Quintessons in transport vehicle

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Quintessons in transport vehicle
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trailbreaker writes: Behind the scenes at Hasbro's corporate HQ.
Godzillabot Primal writes: Walmart, where we get paid little and only get the first wave
Suzuki writes: Cue the "Night at the Roxbury" theme!

"What is love?!
Oh baby, don't hurt me
Don't hurt me... no more"
Optimushide2005 writes: Quintesson#1:Are we there yet
Quintesson#2:If you don't stop talking were turning the other way around!
mechislander writes: you sure you know how to drive this thing?
dutnam writes: All..My..Friends..have a Low Rider......
Autobot bubbs writes: Q in drivers seat: "... this scootie puff junior sucks.... why couldn't we get a scootie puff senior?"

Q riding shotgun: " Yeah, that thing rocked... did you see the fuselage on that thing?"

Q in back: " Will you two sh
StarSaber1701 writes: Quintessons1: Did you saw the Soccor Game Yeasterday!
Quintessons2: Shut up ok
Judynator writes: Quintessons in the Suzuki (or BW?)

Q1: We call would Alpha Quintesson too one cycle, no?
Dragonoth writes: Quintessons take a trip to the past

Quint 2 (pointing): There! That's the one who will become Ironhide!
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Merbum writes: After plotting their next move against the transformers, the Quintessons decide to out for a beer run to celebrate.
Stress writes: back: i ahve to pee. Front right: hold it in will ya i'm trying to drive. left front: dammit i broke a nail.
Unknown writes: D1: VROOOOOOOM!
D2: Don't ever do that again.
D3: Yeah, kinda creepy.
Scatterlung writes: Quintesson: Have the autobots build a better vehicle...All black with red flashy lights...And it needs to talk and be driven by someone off of Bay Watch...
soundwavegt writes: Yes, this is the latest model, Lowered sport suspension, comfort seats, air conditioning and a Soundwave stereo system!!!
Ultimate Optimus writes: *Worker #10 farts*

Quintesson Judge: OK, who did that?!
Roadshadow writes: Quintesson Judge (backseat Quintesson): I told you we should have turned left at Detroit! This place looks NOTHING like Cleveland, Ohio! Besides, there's no humanoid robots there like the ones here.
Quintesson Jailer (Quintesson that has a shell-
bvzxa writes: Low-rid-er or van full of quintess-sans
Road Turtle writes: Passanger Quint, "We manufacture boy-bots and girl-bots? How can you tell the difference?! Flip them on their backs? Idiots!!!"
Montmorency writes: Quint in back: Why are there so many guys here?
Quint in front: I can say that in two words:
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tron01 writes: And on the left you will see the no leg men and on your right you will see the red booty men!
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Backseat Quint: Didn't we pass through this hallway full of robots a minute ago?
Passanger Quint: I TOLD you we were going in circles. You have no sense of direction.
Driver Quint: We're never going to win the Quintessia Grand Prix at this rat
gauthic_angel7680 writes: crack production up 90%. it looks like it's going to be a good year for us. Muhahahaha!
darkwind25 writes: "let's face it, guys; even with our snazzy new cybertron car, were still one of the fugliest transformers around! Damn, no girls will want to date us. Hey, I have an idea. Why dont we drive off a deep cliff, that way our sparks will be terminate
DeltaOmega writes: you can hear "I'm a Bad Boy, wit a lotta girls
Drive my own cars, and wear my own clothes
I hang out tough, I'm a real Bo$$" comming from the radio.
Sustain writes: Q1: How do you tell them apart?
Q2: I can't.
Q3: Hey that silver one with the back cannon, he looks different.
Suzuki writes: "Look, just ask that guy over there! I'm sure he knows where it is!" "I told you already, I know where we are going! Just let me drive in peace!" "Are we there yet?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint2,"Oh damn,I think I left the iron on at home."

Quint1,"Evert friggin time we go some place...."
Warhead writes: GTA!!!
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Car Radio: Sunshine, lolipops, and rainbows everything-
Driver Quint: Oops, wrong CD (Ejects CD and inserts another one)
Car Radio: Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and games.
Driver Quint: Now THAT'S more like it.
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Quint2: *Takes out shot gun and blasts Quint1*
Quint 3: Stares
Quint 2: What? He said he wanted shot gun!
Road Turtle writes: Passangerseat Quint, "Everyday it's the samething 'Go check the robots, make sure they're not up to anything.' Really, you multi-facers are so paranoid! They're only robots! It's not like they're gona go anywhere! W
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: See, I told you Depthcharge couldn't carry us through that narrow passageway, but NOOOooooooooo. "It's ok, his wings will fold up..." Look at him now, you passenger-side air head!! He's wingless & turning blue!!!!
Mikemann writes: Qdriver:Who Farted?
ShotgunQ:Not me.
BackseatQ:It was a drone.
BackseatQ:Fine! It was me!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint1,"We shoulda enslaved Go-Bots too."
Byrerprime writes: Q1: Let me get this straight, the blue one's NOT Bluestreak?

