: Oh, a true comedian will go to great lengths for a laugh!
decipticonhater5995 writes: what the heck is this?(checks head)Starscream yells,Soundwave where is lazorbeak!!Soundwave yells on a spying mission why?.Starscream yells,Because i think he is back and im going to kill him for him pooping on me
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uncleiano writes: well ----!
Sondura1 writes: *starscream*Soundwave, where is Ratbat!?
*starscream*It is time for a long overdue revenge!
Dclone Soundwave writes: Where did this come from?!?!? Megatron.....the toilet is in the Nemsis for Primus' sakes! Oh I get it, it's because you hate me.......
hot rod 907 writes: okay, it was one thing to say that my alternate form is a toilet, BUT WHO'S THE B@$%#&D WHO DID THIS!?!
Anonymous writes: dammit laserbeak...
autobothound writes: Starscream: A little lower and to the right next time Meggie.

Megatron: My bad. My scope must be off a little.
Saberwulfe writes: Starscream: "Ah, what a great day this is! The sun is shining, the birds are-" *SPLAT* "...DIE S**T-HAWK! DIE!!!" *starts blasting sky*
Ccampbell23 writes: Feeling as though he has hit rock bottom... Starscream leaves the casting couch of the new transformers movie, hoping the director meant what he said...
darth_paul writes: Arcee to Starscream: Hey Is That Helmet Lube!?!? Mind If I Borrow Some!?
Octocon writes: its all ways the same i just get myself waxed and pow! bird s**t
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Starazor writes: "I should have just stayed in bed, but no-o, Megatron hauled me out of a nice comfortable recharge bed. . . " *Completely losing it at Megs* "You silver *****! This is all your ********** fault, you *******!" *Runs away, crying!*
Unknown writes: F***! GODD*****! SON OF A B****! SOMETHING TOOK A S*** ON MY NEW F***ING HELMET!
Road Turtle writes: Always suspecting either Ratbat, Buzzsaw, or Laserbeak for the occasional humiliating dropping; Starscream never knew the horrific was Thundercracker.
Tiedye writes: (Starscream in front of nearly defeated Autobot)
(Starscream) "Hahaha! Now you can see that I'am the greatest transformer in the whole universe!" "Every creature on this planet will soon bow before ME!!"
(Bird poops on his head)
Zeedust writes: Here we see the defining moment of Squawktalk's first... and last... appearance ever.
Flame Cheetor writes: Starscream!Ummmm,it tastes like cream........
1337W422102 writes: Hasbro Exec.: "We are proud to reintroduce the Universe line of repaints, including this new release of Starscream , with a new head design. (These crazy kids'll buy anything...!)"
trailbreaker writes: "ME SWOOP MAKE A POOP.....ON STARSCREAM!!"
jazzimusprime writes: ...while starscream was sleeping another transformer wrote"parking lot" on top of his head and placed a macdonalds french fry there...starscream wakes up takes a stroll outside when...a pack of seagulls immediately swarm around him. STARSCREAM-&
Primus C-00 writes: Reflector: "You know, it some cultures, that is considered lucky..."

Screamer: *stews*
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Kevinus Prime writes: "DAMMIT! The Clearasil tube said VANISHING FORMULA!"
Kevinus Prime writes: SS: "Hey, Arcee, will you go out with me Friday?"
Arcee: "HKKKKKK...PTOO!"
SS: "Is that a 'MAYBE'?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "EVERY time I freaking detail myself... do you know how much eight hundred cans of Turtle Wax costs?"
Pulsatron writes: Okay, does anybody think I look like a damn statue?!
battlestrike writes: awww no! no! no! no! no! no! no! damb it! i just got a new paint job!
ninjabot writes: Starscream: Damn Beast Wars Transformers play too much!!!!!!
Death Gunner writes: What is this? Iced...cream? noooo *sniffs* it can't be.... bird droppings???
Ratbat writes: Ugh...what just landed on my cranial module?
shadow minicon writes: This is one of the many resons why starscream hates everything about earth (apart fron the clear blue sky) the animals don't know how to pick up after themselves especially robotic one's this was starcream's vow - All birds including roboti
1337W422102 writes: He should try 'Head and Shoulderscoops'
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snavej writes: Looks like the humans are safe tonight. I couldn't possibly go out bombing and strafing when I look like this. Ugghhh! [He holds Thundercracker's hand and they both leave, skipping like little girls.]
snavej writes: The real reason why Decepticons have red eyes - irritation caused by bird droppings.
shadow minicon writes: Starscream:Grrrrrrrrr............SOUNDWAVWE!!!!!!!!!

