Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 0
SPD: 7
END: 9
RNK: 4
CRG: 6
FRP: 5
SKL: 2
Class: Spaceship
Desc: Jet Spacecraft
Jet Spacecraft

Mission: 71%
Arena: 0%
Kills: 587 (1.19 per day)

318 Zudo (L6)
Cdr: ThunderThruster
Sea Monster
319 Aluminumfalcon (L6)
Cdr: odnah
Cargo Vessel
320 Solarstrike (L7)
Cdr: High Command
Jet Spacecraft
321 The 2nd Amendment (L6)
Cdr: Bun-Bun
322 Feedback (L6)
Cdr: ctrlFrequency
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"Let's start a flame war!"

Level 7 Decepticon

Team: The Mayhem Attack Squad [RDD]
Commander: High Command
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 7
Total XP: 10,001,768xp
Weapon: Reaver-Slaughter Shotgun
Doing: Inactive

Solarstrike's Bio

Function: Interceptor

A hot-headed 'con with a smart mouth but who needs little provocation before he's charging straight towards his foes in a blind rage.
He possesses a unique ability in both modes to increase the temperature of his armour to levels high enough to melt metal, without any damage to himself. This makes him difficult to handle in close up fights and deadly in the air where he flies directly at his enemies like a flaming comet. His space jet mode is effective at dogfighting both in atmosphere and a vacuum but is only capable of limited range space flight. Easily goaded by his friends and enemies alike.

Solarstrike's recent battles
Inferno: Fraud Done - 29:40:44
Hell in a cell Done - 31:26:13
Feed the Smelting Pool, Lord Straxus orders you! Done - 32:06:49
Lumberjack match Done - 50:47:15
Let the slaughter begin! Done - 74:28:29
Arena Battle Done - 4376:38:16
Arena Battle Done - 4379:43:19
Arena Battle Done - 4383:16:37
Arena Battle Done - 4394:12:41
Arena Battle Done - 4396:10:21

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #225 - The Overexposure of Bumblebee
Twincast / Podcast #225:
"The Overexposure of Bumblebee"
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Posted: Sunday, June 16th, 2019

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