Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 5
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 7
CRG: 8
FRP: 10
SKL: 8
Class: Tank
Desc: Heavy Tank
Heavy Tank

Mission: 69%
Arena: 19%
Kills: 884 (0.22 per day)

185 Iron Horse (L9)
Cdr: S.o.L.
Steam Engine
186 Foghorn Leghorn (L9)
Cdr: The Potentate
187 Archforce (L10)
Cdr: Bad Wolf
Heavy Tank
188 Crush Hour (L10)
Cdr: Dark Ops
Wheel Loader
189 Transistors (L10)
Cdr: Symbiote Spiderman14
Armored Personnel Carrier


"I am Megatron?!?"

Level 10 Decepticon

Team: Dark Transformers
Commander: Bad Wolf
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 10
Total XP: 82,643,550xp
Weapon: Particle Beam Cannon
Doing: Inactive

Archforce's Bio

Name: Archforce
Faction: Renegade Decepticon Dissidents [RDD]
Subfaction: Dark Transformers
Function: Gladiator / Mercenary
Alternate Mode: Heavy Tank

- STR: 09 -
- INT: 05 -
- SPD: 07 -
- END: 08 -
- RNK: 07 -
- CRG: 08 -
- FRP: 09 -
- SKL: 08 -
Level 9: 36,375,882xp

[Profile] Once created by Lord Straxus to be the perfect clone of Megatron, Archforce is a powerful and dangerous "Warrior Leader" willing to destroy everything in his path to fulfill his mission: defeating the Autobots and reclaim his identity.

His reputation is feared in every gladiatorial arena in the known universe. His name strikes fear into opponents and that is half the battle won. Many thought he was dead - but how could a corpse cause this much damage in the arena over the past 300 cycles?!?

Archforce has allied with Invidia Prima and the Dark Transformers as a means to exact his revenge against all those who would have used him.

[Abilities] Archforce combines military strategy with brute force. Skilled melee expert trained in both armed & unarmed hand to hand combat, as well as an accomplished marksmen. Shoulder mounted Particle Beam Cannon can inflict devastating damage against a poorly shield opponent or target.

Having forged his current form & alternate mode from his various "victories". Armor has been magnetically reinforced with alternate mode configured to resemble a Terran military style heavy tank that utilizes speed, strength & firepower to vanquish opponents, enabling Archforce to destroy everything in his path.

[Weakness] Subject has gaps in memory files, suffers from mental instability; prone to violent outbursts.

Archforce's recent battles
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 30:55:15
Maintain the Decepticon hold of SPANNER!!! Done - 247:47:32
Let the slaughter begin! Done - 277:03:06
Let the slaughter begin! Done - 282:24:37
Inferno: Fraud Done - 378:56:34
Arena Battle Done - 13636:56:02
Arena Battle Done - 13808:04:25

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