Ravage humps Spike

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Ravage humps Spike
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Umbra writes: A cat is fine too...
SillyMcGilly writes: ♪This is a song about a cat, humping a spike...♪
trailbreaker writes: He's pissed because nobody cleaned his litter box.
Riptidemtmte writes: "SOUPRISE... BUTTSECKS!!!"
ldsam01 writes: Ravage: Oh, So its not big enough for you?!?!?!
Spike: You are a fuckin' dog! Get off!!!!
Heres a Hint writes: just so i know this wont make daniel apear would it
Zeedust writes: Spike: "Get off!"

Ravage: "Not until you give me back my other eye!"

Spike: "I'm not Micheal Bay!"

Ravage: "My bad... It's hard for me to tell one fleshbag from another WITH A MISSING EYE!"
Crashcomet writes: Spike: AAAAAUGH!
Megatron: Soundwave, you should really teach Ravage that it's bad to dominate others...hit him with a newspaper or something.
Heckfire writes: "Hey, kid, you ever hear about 'knotting?' Lemme demonstrate..."
darkqueen01 writes: Awww. He's just glad to see you!
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Dragon_Convoy writes: stop it ravage, that's a exit only zone
Ironman21 writes: Soundwave: bad ravage get off of him you don't know where that dirty humans been
Zeedust writes: Spike: "Hey! It's not my fault they left you out of the new movie!"

Ravage: "Oh, I'm in the movie..."

Spike: "Really?"

Ravage: "Yeah, I'm playing Ironhide."
Zeedust writes: "Did I say Corvette? I meant a Jaguar! You'd look great as a Jaguar!"
Mad_Mexicoy writes: It'll go alot easier if you just lie back
Magnus writes: Don't be wuss, he doesn't bite. He's just being friendly.
Korium9 writes: Spike: I mustn't run away! I mustn't runaway!
tiar180 writes: oh ya oh ya baby are you a redead
Scatterlung writes: Ravage's visual receptors must be malfunctioning
Ravage: Come on, Soundwave, open up! I'm tired and need some R&R!
Scatterlung writes: Meverix - I like the way Ravage's tale magically extends and acts as a third leg :)
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Zeedust writes: "Okay, okay, I changed my mind! You'd look great as a corvette!"
trailbreaker writes: Spike -- "Dammit Ravage, stop peeing on me!"
gauthic_angel7680 writes: ravage: take it like a man.
spike: but you a cat. i hate cats.
ravage: you'll take what ever i put in you bitch. this is my party.
[mean while] starscream is video taping this for america's funniest home video. hoping to take home the hundred
Armbullet writes: Ravage: "Enough Playing around! I can't go to SoundWave. He.. He is.. diferent. He doesn't have anything but.. space. So, my friend.. I come to you."
Spike: -Bends Over.- "Okay, let's get this over with."

Ravage: &qu
Zeedust writes: Ravage: "Say my name, bitch! Say my name!"

Spike: "Shadow Panther!"

Ravage: "No!"

Spike: "Tripredacus agent!"

Ravage: "NO!"

Spike: "Jaguar, Battle Ravage, Command Ravage, Command Jagau
Zeedust writes: Ravage: "Who's your daddy, flesh creature? Who's your daddy?"

Spike: "Sparkplug Witwicky. You met him earlier today, remember?"

*Awkward pause*

Ravage: "Were you TRYING to kill the mood?"
Zeedust writes: Note to Beast Simpson...

If Ravage was like a tripod, he'd be missing a leg.

*Checks picture*

Wait a sec... He IS missing a leg. My bad.
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Soundwave: (off screen) Raveage return
Spike: yeah Ravage go back to Soundwave
Defcon writes: "And this is Bob Barker with a reminder to have all your pets spayed or nutuered!"
Zeedust writes: Ravage: "Pray for mercy from... PUSS... In ARMOR!"

