Superion holding A3

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Superion holding A3
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Rainmaker writes: Superion: Robot Heroes A3? What is this junk? Canceled.
ThunderThruster writes: Superion: Not bad for an oversized knock off...
Black Hat writes: Hmm...This could be a knockoff...
Heckfire writes: SUPERION: *pulls string*
ALPHA TRION: Teehee! Math is hard!
SUPERION: Great, someone switched the voice boxes again.
ghostscream127 writes: vector prime? no youre a repaint. ebay can take care of you
ChevyTron writes: OK, where do his arms go? I couldn't transform this thing if it saved my life!
Swerve writes: Oh the Irony, finally Hasbro has released a show accurate Alpha Trion, and I'm going to sell you on ebay to a Hong Kong buyer and totally overcharge for shipping!
Split Second writes: Superion: Are... are you my father

A-3: In a way, but I'd rather you think of me as your fellow Autobot. You must help me vanquish the evil Decepticons. Now, transform!

Guy off screen: Wrong episode you two. You're thinking of Grimlock�
Dclone Soundwave writes: To crush, or not to crush. That is the question. Aw hell, I choose crush!
hot rod 907 writes: I cant sleep without my stuffed decepticon!
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Anonymous writes: what does he transform into?

*twists him into odd angles*

A3: my... spleen...
Sherade writes: Superion: Does your head come off?
A3: no.
Superion: Screw you.
darth_paul writes: $300 for the Alpha Trion PVC and this is what it looks like?!? I knew I should've gotten the Starscream's Ghost one instead.
Unknown writes: Brokeback Transformers
Roboto750 writes: MMMMMM ALPHA TRION!!!
trailbreaker writes: Superion's ventriloquist act leaves much to be desired.....
Pokejedservo writes: Gotta love how Hasbro would even make toys for the Cybertronians huh?
Roadshadow writes: Superion: ZOMG n00b! T3h A3 figur3z!
A3: God dammit, I'm not a ----ING TOY!
Fireblast writes: Superion: I just love my new baby doll!


Superion: Wow it even talks!
Fireblast writes: Oh look! An Action Figure!
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Aurax writes: SUPERION: Ahhh. MP-05. At long last, you are mine.
Aurax writes: SUPERION: Wow. This Vector Prime repaint came out better than I thought it would.
Aurax writes: SUPERION: Dude, now *this* is a show accurate figure! I'm sooo loving this Classics line.
Suzuki writes: SUPERION: ... (Pulls little ring on a string, on A3's back.)

A3: 'Till all are one!

SUPERION: ... (Pulls the string again.)

A3: My alt-mode is a Mercadies!

SUPERION: ... (Pulls string a third time.)

A3: Look, I'm reall
Marcus Rush writes: Cream filled or Chocolate filled? DAMN I'm lactose intollerant.
battlestrike writes: oh i missed u so.....HEY!wait a minute this isn't my dolly!
spider_j writes: Superion: I wonder if I squeeze hard enough, would his head pop open?
spider_j writes: Superion: Man, these suppositories are getting bigger everyday...
Collector Maximus writes: Wow a "test shot" for the new Alpha Trion Figure! Now to put you on Ebay...hope no one's looking...
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Kevinus Prime writes: Superion: "Hey! It's one of those funny looking hand excercisers!"
A3:"Wait! Wait! *URRRRGHH*"
Supe: "Ha! I love it when their eyes bulge out..."
Collector Maximus writes: Open...Dammit, Open!
Kevinus Prime writes: "Let's go Frankenstein Junior!"
"OK, Buzz!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Superion:" Is this the button to make him talk?"
A3: "Oh God, my SPLEEN!"
Unknown writes: Respect my elders, huh? Yeah, right! Respect this, grandpa!
Tigertrack writes: "And I will 'wuv him, and squeeze him, and hug him, and I'll call him George..."
ninjabot writes: Superion: Heard what you said about me, Say it to me now!!!!!!
cybertron_megatron writes: Superion: "So you're the Optimus Prime and all the other Autobots are bragging about? You don't look like much. What can you do?"

