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Who's the New Alternator?

Transformers News: Who's the New Alternator?
Date: Friday, January 16th 2004 9:43pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Views: 31,512

By now you´ve all seen the upcoming Mazda Alternator. And you´ve all probably said to yourselves, "Golly Jee, I don´t know what Transformer name it´s going to have!" Alright, so you might not have said "Golly Jee," but you were wondering. Well, so was I. And apparently so were the bunch of people who flooded my inbox with their guesses. Thanks everyone, who sent in their suggestions. It seems the two most popular choices are Cliffjumper and Jazz. The head and design of the body are definately reminicent of Jazz (or "Autobot Jazz" as he´s now called on Hasbro´s shelf clogging reissue.) We might not know for awhile, especially considering it´s not set to hit shelves until September, and we didn´t find out that the Corvette Alternator was going to be named Autobot Tracks until very recently.

Mazda RX-8 Preorder

Transformers News: Mazda RX-8 Preorder
Date: Thursday, January 15th 2004 11:09am CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Kupp | Credit(s):

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Views: 34,013 has put up a pre-order for this still nameless autobot. The pre-order is for the binal-tech version. He is $55 and is scheduled to be released in Japan in September, 2004. You can reserve you own Mazda RX-8 here.

Good News for Hard Hero fans in the UK?

Transformers News: Good News for Hard Hero fans in the UK?
Date: Thursday, January 8th 2004 2:32pm CST
Categories: Rumors, Collectables
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): JohnHope

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Views: 41,820

The following information was obtained from a comic shop owner in the UK:

If you´re across the pond and enjoy Hard Hero´s Transformer busts and statues, you´ve probably noticed that unless you buy them at Forbidden Planet, you´re paying through the nose! That´s because Forbidden Planet was the only UK retailer able to buy directly from Hard Hero. But no more, Forbidden Planet no longer has the exclusive rights to distribute the Generation One statues and busts. Seems fans have already noticed the prices coming down on such items as the Giant Devastator bust. If you´ve been holding off on these, now´s your chance to get ´em at a more reasonable price!

Primus will Appear in Energon's Animation.

Date: Wednesday, December 31st 2003 4:16pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Views: 77,936

There was some doubt about this in recent weeks, but for the first time in Transformer history Primus (creator of The Transformers, not the band that performs South Park´s themesong) will appear in animated form.

New City Transformer in Energon?

Transformers News: New City Transformer in Energon?
Date: Wednesday, December 31st 2003 3:41pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Views: 76,536

I´ve gotten word that it´s going around that the "Omega" character we heard about several months ago might actually be Sig Omega, a new City Transformer. The character´s figure carries a $50 dollar price tag, so it´s definately possible.

Sequel to Transformers: Tatakai?

Transformers News: Sequel to Transformers: Tatakai?
Date: Tuesday, December 30th 2003 2:05am CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Views: 71,439

There´s been some talk of a sequel to the recent Japanese Transformers video game. It seems that this one will allow you to use characters from the Japanese exclusive series "Transformers: Victory." As soon as there´s any more info on this, we´ll let you know.

Mouthplated Energon Prime Found?

Transformers News: Mouthplated Energon Prime Found?
Date: Sunday, December 28th 2003 10:33am CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Views: 44,943

It seems that the updated Energon Prime, featuring a mouthplate, has started to appear on the west coast. We´ll let you know if and when this is confirmed. We´ll also be able to tell you how to spot the different versions while still in the package. Stay tuned.

Energon Kicker Figure Confirmed.

Transformers News: Energon Kicker Figure Confirmed.
Date: Saturday, December 20th 2003 1:00am CST
Category: Rumors

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Views: 37,383

Confirming our own Professor Smooth´s Rumor, Hobby Link Japan shows the human hero in the upcoming Energon Series (known as Super Link in Japan), as an upcoming figure to be released in March. Kicker will be at the price range of the Basic Toys, which have been the most accepted by the Transformer Fandom so far. Check the page of Kicker (no pictures available yet) right here

New TF Universe Repaint?

Transformers News: New TF Universe Repaint?
Date: Friday, December 19th 2003 12:36pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth | Credit(s): HK

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Views: 38,382

Another TF Universe repaint is on the way. This time it´s RiD´s Sideburn. While the robot mode continues to sport a similar red colorscheme to the Super Sideburn figure, the car itself is now jet black with red markings.

OTFCC Exclusives: What are they?

Transformers News: OTFCC Exclusives:  What are they?
Date: Thursday, December 18th 2003 12:59pm CST
Category: Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Views: 43,209

Another OTFCC, another set of repaints. This years figures are:

Wreckers: Matrix Guardian: $45

Wreckers: The Last Autobot: $51

TF Universe: Hotel Exclusive

Rumors are flying concerning what these retooled figures will be. We know the Hotel Exclusive is a repainted Armada Megatron. The other two figures are a mystery. Unlikely choices like Takara´s LioConvoy have been guessed at for "Matrix Guardian" while fans seem to think a remolded Tidalwave will be "The Last Autobot." Tidalwave really doesn´t seem all that likely, considering a Tidal Wave repaint may still be on shelves during the convention. The figures are set to be debuted at OTFCC ´04 but you can expect confirmation on what the figures are long before the actual convention.

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1,543 total news articles in this section, 10 per page.

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