Jazz gets on Starscream

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Jazz gets on Starscream
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ksol71339 writes: JAZZ:. " HOLD STILL WHILE I'LL RIDE YOU! "

Nicorange writes: Jazz now goes to starscream for help
Optimum Supreme writes: UFC sure has gotten more exciting since relocating to Cybertron
trailbreaker writes: So that's how GoBots are made....
trailbreaker writes: "AAAAH! We're stuck !!"
Rainmaker writes: Is this doing it with style?
Vector sigma326 writes: Its not what! it look like
Crashcomet writes: J: This is the last time I ever do a charity photoshoot for the fangirls!
Dragon_Convoy writes: come on starscream stop fighting it, you said last night you wanted me on top
galvatron224 writes: JAZZ:OPTIMUS?!?!
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Zeedust writes: Starscream was Jealous of Jazz's movie design, and tried to start a fight. Jazz kickced Starscream's @$$ and sent him off to Gendo Ikari.

That's why Starscream looks like a mutated Evangelion in the new movie. True story.
Tiedye writes: Jazz- Why won't you love ME!
Starscream- Slag it! How many times do I have to tell you! I'm not Gay!
Unknown writes: starscream:jazz what the hell happened to your other leg
UFO writes: DAD!what are you doing here? we were just..um..i was fixing starscream
Zeedust writes: Arguments about who was more poorly animated tended to degenrate into fistfights.
Demonic Femme writes: S: NO! GET OFF ME, GET OFF ME!!
J: AW- come on, what's the matter?
J: YOU?! You don't have a girlfriend, lemme see your wallet!
S: NO!- HELP!!!
J: Hey wow... she is pretty.
S: *snatches wallet*
Ultra Wheelshot writes: J: Man that's a real realistic Costume you've got on
S: I wanted to be Jazz
M: Now now play nice
J and S: Oh mom
trailbreaker writes: "MOM !! Starscream took my lollipop !!"
Hot§hot writes: Jazz: "Uhh, Optimus! It's not what you think! It's not what you think!!!!

StarScream: "Ugh *slaps Jazz* you bitch!"
Prowl Worshipper writes: Twister, Transformers-style!
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Zeedust writes: Jazz: "My horn! The primus-slagged piece of scrap bit off my horn!"

Starsceam: "Well, DUH! This IS a fight, moron, or was that bout of banging on my head just a misunderstanding?"
Prowl Worshipper writes: J:(To self) Oooh, Prow- Wings? What the?
S:(To self) Oooh, Thun- Huh? No wings?
Both, opening optics: EEEEEK!!
J: WHAT in the name of Primus are YOU doing in my dream?!
S: YOUR dream? What are YOU doing in MY dream?!


Masterpiece Prowl writes: other 'bots and 'cons: DOGPILE!!
Zeedust writes: Starscream: "Oh, GREAT... He's STUCK... And I thought the thing with Megatron and Ratchet was embarassing..."
Kal-Seth writes: Next on Behind The scenes The Tranformers Learn about Jazz and Star Scrams Love Life and How they had a love child named hotrod
Zeedust writes: *Starscream howls in pain*

