Powermaster Prime w/ Armada Megatron outside

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Powermaster Prime w/ Armada Megatron outside
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MagnusLabel writes: No sunblock required
Rainmaker writes: Megatron: Prime, were's that manual again?
Prime: You told me to throw it out
Megatron: Well then I'm gonna be stuck like this for a few more slagging stellar cycles
Prime: I have all day to read the manual before you even figure out were your arms go
o.supreme writes: Megatron: "I've fallen and I cant get up!"
(I cant believe nobody said this yet)
MarkNL writes: "What happened?"
Black Hat writes: Worst. Competition. Picture. Ever.
Heckfire writes: Hey, Mom? Do you ever get that...not-so-fresh feeling?
BeastProwl writes: was it good for you?
#Sideways# writes: This is why you read the instruction manual to find out how to transform them BEFORE you put them on Ebay.
ChevyTron writes: Megatron:Yeucch...I'm not scraping Spike off of the road.

Optimus:Well it aint gonna be me, either!
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Swerve writes: Prime: So from what I hear there are some figures that get displayed in cases inside the house and on shelves, then there are figures like us that get displayed on the trunk lid of the broken down car out front.

Megatron: Could be worse. Parts of us co
hot rod 907 writes: prime: "I love you man!"

megatron: "well, uuuhhh... CAR! RUN!
Ccampbell23 writes: I wish we could just sit here like this forever... hey, that cloud looks just like a pony...
darth_paul writes: Prime: It’s a good thing that gas costs so much now that we can just sit here on top of Trailbreaker and he can’t afford to refuel himself.
Megatron: Yup.
Trailbreaker: Aw hexagonal nuts!
Roadshadow writes: The aftermath of a retarded one-eyed child trying to transform these two.
Unknown writes: ROADKILL!
Pokejedservo writes: P. Prime: This is the way to the "Robot Chicken" set isn't it?

A. Megatron: I think so...
Suzuki writes: MEGATRON: I wish I could qu-
PRIME: I told you, NO MORE "Brokeback Mountain" refrences!
Powermaster Jazz writes: Toy Story 3: Mistransformers
Brakethrough writes: Megatron: You know what would be nice?
Prime: What?
Megatron: Knees.
Prime: Yeah.
Megatron: Yeah.
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Brakethrough writes: Prime: Wait a sec, where'd your arms go, Megs?
Megatron: What do you mean, they're ri-AHHH!?!
Brakethrough writes: Megatron: Wow, the universe sure is big.
Prime: Not really, no.
Megatron: What?
Prime: Think about it. Besides Earth and Cybertron there's what, maybe six other planets?
Megatron: I don't follow.
Prime: Well, Charr, Junk, Quintessa, Mars..u
Evil Phil writes: Megatron/Garth: "were you ever attracted to bugs bunny when he dressed as a girl bunny".

Prime/Wayne:" No....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!...

Megatron/Garth: "Okay neither was I".

This just so reminded me of that
kataridragon writes: (optimus prime is out for a mourning jog)

Optimus>> Good mourning Megatron

Megatron>> Optimus help me im stuck on my back and I can't get up

Optimus>> I sure am glad I have knees so at anytime I can easily get up and do nic
kataridragon writes: Megatron>> Optimus I am going into stasis lock. Hold my hand.

Optimus>> Megatron it was never ment to be but
I will stay by your side till the end.

Megatron>> But I Lu Lu Love you (optical sensors fade to black)

ReinaHW writes: Prime: "I have knees! I'm a G1 and I have knees!"
*Heavy thud as Megatron collapses from shock, and envy*
Road Turtle writes: Prime, "Meg, we need to break up."

Meg, "What? No! Please Prime don't do this!"

Prime, "Look, we're not even from the same continuity. In my continuity Seibertron blows up, in yours, Cybertron eventually transform
Road Turtle writes: Power Master Prime, "Meg, I've got a confession to make."

Megatron, "Yeah, Prime."

PM Prime, "I'm not really Optimus Prime. My real name is Ginrai, God Ginrai. I'm really just the little guy who turns into my
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Hey buddy, can you spare an energon slip, for a couple of old alterbots?"
Flashwave writes: My, He's getting desperate for pics, isn't he?
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snavej writes: Megatron: Remind me why we aren't fighting right now, Prime.

Optimus: Union contracts - we can't fight those from different continuities, unless the companies agree to a cross-over or some such thing.

