Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 8
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 8
CRG: 8
FRP: 6
SKL: 2
Class: Heavy Rescue Vehicle
Desc: Fire Truck
Fire Truck

Mission: 55%
Arena: 55%
Kills: 1011 (0.26 per day)

209 Astralscale (L9)
Cdr: Phasewing
Sky Dragon
210 Elita One (L9)
Cdr: Bad Wolf
Lamborghini Countach LP500S
211 LongRange (L9)
Cdr: Optimus_Prime007
Fire Truck
212 Eviltronus (L9)
Cdr: vintron
213 Sgt. Acidic Shadow (L9)
Cdr: Greatness
Sea Serpent


"You'll be dead and on the ground, long before you hear the shot!"

Level 9 Autobot

Team: Autobot Bounty Hunters [GAG]
Commander: Optimus_Prime007
Faction: Autobot
Level: 9
Total XP: 43,685,637xp
Weapon: Concussion Blaster-Gun
Doing: Inactive

LongRange's Bio

Allegience: Autobot
Sub-group: Autobot Bounty Hunters
Function: Defensive Stategist

LongRange's recent battles
Nightmare from the past Done - 24:48:19
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 75:32:20
Sonic Wastes Done - 77:58:14
Nightmare from the past Done - 80:18:55
Save SPANNER, the Autobot Space Bridge Done - 83:10:55
LongRange does not currently have any arena logs available.

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #221 - Appliance Wars
Twincast / Podcast #221:
"Appliance Wars"
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Posted: Sunday, April 14th, 2019

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