Sightings for Starscream (Armada)

Starscream (Armada)
Series: Transformers Legacy
Character: Starscream (Armada)
# Sightings: 20 Total Sightings
Last Sighting: August 21st, 2023 10:18pm CDT

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Starscream (Armada) has been sighted at the following locations:

# Date Found By Store Location Remaining
20.2023-08-21 10:08pmKuroKetsuWalmart Supercenter #3768Altavista, Virginia [Discuss]2 remaining
19.2023-07-17 4:07pmPonyformerWalmart #1785Hudson, New Hampshire [Discuss]1 remaining
18.2023-06-28 2:06pmKuroKetsuWalmart Supercenter #2312Roanoke, Virginia [Discuss]1 remaining
17.2023-06-28 1:06pmKuroKetsuWalmart Supercenter #3243Roanoke, Virginia [Discuss]2 remaining
16.2023-06-28 1:06pmPonyformerWalmart Supercenter #2222Tewksbury, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
15.2023-06-28 12:06pmKuroKetsuWalmart Supercenter #1399Bedford, Virginia [Discuss]4 remaining
14.2023-06-08 3:06pmPonyformerTarget Lowell (Grocery) #2480Lowell, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
13.2023-06-05 2:06pmmsalerno9711Walmart - Wal-MartPittston, Pennsylvania [Discuss]2 remaining
12.2023-05-23 10:05pmmsalerno9711Target Allentown (Grocery) #1510Allentown, Pennsylvania [Discuss]1 remaining
11.2023-05-18 10:05amPonyformerTarget Nashua (Grocery) #1228Nashua, New Hampshire [Discuss]2 remaining
10.2023-04-13 12:04amBounti76Walmart - Wal-MartMurray, Utah [Discuss]1 remaining
9.2023-04-05 4:04pmPonyformerWalmart #2903Chelmsford, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
8.2023-04-05 1:04pmKuroKetsuWalmart Supercenter #3243Roanoke, Virginia [Discuss]2 remaining
7.2023-03-06 11:03pmshadowPotentateTarget Northgate (Grocery) #1284Seattle, Washington [Discuss]2 remaining
6.2023-03-04 5:03pmPonyformerTarget Salem (Grocery) #1186Salem, New Hampshire [Discuss]3 remaining
5.2023-02-24 7:02pmMST85Target Myrtle Beach (Grocery) #0963Myrtle Beach, South Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Bought one
4.2023-02-21 10:02pmHowya84Davenport Super Target #0533Davenport, Iowa [Discuss]2 remaining
3.2023-01-24 3:01pmtankertuxTarget Rapid City (Grocery) #2457Rapid City, South Dakota [Discuss]1 remaining
2.2022-12-29 7:12pmBounti76Walmart Supercenter #3366Centerville, Utah [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Looks nicer in person than I thought.
1.2022-11-29 3:11pmPrimal LynxTarget Ann Arbor #0634Ann Arbor, Michigan [Discuss]3 remaining
This item was added to the Vector Sigma Database on July 8th, 2022 9:00am.

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