Dirge & Thrust dance (BW Neo)

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Dirge & Thrust dance (BW Neo)
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Seibertron writes: Woo hoo! Seibertron.com is back online!!!
Rainmaker writes: yay
Dragon_Convoy writes: numa numa dance
Trailblazer_is_Sakura writes: Dirge and Thrust: We're gonna rock and roll all night! And party everyday!
Zeedust writes: After their roles in Beast Wars Second had ended, the Seeker Wannabes tried deperately to find work... They almost wound up as the cut-scenes from Kappa Mikey when they performed this dance... But then the sushi improv troupe known only as the Widgets ste
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Woo-Hoo!!! Happy Dance, Happy Dance!!!!!
Autobot bubbs writes: Thrust: " Disco is back BAYBEEE!"
Dirge: " DY-NO-MIGHT!!!"
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: Thrust: I like to move it, I like to move it!
Dirge: I like to move it, I like to!
Both: MOVE IT!!!!
Unknown writes: Its peanut butter jelly time!
Zeedust writes: No matter how hard they trained, they couldn't quite master the shoryuken...
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Starbeam writes: With our Tribal dance, we will summon the Seacons from the ocean, that they may crush the Maximals with their mighty combiner mode!

Hail, Seaking!
Dragonoth writes: They're making fun of the Aerialbots from the other caption!
Armbullet writes: We Shall summon our bug god to feast on your haeds!!!!
Phasewing writes: Dirge & Thrust: "DO THE HULA! HULAHULAHULAHULA!"
commander setinel writes: dirge-hey trust
dirge-every thing is so green
Zeedust writes: Simon didn't say raise your arm and stand on one foot. You're both out.
Zeedust writes: Dirge and Thrust, singing: "La cucaracha, la cucaracha, ya da dada dada da! La cucaracha, la cucaracha, we don't even know the words!" Galvatron, offscreen: "Mustn't kill them, mustn't kill them...&a
Unknown writes: Dirge: Take that Mario! You'll never get up here to save the princess!! Thrust: Yeah! Don't even bother to climb!!
Zeedust writes: The chest-beating isn't at all imposing, but just wait until they start throwing barrels...
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Unknown writes: Dirge and Thrust attempt the fusion dance from Dragonball Z...
Zu Darkness writes: Dirge and Thrust got to addited to Dance Revoloution
Unknown writes: C'mon Shake that body for me
Unknown writes: Decepticon Dance Party!
SilverStar writes: Simon Said: DANCE LIKE AN IDIOT!
Unknown writes: Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side!
ionacus writes: thrust and dirge: to the theme of terrance and philip: @#$% you uncle @#$%er! megatron:morons
Unknown writes: Thrust: C'mon Dirge! Keep this up and we'll get an MTV Award!
Zeedust writes: Thrust I'll forgive, but Dirge is a bit too playful for a guy named after a funeral song...
Zu Darkness writes: Lets do the time warp again
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Zu Darkness writes: After watching the anime Child's Toy Dirge and thrust though it would be a good idea to practice the dance shown in the intro. Unforantally they wen't sucessful
Dean writes: you guys have been watchihg too much of dragonball z
Bill writes: "We suck, we suck, we really, really suck!"
Unknown writes: Let tray our new battle tactic!
Unknown writes: We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well, there no friends of mine!
Unknown writes: Curses that Speed Racer foiled our plans and won the race HA HA we shall have to try harder if we wish to defeat him next time he is on the track for otherwise we will lose and that will be bad and not good aaaah we shall get you next time Speed Racer and
Beast Simpson writes: Dirge & Thrust: 'Electric Boogaloo!'
Unknown writes: dance like rumble : boom boom!
Unknown writes: oh and i think it would work if they fused with the fusion dance cause like Goku said you gota be the same... in their case their both stupid beyond limits.
Unknown writes: the diffrence between genius and stupid is that genius has its limits
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Dee-Kal writes: A superglue moment...
Unknown writes: Thrust and Dirge: And now, we bring to you, the all mighty.......hey, where'd he go?
Thrust: I bet he left since it took us so long to introduce him
Unknown writes: I will do the German dance for you! It's fun and gay and.....
Unknown writes: This what Dirge and Thrust do in their spare time - time to boogie!
Unknown writes: Doesn't look like the Dirge and Thrust I know.
Unknown writes: Umpa,Lumpa,duppidy do....
Unknown writes: ::doing the potty dance::
Unknown writes: Dirge & Thrust singing:"In the navey you get to sail the seven seas!"
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Ripley writes: Look we're River Dancing!!!
BlackArachnia98 writes: do the chicken dance!!!
Manchester Devil writes: GET US OFF THIS STUPID ROCK!!!
Unknown writes: this will pullin more hot vhicks than that stupid Chacha slide!
dino writes: Dirge I look better then you Thrust: what no you don't I am the best one you ugly Dirge: were twin you just called your self ugly HaHaHaHa
Glen writes: "It's just a jump to the left."