Soundwave:*Hides* He will never find me here
Soundwaves was desprate so he hid in the Autobot bace and was then kicked out as soon as blaster found him
Pokejedservo writes: Starscream: Amazing, I should be incredibly annoyed now but for some STRANGE reason I keep having this feeling of "Deja Vu"...
Collector Maximus writes: What? Bird droppings are all the rage, Everyone who's anyone has them!
Optimusizzy writes: Starscream: I knew fusing organic birds with robotic components will back fire on us.

Dr. Arcaville: At least we didn't go with mokeys
Stormrider writes: Little did people know, Starscream was a big fan of Mikael Gorbochov.
snavej writes: The dirty white stuff caused more damage than expected. For the first time in centuries, Starscream was forced to remove his helmet, revealing a mass of tightly packed dreadlocks made of wires and diodes. He then lit up a 'special cigarette' t
snavej writes: In a parallel universe, Cameron Diaz mysteriously disappeared in a massive explosion and a stand-in had to be found for her forthcoming movie. The title was changed to:-

'There's Something About Starscream'.
snavej writes: I did those bozos in Beast Wars a big favour by giving a cameo appearance on their show.

This is how they repay me????!!!!
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Kevinus Prime writes: "DAMN YOU RODAN!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Starscream: "On my ear?"
Mary: "No, your right ear. Is that... is that hair gel?"
Kevinus Prime writes: Starscream looked hard in the mirror. Rumble had put Nair in the shampoo bottle, and Starscream was forced to accept his mullet was gone...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"It's called a Manufacturing Mark stop staring at it Rumble!"

Rumble,"But it looks like a bird..."

Starscream,"I KNOW! IT'S NOT!"

NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: For the love of......Some dufus at the factory screwed up the paint job on my Masterpiece Starscream! Gahhhhhhh!
Immortal Starscream writes: SLAG! megatrons survived my latest attempt. optimus shot me on the crotch. i lost 200 energon cubes, that little yellow autobot freak kicked me in the robojimi, and im stll not leader of the decepticons.... and now this... some days i swear i can't f
Ultra Primal writes: Starscream: Haha very funny Skywarp and Thundercracker. we'll see who gets the last laugh after i shoot you guys out of the astrotrain HHAHAH!
SilentBlaster writes: Starscream is now trying a new shampoo.
Ransom writes: Starscream was fortunate that as a prank Lazerbeak only dropped some eggs on Starscream's head while he was in recharge. Toilet paper would have gummed up Starscream's joints, jammed his intakes, stuck to his feet...
Ransom writes: Starscream: Egg me, will you? You stupid squishies, I'll show you what evil REALLY is!
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snavej writes: Could have been worse, I suppose. The territorial seagulls may have got me but that flock of flying monkeys from Oz went in the other direction.
snavej writes: Is that the best you can do, Pornotron? Is that your so-called secret ultimate weapon?! Prepare to be cluster-bombed into a fine mist...
shadow minicon writes: Starscream:LAZERBEAK!! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, I'LL RING YOUR SKINEY METAL NEAK!!!!!!!

Five hourers it took the Decepticons to finish salviging the tiny parts that was left of lazerbeak, they even had to call in help from the Autobots megatron
Frobman writes: Blasted petro-piegeons! They're just petro-rats with wings attached to their bodies!
shadow minicon writes: Starscream:Soundwave! you should realy start cleaning up after lazerbeak and buzzsaw!