Q2: One last time from right to left. Prowl, Prowl, Prowl, Prowl, Prowl, Prowl, Prowl, Prowl, Prowl and Prowl

Q3: Why so many Prowls?

Q2: Why don't you ask Hasbro!
galvanostril writes: while on vacation, the quintesons stumbled upon the megaman universe...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Quintesson Day Parade wasn't really a big sucess.Danny Devito was grand marshel.
DarkDranzer writes: Q1: Okay today we'll fire him, him and him...

Q2: Uhh I think that's a she...

Q3: That guy got a sex change last month remember?

Q1: ...Damn it!! I wish they didn't do that every month!! It's very annoying on 'Sacking Day
The King writes: Quintession checking the factory. Figuring who are they going to let go today.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Deep in Hasbro HQ.

Quint1,"And here we have our Armada/Energon/Cybertron writing staff churning out the same pointless 'Gotta catch 'em all' drivel they have for years.This year we're featuring keys of some sort."

Orionseid writes: And then he says, HAHAHAHAHA, Get this...He says, "That's not a gorilla, that's my WIFE!"
Orionseid writes: "We've REALLY got to reconsider the paint scheme on our drones."
Orionseid writes: quintesson 1: Told you to avoid the highways.
quintesson 2: This is great! We'll be home by 6 today.
Draco614 writes: Quintesson 2- Maybe we should stop for directions.

Quintesson driver- hell no, this looks like it will double back to the interstate.

Quintesson 3- I have to goto the bathroom

Quintesson driver-AGAIN!!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The stories of Judge Deliberato's bachlor party were the stuff of legend!

ShYnE writes: Quintesson Passenger: Where is tour guide Barbie when you need her?
ninjabot writes: So this is where baby transformers come from.
1337W422102 writes: On tonight's episode of:


we join our intrepid heros as they find themselves in the homosexual red-light district...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint in backseat,"Guys have you ever considered that slavery is wrong?"

Quint's in front seat,"WHAT?!"

Quint in back seat,"Haha got ya!"

Quint 1,"Ah damn I fall for that every single time."
Quint 2,&
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rad902 writes: I command you to push buttons!!! Push buttons you fools!!! We will conquer all with our button pushing!!!
Astaroth writes: "I Knew We Shouldn't Have Taken That Left Turn At Iacon"
trailbreaker writes: Gone in 60 seconds.....kind of.
trailbreaker writes: "And if you look to your left, you'll see that we're breaking child labor laws."
Acelister writes: Quint 1: "Are we there yet?"
Quint 2: "No."
Quint 1: "Are we there yet?"
Quint 2: "No!"
Quint 1: "Are we there yet?"
Quint 2: "Ask me one more time and I'll turn this hovercar right around a
Acelister writes: QuintJr: "Faster! Faster!"
Quint: "I told you before, this thing's speed makes Futurama's 'slow-mobile' look like a Porshe!"
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Boss Hogg: Dang you, Quint Boys!
Quints: YEEHAW!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Kmart management views their stores where workforce reduction ahhhhh screw it I HATE KMART!!!!
009* writes: Why does the car have a little face painted on the front end?
Pokejedservo writes: Gran Turismo: The Quintesson Version
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Agent_One writes: Radio playing while All Singing and flailing arm to music:
"We got a fast car
But is it fast enough so we can fly away
We gotta make a decision
We leave tonight or live and die this way
I remember we were driving driving in our car
The speed so
Mkall writes: 5 minutes later, the quits discovered that without wheels, their car was not meant for wheelies.
Mkall writes: Wife: "Admit it dear, we're lost!"
Husband: "We're not lost, we're taking a shortcut."
Wife: "We're lost, now get out and ask those gentlemen where we are.
Marv writes: Insert novelty horn sound-effect here....
Marv writes: How do you mean we can't convert a flying car into a lowrider?
Marv writes: I really don't think we're on the interstate anymore....
Sheba writes: Last time YOU drove, you went 20 miles with your left blinker flashing!
DeltaSeeker writes: Quint 1: "You guys know what mccheesehat was saying?"

