Cerebros making faces

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Cerebros making faces
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Shuttershock writes: ~How could this happen to MEEEEEEEE? I've made my misTAAAAAKES. Got nowhere to RUUUN...~
BERSEKAEL writes: I hate public toilets... ok concentrate, you can do it...
Black Hat writes: I am not impressed by all the rude captions everyone puts on our pictures!
Zeedust writes: "I can turn my eyelids inside-out! The parrt that sucks, though, is I can't turn them back inside-IN again."
psycho_425 writes: Hey,scorponok!I'm just making faces at you like a normal stupid juvenile kid!
Zeedust writes: Er... A little heavy on the eyeshadow there, Cerebros?
DeltaSilver88 writes: Hey, where'd those lines come from?....
AH HELL! DOC! Did ya just repair my optics with WINDOW GLASS!!?
DestronMatrix writes: Cerebos(thinking):"he,he,he must not laugh. CyCLOWNus I get it. he,he,he Clown thats funny"
Zeedust writes: "I'm a guy who turns into a bigger guy's head... And my head turns into a little guy... And... Just thinking about it makes my head hurt... And my head's head hurt..."
Roadshadow writes: Oh crap. My wife...is going...to kill me...cuz I broke the vase.
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Seibertron writes: Waaaa! I want my face shield back like I had in American!!!
Demonic Femme writes: TV: Upset stomach, indigestion, diahriah! Hey Peptobisbal!
Cerebros: So sick... shouldn't have... eaten those... energon burritos.
Warhead writes: uhoh...its stuck
King Slick writes: Just five more minuites Mommie...then I will kick all the booty you tell me to...
Hot§hot writes: Cerebros: *sighs* "I'm bored as hell!"
Screambug writes: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of all?"
Warhead writes: (i wonder whats for dinner)
juggaloG writes: If I keep my eyes closed long enough, maybe Scorponok will go away.
Zeedust writes: A message from the President's Council on Crossover Regulation to fanfic writers across America...

This is what would happen if Brock from Pokemon was allowed to become someone's Headmaster partner.

Need we say more?