Alpha Trion: "I AM ALPHA TRION!!!"

Superion: "Yeah... and? Woopty doo, good for you.
snavej writes: A3: Don't kill me, Superion. The real threat is the dancing robot from the Citroen C4 commercials!

Superion: True. I secretly loathe his detailed chassis, his flashy moves and his lack of heavy weapons. I think he is some kind of nancy.
snavej writes: Superion: Oo, oo! Now I will climb to the top of the Empire State Building with my beautiful girlfriend!

A3: A couple of points - (1) I am not your girlfriend, and (2) you can FLY, dumbass.

Superion: Excellent! Now I won't have any problems w
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snavej writes: A3: Yes sir, sorry sir. I won't hit Slingshot and steal his lunch money again.

Superion: That's a start. Now, as a punishment, you will come round my aerodrome base and do all my yard work.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Superion,"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father: prepare to die."

A3,"Are you on drugs?"
A3,"Ahhhh a murderess."
Superion,"Oh. I thought you said Methodist."
Unknown writes: so your saying we evolved from sprockets to computers to droids to transformers? thats ridicules, prove it.
transformerguru writes: this is some strange looking tp... O_o
transformerguru writes: Oh don't worry little I'm not gonna hurt ya... I'm gonna eat ya!!!
Dr. Caelus writes: Ahhhh... He doesn't Transform! Lame Action Masters...
Tusko writes: "Oh good-deee! A bunnee rabbit of my very own! I will love him and hug him and squeeze him and pet him. And I will call him George!"
Archanubis writes: So this is the little punk responsible for stealing my goose, gold, and singing harp...
Unknown writes: Superion: I thought these damn 'My Buddy' dolls were supposed to be my size!
A3: I'm not your buddy!
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New Omen writes: Superion: Guess what im gonna do with my free hand

*A3 screams in terror*
Unknown writes: Superion:Wait......isnt this supposed to be tour guide Barbie?

A3:-in girlish tone- But im like so totally cuter!!!

Primus C-00 writes: Superion: "Are you selling Acid to Children again?"

Alpha Trion: "Ermmm..."

Acelister writes: Superion: "Tell me a joke, funny man!"
A3: "These two Quintesson's walk into a Space Bar..."
Superion: "QUINT'S CAN'T WALK!"
*A3 is crushed*
Acelister writes: Superion: "So... all my seperate formms have blue eyes... How do I have red eyes...?"
A3: "I don't know, STOP ASKING!"
snavej writes: Superion is one of the Special Teams. He goes to a Special School. He is generally quite Special. In his spare time, he pulls the arms and legs off smaller robots. He doesn't know any better.
MechaRaptor writes: Dropping things from a height and seeing if they will break or bounce with Superion!

MechaRaptor writes: Superion:I shall call him......Mini-me,even though he doesn't look,sound or smells like me!

Ratbat writes: What brings YOU here, Superion?
We need YOUR help in reviving Optimus Prime, sir. Can you help?
Road Turtle writes: Superion, "Hey, didn't you help build me? I've got no mouth, weak joints, five voices in my head; and you're going to help fix me!"

