Artemis choking Rabbit

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Artemis choking Rabbit
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Decepticon Stryker writes: Artemis: "IT'S RABBIT SEASON! IT'S NOT F**KING DUCK SEASON!!!!"
Rainmaker writes: Artemis: WHAT DO YOU MEAN RABBITS DON'T LAY EGGS
darkqueen01 writes: Suddenly, all the American fans don't feel so bad for missing out on some of the Japanese Transformers shows.
Zeedust writes: A quick wink. "You know what they say about rabbits," he said with a sly grin.

The result was FAR from what he expected.
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: WHY THE F**K DID U MAKE HARDHEAD SING POKEMON *See the Hardhead using a microphone caption*
Zeedust writes: And this is what Takara gave Japanese fanboys while we were watching "The Agenda". Any questions?
Dragonoth writes: Artemis: "For the last time, I am NOT a Decepticon disguised as a woman!"*
Moon: "Then…why are…you…CHOKING…me?"
*see my "Powerglide's Head" caption.
Zeedust writes: Artemis: "I don't CARE if it's the far future and we're both cyborgs now! We're still gonna find Padudu and get back my Flower Mark!"

Moon: "Nemesis Primal's been getting into Magical Play on Anime Network On De
Zeedust writes: Rabbit: "Aw, man, I am SO wasted... I've been chugging beer for the last five hours..."

