Ginrai takes a beating

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Ginrai takes a beating
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etnichols writes: Ugh. I need a vacation.
Rainmaker writes: Note to self: Never eat at least 20 energon cubes before driving
Rainmaker writes: That's the fourth time Motormaster has beat me!
Rainmaker writes: I look horrible without my traditional G1 stickers!
Ravage XK writes: That's broke that is.
RSDADDIMUS2 writes: "Maybe I should have stayed in Wahlbergs barn..ouch."
Black Hat writes: Foolishly forgetting that she gets motion sickness, Prime lets Atari drive him. The results are not pretty, but slightly amusing (except, of course, for Prime and Atari).
Towline writes: Ethanol driving is drunk driving.
MP-01 writes: You see? My new windshields are indestructible!
Dragon_Convoy writes: this new body for Convoy get's trashed like his old body
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Zeedust writes: The dreaded "drop test" claims another victim.
Superion_007 writes: You ever had one of those days...?
bringo writes: I didn't know Ralph Nadder called you "Unsafe at Any Speed" as well...
Judynator writes: Op: Oh, man! Stupid joint traffic!
soundwavegt writes: Maaaaan, that was one HELL of a party!!!!
Unknown writes: That's the last time I let a human drive
shockblaster5 writes: Ginrai; Well, that's the last time I try to get rid of Motormaster!
Motormaster (off stage); Since Ginrai's going to be in repairs for a while, I'm now King of The Road! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
Zeedust writes: Prime's dead AGAIN? That's the third time this week!
Demonic Femme writes: Ginrai: "Hmmm... note to self, never ask strange talking car with purple-insignia for directions... that was a very suspicious talking-car... and those directions led me straight off that cliff. I know I followed them correctly.... Oh my Gosh- That
Phasewing writes: Ginrai: "........................................... Ouch."
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Marv writes: Altough he was right in assuming that he was more popular, G1 Prime completely forgot Armada Prime was nevertheless still twice his size!!!!
Marv writes: Altough he was right in assuming that he was more popular, G1 Prime completely forgot Armada Prime was twice his size!!!!
Marv writes: Altough he was right in assuming that he was more popular, G1 Prime completely forgot Armada Prime was twice his size!!!!
juggaloG writes: Don't mourn for Prime's death yet. He'll be back to life in a week, tops! Just give the Matrix to Mr. T in the meantime.
Hayloskien writes: Note ot self,I CAN'T FLY!
Zeedust writes: Spike tries to teach Daniel how to drive, and learns why it's a bad idea to let kids drive before they turn nine.
GunWolf writes: *some guy walks up to Ginrai* Hey! Young Man!...You got nocked the f*** out!
Zeedust writes: Just when Ginrai thought it couldn't get worse, Tow-Line showed up to haul him back to base.
Unknown writes: ginrai thought that he was prime and atempted to charge the decepticons like in the movie, many people who cannot tell them appart cried when they saw the photo evidence of ginrai's murder, 'cept for star saber, he got 50 credits in ener
Scooter writes: After that day, Prime outlawed the annual fart contest with Metroplex
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Unknown writes: ...I didn't know my spine could twist that way... oh... wait... no it can't...
Unknown writes: After finally resolving to "deal with those Armada pricks once and for all", Prime finds Alexis to be somewhat troublesome...
Unknown writes: Poor Ginrai here was the victim of a head on collision with Prime, he won £100,000 compensation. Call Megs and Screamer solicitors today!
omega icecream writes: is that a tooth?
Unknown writes: Gah...those weren't blanks!!
Unknown writes: bah...merely a flesh wound
Zu Darkness writes: Ironhide: Don't worry ractkect A little elbow grease and some spit and he'll be just fine
APOLLO writes: Friends don't let friends drive drunk
Zu Darkness writes: I guess it is true Autobots can't fly. Now where that F------ brat and that twinkerbell with that f------- pixie dust anyway
Zu Darkness writes: New commerical involving Girui with Geicho
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Unknown writes: SNIFF! I tried to replace G1 Prime, but all they did was called me a f***ing Jap and threw me off a cliff!