"And then a step to the ri-ri-yi-yi-yiiight!"
Unknown writes: BOOGIE, BOOGIE, BOOGIE!! *stomp stomp stomp*
Sledge writes: Richard Simmons Decepticons
Unknown writes: D&T: We demmand new colours now or we'll sort u out!!!
gabriel writes: machine wars megatron(stomping in fury):Give Me new colors!
Thundercracker:yeah! me too!
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astrotrain's first friend writes: Radio blares: Alright everybody now here we go! it's the brand new version of Dirge and Thrust, just stomp your feet and clap your hands c'mon everybody its the transformers dance! bounce in time to the beat hey! you do have to move your
Unknown writes: thrust and dirge compete for superions attention to the tune of in the navy by the village people.
Unknown writes: Now and forever, Riverdance!
Unknown writes: Thrust and Dirge: Happy, happy, joy, joy! Happy, happy, joy, joy!
RamJet writes: D&T: We are the LORDS OF THE DANCE!!!!!!
Unknown writes: We so happy! We do the dance of joy! ^_^
Unknown writes: Reporter: And now we observe the male mating ritual dance of the Devepticon Seekers.
Thrust:I luv u Dirge! Dirge:I luv u Thrust!
iron hide writes: HEEEEEEY MACARANIEA
Unknown writes: Here are Thrust and Dirge doing poor impressions of Trunks and Goten off Dragonball Z!!
Unknown writes: Dirge: We sure know how to dance Thrust!
Thrust: You said it my brother!
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Overlord writes: Yeeeeehaaaaaaa!!!!!
Unknown writes: You put your right foot in the air then you shack it all about. You do the hocky pocky and then stink the enemy with your leathel arm pit then you will shurly win the battle. Thats the hocky pocky.
Unknown writes: Dirge: Do that funky rock climing hussle like we did it back home.
Unknown writes: Dirge: This dance will foul those autobots for shure.
Unknown writes: Everyone do the cybertron hussle!
Speedbreaker writes: Dirge:"Ewww!"Thrust:"So THATS how the Maximals mark their terrirory."
Arcane writes: FUSION!!
Wolverine writes: "Ohh Sh*T!!! POISON IVY!!"
Unknown writes: Thrust and Dirge, captured and enslaved by the wicked intergalactic overlord....Richard Simmons
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Unknown writes: Dirge & Thrust: Slumber Party! Slumber Party!
Unknown writes: Thrust and Dirge fall to the latest Maximal weapon....the Disco-Ray.
Unknown writes: Lord of the dance!!!!
matrix writes: "Lets do the timewarp dance!!!!"
Galvatron Z writes: Ayyy Macarena!
Unknown writes: Dirge: "Stop copying me!"

Thrust: "Stop copying me!"
Unknown writes: Damn it, how many times are we going to be repainted!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Dirge&Thrust dance after a good fight for them but not the Maxemals!
ruination writes: TOYOTA!!!!
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Unknown writes: "Dare to be Stupid!"
Unknown writes: *Sings Karaoke/Color OK* Yoko E Naneina ka! 3! 2! 1! 0! Kimi Wa Kowow, Kokoro nuna nani!
Unknown writes: Dirge: Hey, Thrust, did you know that your left chest is not even with your right? Thrust: Shut Up. I can't believe that Toei couldn't get us some good animators and animation quality. Now we look as bad as the Headmasters!
Unknown writes: This is how you Boogie, Grimlock!
Thunderstreak writes: Aaargh! They can put us in the entire Beast Wars II series, but Mainframe couldn't get us in ONE episode of Beast Wars! What the hell?!
FortMax writes: ewww...dog turds
Unknown writes: Dirge: Yo, Thrust, Zogan's finally gonna make Daily Comics of us. Thrust: Yay! Let's dance! Hey, there's no Zogan here in Seibertron. Dirge: He's known as Zaruki here. Thrust: Oh.
Silverwolf writes: Dirge: Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.......... God I'm stoned.

