Sightings for Warpath

Series: War for Cybertron: Kingdom
Character: Warpath
# Sightings: 44 Total Sightings
Last Sighting: February 1st, 2022 6:54pm CST

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Warpath has been sighted at the following locations:

# Date Found By Store Location Remaining
44.2022-02-01 6:02pmgalvatron3369Walmart Supercenter #1021Warrenton, Missouri [Discuss]1 remaining
43.2021-07-10 3:07pmDr. CaelusWalmart Supercenter #1194Oak Ridge, Tennessee [Discuss]0 remaining
42.2021-07-07 10:07amStormtalonWalmart Supercenter #3227Monument, Colorado [Discuss]3 remaining
41.2021-04-16 10:04pmNotFrankeSistoWalmart Supercenter #5476Woodbury, New Jersey [Discuss]2 remaining
40.2021-03-21 1:03pmdespawnTarget Saugus #1290Saugus, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
39.2021-03-21 1:03pmltjdavidWalmart Supercenter #2331Waterford, Connecticut [Discuss]1 remaining
38.2021-03-21 12:03pmdespawnTarget Boston S Bay (Grocery) #1898Dorchester, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
37.2021-03-21 9:03amdespawnWalmart #3200Weymouth, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
36.2021-03-21 9:03amdespawnWalmart #2341Quincy, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
35.2021-03-14 2:03pmdespawnTarget Saugus #1290Saugus, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
34.2021-03-14 2:03pmdespawnTarget Woburn (Grocery) #1266Woburn, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
33.2021-03-14 2:03pmdespawnWalmart #2180Danvers, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
32.2021-03-14 2:03pmdespawnWalmart #2139Lynn, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
31.2021-03-14 2:03pmdespawnWalmart #2640Salem, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
30.2021-03-14 2:03pmdespawnWalmart #2660North Reading, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
29.2021-03-13 3:03pmEunuchRonTarget Colerain (Grocery) #1545Cincinnati, Ohio [Discuss]3 remaining
28.2021-03-11 11:03amNotFrankeSistoTarget Voorhees (Grocery) #1133Voorhees, New Jersey [Discuss]4 remaining
27.2021-03-08 10:03pmEunuchRonWalmart Supercenter #4609Cincinnati, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
26.2021-03-05 4:03pmRiptor_OneTarget Columbus Central (Grocery) #1058Columbus, Ohio [Discuss]4 remaining
25.2021-03-05 3:03pmRiptor_OneTarget Whitehall (Grocery) #1972Whitehall, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
24.2021-03-01 9:03amKingKickAss33Target Henrietta (Grocery) #1157Rochester, New York [Discuss]0 remaining
23.2021-02-28 8:02amNoodleconsWalmart #2139Lynn, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
22.2021-02-18 10:02amLegoLover58Walmart SupercenterProsper, Texas [Discuss]2 remaining
21.2021-02-12 1:02pmBrokebotWalmart Supercenter #0605Savannah, Georgia [Discuss]3 remaining
20.2021-02-11 8:02pmFiddlerUndoneWalmart Supercenter #2674Greenville, Pennsylvania [Discuss]2 remaining
19.2021-01-27 9:01amMST85Walmart Supercenter #3205Lithia Springs, Georgia [Discuss]3 remaining
18.2021-01-26 10:01amwolverinetoddWalmart Supercenter #1322Lexington, North Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
17.2021-01-25 2:01pmMST85Walmart Supercenter #3621Chamblee, Georgia [Discuss]3 remaining
16.2021-01-24 5:01pmPonyformerWalmart Supercenter #2222Tewksbury, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
15.2021-01-24 4:01pmPonyformerWalmart #2903Chelmsford, Massachusetts [Discuss]0 remaining
14.2021-01-23 3:01pmPonyformerWalmart #1785Hudson, New Hampshire [Discuss]1 remaining
13.2021-01-22 5:01pmregularJimWalmart Supercenter #2854Lisbon, Connecticut [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Saw 1/22
12.2021-01-20 10:01pmHowya84Walmart Supercenter #1509Maquoketa, Iowa [Discuss]2 remaining
11.2021-01-20 11:01amPonyformerTarget Nashua (Grocery) #1228Nashua, New Hampshire [Discuss]0 remaining
10.2021-01-15 10:01amTF-fan kev777Target Homewood (Grocery) #1460Homewood, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Bought only 1 on the peg
9.2021-01-13 4:01pmconcrusher792Target Raleigh NW #1794Raleigh, North Carolina [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Bought 1, left 1
8.2021-01-12 2:01pmBounti76Centerville Super Target #1750Centerville, Utah [Discuss]1 remaining
7.2021-01-10 2:01pmAutobotBurnoutWalmart Supercenter #0988Lutz, Florida [Discuss]2 remaining
6.2021-01-09 6:01pmAutobotBurnoutTarget Tampa Central Walter's Crossing (Grocery) #2040Tampa, Florida [Discuss]1 remaining
5.2021-01-08 11:01amAutobotBurnoutTarget N Dale Mabry (Grocery) #0655Tampa, Florida [Discuss]1 remaining
4.2021-01-08 10:01amroughhouseSt Charles Super Target #1323St Charles, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
3.2021-01-04 5:01pmPonyformerTarget Lowell (Grocery) #2480Lowell, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
2.2021-01-02 6:01pmDr. CaelusTarget St Peters (Grocery) #1035Saint Peters, Missouri [Discuss]1 remaining
1.2020-12-30 1:12pmTheEvilProfessorWalmart Supercenter #3055Mississauga, Ontario [Discuss]5 remaining
This item was added to the Vector Sigma Database on November 22nd, 2020 12:50pm.

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