Soundwave:*grabs a rag and starts claening*

later: starscream starts going off hie tree at lazerbeak and buzzsaw

soundwave:*anime sweet drop*
Death-Ray Charles writes: Starscream-SOUNDWAVE! do something about Lazerbeak!
Deszaras writes: Ah!...that's...em...gel hair...yes gel hair.
shockblaster5 writes: After laserbeak and buzzsaw did their "buisiness", Screamer went berserk whenever he saw a bird.
1337W422102 writes: "I guess I have fanBOYS, too..."
Chaoslock writes: Starscream: And I had luck. You should see how Megatrons arm looks after Laserbeak's spying tour.
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Unknown writes: 10 pts if you hit him in the eye next time.
Unknown writes: Starscream: Now, didn't I tell you that blowing off a little would make you feel better, Megatron??

Megatron: Aaaah, yes, Starscream, you did.
Kit writes: Starscream was actually more concerned with the fact that he was missing quite a bit of outline on his torso.
Zeedust writes: "The things I do for a paycheck..."
jazzimusprime writes: "great! those sloppy animators forgot to color the rest of my head in! I guess i'll be seen again on another transformers DVD special features section."
Smoke Screen writes: Megatron: "Oops! I missed!"
Roadshadow writes: Ever since Starscream's character died in the movie, he had to resort to being a hobo, having bird droppings fall on his head for food.
Unknown writes: Starscream: "Would you like a tissue?"
Thundercracker (offscreen) "Sure, thanks."
Black Arachnis writes: "ah sonova! Soundwave, next time Ratbat drops his guano on me, I`m eating fried bat!"
Onyx Prime writes: "Darnit Jetfire! You said it was going to be like the 'good ole days'! You've gotten sloppy!"
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Onyx Prime writes: "MEGATRON!!! If you dont WARN me before you shoot your 'particle beam cannon' then I'm not going to stand around and watch anymore!
Fireblast writes: Laserbeak for the last time cut it out!
MechaRaptor writes: Starscream:'It wasn't there last night...'
MechaRaptor writes: Starscream:'I just hope it's bird dropping and not...'
MechaRaptor writes: Starscream:'Being a statue sucks big time!'
Acelister writes: Starscream: "It's lucky? LUCKY? The bird was lucky I didn't see it!"
Acelister writes: Starscream was first pick for a part in There's Something About Mary, but obligations to evil meant he had to be replaced.
Acelister writes: Starscream, aiming to quell the foodfight, was not amused to be hit by ice cream.
Archanubis writes: Starscream: As if sucking these feather-brains into my intakes weren't bad enough...
Archanubis writes: Starscream: Trafalger Square, you have just earned my wrath.
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snavej writes: The Micromaster Air Patrol go too far.
Wolfguard writes: It's beer-belly Starscreem!
XeroSyphon writes: This shampoo sucks
DeathCaller writes: Upon Starscream's head is the wrath of a bird who didn't like0 Go-gurt... Or Starscream's strange "squawks" a.k.a, his voice.
DeathCaller writes: From above, you can hear Thundercracker and Skywarp laughing and "coo-coo"ing.

Starscream: This is what I get for letting those two watch "Ed, Edd, and Eddy"...
Sondura1 writes: Isn't Starscreem a 25 foot tall robot and if so that would have to be one huge bird ...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
dabattousai writes: Starscream: Ya I know, this is what happends when you try and do either sex over the phone or on the internet.
Optimutt writes: Alfred Hitchcock invited me to his set for lunch. Little did I know, it was a movie about birds.
Optimutt writes: What's this? Megatron's even got the birds working for him now? That's it; I quit!
sto_vo_kor_2000 writes: Skywarp to Starscream: Hey Starscream what is that white stuff on the top of your head. Starscream to Skywarp: You know thats the last time I sit in the front of Paul Rubin{Pee Wee Herman}at an Adult movie theature.
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