A3, "...but it'll be millions of years before I become Alfa Trion, and didn't I
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Blaster_6267 writes: I thought I left my A3 somewhere around here...back into the dollhouse with you
Thanatos Prime writes: Superion: A3? I thought that was Fireflight.
Thanatos Prime writes: I'm gonna name you teddy and make you my very own...
Death-Ray Charles writes: TAG Body spray for robots.....consider yourself warned
Brakethrough writes: In a brutal twist of irony, Superion was knocked off the top of the building by angry monkeys.
ReinaHW writes: "Oh wow, I spend all those credits on the PVC Transformers so that I can finally get a full set and I get doubles of just one I've already got! Stupid unmarked packaging!"
Acelister writes: Superion: "W3 1337 h4x0rz!"
A3: "I thought installing AOL in you would overload you... Instead, you've become 5u93r10n!"
5u93r10n: "R0x0rz!"
Acelister writes: A3: So, we're giant robots... And in the future, a giant giant robot is built... why?"
Superion: "Wait'll you see Metroplex..."
A3: "Wait till YOU see Unicron..."
Superion: "Jokes on you, I WON'T!"
Acelister writes: Superion: "An early mold Alpha Trion PEZ dispenser!"
Optimus Prime: "No, Superion! A3 came here from the past! We have to get him back before..."
Superion: "No PEZ... Only circutry..."
snavej writes: Superion: Where did you get your name?

A3: A 'Battleships' board, I think, or maybe a chess board. Perhaps the first page of the telephone directory. It was a long time ago and I was young and stupid. My chest hurts. Please put me down.
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High_Octane writes: Slaggin Chinese Knock-offs!
Vegeta01 writes: Superion: Now wheres the rest of you, half a fights no fun!
Road Turtle writes: A3, "Can you help me? I've got some new guy moving in on my girlfriend, Beta. He's a young punk who turns into a truck and never shuts up about all the battles he's been in."

Superion, "He sounds familiar, what'd yo
Road Turtle writes: Superion, "What do you mean you have to go trim your mustache?! It's made of two small pieces of sheet metal glued to your face, and it doesn't even grow!"

(TIME DISTORTION SHIFT, and A3 ages into Alfa Trion, thus sheet metal mustas
Powersurge writes: I'm going to hug him and squeeze him and take good care of him
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: A3,"Goldbug?"

"Yep steroids."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Superion,"What the hell DO you transform into?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Well I was going for the Batman doll in the Claw booth, and all i won was this lousy Alpha trion."
SilentBlaster writes: Superion: oooh a chocalate bunny.
Superion: I think i'll eat it
Superion: ................ Oh wait i have no mouth, darn
A3: Whew.
Superion: Grimlock you want this?
Grimlock: CHOCALATE BUNNY!!!!!
Zeedust writes: "Hard Hero's just stopped caring, haven't they? I can't believe I dropped a hundred bucks on this."
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Unknown writes: Superion: "What the hell do you mean, I die in Dreamwave's Vol. 1?"

A3: "Errr, I mean....Uh you tottally dodge that nuke and then beat all the 'Cons and go score with Elita 1 and Arcee."

Superion : "Yeah that'
Transfaner writes: A3: "BWAWK! I am god"
Superion: "No, I am god"
cybertron2006 writes: Superion: Die A3!
A3: what did i do?
First-Aid writes: I will love him and squeeze him and hug him and pet him and call him George....
TFBuyer writes: "I love these things! Crunchy on the outside and a chewy center!"
Blitzwing the warrior writes: Hahahaha, Superion like funny bot!
PG13 writes: Superion:You killed my father!

A3:No Superion, I AM YOUR FATHER!
LunarFormer writes: Fezzik nursed the poor inebriated Inigo back to health...
Archanubis writes: Uh... thanks Rodimus, just what I always wanted. (really thinking) I wonder how much I can sell this POS for...
Jetplague writes: Aww man! This isn't the official Transformer A3...there's no rubbing icon to prove it. Ppppfft...probably a gobot...yuck.
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Roadshadow writes: Superion: YAY! DOLLY!
A3: Oh ----.
Unknown writes: Superion: "At last, I've found the rare and highly valuable A3!!! My collection is complete!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "I willl love him, and squeeze him, and call him George!"
O. Prime writes: Superion: "You can either give it willingly, or I can take it the hard way."
A3: "Oh GOD! Willingly, I'll take it willingly.
dabattousai writes: Superion: We can do this one way or five way, take your pick.
Immortal Starscream writes: aww man i fianaly get my hands on an exclusive alpha trion and its a friggen action master damn you ebay!
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