Sightings for Bruticus Maximus

Bruticus Maximus
Series: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
Characters: Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle, Vortex, Onslaught, Bruticus Maximus
# Sightings: 37 Total Sightings
Last Sighting: September 28th, 2010 3:50pm CDT
Description: Target exclusive

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Bruticus Maximus has been sighted at the following locations:

# Date Found By Store Location Remaining
35.2010-09-28 3:09pmDecepticonMegatronTargetLongview, Texas [Discuss]5 remaining
34.2010-02-19 9:02amjlogano20TargetRochester, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Had a destroyed one!
33.2009-11-01 9:11pmjesse_gullettTargetLouisville, Kentucky [Discuss]0 remaining
32.2009-10-27 5:10pmTexasWithaDollarSignTargetWestminster, Maryland [Discuss]4 remaining
Comments: there were five there. these were also on clearance. Has anyone else seen them on clearence?
31.2009-10-25 8:10amskids1TargetYork, Pennsylvania [Discuss]0 remaining
30.2009-10-21 11:10pmTexasWithaDollarSignTargetColumbia, Maryland [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: was on clearance for 20.98. Going back sunday to pick one up.
29.2009-10-13 6:10pmEdgeAsusToys R USIdaho Falls, Idaho [Discuss]5 remaining
28.2009-10-13 6:10pmJetOptimus23TargetCarrollton, Texas [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: 6 figures
27.2009-10-07 6:10pmStixxTargetPort Richey, Florida [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: there were so many, but i didnt have the money....
26.2009-10-04 10:10amJetfire PrimeTargetClarksville, Tennessee [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: Got him!
25.2009-09-25 12:09pmwolverinetoddTargetHigh Point, North Carolina [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Actually ordered from Target's website. Rec'd it 9/23/09. Shipping cheaper than driving there.
24.2009-09-20 8:09pmSetsuna68TargetAltoona, Pennsylvania [Discuss]5 remaining
23.2009-09-19 3:09pmJenusTargetDayton, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: Since Ryan will not update his site I'll use this store as the sighting, located at 4341 Feedwire Rd
22.2009-09-16 9:09pmBatmantimus PrimeTargetFairfield, New Jersey [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: they had about 10 of these guys!
21.2009-09-16 2:09pmMattimusPrimeTargetLivonia, Michigan [Discuss]4 remaining
20.2009-09-15 11:09amIronhide516TargetBuffalo, New York [Discuss]5 remaining
19.2009-09-14 7:09pmbobbleheadcoltonTargetAtlanta, Georgia [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: There is one left
18.2009-09-14 4:09pmwarpath222TargetLake Zurich, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
17.2009-09-13 7:09pmFallenprime27TargetSan Antonio, Texas [Discuss]3 remaining
Comments: tere is no target here it the one at SW Militery and Yarrow
16.2009-09-11 1:09pmpaul053TargetRogers, Minnesota [Discuss]3 remaining
15.2009-09-09 10:09pmagent1159Houston South Central SuperTargetHouston, Texas [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: had 15 tues at the central store 77007
14.2009-09-09 6:09pmNaked MagnusTargetBroomfield, Colorado [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: At least ten are on the shelf
13.2009-09-08 8:09amreluctantyouthTargetPeoria, Illinois [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: On endcap!...didn't get one...maybe when on sale
12.2009-09-07 9:09pmChipperJonJonesTargetFlorence, Kentucky [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: One Entire Endcap
11.2009-09-05 12:09amBrokenn77TargetColumbia, South Carolina [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: It's actually the store in Lexington and there were about 10 more
10.2009-09-04 5:09pmFURY413Super TargetMishawaka, Indiana [Discuss]5 remaining
9.2009-09-03 2:09pmfaraohsethTargetNashville, Tennessee [Discuss]4 remaining
8.2009-09-01 4:09pmIcebergTargetPortland, Oregon [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: it's awesome!
7.2009-08-31 5:08pmbagofshhhTargetAberdeen, Maryland [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: Hyattsville, MD Target. 12pm.
6.2009-08-31 10:08ammoneyconTargetAuburn Hills, Michigan [Discuss]2 remaining
5.2009-08-30 3:08pmStockadeTargetDayton, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: Also found at Target off of feedwire too! about 6 or more left!!!
4.2009-08-30 10:08amJenusTargetDayton, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
3.2009-08-30 9:08amthunderjackerTargetAbington, Pennsylvania [Discuss]0 remaining
2.2009-08-20 10:08pmDownshift7TargetNormal, Illinois [Discuss]2 remaining
Comments: Had four picked up two, one for friend
1.2009-08-03 11:08amhotrod422TargetFargo, North Dakota [Discuss]3 remaining
This item was added to the Vector Sigma Database on July 21st, 2009 9:07pm.

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