Artemis: "A re you saying you didn't take out the trash? You lazy bum, I'll kill you!"
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Zeedust writes: Artemis: "I know you've got a robot mode! I've seen it! Now transform and fight off those Predacons!" Megatron: "This is so easy, it's almost embarassing... But not quite, no... *Blows away Artemis
Grimstormrat writes: Transformers meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer or having a BAD day, Anya/Anyaka decides she's seen one bunny too many
Zeedust writes: Artemis: "This isn't Moon! It's a space station!"
Shadow Fox writes: Artemis- Your a bad man, your supposed to be a transformer, but when I twisted your leg it came off, cheap parts!!! (Autobot in background) Um..Artemis..he's not one of us, not everything in this base transforms.
Unknown writes: While going from vehicles to animals, the Transformers accidentally incorporated PMS into the female subroutines.
Unknown writes: WHAT! ANOTHER CRUDDY PIKACHU DOLL!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: "Stop it...Stop it...he's already dead".
Unknown writes: Damnit, get in your Pokeball!!!!!
Zeedust writes: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN TAI IS CUTER THAN ME?" "Can't... breathe..."
Unknown writes: *CHANTING* Kill the rabbit, kill the rabbit, kill the rabbit...
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Unknown writes: no I don't want to see your giant carrot
Unknown writes: Moon, if I've told you once, I've told you twice, NEVER TAPE OVER MY EPISODES OF SPONGEBOB!!!!!
Zu Darkness writes: How dare you compare me to MegamanI don't look at elast a bt like him
Unknown writes: I hate Pokemon!!
Unknown writes: Someone told me you could get pudding out of these things!
Unknown writes: Artemis: (as Homer) Why you little...
Unknown writes: Artemis: I won the bet not you!
ryo777 writes: I STILL can't believe this LAME pic made it in a TF forum... Was the TAMA AND FRIENDS site already FULL?!!
ryo777 writes: Hey PINKY? Are you pondering what I'm pondering?!! I'm pondering to send you on a ONE WAY trip to say "HELLO" to 2PAC!!
ryo777 writes: *When the Transformers start to have QUEER @SS characters like THESE it's time to watch SOMETHING else!! (UNREAL!!) :P
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ryo777 writes: Possessed Gerbil: EWWWWWW!! HOW the hell could you lick my finger after I just picked a BIG GREEN SLIMER?!!
ryo777 writes: LAST time I FRIGGIN listen to you!! I KNEW we SHOULD'NT of taken that LEFT turn at ALBEQUERQUE!!!....NOW HOW THE HELL are we GONNA get back to the set of SAILOR MOON, with ALL of the rest of those GAY @SS characters?!!!
ryo777 writes: SAY "NARF" Again and you'll eating thru a STRAW!!...The Brain should have done this a LOOOOOONG time ago!!
ryo777 writes: Angry Mouse Creature(WHO THE F*CK ARE THESE RETARDS?!!): GO AHEAD, Keep singing that STUPID Eddie Murphy, " I got some ice cream, you can't have none" song one more time and you're gonna WISH you never left the Get Alon
Unknown writes: "I can't take it anymore! They promised me wealth; they promised me fame and fortune! And here I am stuck with...with a freaking bunny! I'm sick and tired of my terrible dialogue, these ridiculous plot holes, bad episodes, an
Unknown writes: Artemis: I told you not to snoop in my underwear drawer. Now you must DIE!!!
jesse writes: take that you fµ©king pokemon
Unknown writes: Who do you think you are buugs bunny? stop eating the damn carrots!!!!!!
dino writes: Artemis: I hate you all you do is sleep will wake up
Manchester Devil writes: "What do you mean you pushed Starscream to his death?? you little..." TF don't condome animal violence in any way.
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Unknown writes: Tired of all the shots at "Armada", Pat Lee just snaps.
Unknown writes: BW Megatron was very happy about his new form, but Black Ararcknia hate ist! Noooo
Unknown writes: Artemis went about trying to become a Throttlebot the wrong way. *.*;
Replimus Prime writes: What the F*ck? Hamtaro made it into the TFs universe?!!!
prime writes: Who the hell are these guys?!?!?!
Unknown writes: Arthemis: What the hell did you think you were doing with my barbie doll you little git?!
Pokejedservo writes: A Cardcaptors episode...FROM THE FUTURE!!!
Unknown writes: Whaddaya mean I look like Samurai Pizza Cats?!!!
Unknown writes: Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit!!!!!
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Unknown writes: ARTEMIS: No, I will not pose nude for your Centerfold! You are NOT the Playboy Bunny!!
Heather Prime writes: artemis choking rabbit....... SAY HEATHER COME ON SAY NEED CHOKING AT RABBIT LOOK AT MY KNIGHT OF AUTOBOT ROBOT IS CARSPORT SHINE RED PRETTY THAT!!!!!! i am stronger made choking at rabbit..... my transformre robots in disguise!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Dont look at me like that!!!!!!!!!
Galvatron Z writes: Artemis: "Gimme back my Trix you bastard!"
Unknown writes: Must kill Moon...
Unknown writes: Artemis: GIVE ME ALL YOUR CADBURY EGGS!!!!!
scott writes: Something tells me I shouldn't be upset this series didn't come to the US.
Sheba writes: DAMMIT you look like a Meowth or a PERSIAN (pokemon)!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.
Unknown writes: NO, I will not eat it with Spam, I will not spread it with Jam, and don't you dare call me m'am, cuz I ain't gonna eat them Green Eggs and Ham!
Unknown writes: I said Transformers are NOT aimed at kids, dammit!
Unknown writes: Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Chix.
Unknown writes: Wake up, you Bastard and get my Morning Paper, you Lazy Dog. Moon: But I'm a Rabbit...
Unknown writes: The new game craze that is sweeping Japan, "Pop the Bunnys head"
Unknown writes: You think a rabbit is a great transformer?!? And look at us! We're too cute to be on American Television!
Unknown writes: ...and this is for Pokemon you bastard!!
Unknown writes: Gimme back my Trix, you theif!
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Unknown writes: CardCaptors: The lost episodes. Sakura finally puts the smack down on Kero.
Unknown writes: Artemis: You ate my last chocolate bar, you damn rabbit!
Unknown writes: ARTEMIS: I know you're hiding the Thanksgiving Stuffing inside that soft body of yours!!
Shrapnel writes: "Moon, prepare for your death today, yer gonna die!"
Unknown writes: I HATE POKEMON!!!!
Unknown writes: What do you mean everyone thinks I'm from Pokemon?!
Unknown writes: Will you stop making homosexual jokes about my beloved Star Scream.
Unknown writes: ARTEMIS: No, I will not pose nude for your Centerfold! You are NOT the Playboy Bunny!!
Unknown writes: [B]ARTEMIS:[/B] No, I will not pose nude for your Centerfold! You are [B][I]NOT[/I][/B] the Playboy Bunny!!
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