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Thursday, January 25th, 2007 3:51pm CST

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Joel of has provided another large update!

Hi - Here is a big update from about a slew
of exciting new preorders and some great new arrivals!


TAKARA MUSIC LABEL TRANSFORMERS: Takara has gone to a new level of
creativity with their new 'Music Label' and 'Sports Label' brand
Transformers, and its great to see a new spark of innovation for the
spring product lineup. Lets start with the Music Label items - The
Convoy iPod Docking Bay is the same size as a G1 convoy and it features an
all white color scheme in honor of the original iPod. Convoy himself
features a new head mold, and is pretty normal other than the white paint,
where it gets interesting is the trailer. The trailer transforms into a
fully functional iPod docking bay with speakers and an AC power cord so
the energon doesn't run low. This item is fully licensed by Apple and
preorders have been listed at $144.99. Staying with the music theme, the
next product bumps Soundwave's technology forward a few decades by
integrating a fully functional MP3 Player into Soundwave's Chest. On top
of this great feature, Soundwave gets an all new mold! In cassette player
mode his edges look rounded and it appears to be smaller than the G1
version so it can be a functional sized MP3 player. The MP3 player is
powered by a mini-SD memory card and batteries, neither of which are
included. Takara is releasing both a traditional blue version, and a
white version in honor of the iPod. The set of two figures is available
for $174.99, single white players are $79.99. Check out all the Music
Label items here:

TAKARA SPORTS LABEL TRANSFORMERS: Transform Your Shoes! Takara and Nike
have teamed up to bring us 1/2 scale transforming tennis shoes, yes tennis
shoes, and they look darn good! Convoy & Megatron are each available
individually for $29.99 or $58.99 for the set. In robot mode they each
are actually wearing the same pair of Nike shoes that they represent in
shoe mode. Words won't do these figures justice so head on over to the
site to get a look at them:

MARVEL LEGENDS WAVE 2: Hasbro rolls out 8 new figures for their second
release of long lived Marvel Legends. This set includes the
Build-A-Figure parts needed to form The Blob as well as these 8 great
characters: Yellow Jacket, She Hulk, Thor, Ultimate Wolverine,
Quicksilver, X3 Juggernaut, Jean Grey, and Xorn. The set is priced at
$89.99 and will be arriving in April.

STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE WAVE 2: The next set of 2-packs with comics
includes one each of: Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise & R2-D2,
Quinlan Vos & Vilmarh Grahrk, Obi-Wan Kenobi & ARC Trooper. These come
in a case with a few older figures, but we'll sell those separately so you
can pick up only the three new sets you need for $39.99.

JAPANESE BEAST WARS 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Takara will be reissuing a variety
of popular characters from their Beast Wars lineup this spring! We
previously reported these would be all-new figures, but despite
triple-checking this with our suppliers it turns out they are reissues
instead of new figures. The good news is that you can now get some of
the long gone and hard to find characters for just $27.99. Each will also
include a bonus DVD and come in all-new packaging. Figures available are
Optimus Primal & Megatron (Originally from Robotmasters), and JBW
Tigatron, Cheetor, Blackarachnia, Archadis, Corhada, Rhinox, Wolfang,
Dinobot, Waspinator and more!

MASTERPIECE MEGATRON MP-05 IMAGES: Color images of the new MP-05 have
just been revealed and Megatron looks completely fantastic! The color
scheme stays completely true to the G1 toys and how Megatron should look.
The figure has tons of detail and great engineering - can't wait to see it
in person.

FUTURAMA SERIES 1: With Futurama returning in 2008 with all new episodes,
its about time for some figures. Toynami has just unveiled the new Fry
and Zoidberg figures and they look great. The set of two is available for
$23.99 and they arrive in May!

TRANSFORMERS GRIMLOCK BUST: Diamond Select is producing just 1000 pieces
of a very well done G1 Grimlock bust. We have it listed $10 under MSRP at

NEW REVOLTECH: The new Dangaioh & Patlabor: Zerosiki Revoltech figures
have just been listed at $19.99 each. Great articulation, extra fists,
and cool weapons - check them out here:

MAZINKAISER & SHIN GETTER 8" FIGURES: Great looking new figures from a
company called Zacca P.A.P. has just been listed for the Mazinkaiser and
Shin Getter 1. They are priced at $84.99 and $79.99 respectively.

ARMORED CORE MODEL KITS: Another new kit and the weapon sets #10 - #12
have just been listed. The kit itself is a great value at $26.99, it
looks fairly complex.

ANIME GIRLS: The highlight of this round of figures is Bome Volume 20 -
Otaku No Video - Misty May figure for $27.99. We've also just listed
preorders for Da Capo - Otome Asakura, Utawarerumono Eruruu and Aruruu, My
Hime - Mai Tokiha, My Otome - Arika Yumemiya, Tales of the Abyss Tear
Grants & Natalia LK Lanvaldear. Do a quick search on the site for any of
the items above to bring them up.