Please use crossove
Zeedust writes: Ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to present Stereomatic, the first squinty-eyed horribly offfensive robotic Asian stereotype!
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Magnus writes: Cerebros: Hey, check out what I can do with my eyelids
Hardhead: Ugh, that's disgusting.
Chromedome: You idiot, we're Transformers, we don't HAVE eyelids.
Tiedye writes: Cerebros was the computer thing on X Men. This is Fortress Maxius.
Tiedye writes: I relly don't want to hear people fighting so I'll just close my eyes until it all goes away
Tiedye writes: Fortress Maximus-(Thinking) This is a real bad time...but I got to go pee really bad.
Unknown writes: I missed Sam,Clover and Alex!wahhhhhhahhhhahhhhaah
Unknown writes: Cerebros: UGH... come on, laser vision activate!
Unknown writes: My wife...is going...to kill me...
Unknown writes: hmmm the idiot who gave this caption a title should realize i am fortress maximus not cerebros.
Unknown writes: "Did I leave the oven on"?
Unknown writes: That cloud looks like a bunny.
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Unknown writes: Megatron in lagrue...[shuder]I'm gonna have nightmares for eons!...
Unknown writes: Cerebros:Optimus called me fat WWWWWAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
Shadowcon writes: Don't move or I'll have a Hershey's Squirt Sundae running through my gears.
Alphatron2k3 writes: Cerebros just saw Armada and this is his impression of it. Not to good if you know what i mean.
Unknown writes: There's that crap smell again? Whoever did that wasn't human...or was it? Damn fleshbags.
Unknown writes: Cerebros: (sniff, sniff) Y-you...(hic) MEANIE!! (sob, wail)Just because I'm shorter than Metroplex doesn't give you the right to make fun of me!! (sob, wail, hic)
Bill writes: Gahh! Bitter beer face! Oh, wait, that's how he always looks.
Unknown writes: Cerebros needs to adjust his vertical hold.
Unknown writes: How much more do I have to put up with. Surely the Decepticons don't get these sort of jokes.
Jade writes: Damn who farted?
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Unknown writes: I like that because that makes me laugh. Good luck
Manchester Devil writes: "Why do the japanese keep getting my name wrong?"
Bruticus writes: Damn . . . is that really what my dub voice sounds like?
zach writes: hey kids word of advice never try to eat a macho burrito without using your hands like this guy did
little_fly writes: cerebros thinking??? : mabey i fell low on batry power *voice slowing down* sleep time
Heather Prime writes: Cerebros!!!!!!!!!!!!! come back me please feel calm down......... tears my eyes drop...
Unknown writes: (Fortress Maximuss)18956 Galvatrons,...18957 Galvatrons,...18958 Galvatrons, 18959 Galvatron.... (Airraid): I guess Scorponoks poundings were too much for Maxi!!!
Scattershot writes: I knew I shouldn't have had that 5th 7-bean burrito.
Dee-Kal writes: Cerebros regrettably learns that the silent ones are indeed the most deadly...
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Cerebros writes: my head is empty beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Unknown writes: Who would have thought bifocals could improve my life so much?
Unknown writes: cerebros: i think yu ought to know iam felling very depresed.
Battle Angel writes: The Ghostbusters really need to get their EKG meter working again...
Inferno writes: Now I know what it means giving "head" to Fortress Maximus...
Omega Supreme writes: Cerebros: I shouldn't have stayed up so late with the guys last night now I've got bloodshot eyes!!
*uses eye drops liquid*
Unknown writes: Naked fat man...most disturbing..lil' Cerebros retracting.
Unknown writes: Oh for the love of god cant you do that in the bathroom!?!?
dino writes: Cerebros: Now 1+1=8 no 3 no 7 no 0 no I got it 100
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Sledge writes: Cerebros passes a kidney stone
gabriel writes: Aw man! Spike has pooped,peed,farted,And Had diarieea Again!
Unknown writes: Cerebros: I don't beleive it. Phill's back on Eastenders with Louise. But where's Lisa?
Unknown writes: Cerebros: I don't beleive it. Phill' back on Eastenders with Louise. But where's Lisa?
Unknown writes: Cerebros: ya know the cartoon version in america looks nothing like me the toy accurate
APOLLO writes: "Why wasn't I picked to be the American Cerebros? Those idiots chose the wimpy pacifist over me, and now I'm stuck here in Japan where no one can make up their mind as to which color I should be."
astrotrain's first friend writes: Cerebros: Okay optimus i knew you loved etria 1 (s?) but did you have to f**k her in front of me?! (refering to pic on other page) Optimus: oh come on dont be a baby Cerebros: speak for yourself! #starts to cry as optimus blasts him*
hotspot writes: I confess my love to Fortress Maximus and he dissed me. That meanie....*sniff*....
Unknown writes: Cerebros:"Oh, great, here come all those crap, fart, and dick jokes."
Unknown writes: Cerebros is looking like a right dick at the momment
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Unknown writes: Cerebros had mixed feelings after watching "Rebirth".
Chachi writes: "Now, if I can only keep a straight face while the rest of them gag on that fart" *chuckle*.
Unknown writes: (frown)
iron hide writes: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Unknown writes: Here is Cerebros after seeing a film ratted XXX
Unknown writes: I pledge alligance. . .
Unknown writes: I pledge alligance. . .
Speedbreaker writes: Cerebros:"Aw man, Spike crapped in me AGAIN!Why do i have be one of the two Headmasters with human partners!"
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Unknown writes: uhh,this was a bad smelling fart
Unknown writes: Rodimus Prime: How many times do I have to tell ya!!! If you Have to Pee Go in the lake!!!!
Wolverine writes: Cerebros talking to himslef: "mmmm jirgens hand lostion, and a national geographic."
Unknown writes: Aw man...spike farted again. This is one part of being a Headmaster that I really hate!
Unknown writes: Cerebros: I Gotta pi$$!!!
Unknown writes: oh..h...my stomach...no..no..me need go to toilet now...!!!
Unknown writes: Dammit. You just get new lenses, minding your own business, and some jerk keys them.
Unknown writes: I always cry at weddings!!!
magnaboss writes: I want my mommy Scorponox pushed me WAHHHHHHHH
Unknown writes: I HATE CONSTIPATION!
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Unknown writes: Cerebros is trying his best impression of Brock from Pokemon.
Unknown writes: Cerebros: Damn Windows XP! I should have stayed with ME!
Unknown writes: Man, not Scorponok Again!
Man when is he ever going to learn. I kick his arse, he leaves, he comes back, I kick his arse, he leaves, he comes back. No wonder you Decepticreeps can't dominate the world.
Unknown writes: I'm gonna eat you, Danny. I'm gonna hypnotize you with my spliting eyes.
Blitzkrieg writes: Cerebros was SO happy meeting the Budweiser Girls that he just couldn't contain himself.
Unknown writes: Uh..oh...must...find...window
Unknown writes: .....pulled....up..zipper..too...fast!!