Megatron: Perhaps if one or both of us
megaconvoy writes: Megatron: Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?

Prime: No.
[cracks up laughing]

Prime: No.

Megatron: Neither did I. I was just asking.
Cenozoic Forever writes: Megs: Wanna run to the end of the block?
Prime: Nah, not really.
Megs: Whassa matter, lost your drive?
Death Gunner writes: Prime: Look! That cloud looks like the matrix!
Megatron: Oh yes...
Prime: Look! That cloud looks like the matrix!
Megatron: They all look like the matrix!
Prime: Your point?
Megatron; Nevermind...
Prime: Wow! You'll never guess what that cloud
snavej writes: Optimus: I beat G1 Galvatron with my bare hands. You had to use a big magic sword.

Megatron: Maybe so, but I can do the splits!

Optimus: I can fold my shoulders right forward.

Megatron: I can powerlink with at least 14 Minicons at the same time.
snavej writes: Megatron: I think I have Cybertronian leprosy. My horns have dropped off. I have to use my incredibly large shoulderpads as substitute arms. I didn't used to have these skin colours a few years back. Minicons won't powerlink with me because
shadow minicon writes: Insted of fighting megatron and optimus deside to kick back and reflect on whats happened in the past, present and future battles.

Optimus: I have lost count of how many times i've died and comeback to life.

Megatron: And i've lost cound o
shadow minicon writes: The two fave bots laying down on the job.
High_Octane writes: Megatron: "Oh yeah, well, you suck so bad repolabels won't even touch you!"

Prime: *grumbles*
Roboto750 writes: Megatron: "Hey Prime, I can see your tan lines!"
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Marcus Rush writes: Optimus: Your show sucked...
Megatron: At least I got into mainstream
Optimus: Mainstream, you and your kind almost killed the entire franchise, and dont get me started on those spin offs. I mean minicons and what combiners as a standard feature? You gu
trailbreaker writes: Optimus wrote the words "WASH ME" on this car's bumper.
trailbreaker writes: "Hey Megatron, do you think Arcee's boobs are real???"
Zeedust writes: This is just a litle reminder that the instructions are there if you need them, folks...
ethanx18 writes: wax on wax off,wax on wax off,wax on wax off,wax on wax off
ethanx18 writes: Prime defeat megatron an goes tannig
Death-Ray Charles writes: Micheal Bay ran into some fund troubles, and he had to cut the new movie budget severely
Blast_you_Prime writes: Prime: I blame this only on Michael Bay's new movie... I did not get the part...
CNN: It is our Darkest hour...
Megatron: Oh shut up.....come here prime I have another $40.00
Prime: make it $60.00 and I'll make it an hour...
CNN: And there
Blast_you_Prime writes: This is CNN "Cybertron News Network"
CNN: Optimus, Optimus, tell us what prompted you to fall this low... was it the Failed "Rebirth" story line or "The Return of Optimus Prime", tell us Optimus what happend?
Prime: I, Well
Blast_you_Prime writes: This is CNN "Cybertron News Network".
This just in, video of what appears to be interaction between beloved Autobot Leader Optimus Prime and Megatron in a less than heroic transaction...
Prime: "That's $20.
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High_Octane writes: prime: ...and that's where human babies come from.

Megatron:... X.X *faints*
High_Octane writes: *Hasbro CO* "Look guys....it's like this, we share the same concerns, but...We have our best working on the classics line."

*Optimus* Where's my trailer and also, I don't have a 'enhanced' mode, what gives!?

Autobobby1 writes: Megs: Hey Optimus?
OP: What?
Megs: Where'd you're chest windows go?
OP: You'd be surprised what happens when you're drunk.
Minicle writes: Megatron: Tell me Prime. How was this craft we’ve been abandoned on manufactured again?

Prime: Di-cast construction... It’s a lost art.

Megatron: Riiiiiiiiight...
Dclone Soundwave writes: Megatron-Oh crap, I must've slipped into the G1 universe, where articulation is a thing of the future!

Prime-It's not so bad, we have way more episodes than your stupid Armada, but you'll probably get turned into Galvatron again.

Stress writes: *optimus* what happend last night *looks to megs* oh crap.....
snavej writes: Megatron gets sunburn so bad that he turns into Galvatron.
snavej writes: Optimus: What happened to us? We used to be die-cast. I used to have good shoulder joints that rotated and swung back.