XTREME BEACH VOLLEYBALL: The second beach bound beauty from Koto is a
very attractive Kasumi sculpture from Dead or Alive. Preorder price is
$37.99 and its definitely worth viewing:

STAR WARS BUBO CREATURE PACK: Another new set of critters from Sideshow,
this set featurs Buboicullaar, Spiny Rock Wart, and Womp Rat - all for
just $38.99

DC DIRECT - STARDUST: A variety of busts and a statue featuring Star,
Lord Primus, Tristan, and The Witch have just been listed.

GUITAR HEROES: 9" Statues of Angus Young, Dimebag Darell, and Jimi
Hendrix will be arriving soon. These statues are priced at $124.99 each
and look great, more will be added soon!


TRANSFORMING ROADBOTS & CYBERBOT: Our container of Roadbots just rolled
in today and we now have stock available for ALL Roadbots as well as the
Macross style Variable Cyberbot. The Roadbots are all very well
constructed with fairly complex transformations, cool licensed vehicle
modes and great price points. We are in the process of checking them in
so they will still be listed as preorders for a few hours, but they have
arrived and will ship normally soon. Check them all out here:

REVOLTECH OPTIMUS PRIME & ULTRA MAGNUS: These exciting new figures have
just arrived and are priced at $24.99 each. Ultra Magnus is basically
sold out in Japan and our stock is fairly limited so don't miss out on
that one. Optimus comes with The Matrix, his blaster, and some extra
fists. Both figures have tons of articulation and nice styling. Megatron
is up next and we can't wait to see who they make after that.

MARVEL LEGENDS 12" ICONS: 12" Thor comes with Mjolnir and features 30
points of articulation. In stock now for $21.99

NECA'S PLAYER SELECT: A great looking new line that features Lara Croft,
Agent 47 from Hitman, and Kain. Sets of 3 are available for $36.99 and
single figures are also in stock.

SERENITY ORNAMENT: This wildly popular item is finally back in stock for
$18.99. Don't forget to preorder the limited edition Serenity in Disguise
Ornament as well.

TRANSFORMER CLASSIC LEGENDS: The second wave of Legends has just arrive
and we have some left in stock for $17.99. This set includes Bumblebee,
Jetfire, Whirl, and Menasor.

CTHULHU PLUSH 12": Another new arrival from Toy Vault - the 12" Plush is
in stock now for $18.99 and a variety of others are also here.

ROBOCOP MODEL KITS: We've restocked the cool little Robocop mini model
kits including ED-209 and more - $8.99 each.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the cool new items mentioned above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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Re: Update January 25th 2007 (802)
Posted by 1337W422102 on January 25th, 2007 @ 5:17pm CST
I thought womprats were green. At least they were in Super Star Wars...
Re: Update January 25th 2007 (1089)
Posted by Liege Evilmus on January 25th, 2007 @ 7:47pm CST
I'm not to big on online shopping, but lately these guys have been busting out some real good stuff!

Sadly, I'm in the middle of moving, so all of it will have to wait.

Fortunatly, all these things are preorders, so by time I'm settled, I should just be able to score them maybe even on sale :-?
Re: Update January 25th 2007 (1138)
Posted by bobpiecheese on January 25th, 2007 @ 8:20pm CST
I tempted to get some o' them Roadbots...not now of course. I'll wait until I get them Alternators from Case Fresh (Skids first, then Mirage/Ravage/Rumble will be ordered later). Then I'll either get these, or try and get Primus. The hardest part is figuring out which of the Roadbots are good and which are bad.
Re: Update January 25th 2007 (1469)
Posted by on January 26th, 2007 @ 3:37am CST
I'm very excited about MP Megatron. I will definitely buy two, but not from BBTS. No orange tip for me thank you. I like to live life dangerously... :D
Re: Update January 25th 2007 (1526)
Posted by Air Commander Starscream on January 26th, 2007 @ 4:53am CST
bobpiecheese wrote:I tempted to get some o' them Roadbots...not now of course. I'll wait until I get them Alternators from Case Fresh (Skids first, then Mirage/Ravage/Rumble will be ordered later). Then I'll either get these, or try and get Primus. The hardest part is figuring out which of the Roadbots are good and which are bad.

I have 3 Roadbots on their way right now from BBTS. The Lamborghini, Toyota Landcruiser and the Toyota Supra.
Re: Update January 25th 2007 (2526)
Posted by bobpiecheese on January 27th, 2007 @ 5:18am CST
Air Commander Starscream wrote:I have 3 Roadbots on their way right now from BBTS. The Lamborghini, Toyota Landcruiser and the Toyota Supra.

Well, I've decided now.

For the bad guys:

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
Toyota Land Cruiser
Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

And for the goodies:

Hummer H2
Toyota MR2
Toyota Supra

All are 1:18 except the Mitsubishi, which is the 1:12. I have to thank my dad and my older brother for heping me decide that the Lambo is evil :P . Now to name them... :-?

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