Update: October 11th 2007 Update: October 11th 2007

Thursday, October 11th, 2007 8:45pm CDT

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Joel of has posted a update. Trasformer related would be the preorder for reissue Sky Lynx and Asia Exclusive Classic 2packs.

Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals and more exciting new preorders:


TRANSFORMERS REISSUE SKY LYNX: We've just received confirmation from
Japan that Takara will be reissuing Sky Lynx in February. Its great news
to see that Takara-Tomy is continuing on with the reissues. Its been over
a year since they have reissued anything new, and hopefully they will
continue on with more classics in the future. We have Sky Lynx up for
preorder at $89.99 here:

SERENITY REPLICAS: We've just started carrying products from a cool
company called Quantum Mechanix. They have licenses to produce
collectibles for Serenity, Battlestar, Stargate and more. We've listed a
variety of cool items including: Mal's Pistol, Serenity Ship Papers
Replica, Blueprints, Bank Heist Money, Posters, and Postcards. Quantum
Mechanix has put a lot of time into getting the details just right - take
a look at their cool stuff here:

STAR WARS 30TH - WAVE 10 SETS: We've just listed 8 new figures for
$69.99. These figures will come with a character display stand instead of
the coins and figures include: Obi-Wan (In Lava), Darth Vader (In Lava),
Lava Droid, Commander Gree, Kashyyyk Trooper, Tri-Droid, 2-1B & Po Nedo.
Check them out here:

STAR WARS TITANIUM - 2008: We dont' have any images available yet, but
the first wave of Titanium figures for 08 sound promising. We have cases
at $69.99, sets of 6 at $38.99, and singles starting at $6.99. Figures
include: Battlestar Classic Galactica, AT-OT, Clone Scout Speeder Bike,
Millenium Falcon, Saesee Tiin's Starfighter, Tatooine Skiff.

TRANSFORMER CLASSICS - ASIA EXCLUSIVES: We have a limited number of Asian
Market exclusive TF Classic 2-packs up for preorder at $64.99. These two
sets include nifty double-flapped gift boxes of Grimlock & Jetfire, and
Ultra Magnus & Prime.

GIANT 3" TALL MAZINGER FIGURES: Four new figures ranging 32" to 36" from
Art Storm have just been listed. From Mazinger & Grendizer we have:
Great Mazinger, Mazinger Z, Garada, and Grendizer. Each of these beastly
figures is $289.99

YAMATO MACROSS: We've been able to secure inventory of quite a few
previously sold out valkyries. Preorders are now open for the 1/48 VF-1S
Roy, VF-0S, VF-1A Hikaru, VF-1J, Hikaru, VF-1J Stealth, VF-1S Hikaru and

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE BUMBLEBEE SET: Get both the classic and 08 Camaro
figures in this cool exclusive 2-pack. Limited numbers are coming in from
suppliers and they are priced at $39.99

THE GOLDEN COMPASS: Tonner Character Figures will be rolling out a
variety of Goldan Compass figures to coincide with the upcoming movie.
The first two figures are Lord Asriel at Oxford, and Lyra at Oxford listed
below MSRP at $149.99 and $114.99 respectively.

DOCTOR WHO: Four new items have just been listed: Sanctuary Base Gift
Set, Flight Control Tardis 3-Figure Giftset, Utopia Set with Professor
Yana, and The Last Time Lord LCD Handheld Game.

GURREN LAGANN - COOL MECHS: A few very cool new items from Konami have
just been listed - check out the Gurren Lagann figures here:

ANIME GIRLS: More hot new figures have just been listed including: Mai
Kawasumi in Pink & Red versions from Kanon, Melancholy - Tsuruya-san, Ikki
Tousen Shimei Battle Nurse, Ikki Tousen Sonsakue Cerberus, and also
Demonbane Al Azif Nendoroid, Nao Nendoroid from Mabinogi.

BLUE BOX 1:18 - BLACK DEATH: A cool new helicopter is up for preorder at
$34.99 - check out the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior here:


GI JOE 25TH - COBRA 5-PACK #2: The second five pack (and also more of the
first GI Joe 5-pack) will be arriving in under 2 weeks! Our shipment is
at the port and is waiting to be processed. Get your preorders in now for
whats sure to be another hard to find set.


THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS: McFarlane has done a nice job capturing
one of the all time great holiday cartoons. We have sets of 4 figures in
stock for $49.99 and also the Mt. Crumpit boxed set for $23.99. Its a bit
early for Christmas items, but you can be on the safe side and reserve a
set now before they fly out the door during the holidays.

GWEN STEFANI FASHION DOLLS 2: We now have 4 new Gwen Fashion dolls in
stock at $22.99 each. Figures include: Orange County Gwen, Yummy Gwen,
Wind It Up Gwen, and Wonderful Life Gwen. These figures are made by
Huckleberry Toys, the packaging is high-end and there are plenty of

SPORTS PICKS - NBA LEGENDS 3: Just $10.99 for all the standard versions
of McFarlane's latest batch of NBA Greats. Figures include Bill Russell,
David Robinson, Dominque Wilkins, James Worthy, Moses Malone, and Earl

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - GX-38 IRON GEAR: Another beauty from Bandai, this one
comes in a fairly large attractive box and is priced at $179.99. It has
cool transforming action and lots of extra bits and pieces

TRANSFORMERS ULTRA MAGNUS VS SKYWARP: Small numbers of the exclusive
Classics Skywarp vs Ultra Magnus are in stock at $44.99 each - with a
second round of Classic figures coming in the next year or two, you'll
want to be sure to have the full set of wave 1 before they get really hard
to find.

300: We've received more of the very popular 300 action figures as well
as a variety of other collectibles and more of the 300 Spartan Helm.
Check out the full selection of items here:

STAR WARS BOBBLE-HEADS: Funko's new line of figures has finally started
to arrive. We have the Yoda and Boba Fett Bobble Heads in stock at $9.99
each and the Darth Vader with TIE is $19.99

SIDESHOW'S BEAST & WHITE QUEEN STATUE: Another great looking sculpt from
Sideshow, the X-Men vs Sentinel Beast & White Queen statue is in stock now
at $284.99 ($15 under MSRP)

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many cool new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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Re: Update: October 11th 2007 (396107)
Posted by Liege Evilmus on October 11th, 2007 @ 8:59pm CDT
To bad the Classics 2 packs are Asia exclusives. Awesome packaging, but bot worth the price plus shipping.

That is unless you don't already have them!

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