Quint 2: "No clue."
Acelister writes: Quint1: "Get outta the way! We've got no brakes!"
Quint2: "We've got no wheels!"
Acelister writes: Quint: "And all these console's over here control this hovercar we're on."
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TFBuyer writes: Futurama has really gone downhill....
Road Turtle writes: (backseat) Quint, "As you can see, our blue and orange worker drones are a success! Now we can start building the Pink Robots!"

(passanger seat) Quint, "Die Yoshimi! Die!!!"
Shermtron writes: Quintessions:We payed $75 bucks for this crappy ride..
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint1,"Wow I believe we have stumbled on to the set of Disney's:The Black Hole."

Quint2,"Oh yeah there's Anthony Perkins!"

Quint3,"No that's a robot."

Quint2,"Oh yeah."

Quint1(pointing wi
so i end up asking myself 1 question, "what am i doing here in the middle of the train tracks, let's get out of here before we get killed" we swiftly move on to
mccheesehat writes: check the kona, yeah man, we sold 1 MAGEE 4 u. shark the mageeun mc cheese hat and shark it's mother. twice the magee is once the mc cheese hat for the eternal life of the sausage and cheese cake, mageeun magee and debbie magee and the magee of glouc
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Wow, the George Lucas Zapruder Film Special Edition really sucks!
mccheesehat writes: yeah m8. i don't know who u are, but i don't like you. Magee mc'cheese hat and chips. quad cheese mc'ha and the mageeun bun. MAGEE for your mum, and you know's KRAKKKKKKKKKEN. yeah m8 disc brake on a cracken mate, boy-o. mageeeee
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint realistate agent,"This really is a very quiet neighborhood.Good school system,and low property taxes.Not like this area now.When we get there I know your gonna love it!"

Quint buyer,"Yes but who wants to hafta drive through a robo-
Arc the ZAKO writes: Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Quint Mobile!Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Quint Mobile!
Quint Mobile!
Quint Mobile!
Homer Simpson: BATMAN! I mean Quint Mobile!
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Solidus writes: Jumping on the bandwagon of other videogame franchises such as Mario, Crash Bandicoot, and Star Wars; Takara has begun development of Transformers Super Kart.
tequila stu writes: Quint driver. "Im sure we passed that robot 5 minites ago."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Production on Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was delayed due to the tardiness of the newly cast Umpalumpas.

Further delays occurred when the new Umpalumpas attempted to take over the film studio.
Lorekeeper writes: George Q. Bush's third inauguation parade.
King Slick writes: (off-screen) Excaliber Convoy: Poor Nitro...reduced to a...
(off-screen) Nitro Convoy: BOO!
ArctosPrime writes: The Nascar of the Future!!!
Acelister writes: Cybertronian Air Traffic Control is busier then anywhere else in the Universe.
Acelister writes: Worker 1: "Right, this button is one you don't want to press."
Worker 2: "Press this one?"
Worker 1: "Yeah, that one... Wait, no!"
Acelister writes: Quint: "As you can see, Inspector, this is no Sweat Shop Crack Factory..."
Worker: "Please sir, I can't take the smell of this powder we hid earlier!"
Quint: "Quiet slave! Now as I was saying..."
Acelister writes: "Come on, James Bond has a freekin' Lotus and all we get is this hover car?! We're thousands of years more advance then them for Quintessa's sake!"
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HookX5 writes: "You alright back there Mr Jackson? we'll get to the surgery to add your fifth face in no time!"
Road Turtle writes: Inside the Takara toy factory...
Road Turtle writes: (passanger side) Quint, "Constructing robots with belly shirts! Brilliant!!!"
Road Turtle writes: (passanger side) Quint, "Ah-Ha! With our ultra sophisticated computer technology and our vast army of robots working around the clock, we shall locate that final Golden Ticket! Wonka's factory is ours!!!"
King Slick writes: The guy who sold be this car seemed just a bit batty.
gauthic_angel7680 writes: hey you hot sexy thing. meet me at the bar at ten
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Eidos goes to even greater lengths to ensure their test players keep quiet about the A-bugs.
Solidus writes: One of the most frowned upon screenshots from the upcoming Gran Turismo 5.
Towline writes: America is desparate to gain an advantage as the best carmaker's in the world by outsourcing it's auto industry to Cybertron.
Zeedust writes: The storyboard art for "I, Robot" looked rather different from the finished movie.
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Armbullet writes: Road trip
DudRound writes: YO!... This is X-to-tha-Z, XZIBIT! AND TODAY, WE'RE GONNA PIMP YO' RIDE!
1337W422102 writes: The Transformers Expansion Pack for the game "Evil Genius," coming soon!
Sunstormer writes: Q1: I dunno, man... we've been driving around looking for White Castle but we keep getting sidetracked.
Q2: Do you think any of them would know where it is? I'm not going to give up until we have White Castle in our stamchs.
Q3: And some h
DeltaSeeker writes: The Quintesson's version of the "It's A Small World" ride.
Hunter writes: Quint1: "Faster! I think RID Sideburn is on our tail again!"
Quint2: "Yeah, step on it! I saw what he did to cute little sports cars!"
Brakethrough writes: Feel the rhythm!
Feel the rhyme!
Get on up!
It's bobsled time!

