Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 10
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 10
CRG: 10
FRP: 10
SKL: 10
Class: Strong Land Animal
Desc: Wolf

Mission: 69%
Arena: 87%
Kills: 7063 (1.87 per day)

42 Flash-Turbine (L10)
Cdr: Bumblevivisector
Futuristic Car
43 Sky Lynx (L11)
Cdr: alldarker
Attack Shuttle
44 Nosferatu (L11)
Cdr: The Potentate
45 Zero (L11)
Cdr: Absolute Zero
Defensive Tank
46 Fortress Magnus (L11)
Cdr: Naked Magnus


"Death is not the worst. There are things more horrible than death."

Level 11 Decepticon

Team: The Decepticon Illuminatti [RDD]
Commander: The Potentate
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 11
Total XP: 293,642,927xp
Weapon: Reaver-Obliteration Orbital Platform
Doing: Inactive

Nosferatu's Bio

Nosferatu. The Reaper, the vampire, the demon. The Scourge of Decahex. His circuits are powered by the energon he drains from his foes. He is fearless, merciless, and cunning. Preferring to stalk his kills to the fullest possible measure. By the time the target knows what has happened...it's too late, their power drained, their life force gone, only to fuel the demon for his next hunt. He is calculating, planning details meticulously with his fellow commanders, though the last word is ultimately his.
In bat form, Nosferatu relies on stealth. Able to sneak into tight spaces and hang effortlessly from ceilings and walls, he relies on armor piercing fangs to drain energon from his enemies. Regenerative armor can produce a force field long enough to accomplish a hasty escape, should it be needed. This tactic drains energy quickly, however, and is only used in the most dire of emergencies.
Dual,Shoulder-mounted Positron Colliders serve as his primary means of assault in wolf mode. Wields the Reapers Scythe in robot form.

In a recent interview conducted by the WarPorn News Network, Nosferatu was asked about his role in the war for Decahex, referred to by some as the "Silent Night" and regarding the death of the bartender.

"It's been said that you were the last functioning mechanism to set foot in Decahex, is this true?"

"It is in fact true. I, along vith Crackhead and the young Boresight deafeated four Autobots in vhat vas to be ze final battle. Ve stood over our defeated opponents for only a few moments until ve saluted each other. Young Boresight vas the first to depart, and shortly after, upon receiving orders, Crackhead departed as vell.

It vas I who stood vith my captives at ze grave of ze bartender. It vas only proper to pay tribute before departing. I then took their leaking carcasses to Cybertron, ze final kills of ze last battle, on a lost land. It has taught us all much."

"We just happen to be lucky enough to have some footage from that battle! Lets roll that (Beep)


"Wow! Amazing finish! We had a chance to speak with one of the Autobots who fought in that final battle, and they had this to say...Roll the clip! Somebody roll the damn clip!!!"

"We had them dead to rights, there were four of us against two of them at first. But before the battle began we saw something in the distance, closing fast, and breathing fire like some ancient dragon, and he literally roared as he charged. Then we saw who it was, through the smoke and dust...I remember feeling paralyzed. Even the other 'Cons seemed intimidated by his presence. Our morale sank. He was just too powerful that day. We focused on him as the battle began, and we got a few good hits...We thought we had him, but we know now he only baited us. I saw him only a split second before he sent me into stasis. His eyes...and he laughed as I fell. Before I hit the ground, I heard his comrades cheering...I think they chanted something...but I dont know what. Thats all I remember, it was horrible...I thought we had lost it all at that moment."

"Nosferatu, your thoughts?"

"Ha ha! Fools! Zey thought zey had a chance? Zis miserable Autobot is most vise in hindsight, But most foolish in reality...to rush headlong at your enemy, and throw your life away...fools."

"Now I know our audience is curious. Nosferatu...what was the chant from your comrades?"

"Zey vere chanting, "Reaper" "In a vay, I vas honored."

"Sir, some have said that it was in fact you who killed the bartender. Is there any truth to this?"

" Zat is vicious Autobot propaganda! I did nothing of the sort. There vas not a living mechanism who did not share a bond vith him. I vas not present at ze battle in vitch he met his unfortunate demise. From vhat I am told, he vas caught in a massive detonation set off by some nuclear accident, and he would have had to be. No mechanism alive today vould have been capable of defeating him in combat. I myself had no reason to try."

When asked about Nosferatu, Autobot leader Optimus Prime had this to say.

"(Sigh) You had to ask me about that one didn't you? You couldn't just ask about Megatron or Starscream...Hell, I'd settle for discussing the smell of a Sharkticons underwear drawer or Spikes blatant tendencies to wear longenherden and leiterhosen on Sunday evenings but...nevermind."

Another Autobot, who asked not to be identified, had this to say.

"I hate that guy! Whats with him anyway? Wolf, bat? Walking around in a long, black hooded robe carrying that freakin' scythe like he owns the place! I've seen him in combat...and let me tell ya man...that aint right! When I get my hands on him I'm gonna (Beep) him up right proper. He's gonna look like a kiddie scissor class cut him up into paper dolls! We still don't know what happened to Cliffjumper...and it's all that guys fault! And that weapon he's got! Where the hell did that come from? I watched a good friend get bifurcated in one quick movement from that devil of the pit! And Bumblebee! Bumblebee's never been the same, I don't know how that guy mind (beep) him, but he's been more screwed up lately than Carly when she's got... You got something on your back there, looks like a bat...Here, let me swat it for ya, I'll just..."

*Transformation sound*

"Vatch vhat jou say...jou never know who may be listening. Now you dance vith ze reaper."

*Grisly metal tearing noises*


*Sinister laughter.*

"But thats all the time we have for today, tune in tomorrow when our panel will debate the question on everyone's mind...Rodimus or Optimus, which is the bigger fool? Thanks again to Nosferatu for this enlightening appearance. We'll see you next time."

Tales from the Crypt.

For a time, Nosferatu held the game high score.
(6/15/2011) 71200-Exp. 3275-En.

165% Strafe! (Also a 6 Vs.1 win.)




Nosferatu's recent battles
Inferno: Treason Done - 692:56:22
Let the slaughter begin! Done - 733:34:49
Resources: Plunder the ruins of Praxus Done - 1291:22:52
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 1463:25:20
Let the slaughter begin! Done - 1579:19:34
Nosferatu does not currently have any arena logs available.

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