Thrust: Me too. ...... I like cheese. ...... and joints.
Unknown writes: EVERYBODY! Do the funky chicken dance!
Idiot writes: Aw s£!t I gotta pi$$! Me too.
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Unknown writes: Dirge:I can't believe Galvatron is making us do these stupid morning excercise programs so we can both be in
Thrust:Really?Galvatron(in McBain's Voice):I WANNA SEE MORE SWEAT COMING OUT OF
Unknown writes: Thrust: Do the Monkey with me!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: DECEPTICONS! TRANSFORM AND FLY OUT! Dirge: Uh, first of all, we're not Decepticons, we're Destrons.
Thrust: Second, we have Predacon Symbols.
Dirge: And Megastorm can't Fly.
Unknown writes: Everybody dance now! Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun!
Dynamus Prime writes: Dirge: My 'pits are smellier than yours! Thrust: Are not! I haven't worn deoderant since my first appearance in G1!
Unknown writes: Two transformers posing for one of the Wrold's greates sculpture artist
Stelartron writes: Nature show host: Here's a rare sight! The mating dance of wild jet fighters!
Unknown writes: I GOT ANTS IN MY PANTS!!!
Unknown writes: Its the bushwackers!!!
Gupta writes: SINGING: Were you born...born, born, an @sshole, cuz you've been workin it yer whole life, anyway you've been tight, cuz yer an @sshole 2nite!
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Unknown writes: DO a little Dance, making a little love, get Down 2nite!
Unknown writes: BUGGA BUGGA BUGGA!
Get your spear cuz were gonna kill us an elephant
Snake writes: we can dance if we want to we can leave our cares behind cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then their no friends of mind
Unknown writes: C'mon! Let us in Armada!!!!
Unknown writes: Thrust: God you suck at this game.

Dirge: yah cause some of us has to do some work around here, we can't all play Dance Dance Revolution all day.

Thrust:Yeah well your life just helped you lose

Dirge: you know I hate you
Unknown writes: Can't Touch Dis, Deuh Neuh Neuh Neuh, Neuh-Neuh-Neuh! Neuh-Neuh-Neuh! Can't Touch Dis!
Unknown writes: heeeeeey, MACARINA!
CapeMike writes: Thrust/Dirge: Everybody was kung-fu fighting, HOO...those cats were fast as lightning, HAA!...
Unknown writes: WE love ,we love we love our Kraft diner with...
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Unknown writes: I'll make short work of this sack lunch...
Unknown writes: For years they had boasted and quarrelled, but today would be the day when one bot would prove himself to be the TRUE lord of the dance!
Unknown writes: Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!
Unknown writes: George, George, George of the Jungle, George, George, George of the Jungle, George, George, George of the Jungle....
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Everybody, if you can, do the Bartman,
Shake your body, turn it out if you can, man...etc.
Unknown writes: I know, but does your stupid Taebo have Jane Fonda as a trainer? No!
Unknown writes: (risacon stole my caption!!!)

Unknown writes: BEHOLD!!! the mating ritual of airplanes
Unknown writes: That Mr. Miyagi dud said if we did all thisstupid crap he'd show us how to kill the Autobots
Unknown writes: Survivor 4:
Dirge: Keep dancing! maybe Galvatron will spot us./
After the completion of the TF series, Dirge and Thrust decided to try and make it in the
Theater./ Wonder Twin powers activate!
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Unknown writes: Survivor 4:
Dirge: Keep dancing! maybe Galvatron will spot us./
After the completion of the TF series, Dirge and Thrust decided to try and make it in the
Unknown writes: Dirge: AAAAAAGH! THERE IS ANTS IN MY NOSECONE! Thrust: Ooogh! Gah! Yaik! Who's -yeeeooows- bright idea was it to go sit on this -garrr- ANTHILL!
Unknown writes: YEAH!!!!! WHEELJACK IS DEAD!!!!!!!!

Unknown writes: it's repaint dance
Snake writes: they are the dancing queens young and free only 17
Unknown writes: Hey, let's do our impression of Terrance & Phillip from South Park!
Shrapnel writes: Prepare for trouble! Make it double! To protect the world from devestation! To unite all peoples within our nati on ! To denounce the evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! Thrust! Dirge! Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of li
Protofire writes: You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your right foot in, and you shake it all about...
Unknown writes: Let's rock the house!
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Fortress Maximus writes: Thrust: I hate it when he makes us dance for treats!
Dirge: You said it!
Unknown writes: Shake, shake, shake.
Shake, shake, shake.
Shake your booty!
trooper writes: Richard Simmon's Robot Aerobics
Unknown writes: "Louie, Louie,....oh baby, we gotta go....yea, yea, yea
Unknown writes: God! 2 weeks of Aerobics because we ate a box full of candy!
grimlock writes: ow ow ow hot rock hot rock!!!
Bombshell writes: One and two and stretch. Now bend! Now Lift! Feel The burn!
Optimus writes: Thrust: Get down get down Funkytowon! Dirge: Get down and get fun-kaaaay!!!!1
Protofire writes: Get down, turn around, go to down..

Unknown writes: Do the hamster dance!
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Unknown writes: Stupid Auto Rollers! Work! Ooh, Ooh, Ah, Ah!( just like Homer Simpson)
Protofire writes: HEYYY - Macarena~
Riseacon writes: Dirge: Fusion!!

Thrust: Fusion!!

(dbz fans will get this)
Riseacon writes: Dirge: Shake, Shake, Shake
Thrust: Shake, Shake, Shake
Both: Your booty
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