Cruel Runnings!
D_J_D_99 writes: The Hasbro UK tour guide laughed at the Question of a decent release of Transformers in England
ionacus writes: driver quint: dude no smoking in the back seat!
kewlcastud writes: Man, I told you we should have asked for directions at the last energon stop....
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RuffNicq writes: Due to lazyness and oly using their brains, the quins have evolved into big heads with hands like octupus. Due to strain on their faces, it change them into something that a women would never go out for a date. This is the reason why they do not have you
elmekia writes: After much debate, the Quints finally decided on having a regular car wax over the traditional "Guilty'o'Innocent Wax".
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Driver Quint: I'm getting hungry, who's for stopping at Fudrucker's?
Other Quints: Yay, Fudrucker's!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Backseat Quint: *whispering to Driver Quint*
Driver Quint: Dammit, you should've gone before we left!
Hitch writes: Q1: Thanks MTV, for pimping my ride!
GL135 writes: Taking to the road this spring break, the Robots Gone Wild, crew plans to stir up trouble in Daytona. " Hey!!! Show me your rack, and you get this T-----, Prime will never know.
GL135 writes: Taking to the road this spring break, the Robots Gone Wild, crew plans to stir up trouble in Daytona. " Hey!!! Show me your rack, and you get this T-----, Prime will never know.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: 'Take a left at the robot.' God, could those directions have been any more vague?
Ratbat writes: We have the hardest-working slaves here! If we see any slackers, we can WHIP them--figuratively, AND ESPECIALLY LITERALLY--into shape! =)
krashh writes: "ok, so you're looking for Larry, that's him over there, no wait, that's him here...no that's him right there, no.."
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gauthic_angel7680 writes: man that one there has a really cute butt.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint 3,"Ok keep an I out for one of those 'You are here ->' signs."

Quint 1,"Say those red boots are cute!"

Quint 2,"Dude?"
Quint 3,"Dude?"

Quint 1,"Did I say that out loud? Crap."
chuckdawg1999 writes: Quintesson up front: I see a little silhouetto of a man.

Quintessons in the back: Scaramouch, Scaramouch will you do the Fandango.
Dirtbag writes: Quint1: Quint2! how many time do I have to tell you! park OUTSIDE the mall!!

quint2: sorry...I just really excited to get E-Omega sentinal....

Quint1: *reads sign on door* it says here their all sold out of omega sentinals....
Quint2: SOLD OUT???!!
Zeedust writes: Quint in passenger seat: "You don't need to see any identification... These aren't the bots we're looking for. We can go about our business. Move along!"
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Quint on a "Mr. Microphone": Hey good lookin'! We'll be back to pick you up later!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Crap, we're out of quarters!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: This mall's got everything.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Can we get one of those cool Knight Rider laser eye things?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Tonight one night only the fabulous Quint Brothers rhythm and blues revue band,at the Palace Ballroom.Free parking! And tonight is ladies night.....
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Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Q1: in this experiment, we are making a modification on an old human concept & putting a thousand autobots in front of individual super-computers to see if one of them could write the complete works of Shakespeare. So far, after 500 astro years, they&
E-Trunks writes: "little did they know that Wheelie was behind the grassy knoll..."
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Hit the gas & make it QUICK!!! THEY'RE PLAYING ENERGON EPISODES BEHIND US!!!!!!!
Arc the ZAKO writes: Scorpinok: Quick Alpha Q! To the Ugly Mobile!
Thanatos Prime writes: The new Cadillac, more of what you want.
Thanatos Prime writes: (Hip-hop music playing in the background)
"Man this is one sweet ride you got BigQ!"