Megatron: Well, I don't miss being Barney the Purple Dinosaur but I do miss having that enormous trigger section between my le
snavej writes: First pictures of Powermaster Prime's inverted nipples. Held down with screws, apparently. And who is his beautiful maniacal companion? This Daily Sleaze reporter wants to know!
Quaternion writes: Megatron: Ha! You are no more articulated than I am!
Prime: Oh yeah? Watch this!
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Damolisher writes: Prime: NO-ONE mocks the implants.
transformerguru writes: Megatron ~ Prime was that you? Oh man how many times do I have to tell you dont fart while I'm down wind!

Prime ~ heh heh heh heh.....
transformerguru writes: Megatron ~ Yes we are here to audition as the stunt double for the Transformers Movie by Micheal Bay....
What?!?! Those rolls have been filled... Damnit Prime WHY did you have to take the scenic route from Cybertron!!
Unknown writes: And now anothe touching scene from "Brokeback Servo-Motor"

Megatron:How long must we keep our love a secret?

Optimus Prime: Untill the others decide to allow same sex marriage;that, or move to Canada.

Megatron: I wish i could quit you!
SilentBlaster writes: Prime: Nice day in the park huh?
Megatron: I'm prepared for when birds come.
† Sunstorm writes: Megatron: i feel used and trashed

Optimus prime:....i feel raped
Unknown writes: Prime: Ever wonder why children's toys are so mis-treated?
Megatron: Not really, the guy that owns me is 35...
Massdestruction writes: Why are the product shots on the back of the boxes always mis-transformed?
Archanubis writes: Prime: *sniffing* "Why do I smell bacon?"
Velos writes: Optimus: OH NO, Large bird Incoming!
Megatron: Not Again!
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Death-Ray Charles writes: Megatron: DAMN KIDS! IT'S SUPPOSED TO RAIN TODAY!

Prime: I can relate man.....I can relate
D-340 writes: And here's my auction for super rare Armada/Energon/Cybertron Optimus Prime and Megatron Prototypes......
Road Buster writes: Optimus Prime: Well this just sucks! Of all the things I was worrying about for this movie, I never saw this coming.

Megatron: Well, nipples on your costume aside, at least they kept the rest pretty accurate.
Blast_you_Prime writes: Prime: I am so tired of fighting, can we just be friends and watch this movie quietly...

Megatron: Alright Prime, but if the movie does not make me any royalties or beats Spiderman 3, at the box office...the peace talks are over....
Blast_you_Prime writes: Prime: Michael Bay is making a live action movie about us....I sure hope I don't die again...

Megatron: YESSS!!!, lets hope you dont DIE!!! again...
Blast_you_Prime writes: Megatron: Prime you sure picked a lousy place for our retirement....
Prime: They advertised, low energon rates a month, what you expect....Social Security Income is not enough to pay to live in Fortress Maximus, Tripticon's rear end is the next best
Archanubis writes: A-Megatron: "Hey Prime, would ya pass the suntan lotion?"
PM Prime: "In a minute, that sprinkler's in the neighbor's lawn is looking very tempting."
Archanubis writes: Prime: Is my head on backwards?
snavej writes: Megatron: Never mind, Minicons will solve all our problems.

Optimus: I think you mean Nebulans.

Megatron: No, I mean Minicons.

Optimus: Actually, Nebulans are far better.

Megatron: Fool! I bet you don't even know what a Minicon is!

snavej writes: Optimus: I drank too much strong fuel last night and wandered into the wrong continuity.

Megatron: Me too. Don't steal my lines. Where are we anyway? Looks kinda super-real, know what I mean?


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snavej writes: It's neck and neck in the 'pathetic-looking leader' competition...
Decepticlone117 writes: Megs: Prime..where do petro rabbit's come from ?

Prime: .......................
Wolfguard writes: Strange...when I'm driving, I end up hitting bees and flies rather than Transformers...
dabattousai writes: Megatron: So what's your story?

Optimus: Well, I tried out for one of the mutilated toy roles in Toy Story, that is why my head is like this, hoping I could put on a good show. What is your story?

Megatron: I was trying out for the upcoming
Damolisher writes: Prime: And that's what you get for Stealing my windows!
Unknown writes: Prime: That cloud looks like a bunny!!!!

Megs: That cloud looks like me ripping out your central processing unit and feeding it to Sharkticons.

Prime: What was that????

Megs: Nothing.......nothing at all..........
Ratbat writes: Look!! It's (Powermaster) Optimus Prime and (Armada) Megatron--on Ryan's car! :)
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