Unknown writes: Damn Space Bridge. One minute it's there, then it's gone!
Unknown writes: Red Alert: PRIMUS, Prime is dead! Scavenger: Maybe nobody will notice....
Unknown writes: Who did Prime MOT?
Unknown writes: Okay, okay, I'm sorry. You don't look like an Armada figure!
Zu Darkness writes: A minor setback
Unknown writes: I have GOT to stop calling Omega Supreme a big smelly sissy-pants...!
Zu Darkness writes: I don't care where your from that's gotta hurt

Optimus: All I can say is this is the last time I help Batman out in gotham...ouch
Beast Simpson writes: So its true..... I CANT fly...
Unknown writes: those #am adobots...
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FortMax writes: Damn left turns
Unknown writes: Ginrai: "The Network doesn't pay me enough to go through this crap!"
Unknown writes: Owie!
Unknown writes: ohhhhh, I really need to quit drinkin so much of that damn energon
Unknown writes: When I'm reborn in Armada I can fuse with my trailor..and then I'll come back and beat up the guy that ran me off the friggen road.....
Unknown writes: Prime:Thats it, no more drinking and driving!
Bruticus Buckeye writes: What they did with the body after Optimus died
Unknown writes: "That's the last time I let Wheelie into the work shop..."
Unknown writes: rachet- hey prime did i fix your steering?
Omega Supreme writes: Optimus: I knew somehow when Spike said "turn right" he meant "turn left" ow *mumbles*, where's Grapple&Hoist when you need them??
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Alexander writes: i told you i could fly..
Unknown writes: you just dont know when to say when do you?
dino writes: Ginral: I knew I should have just had 10 drinks and not 100
Unknown writes: Optimus: That's the last time I take directions from Getaway
Getaway: Sorry boss!
Unknown writes: Optimus: That's the last time I take directions from Getaway
Getaway: Sorry boss!
Unknown writes: The result of Ginrai + too much alcohol + too much of MTV's "Jackass".
gabriel writes: Ok Prowl you can stop laughing now
Battle Angel writes: Next time... I'll get those anti-lock brakes.
APOLLO writes: "Optimus Prime is dead, but he will come back, Optimus Prime always comes back. The question is what will he be, a gorilla, a fire truck, a tractor-trailer, a race car. He might very well be the computer standing in front of you right now. So, wh
Battle Angel writes: I could have sworn the bridge was right there...
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Unknown writes: Ginrai: *grumbling* Alright, who left a banana peel on the road...
Suzuki writes: *After falling from the cliff* I meAnt tO do tHat . . .
Unknown writes: man, did i have a hot time in the old town tonight.
Unknown writes: "Alright, alright, no more "Armada" jokes, just stop beating me up!"
starscream88 writes: If this was sold on ebay the description would be like this, G1 Optimus prime!! Original not remake!! Slight sticker wear!!!!
Rayden writes: Why would anyone pay 150$ for that when they can get a brand new re-issue for about 50$
Unknown writes: But im a G-1 original! pay me 150$ & im all yours.
Unknown writes: This is what happens after an Autobot drives drunk.
Unknown writes: This is what happens after a Autobot drives drunk.
Unknown writes: Optimus after a brutal beating. Ouch!
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Soundblaster writes: This looks just like the "near mint condition" Optimus I bought on ebay.
Dynamus Prime writes: Ginrai, in little kid voice: HAHAHA! That was fun, mommy! Can we do that again?! Huh? PLEEEZZZZEE?
Dynamus Prime writes: Uhh...ow...
Unknown writes: Here is Ginrai after getting drunk and getting into a fight with Piranacon
Unknown writes: crack, speed, and no sleep kill. Ginrai: i gotta get more of that sh*t!