Jazz: "I warned you, didn't I? I told you to get your skidplate outta here before I shoved my foot so far up your exhaust port..." Starsceam: "I THOUGHT YOU WERE SPEAKING FIGURATIVELY!&am
Unknown writes: Jazz: Uhhh... we were just... uhh... playing Dance Dance Revolution... I swear!! Starscream: Uhh... yeah!
Unknown writes: It's not what it looks like, Megatron...
gir writes: The two: "uhhhhhhhh" prime: "Quick cover spikes eyes!"
PredaKing writes: Jazz: Medic!
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Unknown writes: Optimus...um..a..what..um..brings you here?
Shadowcon writes: Jazz: Where's the money, where's the money?? Starscream: I told you, you don't get the money until I see a ring on my finger! (sobbing) I want us to be together.
SilverStar writes: Jazz on Starscream enough said and dirty minds to put them togather!!
Unknown writes: Jazz: What the hell is everyone staring at?
A-bots & D-cons: NOTHING!
Starscream: Where is your other foot Ja...oh there it is.
Unknown writes: Starscream: Jazz...WHAT THE HELL ARE DOING?!!! GET THE ---- OFF ME YOU FAGGOT!!!!
Jade writes: This is for saying (blues music) sucks!
Unknown writes: STARSCREAM: No you will not get my Jazz transformers toy
Jazz: GIVE IT TO ME!!!!
Dean writes: Jazz:i got him guys take his wallet Starscream:HELP MEGATRON
Zu Darkness writes: The UFC looking for better ways to improve their ratings
Unknown writes: Bag's Starscream. Pileon!!!
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Bruticus writes: Jazz: "Aw, crap, we've been found out!"
Starscream: "Quick! I've got a couple of Pretender shells we can hide in!"
Unknown writes: Jazz: "Aww s*!t! We're on camera!
Unknown writes: oh jazz... i like when your black bot bone is all up in me!
Dj Flash writes: Jazz: AAAhhh candid Camera!!
Unknown writes: Gay,gay,gaybots. Transformers gay bots.
ryo777 writes: Jazz:HEY,STARSCREAM!!...Is this a TRICK?!!...You said this would be a couples thing,..then how come Wheelie is walking towards us with the "lubricant".
ryo777 writes: Starscream: Awwww CRAP!! What a GREAT time for my "Null ray" to f**k up!!
ryo777 writes: Jazz: Yo, sorry Screamer, I wanted to play "Rodeo", but Tantrum was on his period. I guess you'll do!
ryo777 writes: Starscream: Jazz if you wanna ride you hafta wait till I transform to plane mode!...uh, Jazz?...OH, NEVER MIND!!
Unknown writes: I JUST DONT WANT TO.......... NO
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Omega Supreme writes: Jazz: I hope no one founds out bout this.
Starscream: Who cares??
*Megatron and Optimus walk in after trying to kill each other*
Optimus: I'm going to kill them first!!
Megatron: No you're not I am going to kill them!!
Optimus: Pfft
Unknown writes: Jazz: we're going to get found out sooner or later you know..
starscream: shut up and kiss me!
Unknown writes: Tell this freakin fairy to give me my quarter!!!! teeth dont just grow on trees around here!
dino writes: Starscream: get off of me Jazz: 1 2 3 If you smellllll what Jazz is cookin
Unknown writes: Optimus- "Jazz, did you get Starscream to reveal- JESUS!"
Jazz- "..."
Starscream- "Prime! I swear I will talk if you just get him offa me!!!"
Unknown writes: And today on Behind the Bot...
Jazz- "Get that camera outa here!!!"
Sledge writes: Wheelie's voyeur fantasy....
Firestorm writes: Why there is no Transformer WWE.
Unknown writes: ss:get of me you little pervert. jazz: i want you know
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APOLLO writes: Starscream: "Get off me you gay Autobot toad"

Jazz: "Make me, you sexy beast."
Chachi writes: J: "Say Uncle! SAY UNCLE!"
S: "Wait... What?"
Unknown writes: The negative effect of drug consum
Unknown writes: After watchin DBZ, Jazz and Starscream unsuccessfully try to merge.
Unknown writes: Jazz: who left the door open? SS: Why are you asking me?!
hotspot writes: Jazz: take back what you said about my mom. Starsream: Never
Unknown writes: Starscream: Jazz, get your right leg out of my a§§
Unknown writes: Starscream:"Get ready for all those lame gay jokes, Jazz."
Unknown writes: In Loving Memory of Chris Latta and Scatman Crothers!
Unknown writes: Jazz: Gimme back my CD collection, Starscream, you punk! Starscream: Like hell I will!
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Unknown writes: Jazz: Hey Spot, come over here and help me.
Unknown writes: Starscream: Get off me Jazz you homosexaul!
Omega Prime writes: Starscream: harder! harder! harder you dumb fµ©k!
Unknown writes: Starscream: Get off of me you idiot!