Spike: "Soudwave let you see Shrek 2, huh?"
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Kal-Seth writes: And They Called it Decepticon Puppy Love many of their comrades dissagreed with spike and ravages choice of lover sbut they didn't care they could face the world together
Zeedust writes: Scene from "A Decepticon Werewolf in London."
Tiedye writes: Oh God no get away from me!
Scooter writes: Spike: Okay! Okay! You can wear my hat!
Unknown writes: Ravage: Say "hello" to my little friend!
Zeedust writes: Spike: "Ow! Ow! Okay, okay, I was wrong! Your tail doesn't come off and become a mace! Can't we just forgive and forget?" Ravage: "Oh no, fleshling, what goes around comes around! Let's see how y
Unknown writes: (Nightpaw) O_O() I thought Ravage was supposed to do that with Panzer...
(Soundwave) O_O()
(Angel) Heh-heh, yeah, about that...
Shadow Fox writes: Spike- Wow, would you get a look at the size of that..you may be a robot dog, but you have the boner of a horse!!!
omega icecream writes: cat purr;rrrrrrrrouw!
Star Saber writes: Pardon me while I take a dump.
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Unknown writes: uh! uh!
Unknown writes: Megatron: I thought I told you not to release Ravage during mating season. Soundwave: Sorry
Unknown writes: Doggie Style.
Unknown writes: Spike: Bad Dog! Bad dog! Soundwave: He isn't a dog!
Spike: Do you think I give a damm! He looks like a dog, so he's a dig! O.K! Oh, by the way, SOMEONE BLOODY HELP ME! I'M BEEN ATTACKED BY A DOG WITH ROCKETS ON IT'S RE
Dean writes: Spike:do the ass ravage do the ass
Unknown writes: Where'd he come from?
Bruticus writes: Spike: "Ravage, you're so small!"
Ravage: "Don't make fun of the 'Tripedicus Agent' or you'll live to regret it."
Beast Simpson writes: Holy crap, you ARE like a tripod!!!
Zu Darkness writes: Soundwave: Ravage Eject. Operation Sumalization
Unknown writes: Ah! not again *remembers childhood trauma* Daddy please not again.
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zach writes: ravage:wow i havent felt this good since optimus built me the ULTRA LITTER BOX 2002
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Megatron, Ravage is in heat.
Megatron: Well, put him to some use then. Let him exercise his..er...excess energy.
Soundwave: Ravage - eject. Operation - hump the humans.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Hey Spike, just be glad he's not using his tail!
Unknown writes: please don't eat my brain.
Unknown writes: Spike: " Wow you're better then Carley."
Unknown writes: AHH!!!! stupid dog thumpin and humpin me ahh!!
Unknown writes: spike just added a new phrase to his vocabulary- HEAVY METAL!!!
Unknown writes: Nightpaw:Ravage must be drunk to be in love with a human.
Unknown writes: Spike: Ravage, uh.. I hope that you realize that you can't possibly experience any pleasure from....
uh..... that better be motor oil dripping from your......
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Unknown writes: spike: no no no im not the litter box noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Unknown writes: spike: no no no im not he litter box noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Pokejedservo writes: Ravage, please you can do better than this...
Unknown writes: Soundwave: *shakes finger* Now Ravage, what did I tell you about playing with your food?
jesse writes: "Soundwave! ravage is in heat again. I thought you were gonna get him fixed?
Unknown writes: Spike: Exit Only Ravage CANT YOU READ!?!?!?!?
dino writes: Spike: Ravage is that your tail or are you happy to see me
frank writes: Ravage ---- "Say my name, sexy bitch!"
Unknown writes: Spike get it kitty style
Unknown writes: Spike- "I'll talk! I'll talk! Just get him offa me!!!"
Soundwave- "Negative. A**-raping shall commence..."
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gabriel writes: Spike: You FLUFFBALL
Stop LIKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Nightpaw: Soundwave I thought you said that he'd gotten through that phase of his child hood! Angel: Oh I feel sorry for the poor guy. Nightpaw: You feel sorry for a gay MALE cat? Angel: I thought Ravage was a girl...
frank writes: "Ravage, stop trying to hump me !!"
APOLLO writes: Megatron: "I'm sorry Sparkplug, I was going to have Ravage neutered, but I never got around to it. Being the leader of the Deceptions is quite time consuming you know."
homelessjunkeon writes: spike:i'm late ravage. ravage:no you're right on time. spike:NO IM LATE! ravage:what are you talking about you haven't STOPPED bleeding since last time!
homelessjunkeon writes: spike:i'm late spike. ravage:no you're right on time. spike:NO IM LATE! ravage:what are you talking about you haven't STOPPED bleeding since last time!
homelessjunkeon writes: ravage: i dont want anyone to thing we're robosexuals or anything, this is just experimenting right? spike:yeah just an experiment hound need never know. ravage:ok as long as our fights don't end up y'know "weird&qu
Unknown writes: what ravage dose with his spare time
Unknown writes: Spike: Ravage, what are you doing with your pulse rifle?
Unknown writes: Spike: Ravage, get offa me!
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Unknown writes: Spike:"Oh, look. Ravage likes me. Hey, get off my leg!"
Unknown writes: (Spike shoots Ravage with the Orgasmerator) Spike: Oh, bad dog! Choda boy could you give me some help here?
Unknown writes: How Daniel was REALLY conceived! >:)
starscream88 writes: Spike: Awwww NO!!! You put that thing away this minuite mister!!!
Unknown writes: NO! God no! My leg! Hump my LEG! Leave that area alone for the love of God, Ravage!
prime writes: Turn around boy....
Finally a hole that fits!
Unknown writes: Spike: Help, get him offa me.
Ravage: I LOVE YOU.
(Ravage must be blind!)
Unknown writes: Spike: Gee, no offense, but I was always more of a dog person... (but, uh, people change... ow!)
Unknown writes: where...uh...is...uh...my...uh...crack...uh.
Venom writes: Spike: Awww poo...not again.
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Polar Claw writes: R:spike, can you help me i got a coolt-o thing going on with my pants.
Unknown writes: Easy, Ravage! Nice kitty! Nice kitty!
Speedbreaker writes: Spike:No boy,down Ravage!Wait a minute... AW CRAP, PLEASE NO...
Unknown writes: no,please,not again a horny animal,cheetor came last night into my room,he really fµ©ket my through
aussie bot writes: No Kitty, thats a bad Kitty!!!!!!!
Wolverine writes: "Your one tough cookie to mount!"
Unknown writes: OH GOD, RAVAGE IS IN HEAT!!!!!!!!!! OPTIMUS HELP!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Ravage: Geez! You smell terrible, kid! A word of advice: TRY CHANGING YOUR CLOTHES MORE THAN ONCE EVERY FEW YEARS!
Unknown writes: Ravage: Whoops! I thought you were Sparkplug! My bad! Okay... carry on. (turns and charges toward Sparkplug)
Unknown writes: Thinking it would deter his attacker, Spike proceeded to repeatedly and savagely kick Ravage in the crotch. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your viewpoint), this maneuver succeeded only in angering the metal beast even more.
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optimuslives writes: F**king mating season!
Unknown writes: Red Rocket, Red Rocket, Red Rocket.
Unknown writes: Ravage ejeculate, ejaculate!!
Unknown writes: Spike: For the last time, I do NOT find you sexually atractive.
Unknown writes: No, Ravage, that's a bad Ravage! Screw you guys, I'm going home!
Andrew writes: dude! wheres my car
Unknown writes: Ravage:"Must...mark...territory!!!"
Spike:"Aw, son of a...NOOOOOO!!!!!"
MEGATRON writes: ravage:give me your damn money no!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Damn it, the rats at these work sites just keep getting bigger and bigger. Where in the sam hill am I gonna find a peice of cheese big enough to catch this one?
Silverwolf writes: *Opens trench coat*
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Unknown writes: RAVAGE:I've heard human meat tastes like chicken,and it's true.....if by chicken they mean crap.
FortMax writes: Ahh..its in heat
Silverwolf writes: Hound: DAMN, that last hump sent him flying off sparkplug, did'nt it.

