Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 0
SPD: 6
END: 5
RNK: 3
CRG: 4
FRP: 0
SKL: 0
Class: Predator
Desc: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Mission: 85%
Arena: 0%
Kills: 331 (0.12 per day)

Not currently ranked.


"This is the essence of chaos"

Level 5 Decepticon

Team: Shadow Wardens [RDD]
Commander: Overwatch
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 5
Total XP: 2,657,469xp
Doing: Inactive

Extinction's Bio

The Cretaceous Cannibal.

Extinction sat in his cell, enshrined in near darkness. There was no such thing as 'natural light' on a machine world like Cybertron, but his travels had taken to him to many organic worlds. Carefully he monitored and calibrated the controls of his self-imposed confinement to mirror the hue of the earthen sky as refracted through the native verdant plant life. He set the time of day to twilight and allowed the night routine to take over, the glinting of the rising moon reflecting a stark white in his organic-looking reptilian eyes.

His meditative breathing cycle, unnecessary for a machine but reassuring nonetheless, cycled between a low growl and a rushing hiss as air was artificially drawn through huge scaly nostrils and expelled through powerful razor teeth-filled jaws, creating fake-condensation on the screen in front of him. The silence of his introspection was only broken by the endless looping of his chosen mentors teachings, reminding him that nothing is predictable, and everything in the universe constantly changes.

He motioned his arm towards the console and the familiar introductory music of his recorded lesson began over again. He skipped forward as the fleshling servants of the great beast talked about the tactics of his progenitors and hit pause as the red and black emblem of his teachers affiliation momentarily filled the screen, the black screen background reflecting his own scaled face like a mirror. Again, he sped the recording forwards to the introduction of the only creature that truly understood the universe.

He tensed with anticipation as the first of the many lessons of the Oracle, Dr Ian Malcolm, were uttered to his on-screen students; "...you see, a Tyrannosaur doesn't follow a set pattern or park schedules, it is the essence of chaos."


With his feet up on the table fashioned from an ornate casket which had once held the essence of Lady Death millenia before, Overwatch glanced away from the RDD chat console and looked over towards the storage pod, where his Cretaceous-period comrade had entombed himself with the portable video player. Again.

“This is the twelfth cycle in a row! Which idiot let him watch Jurassic Park in the first place?” he quizzed Mad Science, shaking his head with disbelief.

“Who do you think? Fileshare. Have you seen the amount of earth films he has collected? It's amazing, he showed me this one...” the scientist's sentence trailed off when he caught Overwatch's glare.

Extinction was a great warrior, but his odd habits had made him almost as eccentric as one of those idiots from Warporn; refusing to return to robot mode after a battle, his obsession with a 20th century earth film character and his quotations about Chaos Theory, and his disdain for man named ‘Hammond’.

Overwatch returned to the clans vid feed, stopping to throw an oil can at Contingency who had begun to gnaw on door frame into the mess hall. It bounced perfectly off the Sharkticons head and struck the top of the three glowing buttons on wall by the storage pod. The faint but satisfying click of a mechanism sliding into place was quickly drowned out by a muffled roaring and scratching as a pair of spindly little Tyrannosaurus Rex arms flailed and scratched uselessly at the inside of a locked closet door.

”Lets see if ‘life, uh… finds a way’ or some crap like that…”

(Written by Psychout. With minor edits by Overwatch)

Extinction's recent battles
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 8637:31:38
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 8649:04:08
Cut off the lines of support Done - 8650:43:29
REVENGE AND DESTROY Done - 8672:24:48
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 8757:18:34
Extinction does not currently have any arena logs available.

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