"Yeah, and I just got this sweet sound system installed too!" *turns up the volume*
Kevinus Prime writes: "...and it was owned by a little old fembot who only drove it on Sundays!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Here they come! Look busy, guys!

"Okay, clear!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Just because it says drive through, it doesn't mean... aw, forget it."
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Kevinus Prime writes: "I don't know what happened! I was doing about 90, and now we're back to the future!"
Kevinus Prime writes: The Quintessons rebelled against their old profession, crash test dummies.
Kevinus Prime writes: Although rarely seen, the Oompa Loompabots were critical to everyday operations.
Kevinus Prime writes: "I knew we shoulda' taken that left turn at Albequerque!
Bunny_FooFoo writes: New, for the PS2, GTA: Cybertron!
Choose from a cast of characters, including action masters Grimlock and Treadshot, Spike Witickey, or as featured here, the Quintessons!
Hi-jack all your favorite transformers and drive them around Cybertron causing hav
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint 2,"Admit it were lost."
Quint 1,"Shut up."
Quint 3,"Why don't you ask for directions?"
Quint 1,"Grrrrrrr."
1337W422102 writes: The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant was taken over by the Quintessons and all of the employees were replaced by robots whose uniforms consisted of red boots, a racing helmet and blue Speedos.

No humans were spared.
King Grimrob writes: The car ride through the work camp was pleasant and calm until suddenly, some rouge bot on the grassy knoll turned into a high powered sniper rifle..........
And the rest is history....
King Grimrob writes: (dude in front) "Mo~m! he's touching me!!!
(Quint in back) "Am not!" (head turns) "are too!" (head turns back) "Am not!"
(driver, death head turns around) "Stop your crying or I'm feeding you to the shar
nephilim writes: Quint: Guilty *face shift* or Innocent
Driver: Dude, that was you who let one and you know it.
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Acelister writes: Just after this picture was taken, a large anvil fell onto the car.
Acelister writes: Slave: "So did you watch the match last night?"
Quint: "Silence!"
Slave: "Argh! You didn't tell me they were there, man!"
Quint: "We're still here you fool!"
Slave: "Ah slag..."
Robowang writes: "I did your mom."
Bed Bugs writes: Quint in back: Why are we driving this thing, we float the way it is!
Jaw Crusher writes: The excitment George Lucas had for making a space fantasy was apparent, but ultimately the producers convinced him to save it until after 'American Graffiti' was finished.
Tusko writes: I thought you said this ride would be pimped out? No one is looking.
richard writes: "Holy Houseflies, Quint-man! The Autbots are rebelling!"
"Quick, to the Quint-mobile!"

Na na na na na na na na QUINT-MAN!!
Ratbat writes: It's good to see our slaves working so hard they don't even know WE'RE very closely watching them.
Toonami writes: Backseat Passenger: I told you this wasn't a drive through car was.
Acelister writes: Q1: "Ridin' along in mah automobile..."
Q2: "Da ding da ding da ding der dung..."
Q1: "... Stop doing the guitar..."
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Acelister writes: "Are you sure we should enter the Quint-Mobile into MTV's Pimp My Ride?"
Hunter writes: Quint1: "Let me drive!"
Quint2: "No, I'm driving!"
Quint3: "AhhhhhHHHHHhhhHHHhhH!!!!!"

NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Quint in back seat,"Dees iz my fine ass Robobeyouch's.Pick one out they'll like you it's guarntee'd!"

Quint in passenger seat,"Welllllll 500 hundred q-bits is a bit much."

Quintpimp,"Well it's a long
Road Turtle writes: Quint (back seat), "Splended, splended! Lets make all our robots wear orange boots with blue Speedos!"
Jetfighter Prime writes: "oh isn'√łt it great to wacth others do the hard work for us"

"yeah but i still wanted that cute femme last time we were there"
Road Turtle writes: Quint (passenger), "Slow down! You're gona hit sombody!"
Road Turtle writes: Quint (passanger side), "You Idiot! You drove into the DMV! Instant Fail!"
Road Turtle writes: Quint (driver), "Well that familar Robot on the corner said to take a right, then a right, then another right, then one more right."

Quint (passanger side), "You Idiot! We're going in circles!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Holy crap this Disney World of Tommorrow ride really is outdated."
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