Dammit cerebros!! I told you not to watch the Titanic again!!
FortMax writes: damn allergies
Silverwolf writes: Okay, that's the last time I come around you while you're spanking it.
Unknown writes: Damn you, Benfranklinbot! These bifocals just plain don't work.
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Unknown writes: That was some nasty Hamburger I ate!
Unknown writes: Spike is scrubing Fortres's but with AJAX and a very roug h sponge!
Mirage writes: The movie was beautiful........
Dynamus Prime writes: I'm not crying! I'm cleaning my optics with my washer fluid!
Unknown writes: WHAT YOU TALKIN BOUT PRIME!!!!!
Unknown writes: FORTRESS MAXIMUS: Do you think I'm scared of you, UNICRON? EH ehh. THAT AIN'T HAPPENING!
Black Arachnis writes: whaaa, they sold my weapons bastards!!
Unknown writes: i hate it when the other guys make fun of me
Unknown writes: What? They're not releasing a RiD Fortress Maximus for the U.S.?! *Cries*
Unknown writes: Hromedome:"Maximus, look, I've found your sword! Catch it!" Maximus:"Th..ank..sss..."
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Unknown writes: Hromedome:"Maximus, I've found your sword! Catch it!" Maximus:"Th..ank..sss.."
Unknown writes: I don't know how much longer I can keep this turtle head from poking out..::grunting noises::
Unknown writes: BITTER BEER FACE!!!
Unknown writes: boohoo wahh.. nobody loves me..i could never have a meaningful relationship with a normal fembot... i wish scorponok was a fembot .. wahh!!
Unknown writes: Boy, XFL Football is really exciting...zzzzzzzzzzz...
Unknown writes: so Optimus is a frietruck, Bruticus is a god, they're called combiners now instead of gestalts, and Ironhide is smaller than Prowl? I new that screw-up Rodimus should have never signed that contract with the horned red guy!!!
MEGATRON writes: Holy Mooley! I've never seen norks that big. Hee hee hee. Thank Primus for Artemis and Cyberhouse! Hee hee hee
Suzanne writes: AGGGGGGGGH!!!!! I'm too damn big! It's lonely up here. AGGGGGGGGH!!!
Unknown writes: I can't believe they actually kille Ole yeller MA
Unknown writes: Fortress: Who let the onions out?!!
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Optimus writes: Who farted!?!?
Unknown writes: So THAT'S why your called the Head Masters!
Unknown writes: Oooo baby, you really are one the Head Masters!
Snake writes: his action when someone pointed out that spike was the brains of the operation
Shrapnel writes: I am deeply touched. Activate liquid secretion mode.
Unknown writes: Fortress: Man! Take a breathmint Grimlock!
Unknown writes: *sniffs* You hurt my feelings. *cries*
Unknown writes: "When the hell did I develop eyelids?"
Unknown writes: (joy): Wow! It's a UFO!
Unknown writes: "Please don't end the transformers!"
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Unknown writes: Nrrgh!
Shadowen writes: CEREBROS: I...need...fiber!
DrSpengler writes: Fortress: Oooh, yeeahh. You got the touch, baby.
Unknown writes: : Shiver : Damnit. I hate it when they leave the toilet seat up.
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