Jazz: Sorry.
Pokejedservo writes: Why "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Transformers the Movie" should NEVER mix!
Speedbreaker writes: Starscream:"Megatron, thank Primus! Jazz is in heat, get him off me!!!"
Unknown writes: (bumblebee opens the door) o,bumblebee,please don´t tell optimus,i´ve said him that i have no time today
Unknown writes: Starscream: Oh man, I thought you said we had the arc all to ourselves!
Unknown writes: Starscream: JAZZ!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!
Unknown writes: starscream: AAAHHHH!!! YEAH MORE!! MO......
Someone out of the pic: SMILE!!! your on candid camera!
Jazz: Hey! get that F*** thing off!!!!
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optimuslives writes: If this doesnt get the autobots and the decepticons to stop fighting I dont know what will
Unknown writes: Jazz: This is for bad-mouthing Black Belt Jones. Scatman was da bomb in that movie.
Unknown writes: ohh owww! stop!!! no!! noo!!!! yessss!!!!
Unknown writes: JZ: LET GO OF MY EAR!
Unknown writes: jazz:wear just frenids prime
Unknown writes: starscram: put your head in the right positon jazz.
Unknown writes: Whaaat!? We're FIGHTING!!! Get lost!! NO!! NOT A CAMERA!! This is soooo embarassing.....
Thunderstreak writes: Transformers, episode 101: Rampage in the Redlight District!
Unknown writes: Prime! Jazz! Prime! Starscream! Rocky!
Galvatron Z writes: A scene from Fox's new show "Temptation Cybertron".
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Unknown writes: jazz: gimmee back my pokemon cards back!!
starscream: NEVEEEERRR! their mine all mine!!
Silverwolf writes: WTF!? GIVE ME THAT CAMERA YOU LITTLE fµ©k!
george writes: stop picking on my little brother
Unknown writes: "I give up, Jazz, you're the world champ!"
Unknown writes: I can explain.....
Unknown writes: Jazz : Alone atlast!
Super Prime writes: Jazz: Prime found us. How did he find our secret hiding place. Starscream: Who knows I bet that a$$hole Frenzy told him where we were hiding....he was the only one I told.
Black Arachnis writes: I`ll make ya scream allright!!!starscream:
ya want prime ta see what you did with carly?
jazz:why you little....
Jim writes: it's not what it looks like Ma!
Jim writes: it's not what it looks like ma
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Unknown writes: SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!!
Bumblebee writes: Hi starscream i'm the first male autobot slut one handcuff, 2 and yes look at the met fluid a cumin
Unknown writes: JAZZ:Listen STARSCREAM;just because I have headlights on my chest doesn't mean I'm a female AUTOBOT you sick freak!
Unknown writes: Similar to the lesbian scout in Sailer moon, some details never make it to US audiences
Unknown writes: megs:what the hell are you two doing?
ss: nuttin.
Unknown writes: Prime: Jazz....I thought you were going to look for Spike!!!
Unknown writes: A voice offscreen:"Smile! You're in a Hidden camera show!"
Unknown writes: Smile! You're in a Hidden camera show!
Windcharger writes: Starscream: Megatron!?! It's not what it looks like...I swear I was thinking of you the entire time
Unknown writes: It's alright, Jazz. It happens to everyone sometime.
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Unknown writes: MOM, uhh dad and I were just uh...
Unknown writes: It's my Penut butter sandwich!
Unknown writes: Jazz: GET OUT, AND SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU PRIME!! Don't give me that look!.
Unknown writes: Honestly Optimus, you've never heard of "static cling"
Snake writes: The JAZZ doesn't care about what your mokey butt thinks
Unknown writes: Optimus: jazz i never knew?!..Jazz:..but .. but .. but.. i thought starscream was a girl!!??.Starscrewam: no you fool.. i am i am just shut up and get back down here !
Unknown writes: YOU'LL...NEVER...DESTROY...THE WWF!
Unknown writes: "Save me, Starscream! I don't wanna be a Pretendah!"
Unknown writes: And now, back to our fight at the Cybertron Wrestling Federation!
Unknown writes: Back seat,windows up, thats the way u like to F***!Rip the pants and rip the shirt.Roll around all in the dirt.
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Optimus writes: No RAPE!
Unknown writes: "Ummm, we planned on telling you on thanksgiving Prime"
Snake writes: JAZ(homer voice):why you little
Unknown writes: Prime - "Jazz what do you think your doing??" Jazz - "Um Nothing"
Prime - "Yeah right Jazz."
MiGrAnE writes: come on jazz, i want to be on top now...
Unknown writes: "For the last time! I'm not compatible with Autobots!"
trooper writes: Playbot
Unknown writes: NO! means NO!
Lord Galvatron writes: C'mon Ref! That was a three count!
Optimus Prime writes: Tracks(offscreen):Can I join the fun?
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Bombshell writes: The scene that almost gave TF:TM a R rating!
Unknown writes: Starscream: MEGATRON!?
Taggenagger writes: Jazz:....oh PROWL?!?! Ehrmrmm..... i..i..it´s not what it looks like..ehh........are you going to tell Optimus?
Unknown writes: Starscream, since you hurt your leg in the movie, you can share mine!
Jazz, you got dandruff!
prime writes: As Starscream and Jazz were finishing their game of twister, the door opened....
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