There are 1,588 Aldi locations listed below.

Country: United States (1588)

United States (US)United States (US)

Alabama (AL) - 21 stores
Arkansas (AR) - 8 stores
California (CA) - 30 stores
Connecticut (CT) - 22 stores
District of Columbia (DC) - 1 store
Florida (FL) - 94 stores
Georgia (GA) - 54 stores
Illinois (IL) - 200 stores
Indiana (IN) - 74 stores
Iowa (IA) - 30 stores
Kansas (KS) - 22 stores
Kentucky (KY) - 19 stores
Maryland (MD) - 35 stores
Massachusetts (MA) - 11 stores
Michigan (MI) - 71 stores
Minnesota (MN) - 48 stores
Mississippi (MS) - 2 stores
Missouri (MO) - 73 stores
Nebraska (NE) - 8 stores
New Hampshire (NH) - 5 stores
New Jersey (NJ) - 38 stores
New York (NY) - 102 stores
North Carolina (NC) - 61 stores
Ohio (OH) - 131 stores
Oklahoma (OK) - 24 stores
Pennsylvania (PA) - 114 stores
Rhode Island (RI) - 8 stores
South Carolina (SC) - 28 stores
Tennessee (TN) - 44 stores
Texas (TX) - 95 stores
Vermont (VT) - 3 stores
Virginia (VA) - 36 stores
West Virginia (WV) - 9 stores
Wisconsin (WI) - 67 stores
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