Unknown writes: optimus: this is the last time I take advice from spike or any human for that matter
Unknown writes: damn....I gotta stop drinking 40 proof energon whiskey
Unknown writes: Ginrai: hmmmmmm maybe I took a wrong turn at Alberturcky
Unknown writes: Dude, i think i partied a little too hard with Leader 1 from the Gobots crew.Dang you, gobotron
Unknown writes: NO!!! Ive come back from the dead before! please dont rebuild me into a FIRE TRUCK!!! ANYTHING but a FIRE TRUCK!!!
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Heather Prime writes: i care optimus prime say: okay ouch your my legs blood ........acid blood!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Can u dig it, this is some great s£!t!!!
Heather Prime writes: i run wait optimus prime watch out rock piles again.... optimus prime ouch painful say heather okay.. i will be retchat fix for optimus prime wait still here ..... ouch my stomach hurt awful!!!!!!??
Unknown writes: Pfewww.... Am I lucky to have,ouch!, airbags!
magnaboss writes: There is nothing like a nice hard rock after falling off a cliff, yum.
magnaboss writes: There is nothign like a nice hard rock after falling off a cliff, yum.
Ultra Prime writes: Autobots transform and crash out
Unknown writes: Guys....I need some help down here..
iron hide writes: This is way robots dont drink and Drive!
Thunderstreak writes: Ginrai: That's it, Daniel! I knew I should've never listened to you! "Oh, I wanna drive Optimus! Let me drive!" Little prick! Now get out and go look for a gas station! Think you can do that without screwing up?
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Unknown writes: Ginrai: D@mn it! That's the last time I trust Pep Boys!
Spike: But the ads looked so convincing!
Ginrai: You call a 70%-off clearance sale convincing?!?
FortMax writes: ow!
Unknown writes: Prime: That's it, Spike! No more! No more sex in the cab. You and Carly should be ashamed! You too, Fairbourn! The three of you are sick. The noise was just so damn distracting...
Spike to women: Come on girls. Ultra Magnus is waiting for us.
Unknown writes: prime:"what the fµ©k is your problem you stupid drunk"
bot: " you a$$hole you were in my fµ©king way in the first place."
Unknown writes: Rachet: "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!"
Prime: "Aww Shut Up..."
Unknown writes: optimus:damn those firestone tires!!!!!!
Unicron writes: megatron off sreen:oops!!!!(hehehehehe)
Unknown writes: (PROWL) "This is what you get for thinking your that spider-guy"
(OPTIMUS) "Shut-up"
(IRONHIDE) "What was that guy's name again?"
(MIRAGE) "How should I know!"
Unknown writes: Prime:"Okay..Maybe calling Metroplex a big sissy WAS a bad idea..."
Unknown writes: D'Oh!
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Unknown writes: Victory Leo(out of shot): "Heh. I won't be needing this anymore!"
Unknown writes: Ughh... I knew i should have got rachet to check these damn brakes....
FortMax writes: okay..I think I'm lost
Super Prime writes: Optimus Prime: this is the last time I let someone drunk to drive.
Silverwolf writes: That's the last time I let Danny drive with out taking his retalin first.
Unknown writes: What? Oh... no! NO! I can feel myself changing... into... a fire truck!
Unknown writes: Prime: Ouch
Unknown writes: That's the last time I go to "Ronny's" for a brake job
Unknown writes: "....And that is how Prime died the 453rth time."
Unknown writes: "...Headlights (heado-on) Headlines, another junkie lives too fast..."
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Unknown writes: optimus"Damn women drivers"
Unknown writes: Okay, Prowl. You were right, it is steep.
Stelartron writes: Poster hung up in the Autobot training academy: Don't over-energize and drive.
Mirage writes: Optimus Prime finally proved that he can't fly.
Mirage writes: Optimus Prime finally proved that hr can't fly.
Unknown writes: GEICO- A 15 Minute Call Can Save You 15 Percent Or More On Car Insurance.
Dynamus Prime writes: "Just think happy thoughts" he said! That's the last time I take advice from a juvenile delinquent in green tights!
Unknown writes: "Hmm, it says slight play wear, but $50 is a really good deal for a G1 Prime, I'll bid anyway"
Unknown writes: Next Time I'll take the scenic route.