Spark: HELP ME!

Bumblebee: Why?
Jackpot writes: Catnip for Men: a new fragrance from Calvin Klein.
Unknown writes: "That's the last time i go into a cage in a robot zoo"
Super Prime writes: Spike: Ahhh it's Ravage,.......what the hell is he doing!?
Unknown writes: why didn't they just leave that out of his programming
Mirage writes: Ravage......will you get off of me for a scooby snack??
Dynamus Prime writes: For the last time, I DON'T HAVE ANY KITTY TREATS!!
Bumblebee writes: Ravage. Yopu want sex well iv'e had sex with mirage and spike but a robotic dog well you have to try everything once i always say. awwwwwwwwwwww yes thats it
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Unknown writes: Okay, I admit it! I do have drugs hidden on me!
Unknown writes: WILMA, I'M HOME! Oh no, Dino! Get away from ME!!!!
Chains writes: no. NOOO!!! i said i don't like pussys!!
Flamemaster Galvatron writes: baw chicka baw baw
Unknown writes: I said I wanted the human female!
Unknown writes: Insert point A to Point B. Then turn it 360 degrees. Then resume going left and right,left and right.
Unknown writes: you an me baby aint nothing but mammals...
las writes: Relax, I'm just going to mount you to establish dominance.
Unknown writes: I don't think he is going for my leg.
Deceptica writes: Soundwave: Ravage, down! I'm sorry, he's so playful...
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Unknown writes: URINIATION!!!!
Unknown writes: UH,I dont do this kind of thing.
Unknown writes: One of Spikes better days
Unknown writes: I hope he doesnt hump my leg!
Unknown writes: "Dude... That's your tail, right?"
Unknown writes: Ravage: buahahah so you thought this was my tail the whole time... THINK AGAIN !!!
Unknown writes: Stay away from my sister, Bernardo!
Unknown writes: ARGH, ths stuff burns!
Unknown writes: Uh Oh! I think he's in heat!!!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Oh god! Ravage is in heat!
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Suzanne writes: I hope he isn't gonna $hit on my boot!!
MiGrAnE writes: dont move, i must mark you with my scent
Unknown writes: For the last time, there never was a "Ravage kills Sparkplug" TFTM scene! And besides I'm Spike! Look! my dad's walking past right now, maul him instead!
Maxie-Astrotrain writes: Ravage has never been the same since soundwave got "The discovery channel"
Lord Galvatron writes: Dammit Ravage! No means no!
Optimus writes: AHHHHHHHH I'm being raped by a robotic cat!!!
Unknown writes: Soundwave, I told you a thousand times already QUIT FEEDING RAVAGE CAT NIP!
ian writes: This is why I told you to have him neutered
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