Unknown writes: OP:I told you Stone Cold and Debra NOT to screw inside me!
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Chains writes: see i told you that weman can't drive!
Flamemaster Galvatron writes: Ginrai: I bent my wookie. :(
Unknown writes: Oh, please, let me die! I'm sick of being resurrected!
Maxie-Astrotrain writes: This is what really happened when pime played chicken with MOTORMASTER,
Unknown writes: Hey! look what I found at the flea market.
Unknown writes: After seeing his name on a G2 Gobot, Prime's attempted suicide yielded less-than-stellar results. "Ouch" said damaged Autobot leader before being towed away and rebuilt as Lazer Optimus Prime.
Unknown writes: Cheesy Animation-$100
Rocks in the path-$200
Bag of Tacks-Priceless
Unknown writes: Episode #99 - Death of Optimus Prime...again.
OP-That the last time you went joy riding you little puke.
Unknown writes: Beta-7: Next time you let one rip that big Prime, dont stand under a ledge!
Unknown writes: Beta-7: sigh * smacks her forhead * Prime, how many times do I have to tell you Not to play leap-frog with Omega supreme?....
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Unknown writes: Oh, OH! Better get MAACO
Unknown writes: Buy me! My playwear is slight but I work just fine!
Unknown writes: I'll get you next time, Speed Racer!!!
Unknown writes: This is what happens when
friends let friends drive
Unknown writes: oh the insurance company is gonna have a field day with this...
Unknown writes: Maybe I overestimates my abilities by saying I could beat Bruticus and Devastator both without transforming
Roadbuster writes: Ginrai:"Motormaster I tell ya I'm not Prime you just roadkilled the wrong guy!"
Unknown writes: I think I.... need a chiropractor....
Unknown writes: This new PVC format just doesn't take the damage
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Unknown writes: Chasing fembots is dangerios to ur health......OUCH!!!!!!!
MEGATRON writes: Man I knew this would happen if I went to Track's house for a drink, first he'd slip me bad energon, then leave me in the middle of nowhere after his damn S&M games. man my back panel is sore!
Optimus writes: I KNEW I wouldn't make that curve!
Unknown writes: What we'd like to see happen to ALL diesel trucks
Rapier writes: Rodimus: Optimus… why, I’m not worthy to lead the Autobots!
Ratchet: Don’t worry about it, he’ll be back, he’s resurrected plenty of times…
Rapier writes: Optimus Prime: Bah, just a flesh wound, I AM INVINCIBLE!
Black Arachnis writes: damn, I thougth this was a roadrunner cartoon.
Snake writes: prime behind the autbot .... after the crash prime just wasn't the same
Unknown writes: This is the last time I let you drive, Gin Rai!
Unknown writes: You should see the other guy!
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Unknown writes: The other autobots would be cheering right now if prime were a hyundai
Unknown writes: Ginrai: I'm beginning to think that having a transector that looks like Prime is a BAD thing.......
Unknown writes: I had to go with the unleaded Energon. I'm such a moron!
Unknown writes: Ginrai:"Maybe it was a bad idea volunteering to be Prime's stunt double for the movie!"
trooper writes: Made by Ford
Unknown writes: Don't Drink and Drive
Unknown writes: So, to prove to the others that Rock concerts are dangerous, Optimus Prime goes to a Limp Bizkit concert and hurls himself into a mosh pit.
Optimus Prime writes: If you think I look bad, you should see the other guy...
Philcom writes: Blast you Firestone!
Unknown writes: Brawn, never again ask me why I hate mountains.
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Ultimate Optimus writes: Ok, ok, ok! I admit it, Prowl! I did have a little TOO much Energon than I should have!
Unknown writes: Hmmm, that Megatron sure is rough and ready!
NgBoy writes: i knew i shouldnt have suggested my new body tobe made out of tinfoil
Optimus Prime writes: Hmmmm... Painful...
Optimus Prime writes: Ow
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